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The Persistence of "Cathay" in World Literature

Eugene Eoyang
2013 CLCWeb  
/vol15/iss5/16> Special Issue World Literatures from the Nineteenth to the Twenty-first Century.  ...  vol15/iss5/16> Special Issue World Literatures from the Nineteenth to the Twenty-first Century.  ... 
doi:10.7771/1481-4374.2349 fatcat:upq5dqxw4nbjdnbr6s55texyrq

Geomancing Dib's Transcultural Expression in Translation

Madeleine Campbell
2013 CLCWeb  
and intertextual elements in Dib's texts Conference of the Birds examines how these within the framework of the beyond surrealism in the intensity of its ontological enquiry and appears to go beyond Sufism  ...  <> Special Issue New Work in Comparative Literature in Europe.  ... 
doi:10.7771/1481-4374.2384 fatcat:mzn6aedknfctzpaubfhk3hxcey

Enzymatic cybernetics: An unpublished work by Jacques Monod

Jean Gayon
2015 Comptes rendus. Biologies  
Ontological issues are brought to the notions of information and genetic determinism, 'cellular memory', the irrelevance of the notion of 'living matter', and the usefulness of a cybernetic comprehension  ...  Never published, this manuscript presents a synthesis of how Monod interpreted enzymatic adaptation just before the publication of the famous papers of the 1960s on the operon.  ...  ' [18: 1503] Ontology Monod's reflections on issues of methodology carry him to the threshold of ontological commitments.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.crvi.2015.04.007 pmid:26003505 fatcat:sasmbxeotrduxmi2w64mzqy6jy

An Empire Divided: French Natural Philosophy (1670–1690) [chapter]

Sophie Roux
2012 The Mechanization of Natural Philosophy  
One speaks of liberty only to impose a new yoke.  ...  But the question of animal souls was also, and perhaps mostly, a way of defending an ontological point of view, for to confer a soul on animals is to admit that there exist more than two species of beings  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-94-007-4345-8_3 fatcat:diqdu3rej5gttmh6hb4t2eocd4

In Memory of Bernard Stiegler (1 April 1952–5 August 2020)

Pieter Lemmens
2021 Foundations of Science  
With the death of Bernard, maybe the last genuine maître penseur of our times, philosophy has lost one of its true giants.  ...  Yet this time it was different of course, and that is why you are now reading my in memoriam instead of his thoughts on the comments of Vincent Blok and Alexander Wilson on his article, which would have  ...  This was the first time that I regretted my poor French-speaking capabilities.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10699-020-09746-1 pmid:33814942 pmcid:PMC8009457 fatcat:ltn7feqvjreiboxnlfvq6tr53q

At the Cross-Roads: Early Dutch Science of Religion in International Perspective [chapter]

Arie L. Molendijk
2000 Man, Meaning, and Mystery  
After having addressed the ubiquity of the object of research of this conference, De Beaufort made special mention of the importance of the Orient for the study of religion.  ...  In his preface to the French translation of Tiele's "Comparative History of Ancient Religions", And in his Gifford Lectures, Tiele took the opportunity to point 26 to the fact that "little Holland" was  ... 
doi:10.1163/9789047400264_006 fatcat:zrh74g72a5bfpjqsqoxz5uzcwy

Translator's Introduction [chapter]

John Makeham
2020 New Treatise on the Uniqueness of Consciousness  
In China, Xiong Shili 熊十力 (1885-1968) is typically regarded as one of the most important philosophers of the twentieth century.  ...  , Xiong has been described as "perhaps the most creative philosopher within Modern New Confucianism, "  and he is "oft en considered to be one of the most innovative Chinese philosophers of the modern  ...  "To speak of the ceasing of a preceding instant serves to highlight that it is not eternal.  ... 
doi:10.12987/9780300213331-002 fatcat:udfdc2wkyzao5aht5fnqy3ssda

Carl Nielsen and the Nationalist Trap, or, what, Exactly, is 'Inextinguishable'?

