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Relaxation in open one-dimensional systems [article]

Prasanth P Jose, Biman Bagchi
2004 arXiv   pre-print
then the master equation can be written as dP L i (t) dt = w i+1,i (t)P L i+1 (t) + w i−1,i (t)P L i−1 (t) −w i,i+1 (t)P L i (t) − w i,i−1 (t)P L i (t) −w out (t)P L i (t) + w in (t)P bath . (3) At equilibrium  ...  P µ,L,T ∝ L N Λ N N !  ... 
arXiv:cond-mat/0402545v1 fatcat:xiux3fcq4bd2bnafm3zwceafwm

Thermodynamic and transport anomalies near isotropic-nematic phase transition [article]

Prasanth P. Jose, Biman Bagchi
2008 arXiv   pre-print
be expressed as 3,5 F (k → 0, t) = S(k → 0)[a e −t/τa + (1 − a) e −t/τ b (cos(ω 0 t) + b sin(ω 0 t))], (2) where S(k) is the static structure factor, a = (γ − 1)/γ (γ is the ratio of specific heats (C p  ...  The S(k) at the lowest value of k gives the isothermal compressibility χ T = ρ −1 ∂ρ ∂p T , (3) of the system. χ T of the liquid across the I-N transition obtained from S(k) by the relation χ T = β ρ lim  ... 
arXiv:0802.2167v1 fatcat:fiqp27yczvd6rehigk2qj7pnha

Similarities between protein folding and granular jamming

Prasanth P Jose, Ioan Andricioaei
2012 Nature Communications  
Titin, which has highest value of a, is one of the strongest proteins found in nature. 10 −1 P ( f nb ) 10 −1 P ( f nb ) 10 −1 P ( f nb ) 10 −1 P ( f nb ) 10 −1 P ( f nb ) 10 −1 P ( f nb ) f nb f nb f  ...  In Fig. 3 , the distribution P nb (f nb ) also shows a peak when the proteins are folded, as already shown for P(f).  ... 
doi:10.1038/ncomms2177 pmid:23093180 pmcid:PMC3493650 fatcat:mc5xn2wtz5djfke3rmwec42lyu

Design and Characterization of Buccal Films of Benzocaine for Mouth Ulcer

Jiji Jose, DM WIMS College of Pharmacy, Meppadi Post, Wayanad, Kerala, India, M V Sisira, M L Lal Prasanth, C R Shibu Prasanth, P S Pradeep
2021 Journal of Pharmaceutical Research  
Code BZ (mg) CSN (mg) HPMC (mg) P-80 (mg) PG (mg) CA (mg) MT (mg) PO AS (ml) E-W (ml) F1 250 875 - 8.75 8.75 56.25 56.25 q.s 10 q.s 20 F2 250 583.3 291.7 8.75 8.75 56.25 56.25 q.s 10 q.s 20 F3 250 437.5  ...  56.25 56.25 q.s 10 q.s 20 F4 250 291.7 583.3 8.75 8.75 56.25 56.25 q.s 10 q.s 20 F5 250 - 875 8.75 8.75 56.25 56.25 q.s 10 q.s 20 BZ : Benzocaine, CSN: Chitosan, HPMC: Hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose P-  ... 
doi:10.18579/jopcr/v20i3.ms21062 fatcat:2fs7t4tufzekretdaa6qynjc7u

