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Page 523 of Harvard Law Review Vol. 67, Issue 3 [page]

1954 Harvard Law Review  
Furthermore, once a union loses its certification, it may be relieved of its statutory duties so that those activities which do not constitute unfair labor practices cannot be regulated.  ...  Lack of review is especially undesirable where it is uncertain whether a union’s activities are violative of the Act.  ... 

Page 703 of The University of Chicago Law Review Vol. 9, Issue 4 [page]

1942 The University of Chicago Law Review  
McCoy, decided under the Medical Practice Act of 1877, which contained no express requirement of notice prior to revocation of physicians’ licenses, the Illinois Supreme Court inquired whether notice had  ...  *®s But the activities of a quack doctor or of a crooked real estate broker are no less injurious to the public welfare than are the illegal ac- tivities of tavern owners or dance hall proprietors.  ... 

The Revocation of Corruptors' Political Rights in Indonesian Legal System

Imawan Sugiharto, Imam Asmarudin
2018 International Journal of Engineering & Technology  
Our contention is that overlapping authorities and impacts of revocation of political rights require an additional legal instrument.  ...  This is important to ensure the mechanism of the revocation aligns with the human rights and exhibits a progressive legal movement in eradicating corruption.  ...  One of revocations sentenced by the judge to a convicted corruptor is the revocation of active and passive voting rights.  ... 
doi:10.14419/ijet.v7i3.21.17220 fatcat:xfb3rtfpyrdjpmoltk4azbtwbi

OUP accepted manuscript

2020 Journal of Refugee Studies  
Our conclusions point to the need for futher analytical scrutiny of both the consequences of intensified revocation practices and their purported effectiveness as a measure to regulate immigration.  ...  This article explores the effects of revocation on individuals, their families and wider communities by analysing how revocation is experienced and its consequences for integration processes.  ...  Will this study change the revocation practice?  ... 
doi:10.1093/jrs/feaa006 fatcat:mderqdcumnbjld732y6ym3l5pm

Security and Privacy Challenges in Cloud Computing Environments

Hassan Takabi, James B.D. Joshi, Gail-Joon Ahn
2010 IEEE Security and Privacy  
User revocation list is performed by group manager and it is given to the cloud service provider to check the active users within the group before giving access to the cloud.  ...  It supports efficient member revocation and new member joining the group.  ...  Thirdly, groups are normally dynamic in practice. It does not support new user participation and current employee revocation within the group.  ... 
doi:10.1109/msp.2010.186 fatcat:oyqbvlgbzfb55fankcm7xhcsqq

Occupational Therapist Licensure Revocation by State Licensing Boards

Regina Drummond, Myrel Agbayani, Christine Chong, Chris Josko, Shelby Murley, Brenda M Coppard
2019 Open Journal of Occupational Therapy  
Descriptive statistics were used to examine the demographic variables of gender, region, reason for licensure revocation, year of licensure revocation, and length of active licensure.  ...  Despite these state requirements and the AOTA guidelines for ethical practice, occupational therapists continue to face disciplinary actions related to unethical and error-based practice (AOTA, 2015a)  ... 
doi:10.15453/2168-6408.1460 fatcat:ejc6t4crmrconlefjtoffpodwy

Page 2501 of JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association Vol. 113, Issue 27 [page]

1939 JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association  
brittle, splitting, 444 licenses ; revocation; expert testimony, when payEs: estate: antivivisection society as en- changes as diagnostic aid, [Low] 457—-ab necessary, 1837 " "gaged oy chastiahie activities  ...  Mental Hygiene, (Clifford Beers resigns) 867; (fellowships) 1340 Conference on Medical Service, '2332 defense, child health in, [Mitchell] *1 MUNICIPALITIES: See Medical Services gaged in charitable activities  ... 

