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"I am aware of the difficulties and I do not get disheartened": Wanda Dynowska's Papers about India Collected in Tadeusz Pobożniak's Archive

Ewa Dębicka-Borek
2018 Cracow Indological Studies  
Besides discussing the documentary value of the letters, which, for instance, shed some light on Dynowska's relationship with Tadeusz Pobożniak and her other eminent contemporaries, or contextualize the  ...  The aim of the present paper is to discuss the process of self-creation discernible in hitherto unpublished letters written by Wanda Dynowska-Umadevi to Tadeusz Szukiewicz, her literary representative  ...  In addition, besides displaying literary inclinations, 27 they both propagated principles that were not very common for their milieu, starting with the necessity of gaining knowledge about the far and  ... 
doi:10.12797/cis.20.2018.02.06 fatcat:rlsl2ri7jrdb3d5ergylrtsy5i

Exploring the diversity of conceptualizations of nature in East and South-East Asia

Layna Droz, Hsun-Mei Chen, Hung-Tao Chu, Rika Fajrini, Jerry Imbong, Romaric Jannel, Orika Komatsubara, Concordia Marie A. Lagasca-Hiloma, Chansatya Meas, Duy Hung Nguyen, Tshering Ongmu Sherpa, San Tun (+1 others)
2022 Humanities and Social Sciences Communications  
who have access and interpretative knowledge of sources in languages other than English.  ...  To take into consideration the diversity of conceptualizations of nature can lead to better decisions about sustainability and improve the acceptability and efficiency of environmental policies in each  ...  Tran Van Quyen from Thang Long University for his help on the link between the Vietnamese concepts of nature and Ancient Chinese, and to Antonious Aditantyo for his help with the Indonesian contribution  ... 
doi:10.1057/s41599-022-01186-5 fatcat:prqvhpcxlrcmpjimikbwsyitby

12 Colonial Officials and Scholars [chapter]

2020 The Mists of Rāmañña  
the thesis. 69 The Mon Paradigm had become "common knowledge" for anyone dealing with Mainland Southeast Asian history and culture.  ...  and the arrival of orthodox Theraväda Buddhism in Southeast Asia clinched the issue for colonial scholarship and its view that the Suvan . n . abhümi of Aśokan India was indeed Lower Burma's Rämaññadesa  ... 
doi:10.1515/9780824874414-013 fatcat:hxnp5cv36fhvjiwsvyxmzn6bce

The Matter of History: How Things Create the Past. By Timothy J. LeCain (New York, Cambridge University Press, 2017) 346 pp. $99.00 cloth $29.99 paper

Ann Norton Greene
2019 Journal of Interdisciplinary History  
The third chapter provides what he considers the key concepts for this methodology-the centrality of the natural environment, the power of things, the proper place of culture, and the rejection of anthropocentrism  ...  It is also a demanding interdisciplinary methodology, as LeCain ranges through a wide array of topics and draws on many disciplines.  ...  . $104.95 cloth $27.95 paper Engineering the Eternal City: Infrastructure, Topography, and the Culture of Knowledge in Late Sixteenth-Century Rome. By Pamela O.  ... 
doi:10.1162/jinh_r_01449 fatcat:txl24kz66bexnjcwkaapnedskm

Buddhism, Resistance, and Collaboration in Manchuria

James Carter
2015 Journal of Global Buddhism  
First, as examples of Chinese nationalism, or "cultural patriotism," and thus resistance to Japanese encroachment; second, as accommodation of, if not collaboration with, the Japanese; and third—what Tanxu  ...  I attempt to reconcile these views in order to understand how Tanxu's Buddhist activism can contribute to our understanding of the complex and controversial categories of resistance and collaboration.  ...  Tanxu Journal of Global Buddhism / 209 took part in a ceremony for Japanese soldiers organized by the Japan-China Buddhist Study Society, and also that he later served as chair of the Common Buddhist Purpose  ... 
doaj:913cf24e85b44e2a89778cc8b2ea4083 fatcat:75m2lvvkdfeu5me54r2nozy6ui

Crafting a Republic for the World: Scientific, Geographic, and Historiographic Inventions of Colombia. By Lina del Castillo (Lincoln, University of Nebraska Press, 2018) 402 pp. $50.00 cloth $30.00 paper

Fidel J. Tavárez
2019 Journal of Interdisciplinary History  
sides of the Atlantic-President Trump's calls to build a wall and corral the children of immigrants into camps or Prime Minister Theresa May's "hostile environment" for would-be migrants.  ...  Cooper's book provides long-run and comparative insights into these deeply felt and highly contentious issues. Similar issues of superposed nationality arose in the French constitution of 1946.  ...  Eastern cultures and religions, most notably Indian (Buddhism) and Japanese (Shinto), mandated compassion for animal life.  ... 
doi:10.1162/jinh_r_01397 fatcat:ifgl6njqffcqdmefyqc6xuzdra

Natural Language Processing as a Foundation of the Semantic Web

Yorick Wilks, Christopher Brewster
2007 Foundations and Trends® in Web Science  
Acknowledgments CB would like to thank José Iria for help in discussing and formulating the Abraxas model, and Ziqi Zhang for undertaking parts of the implementation and evaluation.  ...  Our thanks also to Kieron O'Hara and Wendy Hall for comments, discussion and aid with editing.  ...  Most issues of the AI journal consist of papers within this genre.  ... 
doi:10.1561/1800000002 fatcat:n2xfw3qdhverrokidb2globwyq