Raymond Knapp
2009 Carl Nielsen Studies  
order to demonstrate the gravitational pull of nationalism on symphonic works and their reception.  ...  More fundamentally, however, beginning early in the nineteenth century, musical nationalism has depended on the belief that a composer's music can and should speak, authentically and powerfully, for a  ...  I owe additional special thanks to Mark Martin and Colin Roth, who provided many valuable comments and compelling counterarguments to the original version of this paper after the conference; even if I  ... 
doi:10.7146/cns.v4i0.27753 fatcat:jm2dscfpuvfapazsiv5essnpri

An Interim Report on the Editorial and Analytical Work of the AnonymClassic Project

Beatrice Gruendler, Jan J. van Ginkel, Rima Redwan, Khouloud Khalfallah, Isabel Toral, Johannes Stephan, Matthew L. Keegan, Theodore S. Beers, Mahmoud Kozae, Marwa M. Ahmed
2020 Medieval Worlds  
In this collective article, members of the AnonymClassic project discuss various aspects of their work on the textual tradition Kalīla and Dimna. 3 Beatrice Gruendler provides a general introduction to  ...  Keegan confronts the problem of the genre(s) to  ...  Acknowledgments The »Kalīla and Dimna -AnyonymClassic« project has received funding from the European Research Council, under the European Union's H2020-EU.1.1.  ... 
doi:10.1553/medievalworlds_no11_2020s241 fatcat:oicd66gfjrb7ram3mbi74jbqmy

Critical Encounter Between Giorgio Agamben and Michel Foucault: Review of Recent Works of Agamben

Jeffrey Bussolini
2010 Foucault Studies  
This review offers a chance to evaluate several of his texts, including the most recent ones, together in a manner that allows at least a partial exposition of Agamben's engagement with Foucault.  ...  developing work of Giorgio Agamben: one which, by his own insistence, is heavily indebted to Foucault.  ...  ones speak.  ... 
doi:10.22439/fs.v0i10.3121 fatcat:iupbh5pvm5g6rmbrk2pnzpkfae


1964 International Review of Social History  
These four volumes contain the minutes of the Sixth Party Congress of the SED.  ...  Especially Trotsky's views on economic organization deserve attention here. In the appendix among other things a preface to a French edition of 1936 is reproduced. VUCINICH, ALEXANDER.  ...  The sections on culture have been enlarged for Englishspeaking readers, and political history is now pursued up to the October Revolution; on the other hand some illustrative excerpts from Russian source  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0020859000002595 fatcat:5oub4j25y5brpdz4sabt453eh4

Politics of the Idea: (Anti-)Platonic Politics in Arendt and Badiou

Jussi Backman
2020 Comparative and Continental Philosophy  
It discovers the fundamental difference between their approaches to politics in their opposing evaluations of the contemporary political significance of the legacy of Plato, Platonism, and the Platonic  ...  Karl Popper's and Arendt's analyses of the inherently ideological nature of totalitarianism are contrasted with Badiou's vindication of an ideological "politics of the Idea."  ...  Notes on contributor Jussi Backman is an Academy of Finland senior research fellow in philosophy at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland.  ... 
doi:10.1080/17570638.2020.1842701 fatcat:z3g2oqd6obbzladc3jrkwgsdgi

The varieties of mechanics by 1800

Ivor Grattan-Guinness
1990 Historia Mathematica  
After an exploration of some of the basic categories attending mechanics, Newtonianism, and physics, a survey is given of the range of subjects covered by mechanics at the end of the 18th century, and  ...  A few major French figures of that time are then noted, and also some views evident in certain other countries.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Versions of this paper were delivered as lectures at the conferences on "Newton and the world of science" held in Moscow in October 1987 under the auspices of the Soviet Academy of Sciences  ... 
doi:10.1016/0315-0860(90)90025-9 fatcat:b23qqsrghnacnftmuel2jjcihi

François Lamy's Cartesian Refutation of Spinoza's Ethics

Jack Stetter
2019 Journal of Modern Philosophy  
Tschirnhaus gets the details of Spinoza's metaphysics wrong. However, the issue remains pertinent, namely why if attributes confer reality only a single substance with x attributes obtains.  ...  his ontology' (1).  ...  Competing Interests The author has no competing interests to declare.  ... 
doi:10.32881/jomp.44 fatcat:cy5kdcocajfjrpjm2el27j3j54

Both Like and Unlike: Rebirth, Olfaction, and the Transspecies Imagination in Modern Chinese Buddhism

Lina Verchery
2019 Religions  
Drawing on scriptural, theoretical, and fieldwork-based ethnographic data, it argues that olfaction—often considered the most "animalistic" of the human senses—is uniquely efficacious for inspiring imaginative  ...  Responding to recent trends in the Humanities calling for an expanded notion of ontological continuity between the human and non-human—notably inspired by critical animal studies, post-humanism, the new  ...  Thanks also to Chen Jinhua, Vicky Baker, and the Glorisun Foundation for organizing the Buddhist Beasts: Reflections on Animals in Asian Religions and Culture conference at the University of British Columbia  ... 
doi:10.3390/rel10060364 fatcat:db4c77fptnctrb5medqeqlccha
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