Cow, Army And Nationalism: A Political Dialogue

2022 Journal of Multidisciplinary Cases  
India, for the last few years has become a nation of prohibitions that deliberately or not challenge the nature of democracy and secularism. It is purely credible that, from the status of a domestic animal the cow has transformed to a political animal with National identity, especially during and after the unrests of beef ban. Parallel to this, another operating mode of Nationalism also is being celebrated connecting Indian Army with the romanticized and sentimental concept of the mother land.
more » ... onstant efforts are made to propagate the patriotic image of Army so that the sense of protection and defense can be nationalized and re-defined. To fight for one's own land is treated as 'Kshatriya Dharma' and this notion is associated with Hindutva. Imposing ban on cow meat is also connected with the same ideology, for cow is treated holy according to the Hindu belief. Army and cow stand parallel in the discourse of Nationalism. The present paper is an attempt to trace the history of Cow Politics and nationalism in India which is not inclusive in nature. As a shared group feeling, nationalism is a concept that holds people together, attached to a single ideology and social conditioning. The question is how the state construct a biased and elite national identity by making use of some seemingly normal narratives in day-today political dialogues. The paper further investigates how the glorified Military narratives accelerate Hindu Nationalism dismantling the marginal voices of farmers challenging the slogan: Jai Javan, Jai Kisan.
doi:10.55529/jmc.21.10.15 fatcat:oem37chmefhcdcjnyfhffz2zuy

Diet variation in climbing perch populations inhabiting eight different types of ecosystems [article]

V. V. Binoy, P. S. Prasanth
2016 arXiv   pre-print
consistent irrespective of spatial and seasonal variation, our result revealed a significant variation in the number of food items consumed by climbing perch in different ecosystems (ANOVA F7,80 = 37.39; p<  ...  Climbing perch was collected from following eight different ecosystems (Fig. 1 ) located in different parts of Thrissur District, Kerala state (Prasanth, 2006) with the help of expert fishermen during  ... 
arXiv:1610.03668v1 fatcat:iqwfwwt2dfgmdix7v4soh7fayy

Tethered Power Supply for Quadcopters: Architecture, Analysis and Experiments [article]

Karan P. Jain, Prasanth Kotaru, Massimiliano de Sa, Mark W. Mueller, Koushil Sreenath
2022 arXiv   pre-print
With that notation, the quadratic is as follows, ρLP 2 s − V 2 s P s + V 2 s P Q (x) η b = 0 (13) The meaningful solution in the fully expanded form is, P s = V 2 s 2ρL   1 − 1 − 4ρLc p (m Q + λl) 3  ...  The critical height can be computed as follows, 0 = 1 − 4ρLc p (m Q + λh c ) 3 2 η b V 2 s ( 15 ) =⇒ η b V 2 s = 4ρLc p (m Q + λh c ) 3 2 (16) =⇒ h c = 1 λ η b V 2 s 4ρLc p 2/3 − m Q (17) If the height  ... 
arXiv:2203.08180v1 fatcat:t67rwfyf7rbvbolo4arx2qeowu

Binary Codes with Locality for Four Erasures [article]

S. B. Balaji, K. P. Prasanth, P. Vijay Kumar
2016 arXiv   pre-print
l and P l .  ...  Assume that s 21 = m − s 1 − p, where 0 ≤ p ≤ m − s 1 . Each of the (m − s 1 − p) (or s 21 ) columns of A has only one non-zero element.  ... 
arXiv:1607.02817v3 fatcat:7rtlqaxzurdjvavd2via4xz534

Structural and Electrical Characterization of Protonic Acid Doped Polyaniline

Vinodini Shaktawat, Narendra S. Saxena, Kananbala Sharma, Thaneshwar P. Sharma, P. Predeep, S. Prasanth, A. S. Prasad
2008 AIP Conference Proceedings  
Polypyrrole doped with different protonic acid were chemically synthesized using ammonium persulfate (APS) as an oxidant. These samples were characterized through XRD and FTIR, which confirms the acid doping. I-V characteristics were carried out over the temperature range from 313 K to 483 K, which is found to be linear. The conductivity of PPy[PO 4 3-] is highest among other doped one. Activation energies have been found to be 119.90, 43.94, 58.63 and 65.46 meV for PPy doped with sulfuric, phosphoric, oxalic and acetic acid, respectively.
doi:10.1063/1.2927561 fatcat:qy5bemcrdfc7tlm7jauqnx5iva

Oryzanol as natural antioxidant for improving sunflower oil stability

L. Sunil, P. Srinivas, P. K. Prasanth Kumar, A. G. Gopala Krishna
2014 Journal of food science and technology  
Prasanth investigated the utilization of the Oz as Oz concentrate to deliver its health benefits to consumers in the form of functional food.  ...  P-anisidine value Secondary products of oxidation are generally measured by using the p-anisidine value.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s13197-014-1385-8 pmid:26028710 pmcid:PMC4444911 fatcat:jcot7dvr3jbs5d7ygemowql6my

