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A Comprehensive Review on Medical Image Steganography Based on LSB Technique and Potential Challenges

Bushra Abdullah Shtayt, Nur Haryani Zakaria, Nor Hazlyna Harun
2021 Baghdad Science Journal  
Therefore, this work provides an investigation of information security techniques in medical imaging, focusing on security goals.  ...  used to store and transmit medical images.  ...  Watermarking technology usually protects multimedia data copyright like the authentication of banknotes to prevent attackers from damaging watermarking (34, 35).  ... 
doi:10.21123/bsj.2021.18.2(suppl.).0957 fatcat:6gdmyna25vd2tjbvttjkrhhxf4

Web-based simulation: revolution or evolution?

Ernest H. Page, Arnold Buss, Paul A. Fishwick, Kevin J. Healy, Richard E. Nance, Ray J. Paul
2000 ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation  
Although difficult to portray in linear text, we attempt to capture the essence of the dialogue that occurred during the session through focus on a few key points of dispute in Section 4.  ...  PREFACE The emergence of the World Wide Web (WWW) has enabled-or causedmany people from across a wide range of disciplines to reevaluate their inherent business practices: the approaches, techniques and  ... 
doi:10.1145/353735.353736 fatcat:ej3v4lq66remjmf7axaykrsuty

MRD Hashing [chapter]

Rei Safavi-Naini, Shahram Bakhtiari, Chris Charnes
1998 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
The goal is to strike a balance between providing a universal service and maintaining enough revenue to cover the costs of publication.  ...  Subscribers get paper copies and up-to-date electronic versions as well; subscription information may be found inside the back c o v er. The archives can be found at  ...  partners to recover the session key.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-69710-1_10 fatcat:mezaspbmk5c4nhu227gayoeejq

Investigations for the improvement of the Cyber Security using Cloud Computing methods and Architecture

Dr. Sai Manoj Kudavaralli
2021 Zenodo  
Investigations for the improvement of the Cyber Security using Cloud Computing methods and Architecture: D.Sc. Thesis  ...  AMES is cloud architecture built specially to provide video service to the user.  ...  This also provides a shared pool of resources, including data storage space, networks, computer processing power, and specialized corporate and user applications.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5148421 fatcat:lzanqvxdlre2dh3hdhjxibdrim

List of Contributors [chapter]

Shibakali Gupta, Indradip Banerjee, Siddhartha Bhattacharyya
2019 Big Data Security  
An electronic version of this book is freely available, thanks to the support of libraries working with Knowledge Unlatched.  ...  KU is a collaborative initiative designed to make high quality books Open Access. More information about the initiative can be found at  ...  The main job ANOMALY_COUNT_REFRESH analyzes currently running jobs and forks a new session and attaches the job to the session (Figure 3 Future work This chapter tested on CPU utilization and memory  ... 
doi:10.1515/9783110606058-202 fatcat:3jtqdtgsavas7n3vxrtbrkdbdy

TEI2019 "What is Text, really? TEI and beyond" Book of Abstracts [article]

TEI2019 Local Organisers And Contributors
2019 Zenodo  
In this context, the power of the TEI relies on its technological interactions, supporting software of all kinds operating upon texts, from visualisation to annotation tools, digital publishing systems  ...  poses a fundamental question, which goes beyond the pure reference to the seminal paper by DeRose, Durand, Mylonas, and Renear.  ...  This poster aims to describe the goals, challenges, possible uses, and materials of the TTHUB.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3445894 fatcat:ttmfugaau5btjg2jgqlu4t6tia

Moving Towards Balance: A Study into Duties of Care on the Internet

Nico van Eijk, Tom van Engers, Wiebke Abel, Chris Wiersma, Catherine Jasserand
2010 Social Science Research Network  
Link to publication Citation for published version (APA): van Eijk, N.  ...  Moving towards balance: a study into duties of care on the internet van Eijk, N.A.N.M.; van Engers, T.M.; Wiersma, C.; Jasserand-Breeman, C.A.; Abel, W.  ...  Second, the duty to inform users of Internet networks and services of special threats to safety and security, and of possible means to fight these threats, as described by Article 11.3 § 2 Tw.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.1788466 fatcat:am5va2rgxrebliiqa6tyrex3y4

The never-silent presses

P.W. Hawkes
2002 Ultramicroscopy  
More parallel sessions followed, on Applications in need of better resolution and contrast, in life and materials science. Here R. Hendriks and G.  ...  In fact, the book contains 14 contributions on highly specialized applications of the EM in cellular and membrane biology (pineal organ of pregnant Indian palm squirrels, by K.S. Bishnupuri and C.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0304-3991(01)00151-6 pmid:11942639 fatcat:rvw67q662bf2jiad4ynu6uzsz4