False Identity and Multiple Identities in Russian History: The Mongol Empire and Ivan the Terrible

Charles Halperin
2011 The Carl Beck Papers in Russian and East European Studies  
Anatolii Fomenko, the "New Chronology,"and Russian History*The ludicrous reconstruction of Russian history by the Moscow mathematicians Anatolii Fomenko and Gleb Nosovskii, called the "New Chronology,"  ...  Because its conclusions are worthless, the support engendered by the New Chronology among the Russian public requires explanation and sheds light on the current status of historiography and historical  ...  In the meantime it should be added for perspective that Fomenko and Nosovskii's views of Islam and Buddhism would hardly be greeted positively by Muslims or Buddhists either.  ... 
doi:10.5195/cbp.2011.160 fatcat:7y6j5hcpozbptktr325xzkkawy

Book Reviews

Gwendolyn Leick
2008 Folklore  
Molan, whose knowledge of the original language of the Nights provides new insights into the linguistic and cultural resonances of the chosen tales.  ...  Arvidsson declares that he “does not favor a relativistic view of knowledge,” and that he is “convinced that we have better knowledge today about, for example, Vedic religion than we had a hundred years  ... 
doi:10.1080/00155870701806266 fatcat:s73r5aa4pfhq3krczk2suqwzlq

Conceptual Grounding of Education as Human Formation – a Dialogue between Aspects of the Field of Education Itself and the Buddhist Tradition

José Policarpo Junior, Ferdinand Röhr
2012 Education (Rosemead, Calif.)  
This art icle demonstrates and takes as its underpinning the idea that education has a normat ive dimension without which it cannot constitute itself as a specific field of practice and knowledge.  ...  Without these principles, education could hardly be conceived as a proper field of knowledge and practice.  ...  to its own tradition as a field of knowledge and to the practice and tradition of Buddhism.  ... 
doi:10.5923/ fatcat:oaso5xnxgjd35b7njnhe7jh7za

King Aśoka and Buddhism: Historical and Literary Studies [article]

Anuradha Seneviratna
1994 Zenodo  
Anuradha Seneviratna, King Aśoka and Buddhism: Historical and Literary Studies. Kandy, Sri Lanka: Buddhist Publication Society, 1994. Aśoka, King of Magadha, active 259 B.C.  ...  Buddhism -- India -- History Buddhism -- Sri Lanka -- History  ...  It is now known that the language and script of the early Sinhalese and Kalingas during the Aśoka-Tissa reign have much in common.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5553026 fatcat:rwsjn24tzrc2zcilp7tkjldfcy

Different Atmospheres: Of Sloterdijk, China, and Site

Nigel Thrift
2009 Environment & Planning. D, Society and Space  
Indeed, the evidence for that centrality is all around us, in our language where spatial metaphors are used for many other domains, in the obvious cognitive utility of diagrams and tables, and in the special  ...  'We shall have to make a beginning from our written characters, for we suppose these to be our earliest form of picture, and even their present form has not entirely lost the pictorial quality' (Chiang  ...  I would also like to thank audiences at Birkbeck College, Manchester University and the University of California, Long Beach for their cogent criticisms which have much improved the paper.  ... 
doi:10.1068/d6808 fatcat:ikz7ib5x2fbhhczey6nqqc52hu

Vol.2, No.2, May 2009

Editor IES
2009 International Education Studies  
Acknowledgement We are grateful for Professor Don McNeil for his helpful advice and suggestions. The study is granted by the Commission on Higher Education of Thailand.  ...  This research was the research project of Shanghai Association of Higher Education (No. GJZC12-08). Expresses the thanks.  ...  In early 1990s, there is a great amount of need for software engineer in the society.  ... 
doi:10.5539/ies.v2n2p0 fatcat:g4zt6ugtgjdpla4ubpcl4ehkue

Jnanadeepa: Pune Journal of Religious Studies │Jan-June 2013 (Vol 16/2) │ Tradition, Freedom and Developmen

Kuruvilla Pandikattu
2013 Zenodo  
Chinchore | (pp. 94-126) | DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4284410 | Read A Church that Is Poor and for the Poor: Counter-Cultural Solidarities and Transformative Pedagogies for Catholic Faculties in India Rudolf  ...  Roy's Critique of Marxist Tradition: Revisiting and Appropriation of the Notion of Freedom in Radical Humanism for Development Ethics James Ponniah | (pp. 25-38) | DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4284389 | Read Response  ...  Only such moral non-violent power can be the foundation of a peace inclusive of justice, freedom and harmony, in which we learn to live and work for common goals for the common good, in harmony with each  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4284423 fatcat:ws7v54onovge5cbjwpppxzabom

Asian Social Science, Vo. 5, No. 8, August, 2009. All in one PDF file

Editor ASS
2009 Asian Social Science  
discussed issues in the paper.  ...  This paper aims to analyse the changing position of audiences and consumers.  ...  Components of marketing force The marketing force means the sum of all forces that realize the operation of product marketing circular system. (1) Product force It is necessary for a product possessing  ... 
doi:10.5539/ass.v5n8p0 fatcat:lu76tvd6pjagzkx5aq5n2hta7e
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