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Porting OpenVMS from VAX to Alpha AXP

Nancy Kronenberg, Thomas R. Benson, Wayne M. Cardoza, Ravindran Jagannathan, Benjamin J. Thomas
1993 Communications of the ACM  
The OpenVMS operating system, developed by Digital for the VAX family of computers, was recently moved from the VAX to the Alpha AXP architecture.  ...  The Alpha AXP architecture is a new RISC architecture introduced by Digital in 1992.  ...  OpenVMS from VAX to Alpha AXP writes the longword to memory.  ... 
doi:10.1145/151220.151224 fatcat:2227y4gmc5awdmmku7wimhgbzq

Using Simulation to Develop and Port Software

George A. Darcy III, Ronald F. Brender, Stephen J. Morris, Michael Iles
1992 Digital technical journal of Digital Equipment Corporation  
The OpenVMS group used the Mannequin simulator to port the OpenVMS VAX system to the Alpha AXP platform.  ...  The Alpha User-mode Debugging Environment (AUD) allowed Alpha AXP user-mode code to be debugged with support from the OpenVMS VAX runtime environment on VAX hardware.  ...  OpenVMS AXP Porting The OpenVMS group used Mannequin as their Alpha AXP instruction simulator in porting the OpenVMS VAX operating system to the Alpha AXP hardware.  ... 
dblp:journals/dtj/DarcyBMI92 fatcat:lblkfezquvfkflh2ujmsrq7xdy

DECnet for OpenVMS AXP: A Case History

James V. Colombo, Pamela J. Rickard, Paul Benoit
1992 Digital technical journal of Digital Equipment Corporation  
The purpose of this paper is to describe the process of porting the DECnet-VAX product to the OpenVMS AXP operating system.  ...  The second major section details the process of porting DECnet-VAX software to the OpenVMS AXP operating system, including testing and debugging.  ...  In addition, we would like to thank all the individuals of the Alpha AXP project who helped us along the way.  ... 
dblp:journals/dtj/ColomboRB92 fatcat:yuaeasxfq5dpxoq2uvqemxxysm

Porting Digital's Database Management Products to the Alpha AXP Platform

Jeffrey A. Coffler, Zia Mohamed, Peter M. Spiro
1992 Digital technical journal of Digital Equipment Corporation  
To avoid the future problem of integrating two source code bases, the porting team decided to use a common code base and to overlap current VAX development with the Alpha AXP port.  ...  Digital has successfully ported the DEC Rdb for OpenVMS relational database management system and the DEC DBMS for OpenVMS network database management system to the Alpha AXP platform.  ...  To meet the schedule, we had to overlap some of the Alpha AXP port with our current VAX releases.  ... 
dblp:journals/dtj/CofflerMS92 fatcat:ophwzuivpjajxonwskvlee3mx4

Binary translation

Richard L. Sites, Anton Chernoff, Matthew B. Kirk, Maurice P. Marks, Scott G. Robinson
1993 Communications of the ACM  
hen Digital started to design the Alpha AXP architecture in the fall of 1988, the Alpha AXP team was concerned with running existing VAX TM code and MIPS TM code on the new Alpha AXP computers [5, 6].  ...  It allows a user to get applications up and running immediately, with minimal porting effort.  ...  Open-ended (completely automatic) translation of almost all usermode applications from the OpenVMS VAX system to the OpenVMS AXP system. 2.  ... 
doi:10.1145/151220.151227 fatcat:sje6vae655fmtdhvtyegoutqda

Improving Process to Increase Productivity While Assuring Quality: A Case Study of the Volume Shadowing Port to OpenVMS AXP

William L. Goleman, Robert G. Thomson, Paul J. Houlihan
1994 Digital technical journal of Digital Equipment Corporation  
The volume shadowing team achieved a high-quality, accelerated delivery of volume shadowing on OpenVMS AXP by applying techniques from academic and industry literature to Digital's commercial setting.  ...  These techniques were an assessment of the team process to identify deficiencies, formal inspections to detect most porting defects before testing, and principles of experimental design in the testing  ...  Support from Howard Hayakawa, manager of the VMScluster group, provided the opportunity for us to initiate such extensive process enhancements in the context of a critical project for OpenVMS.  ... 
dblp:journals/dtj/GolemanTH94 fatcat:gaumyhh6ajhnze5yhc5roca2xi

Assessing the Quality of OpenVMS AXP: Software Measurement Using Subjective Data

Robert G. Thomson
1993 Digital technical journal of Digital Equipment Corporation  
The OpenVMS Engineering organization has developed a questionnaire, a set of quality indicators, and a data reduction methodology that implement such an assessment.  ...  In the absence of a well-defined development process and a set of objective metrics, subjective data can be used to assess the quality of a software release.  ...  Its form was refined and its usefulness validated by the members of the OpenVMS AXP Verification Group.  ... 
dblp:journals/dtj/Thomson93 fatcat:cxe4te4ltbdj3nlmlk2x7rw7ne