State of the Art of Audio- and Video-Based Solutions for AAL

Slavisa ALeksic, Michael Atanasov, Jean Calleja Agius, Kenneth Camilleri, Anto Čartolovni, Pau Climent-Pérez, Sara Colantonio, Stefania Cristina, Vladimir Despotovic, Hazım Kemal Ekenel, Ekrem Erakin, Francisco Florez-Revuelta (+27 others)
2022 Zenodo  
, comfort, security and safety.  ...  AAL capitalizes on the growing pervasiveness and effectiveness of sensing and computing facilities to supply the persons in need with smart assistance, by responding to their necessities of autonomy, independence  ...  for secure storage and transmission of multimedia data obtained and used by AAL applications.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6390708 fatcat:6qfwqd2v2rhe5iuu5zgz77ay4i

Cryptography and Steganography: New Algorithms and Applications

Jonathan Blackledge
28 undertaken using a XOR operation (denoted by ⊕) so that c = p ⊕ n Decryption is then undertaken using the operation Repeating the example above and using Table 1 but with 8-bits rather than 7-bits 6  ...  Acknowledgments The author is supported by the Science Foundation Ireland Stokes Professorship Programme and by the Centre for Advanced Studies, Warsaw University of Technology.  ...  Preface Developing methods for ensuring the secure exchange of information is one of the oldest occupations in history.  ... 
doi:10.21427/d7zs63 fatcat:6fejmptldrdztocxpmudsrra54

Teaching and research in physiology in Sub-Saharan Africa: achievements and challenges

Soga Sofola
2014 Physiology News  
Sessions on metabolic and cardiovascular consequences, and maternal obesity will follow.  ...  Learn more: For further information including full details of all modules, fees, application deadlines and how to apply, as well as access to our on-line application form, please visit our website  ...  Lately, his focus was on the psychobiology of stress, anxiety and depression, and this led him to studies of the factors regulating serotonin neurones in the dorsal raphe nucleus, especially the interaction  ... 
doi:10.36866/pn.94.18 fatcat:vuyw2efazbauxoza2bf3pgegt4

The RadioActive networking architecture

P.T. Kirstein, P. O'Hanlon, K. Carlberg, P. Gevros, K. Hasler
Proceedings DARPA Active Networks Conference and Exposition  
The paper describes the measures that were required to make the applications into ALAN ones, and the problems encountered in moving all the components to work in the IPv6 environment.  ...  There are two principal applications carried through in this project -adaptation of multicast, multimedia conferencing tools (M-Bone) and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).  ...  Acknowledgements We acknowledge gratefully the support from DARPA for the work on the RADIOACTIVE project (MDA-997-99-1-009), and from the European commission on the ANDROID project (IST-1999-10299).  ... 
doi:10.1109/dance.2002.1003510 dblp:conf/dance/KirsteinOCGH02 fatcat:z76wuml7pnh2roxxlwxufwnlze

Digital Information Organization in Japan Digital Information Organization in Japan World Technology (WTEC) Division

Raj Reddy, Tryg Ager, Rama Chellappa, W Croft, Beth Davis-Brown, Jerry Michael, Ian Shamos, R Shelton, Raj Reddy, Tryg Ager, Rama Chellappa, A Williams Building (+18 others)
1999 unpublished
This report reviews the status of Japanese hardware, systems and applications for digital information organization (DIO) with a particular emphasis on digital libraries.  ...  The panel's conclusions include the following: (1) DIO systems in the United States and Japan are based on common, integrated technologies to provide a spectrum of services; (2) Japan is producing extremely  ...  , and secure desktop applications or clients.  ... 

Sustainable, healthy, learning cities and neighbourhoods [chapter]

Sohail Ahmad, University of Glasgow, Gideon Baffoe, Ramjee Bhandari, Graeme Young, Michael Osborne, University of Glasgow, University of Glasgow, University of Glasgow, University of Glasgow
2021 Learning for a Better Future: Perspectives on Higher Education, Cities, Business & Civil Society  
The chapter contributors used the necessary research methodologies applicable in this field of specialisation to strengthen each chapter.  ...  Chapter 11 is mainly based on the reworking of his article 'Promoting Age-Friendly Universities which are Sustainable and Open to All: A New Challenge for the Academy?'  ...  … as special-purpose vehicles to promote LED and implementation'.  ... 
doi:10.4102/aosis.2021.bk214.02 fatcat:aigm5jadaffvjmx5xmgl3ausea

The Nexus of Copyright and Intellectual Privacy

Alex Cameron
2012 Social Science Research Network  
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS For their steadfast and complete support, I am eternally grateful to my amazing wife and children.  ...  Without them, and without the support and encouragement of our families (and especially my mother), this project would not have been completed.  ...  Such security related updates may impair the Software (and any other software on your computer which specifically depends on the Software) including disabling your ability to copy and/or play "secure  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2131308 fatcat:tjkgtpk5ancypomii3fcycpfa4
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