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A Study of Changes in Nature of Age specific Design Methodology

Yoomee Song, Hyunjung Yu
2015 International Journal of Asia Digital Art and Design Association  
It is expected that this study can help find useful design methodologies for the future, as a basic research on the development of the design methodology from the historical dimension.  ...  we analyze how it has evolved through the ages and research into the related cases.  ...  Design UCD (Survey, User- methodology Focus Group participating Interview, design Contextual (co-creation), Inquiry, Diary Crowd sourcing, study, etc.)  ... 
doi:10.20668/adada.19.1_5 fatcat:h7jqdj3kofarzexc44b6cimyeu

The design methodology for studying smart but complex do-it-yourself experiences

Tiina Kymäläinen
2015 Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments  
from the research.  ...  Keywords: Human-computer interaction (HCI), do-it-yourself (DIY), ecological approach to smart environments (EASE), user experience design (UX), intelligent environments (IE)  ...  Acknowledgements The case studies were carried out as part of the Eureka/ITEA2 DiYSE project in cooperation between Technological Research Centre of Finland (VTT), There Corporation, Wiktio Oy, Finwe Ltd  ... 
doi:10.3233/ais-150351 fatcat:jvt3l2v6kbfkhp7fndx53fhqui

D3.1 Methodology of pilot testing and evaluation, and Guidelines for Community Managers

Chiara Leonardi
2018 Zenodo  
Methodology of pilot testing and evaluation.  ...  It presents the evaluaon framework for the 1° pilot acons aimed at providing guidance to the 7 CityLabs to explore the User Experience (UX) of families and other stakeholders engaged at the local level  ...  Methodology of pilot testing and evaluation .  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3822696 fatcat:kzgt4oadvbhy7fj7iguydtlaiu

A methodological approach to supporting organizational learning

2001 International Journal of Human-Computer Studies  
Conversely, organizational learning is a process through which workers learn gradually in the work context through experience, re#ection on work practice and collaboration with colleagues.  ...  Our methodological approach to supporting organizational learning is drawn from three industrial case studies concerned with machine maintenance, team planning and hotline support.  ...  This research was funded by the ESPRIT programme for IT for learning and training in industry, project P29015.  ... 
doi:10.1006/ijhc.2001.0494 fatcat:wl6bp2ro4jacbdidtu35ghvz2a

Bringing the Illusion of Reality Inside Museums—A Methodological Proposal for an Advanced Museology Using Holographic Showcases

Eva Pietroni, Daniele Ferdani, Massimiliano Forlani, Alfonsina Pagano, Claudio Rufa
2019 Informatics  
User experience results and a list of best practices will be presented in the second part of the paper, out of the tests and research activities conducted in these three years of the project.  ...  Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens, and all the people who helped us in collecting the historical contents regarding the Kunàgota sword and the Mytilene treasure and in preparing and conducting the UX  ...  User eXperience (UX) Evaluation Conducting inquiries about the requirements useful to understand how the museum visitors 'perceive' museums and their digital products is essential to define the guidelines  ... 
doi:10.3390/informatics6010002 fatcat:57qg45ypdnbdxkq4pdno6zgxsm

Participant-driven photo-elicitation in library settings: A methodological discussion

Shailoo Bedi, Jenaya Webb
2018 Library and Information Research  
research.  ...  In this paper, we advance photo-elicitation—a research method that employs photographs in interviews—as one such method.  ...  , narrative inquiry, phenomenological studies, action research and many others (Collier & Collier, 1986; Harper, 2002; Pink, 2007) .  ... 
doi:10.29173/lirg752 fatcat:pqarapgtzbgzzipvum6d4waaz4

Leveraging human factors in cybersecurity: an integrated methodological approach

Alessandro Pollini, Tiziana C. Callari, Alessandra Tedeschi, Daniele Ruscio, Luca Save, Franco Chiarugi, Davide Guerri
2021 Cognition, Technology & Work  
An overview of current challenges in relation to cybersecurity is first provided, followed by the presentation of an integrated top–down and bottom–up methodology using qualitative and quantitative research  ...  In practice this conviction does not always applied in company and business strategies aimed at building reliable organisations and cybersecurity cultures, especially when cognitive, contextual and social  ...  The improvement of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) -and specifically the interface design and UX interaction-will have a positive impact on the overall CIS socio-technical system, because it reduces the  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10111-021-00683-y pmid:34149309 pmcid:PMC8195225 fatcat:levenjtfvngejk2qa3ppo35qx4

Human Coaching Methodologies for Automatic Coaching (eCoaching) as Behavior Intervention with Information and Communication Technologies: Systematic Review (Preprint)

Ayan Chatterjee, Martin Gerdes, Andreas Prinz, Santiago Martinez
2020 Journal of Medical Internet Research  
The most relevant methods for human coaching were behavior (n=23), methodology (n=10), psychology (n=9), and mentoring (n=6).  ...  Acknowledgments We acknowledge funding and infrastructure from the University of Agder, Norway, to carry out this research.  ...  Regarding implementation challenge, the most formidable challenge in the field of coaching is the challenge of translating research into practice.  ... 
doi:10.2196/23533 pmid:33759793 fatcat:hznhz32qdnev3h42iyph2ujeu4