Performance of DEC Rdb Version 6.0 on AXP Systems

Lucien A. Dimino, Rabah Mediouni, T. K. Rengarajan, Michael S. Rubino, Peter M. Spiro
1994 Digital technical journal of Digital Equipment Corporation  
The Alpha AXP family of processors provided a dramatic increase in CPU speed. Even with slower processors, many database applications were dominated by relatively slow I/O rates.  ...  These enhancements minimize the effect of the I/O bottleneck and allow the AXP processor to run at its intended higher speeds. Empirical performance results show a marked improvement in I/O rates.  ...  We would, however, like to recognize the significant contributions of Jay Feenan, Richard Pledereder, and Scott Matsumoto for their design of the multi-statement procedures feature of DEC Rdb and of Ed  ... 
dblp:journals/dtj/DiminoMRRS94 fatcat:qxwvoqocrnddjkxzyxviezvocu

Alpha AXP architecture

Richard L. Sites
1993 Communications of the ACM  
Capability to run both VMS and UNIX operating systems Easy migration from VAX and MIPS architectures These goals directly influenced our key decisions in designing the architecture.  ...  The DECchip 21064 runs multiple operating systems and runs native-compiled programs that were translated from the VAX and MIPS architectures.  ...  Acknowledgments Hundreds of people have worked on the Alpha AXP  ... 
doi:10.1145/151220.151226 fatcat:b7rg4jqlejgkbaoiof2leaenea

Enrollment management: managing the Alpha AXP program

P.F. Conklin
1996 IEEE Software  
We consciously used each project event to propel progress and gain momentum. Digital delivered the Alpha AXP program on schedule with industry-leadership capabilities.  ...  Enrollment Management, Managing the Alpha AXP Program 1 Abstract Digital's multiyear Alpha AXP program has involved more than two thousand engineers across many disciplines.  ...  Size of the ALPHA AXP Program Digital's Alpha AXP program encompassed the design of a world-leadership microprocessor chip, a new 64-bit system architecture, multiple hardware systems (from personal computers  ... 
doi:10.1109/52.526832 fatcat:vl3fnckkcjec7jyskhzqb6oz2q

Japanese Input Method Indepedent of Applications

Takahide Honma, Hiroyoshi Baba, Kuniaki Takizawa
1993 Digital technical journal of Digital Equipment Corporation  
Our implementation separates an application from the Japanese input method in three layers. An application can use a front-end input processor to perform all operations including I/O.  ...  An application that accepts Japanese from an input device must have three systems for the input method: a keybinding system, a manipulator for preediting, and a kana-to-kanji conversion system.  ...  Also, we wish to thank Makoto Inada on the DECwindows team for his implementation of HM; Hitoshi Izumida, Tsutomu Saito, and Jun Yoshida from the JVMS driver team for their contribution toward creating  ... 
dblp:journals/dtj/HonmaBT93 fatcat:vzbol4kferhcpbu5v6spy7thge

Design and Performance of the DEC 4000 AXP Departmental Server Computing Systems

Barry A. Maskas, Stephen F. Shirron, Nicholas A. Warchol
1992 Digital technical journal of Digital Equipment Corporation  
First, migration was necessary from the VAX architecture, which is based on a complex instruction set computer (CISC), to the Alpha AXP architecture, which is based on a reduced instruction set computer  ...  Maintaining customer investments in VAX and MIPS applications through support of OpenVMS AXP and DEC OSF/1 AXP operating systems was implicit in the architecture migration objective.  ... 
dblp:journals/dtj/MaskasSW92 fatcat:npkhlzoovbh2tho7pitxrsx3gm

Supporting the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Languages in the OpenVMS Operating System

Michael M. T. Yau
1993 Digital technical journal of Digital Equipment Corporation  
Since the OpenVMS variants must be able to handle multibyte character sets, the requirements for the internal representation, input, and output differ considerably from those for the standard English version  ...  The Asian language versions of the OpenVMS operating system allow Asian-speaking users to interact with the OpenVMS system in their native languages and provide a platform for developing Asian applications  ...  The variants are available on the VAX and the Alpha AXP platforms with identical features.  ... 
dblp:journals/dtj/Yau93 fatcat:vssogzmtyrhzvpalyntibz52vy

Digital's DECchip 21066: The First Cost-focused Alpha AXP Chip

Dina L. McKinney, Masooma Bhaiwala, Kwong-Tak A. Chui, Christopher L. Houghton, James R. Mullens, Daniel L. Leibholz, Sanjay J. Patel, Delvan A. Ramey, Mark B. Rosenbluth
1994 Digital technical journal of Digital Equipment Corporation  
The DECchip 21066 microprocessor is the first Alpha AXP microprocessor to target cost-focused system applications and the second in a family of chips to implement the Alpha AXP architecture.  ...  It incorporates a high level of system integration to provide best-in-class system performance for low-cost system applications.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors would like to thank the entire DECchip 21066 team.  ... 
dblp:journals/dtj/McKinneyBCHMLPRR94 fatcat:wzw3hqocjzfbtev6jh4tsnw4am

Analysis of Data Compression in the DLT2000 Tape Drive

David C. Cressman
1994 Digital technical journal of Digital Equipment Corporation  
To increase data capacity and throughput rates, the DLT2000 implements a variant of the Lempel-Ziv (LZ) data compression algorithm.  ...  , presents the methodology and the results of the performance testing, and analyzes why the LZ implementation is faster, when the IDRC hardware implementation had twice the bandwidth and was expected to  ...  Note that the newer VAX and the Alpha AXP platforms have much higher throughput capabilities and are able to more fully utilize the capabilities of the DLT2000 product.  ... 
dblp:journals/dtj/Cressman94 fatcat:7pqxabehc5elrihthfl5p7ezgm
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