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Local forcings affect lake zooplankton vulnerability and response to climate warming

Benjamin Alric, Jean-Philippe Jenny, Vincent Berthon, Fabien Arnaud, Cecile Pignol, Jean-Louis Reyss, Pierre Sabatier, Marie-Elodie Perga
2013 Ecology  
Finally, our results demonstrated that lake vulnerability and responses to climate warming are modulated by lake trophic status but can also be altered by fisheries management practices through changes  ...  We tested this hypothesis through a paleolimnological approach on three temperate large lakes submitted to rather similar climate warming but varying intensities of analogous local forcings (changes in  ...  Stellmacher, and P. Lederer. 1995. Long-term study on the Heilgensee (1975-1992)-evidence for effects of climatic-change on the dynamics of eutrophied lake ecosystems.  ... 
doi:10.1890/12-1903.1 pmid:24597223 fatcat:pn2gz5gfgng5bczbzkl3fj3blu

Mapping invasive Phragmites australis in the coastal Great Lakes with ALOS PALSAR satellite imagery for decision support

Laura L. Bourgeau-Chavez, Kurt P. Kowalski, Martha L. Carlson Mazur, Kirk A. Scarbrough, Richard B. Powell, Colin N. Brooks, Brian Huberty, Liza K. Jenkins, Elizabeth C. Banda, David M. Galbraith, Zachary M. Laubach, Kevin Riordan
2013 Journal of Great Lakes research  
The effect of seasonal changes in stratification on Poincare modes and the corresponding shear and cross-thermocline mixing are also examined.  ...  The spatial structure of these ubiquitous waves is not well-understood for Lake Michigan, which has important implications for the spatial distributions of vertical mixing, lateral dispersion, and near-bottom  ...  Potential Effects of Climate Change on Aquatic Ecosystem of Lake Simcoe.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jglr.2012.11.001 fatcat:nkzrhb6i4fdp7eje2qd5qsahwu

Use of remote sensing and geographical information systems in developing lake management strategies [chapter]

Serwan M. J. Baban
1999 The Ecological Bases for Lake and Reservoir Management  
This work examines the holistic approach to lake management in terms of relevant in-lake and catchment area parameters.  ...  The basic concepts of remote sensing and GIS technologies and the possible use of both in lake studies are explored.  ...  Acknowledgments The author wishes to thank Professor Ian Foster for commenting on the paper and the Environment Agency for providing the actual water quality data.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-94-017-3282-6_20 fatcat:vgo4hlo2yjdfrct7beatocziby

Scientists' Warning to Humanity: Rapid degradation of the world's large lakes

Jean-Philippe Jenny, Orlane Anneville, Fabien Arnaud, Yoann Baulaz, Damien Bouffard, Isabelle Domaizon, Serghei A. Bocaniov, Nathalie Chèvre, Maria Dittrich, Jean-Marcel Dorioz, Erin S. Dunlop, Gaël Dur (+30 others)
2020 Journal of Great Lakes research  
Large lakes of the world are habitats for diverse species, including endemic taxa, and are valuable resources that provide humanity with many ecosystem services.  ...  They are also sentinels of global and local change, and recent studies in limnology and paleolimnology have demonstrated disturbing evidence of their collective degradation in terms of depletion of resources  ...  Climate change will have substantial effects on lake ecosystems irrespective of their size.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jglr.2020.05.006 fatcat:2q6skz46dbhrnfzxvitzhrzthe

The Benthic Quality Index to Assess Water Quality of Lakes May Be Affected by Confounding Environmental Features

Angela Boggero, Silvia Zaupa, Roberta Bettinetti, Marzia Ciampittiello, Diego Fontaneto
2020 Water  
any couple of hydro-morphological, ecological and trophic status assessments, with each metric representing a different facet of human impact on the environment.  ...  , Lake Habitat Modification Score—LHMS, Lake Habitat Quality Assessment—LHQA and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development—OECD) used to classify the lake ecological and hydro-morphological  ...  water features and lake ecological status classifications (according to OECD, LHMS, LHQA and BQIES whole-lake ), accounting for the effect of seasonality and including the effect of the pseudoreplication  ... 
doi:10.3390/w12092519 fatcat:bb3m3m7z7zbivgp5l4udtib6yq