Healthcare experience design: A conceptual and methodological framework for understanding the effects of usability on the access, delivery, and receipt of healthcare

2020 Knowledge Management & E-Learning: An International Journal  
The healthcare experience design framework is a useful conceptual model and methodological approach to identify usability problems in the healthcare system, and its practical application is illustrated  ...  Understanding the influence that various individual and contextual factors have on the usability of HIT is challenging because of the network of interactions between humans and technology that occur in  ...  Patient experience design (PXD) is the term developed by Meloncon (2017) characterizing the, "participatory methodological approach centered on contextual inquiry to understand the relationship between  ... 
doi:10.34105/j.kmel.2020.12.028 fatcat:snwwoizeszhzbbv342olzfax2u

Herding and the quest for credit

Michael Strevens
2013 Journal of Economic Methodology  
Several possible causes of "herding"an outcome in which a single research program ends up with a number of researchers well in excess of the optimum-are considered.  ...  A e system for awarding credit in science-the "priority rule"-functions, I have proposed elsewhere, to bring about something close to a socially optimal distribution of scientists among scienti c research  ...  Acknowledgments My thanks to the participants at the Workshop on Methodology, Systemic Risk, and the Economics Profession for many helpful comments and conversations over the course of that most fruitful  ... 
doi:10.1080/1350178x.2013.774849 fatcat:czn2zvypvja5dpzefgo4ybj6om

Specification of a UX Process Reference Model towards the Strategic Planning of UX Activities

Suzanne Kieffer, Luka Rukonic, Vincent Kervyn de Meerendré, Jean Vanderdonckt
2019 Proceedings of the 14th International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications  
Ultimately, the UXCMM aims to facilitate the integration of UX processes in software engineering, which should contribute to reducing the gap between UX research and UX practice.  ...  This work draws an accurate picture of UX base practices and allows the reader to compare and select methods for different purposes.  ...  In turn, this aims to reducing the gap between UX research and UX practice.  ... 
doi:10.5220/0007693600740085 dblp:conf/grapp/KiefferRMV19 fatcat:2r6lq6kkxba4na4vqpulshwrty

Inquiry through practice: The brief as a pedagogical method for design research

Tatiana Tavares, Marcos Mortensen Steagall
2020 Link Symposium Abstracts 2020  
In this study, the brief operated as a pedagogical method to combine academic conventions of design research and practice.  ...  Design-based research methodology provides navigation for teaching experiences where learning outcomes are forged using briefs as design experiments or a way to carry out formative research to test and  ...  In this study, the brief operated as a pedagogical method to combine academic conventions of design research and practice.  ... 
doi:10.24135/ fatcat:z5qi67zykbckrathpgluez6npu

UX Toolbox for Software Developers [article]

Tina Øvad Pedersen
2016 Ph.d.-serien for Det Teknisk-Naturvidenskabelige Fakultet, Aalborg Universitet  
Thus this thesis investigates how UX work can be conducted by software developers while following and supporting the sprint rhythm.  ...  The aim of this thesis is to investigate how agility can be achieved when performing UX work within an agile, industrial software environment.  ...  Furthermore, we thank Aalborg University, Radiometer Medical and the Danish Ministry for Science and Education for funding the research presented here.  ... 
doi:10.5278/ fatcat:ngwlscdpazg4fhrkboj7uvadaa

A Review of Methodologies for the Design and Incubation of Collaborative Platforms

Eugenio Maria Battaglia, Simone Cicero, Chiara Agamennone
2018 Figshare  
Objective of the Report: definition of the scope of the research 2. Tools for COPs Design 3. Incubating COPs 4. Financing COPs 5. Conclusions  ...  Acknowledgments We sincerely want to thank Mayo Fuster Morell and Enric Senabre that followed us in the developing of this research.  ...  This Review was Redacted by Simone Cicero, Chiara Agamennone, Eugenio Battaglia (Platform Design Toolkit -Research Team) Please contact for editorial comments and information  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.5886577.v1 fatcat:hx26osxur5erfj2c2mwkxhiuwa

Complementing a Clinical Trial With Human-Computer Interaction: Patients' User Experience With Telehealth

Sakib Jalil, Trina Myers, Ian Atkinson, Muriel Soden
2019 JMIR Human Factors  
We adopted an ethnographic philosophy and conducted a contextual inquiry due to time limitations followed by semistructured interviews of 9 T2D patients.  ...  We investigate how the UX during a clinical trial can be researched and what a clinical trial can learn from HCI research.  ...  The recordings were transcribed, and the notes and data from contextual inquiry were analysed using the contextual design methodology (Multimedia Appendix 1).  ... 
doi:10.2196/humanfactors.9481 pmid:31172958 pmcid:PMC6592491 fatcat:q23p445ap5hwroi4ik6yrklcgq
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