Study of clinical presentation in patients with LMCA disease

Ashutosh Kumar, P. Prasanth, Hrisikesh, Kiran, Srikar
2014 Indian Heart Journal  
vs. 13.05%,p<0.001) while typical angina was present in 23pt in LM disease vs. 335pt with non-LMCA pt (22.5% vs. 82.5% , p<0.046).  ...  Study of clinical presentation in patients with LMCA disease Ashutosh Kumar, P.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ihj.2014.10.350 fatcat:yjfuqer2indxlcomppzhzsn7ru

Energetics of constant height level bounding in quadruped robots

Murali Krishna P., Prasanth Kumar R.
2014 Robotica (Cambridge. Print)  
Therefore, x L s 4 2 / b L b L a h p q R F & x y x 4 0 s L x d d F Rk = (F R ·p)p, F Rh = (F R ·q)q. (15) The resolved forces F Rk and F Rh are F Rk = mg h (ψ + c)ψ + mgh ψ 2 + h 2 (ψî + hĵ), (16) F Rh  ...  For determining specific resistance [20] , we use mechanical cost of transport obtained from c m = 1 T T 0 |P |dt mgv , (6) where P is instantaneous power, m is the mass of the quadruped robot, g is the  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0263574714001532 fatcat:ey7p2zmfdzab7momk6yzgf5s54

Density and energy relaxation in an open one-dimensional system

Prasanth P. Jose, Biman Bagchi
2004 Journal of Chemical Physics  
are allowed then the master equation can be written as dP i L ͑ t ͒ dt ϭw iϩ1,i ͑ t ͒P iϩ1 L ͑ t ͒ϩw iϪ1,i ͑ t ͒P iϪ1 L ͑ t ͒ Ϫw i,iϩ1 ͑ t ͒P i L ͑ t ͒Ϫw i,iϪ1 ͑ t ͒P i L ͑ t ͒ Ϫw out ͑ t ͒P i L ͑ t ͒  ...  mail: dP i L ͑ t ͒ dt ϭ ͚ Ј mϭ1 N L w m,i ͑ t ͒P m L ͑ t ͒Ϫw i,m ͑ t ͒P i L ͑ t ͒ Ϫ P i L ͑ t ͒ ͚ jϭ1 N B w i, j ͑ t ͒ϩ ͚ jϭ1 N B w j,i ͑ t ͒P j B ͑ t ͒ ͑1͒ ͑the prime on the  ... 
doi:10.1063/1.1691738 pmid:15267754 fatcat:63lomyplqfghpmqrsqnpnnekzu


Prasanth P., Saravanakumari P.
2017 International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences  
In brief, all the test organisms [Staph. aureus, Staph. epidermidis, E. coli, P. mirabilis and P. aeruginosa] in Brain Herat Infusion broth (BHIB) were allowed to grow in the 96 well titre plates for 48h  ...  Murugan et al., [22] detected that cupA genes were responsible for biofilm formation in P. aeruginosa.  ... 
doi:10.22159/ijpps.2017v9i11.20789 fatcat:f3c2n37wi5gj7p7nyhzgpukhaq

User Search Goal Prediction based on Feedback Sessions

Sreerenjini P. R, Prasanth R. S
2014 IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering  
If the topic is very vast and the query is ambiguous, the users may be having different search goals when they submit the queries to a search engine. The goals of the users can be analysed in order to make the search engine results more relevant. In this paper, the Click through Logs are analyzed to create feedback Sessions. These feedback Sessions generated are used to create Pseudo documents . These Pseudo documents are further analysed and clustered based on Kmeans clustering algorithm. Then
more » ... these clustered documents are checked for relevance evaluvation using Classified Average Precision(CAP).
doi:10.9790/0661-16420104 fatcat:6w3pfwztanfs3natbktwuhlwqy
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