A new method to generate a high-resolution global distribution map of lake chlorophyll

Michael J. Sayers, Amanda G. Grimm, Robert A. Shuchman, Andrew M. Deines, David B. Bunnell, Zachary B. Raymer, Mark W. Rogers, Whitney Woelmer, David H. Bennion, Colin N. Brooks, Matthew A. Whitley, David M. Warner (+1 others)
2015 International Journal of Remote Sensing  
A new method to generate a high-resolution global distribution map of lake chlorophyll.  ...  The combined effects of NAO, ENSO, AMO, and PDO on lake ice provide high predictability skills.  ...  It was found that both NAO and AMO have a linear impact on lake ice, while ENSO and PDO have nonlinear (quadratic) impacts on lake ice, but none of them solely dominates the Great Lakes regional climate  ... 
doi:10.1080/01431161.2015.1029099 fatcat:5uugnnzklrgtlam6gfq7gwlxsy

Eutrophication of moderately deep Dutch lakes during the past century: flaws in the expectations of water management?

E. P. Kirilova, H. Cremer, O. Heiri, A. F. Lotter
2009 Hydrobiologia  
Only one of the artificial lakes showed a DI-TP increase due to changes in catchment agricultural practice.  ...  We studied the trophic development of the past 30-100 years in eight moderately deep Dutch lakes based on their sedimentary fossil diatom assemblages.  ...  TNO Environment and Geosciences is acknowledged for providing the 137 Cs dating of the sediments from Lakes Ammerzoden, Empel A, Plas Vechten, and Fort Vechten.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10750-009-9993-4 fatcat:k4m4qc33unf35ky5eqnigvlxv4

Mountain lakes: Eyes on global environmental change

K.A. Moser, J.S. Baron, J. Brahney, I.A. Oleksy, J.E. Saros, E.J. Hundey, S.A. Sadro, J. Kopáček, R. Sommaruga, M.J. Kainz, A.L. Strecker, S. Chandra (+8 others)
2019 Global and Planetary Change  
Such research in particular highlights the impacts of melting glaciers on mountain lakes.  ...  This paper provides a review and update of the growing body of research that shows that sediments in remote mountain lakes archive regional and global environmental changes, including those linked to climate  ...  The impetus for this manuscript was a workshop on Mountain Lakes that was hosted by Jill Baron, Sudeep Chandra, and Bella Oleksy and funded by by USGS Climate and Land Use Program's Western Mountain Initiative  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.gloplacha.2019.04.001 fatcat:7jx3acbzpnf53cszf6j6tf5arq

An assessment of long-term post-restoration water quality trends in a shallow, subtropical, urban hypereutrophic lake

Jennifer E. Ruley, Kelly A. Rusch
2002 Ecological Engineering: The Journal of Ecotechnology  
A major restoration effort was undertaken in 1983 that consisted of dredging and the repair of sewage infrastructure.  ...  By the late 1970s, the lake had become highly eutrophic and suffered from frequent and severe algal blooms and fish kills.  ...  Acknowledgements This research was made possible with funding from the City of Baton Rouge/Parish of East Baton Rouge Department of Public Works, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0925-8574(02)00096-4 fatcat:w3ncdyndnbfg7djvao7htp4keu

Longevity and effectiveness of aluminum addition to reduce sediment phosphorus release and restore lake water quality

Brian J. Huser, Sara Egemose, Harvey Harper, Michael Hupfer, Henning Jensen, Keith M. Pilgrim, Kasper Reitzel, Emil Rydin, Martyn Futter
2016 Water Research  
Lakes varied greatly in morphology, applied Al dose, and other factors that may have affected overall treatment effectiveness.  ...  Treatment longevity based on declines in epilimnetic total P (TP) concentration averaged 11 years for all lakes (range of 0e45 years).  ...  Pam Tyning (Progressive AE) for the Mich- We also thank Gene Welch (Tetratech/University of Washington) for a thorough review of the manuscript and contribution of data and Diana Morari for data entry  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.watres.2015.06.051 pmid:26250754 fatcat:wqr7kmg6tbh2vf4hxevdyrrjhm