A Survey of the Revocation of Teaching Certificates

Mario C. Di Nello, Harold L. Hawkins
1970 Journal of Teacher Education  
The bulk of the revocations was for rea- sons of immorality, violation of the law, abandonment of contract, and a variety of miscellaneous causes; in practice, the revocation of teaching certificates tends  ...  Since only 13 states now have such commissions and experi- ence with them is somewhat limited, it re- mains to be seen whether they will effec- tively aid the profession in its self-policing activities  ... 
doi:10.1177/002248717002100413 fatcat:s5oecp2sebaaplh2bn3j4asnc4

Page 1284 of JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association Vol. 144, Issue 15 [page]

1950 JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association  
are fre- quently made the predicate for revocation of a license to practice that profession.  ...  Bureau of Legal Medicine and Legislation MEDICOLEGAL ABSTRACTS Chiropractic Practice Acts: Revocation of License for Fraud and Deception.  ... 


Dan Constantin MÂȚĂ
2017 Challenges of the Knowledge Society  
An aspect with important implications in the administrative practice is the one concerning the possibility of invalidating a normative administrative act before its entering into force.  ...  The final cessation of the legal effects of administrative acts can be achieved by annulment and revocation.  ...  In terms of incidence in the activity of public administration, it was noted that administrative acts are the predominant aspect in the activity of central public administration, while administrative acts  ... 
doaj:24713712df0a40e7976587cd7c8c82db fatcat:bbbxugnvyvggjpfck3b4sf2mau

Page 1347 of Indiana Medicine : The Journal of the Indiana State Medical Association Vol. 65, Issue 12 [page]

1972 Indiana Medicine : The Journal of the Indiana State Medical Association  
The Medical Practice Act shall autho- rize the Board to adopt rules and regulations to carry into effect the pro- visions of its Medical Practice Act. Special Activities HOUSE ACTION: Ordered filed.  ...  Pending appeal from a revocation of a license issued by a medical board, the licensee shall be prohibited from the practice of medicine or osteopathy until the appeal is finally determined. XII.  ... 

Page 55 of New Jersey Medicine Vol. 77, Issue 8 [page]

1980 New Jersey Medicine  
NO ACTION A-744 Karcher—Revocation of Medical Licenses Provides for the mandatory revocation of licenses to practice whenever the licensee has violated Federal or State narcotic drug laws.  ...  ACTIVE OPPOSITION, because many violations are techni- cal in nature and do not warrant revocation of a license, but a lesser penalty.  ... 


2011 Challenges of the Knowledge Society  
Hence, revocability appears to be the fundamental principle of the legal regime of administrative acts, in close connection with the principle of stability of legal relationships.  ...  Revocation is a method of terminating the legal effects of an administrative act.Just like the general theory of law admits that any subject of law, author of a manifestation of will, is able to withdraw  ...  Introduction This study purposes to present the institution of revocation of administrative acts in the Romanian legal system, both as a theoretical and practical approach.  ... 
doaj:0b0481192a2140cfbc588bfc3d288452 fatcat:hahqdioucjcs5fitnykjx6xha4

The Use and Misuse of the Right-Privilege Distinction in License Revocation: What's So Hot about Cosmetology School?

1964 The University of Chicago Law Review  
II There are two arguments most frequently invoked in support of the distinction: one, that if the state so decided, it could completely prohibit the practice of certain licensed activities, and that therefore  ...  If the differentiation is illogical, 7 it is argued, a licensee has a right to notice and hearing upon revocation regardless of whether the licensed activity is classified as a "right" or a "privilege.  ... 
doi:10.2307/1598553 fatcat:w2fqdxs6bvaxbdpzmycwxnjs2i

Secure Private Key Revocation Scheme in Anonymous Cluster -Based MANETs

YoHan Park, YoungHo Park
2015 Journal of Korea Multimedia Society  
This paper proposes ID-based private key revocation scheme and non-interactive key agreement scheme in anonymous MANETs.  ...  In the dynamic topology where the node changes frequently, private key generation and revocation for newly joining and leaving nodes must be considered.  ...  We presented private key generation and revocation schemes for privacy-preserving MANETs under practical assumptions.  ... 
doi:10.9717/kmms.2015.18.4.499 fatcat:pcalasronfe37lluikfcsakoau
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