Fish community change in Lake Superior, 1970–2000

Charles R Bronte, Mark P Ebener, Donald R Schreiner, David S DeVault, Michael M Petzold, Douglas A Jensen, Carl Richards, Steven J Lozano
2003 Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences  
Agencies have little influence on the abundance of forage fish or the major predator, siscowet lake trout, and must now focus on habitat protection and enhancement in nearshore areas and prevent additional  ...  Persistence of Lake Superior's native deepwater species is in contrast to other Great Lakes where restoration will be difficult in the absence of these ecologically important fishes.  ...  Sitar, and M. Whittle for their time, effort, and data. This is Contribution No. 1261 of the U.S. Geological Survey, Great Lakes Science Center, Ann Arbor, Mich.  ... 
doi:10.1139/f03-136 fatcat:xopxzg3xsnaprd3wrw5x5owa6y

Phytoplankton functional composition shows higher seasonal variability in a large shallow lake after a eutrophic past

Károly Pálffy, Lajos Vörös
2019 Ecosphere  
The trajectories of these two factors and the changes in seasonal succession indicate a lake in transition, urging more in-depth research efforts to understand the impact of climate change on this specific  ...  Eutrophication is a well-known problem of global proportions with some easily recognizable and potentially harmful effects on aquatic habitats, but our knowledge on the underlying associated changes in  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We are grateful to the reviewers for their suggestions, which helped in the further improvement of our manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.1002/ecs2.2684 fatcat:afrpitm5cvbordon7gnq3sdlue

Landscape-Based Assessment of Human Disturbance for Michigan Lakes

Lizhu Wang, Kevin Wehrly, James E. Breck, Lidia Szabo Kraft
2010 Environmental Management  
Assessment of lake impairment status and identification of threats' type and source is essential for protection of intact, enhancement of modified, and restoration of impaired lakes.  ...  This study describes a process for assessing lake impairment status and identifying which human disturbances have the greatest impact on each lake for all lakes that are 2 ha or larger in the state of  ...  in-depth discussion in the early phase of the lake database development; Arthur Cooper for assistance with GIS processes; and Minako Edgar for preparation of Michigan maps.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00267-010-9525-z pmid:20625900 fatcat:jdstoavntzazxh4lrn4zdov6ze

Development of a simplified phosphorus management model for a shallow, subtropical, urban hypereutrophic lake

J.E. Ruley, K.A. Rusch
2004 Ecological Engineering: The Journal of Ecotechnology  
With little or no implementation of watershed and lake management strategies for the reduction of phosphorus loadings in the decades since restoration, current water quality data indicates that phosphorus  ...  Restoration of City Park Lake occurred in 1983 and consisted of dredging nutrient-laden sediments and the rehabilitation of sewage pipelines.  ...  Furthermore, the broader implications of phosphorus management strategies and their effects on the trophic conditions of the lake system can be approximated using trophic state data correlations.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ecoleng.2004.02.005 fatcat:uvj5hkpw25arrfqxltoig2jkvi

Relationships between land use and nitrogen and phosphorus in New Zealand lakes

Jonathan M. Abell, Deniz Özkundakci, David P. Hamilton, Steven D. Miller
2011 Marine and Freshwater Research  
For example, Liu et 72 al. (2010) studied 103 lakes across China and found that natural factors, specifically 73 variables relating to geographic location, lake morphology and climate, accounted for 13.3  ...  Following correction for the effect of covariation 25 amongst predictor variables, high producing grassland (intensive pasture) was the best 26 predictor of TN and TP, accounting for 38.6% and 41.0% of  ...  Eighty-seven of the lakes had been categorized into 256 broad groups based on lake formation mechanism (see Ministry for the Environment Lake trophic state varied from microtrophic to hypertrophic (see  ... 
doi:10.1071/mf10180 fatcat:iliyzhhbobeencvnuf2ehzjoti
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