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Txt2MEDLINE: text-messaging access to MEDLINE/PubMed

Paul Fontelo, Fang Liu, Michael Muin, Herman Tolentino, Michael Ackerman
2006 AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings  
We developed a text messaging system for processing incoming Short Message Service (SMS) queries, retrieving medical journal citations from MEDLINE/PubMed and sending them back to the user in the text  ...  A database of medical terminology abbreviations and acronyms was developed to reduce the size of text in journal citations and abstracts because of the 160-character per message limit of text messages.  ...  The search may be done also by sending an e-mail message through a message service that can convert an e-mail message to a text message to a mobile phone.  ... 
pmid:17238343 pmcid:PMC1839569 fatcat:zbhwyza2ujdrfnnwglz6nackou

ML Based Social Media Data Emotion Analyzer and Sentiment Classifier with Enriched Preprocessor

Jayamalini Kothandan, Ponnavaikko Murugesan
2021 Journal of Information Technology Management  
It allows people to post their opinions and sentiments about products, events, and other people in the form of short text messages.  ...  For example, Twitter is an online social networking service where users post and interact with short messages, called "tweets."  ...  About Twitter Twitter is the most popular microblogging site (Gupta, A., et al, 2019) one driven by short, textual messages or "microblogs."  ... 
doi:10.22059/jitm.2021.80614 doaj:083656c671c14c23a1a6d0468a2e8543 fatcat:qcrocp3g7vfkdblgk6ipn3uaxy

A Survey Of Challenges And Resolutions Of Mining Question-Answer Pairs From Internet Forum

Adekunle Isiaka Obasa, Naomie Salim, Yazan A. Al-Khassawneh
2014 Jurnal Teknologi  
Lexical chasm that renders some Information Retrieval (IR) techniques less effective, casual language that creates noisy data; multiple authors that bring about unfocused topics are some of the issues  ...  Lexical chasm that renders some Information Retrieval (IR) techniques less effective, casual language that creates noisy data; multiple authors that bring about unfocused topics are some of the issues  ...  Most especially in informal settings such as SMS (Short Messaging Service or Texting), online chat, emails, web pages and message boards, the text produced is inherently noisy.  ... 
doi:10.11113/jt.v71.3865 fatcat:ppuo3kfzgna7tjcyloxfolgkwu

Privacy Preferences for Geo-Calendar Based SMS Using Intelligent Text Configurator

K. B. Priya Iyer, V. Shanthi
2013 International Journal of Computer and Communication Engineering  
The mobile technology revolutionizes the world of communications opening up new possibilities for mobile commerce through Location based Advertising.  ...  The algorithm consists of four phases namely Rule Analyzer, Intelligent Text Miner, Log Filer, SMS dispatcher.  ...  These tokens are separated as Stop words, Stemming, Acronyms, Logograms, Regional variants etc.3) Text Classification:The text is classified by giving weight to each word. 4) Relevancy score: The score  ... 
doi:10.7763/ijcce.2013.v2.143 fatcat:gpdnid6pf5f33jjrshonddl6g4

Biomedical term mapping databases

J. D. Wren
2004 Nucleic Acids Research  
This ambiguity impedes our ability to retrieve information, integrate databases and mine textual databases for content.  ...  Longer words and phrases are frequently mapped onto a shorter form such as abbreviations or acronyms for efficiency of communication.  ...  Similarly, named entity recognition is becoming increasingly important with several long-standing conferences such as the Text Retrieval Conference (TREC), Message Understanding Conference (MUC) and competitions  ... 
doi:10.1093/nar/gki137 pmid:15608198 pmcid:PMC540091 fatcat:tiqnnwmonfd23pq5q4arbe66mm

Structural analysis of chat messages for topic detection

Haichao Dong, Siu Cheung Hui, Yulan He
2006 Online information review (Print)  
In the proposed approach, different techniques such as sessionalization of chat messages and extraction of features from icon texts and URLs are incorporated for message pre-processing.  ...  The primary objective of chat message characterization is to understand the properties of chat messages for effective message analysis such as message topic detection.  ...  Table 1 1 Example of popular acronyms.  ... 
doi:10.1108/14684520610706398 fatcat:5phkryqc2bdg7nw6xezeusqojy

Telephone Interface for the Email Service

Nuno Baptista, Rui Prior, Manuel E. Correia
2009 2009 Computation World: Future Computing, Service Computation, Cognitive, Adaptive, Content, Patterns  
full advantage of TTS (Text-To-Speech) software.  ...  This paper describes a method and system for providing customizable audio access to email messages kept in several IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) backstorages using an IVR application that takes  ...  When an email message is retrieved for reading in the voice interface, the message body is flattened and the MIME::Parser module is invoked to parse the contained MIME streams.  ... 
doi:10.1109/computationworld.2009.19 fatcat:jrotvqw3frcv3ljhets5egdseq

PhonSenticNet: A Cognitive Approach to Microtext Normalization for Concept-Level Sentiment Analysis [article]

Ranjan Satapathy, Aalind Singh, Erik Cambria
2019 arXiv   pre-print
With the current upsurge in the usage of social media platforms, the trend of using short text (microtext) in place of standard words has seen a significant rise.  ...  Introduction With the popularization of mobile phones and Internet social networks, the use of electronic text messaging, or texting, has reached astonishing figures such as more than 8,000 tweets produced  ...  ., 'goooooood' for 'good') and popular acronyms (e.g., 'otw' for 'on the way') [2, 3, 4] .  ... 
arXiv:1905.01967v1 fatcat:finplu6tifcbbihfl5a6d2wnp4

Product Reputation Trend Extraction from Twitter

Aizhan Bizhanova, Osamu Uchida
2014 Social Networking  
Real-time web services such as Twitter allow users to express their opinions and interests, often expressed in the form of short text messages.  ...  Micro-blogging today has become a very popular communication tool among the Internet users.  ...  Millions of messages are appearing daily in popular websites that provide services for micro-blogging such as Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook.  ... 
doi:10.4236/sn.2014.34024 fatcat:u4xqk2dlfnhyldks3agrk53fzm

Suspicious Online Forum Data Detection

Anant Chourasia
2020 Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications  
recent years through messaging applications, posts on social networking sites, vlogs, blogs, online forums and other internet platforms.  ...  Text contents are mostly used to perform suspicious activities. Hate speech is currently an interest in the domain of social media.  ...  Stemming reduces the suffix from a word like it reduces "retrieval", "retrieves" to "retrieve".  ... 
doi:10.21786/bbrc/13.14/6 fatcat:pz42wnryb5d5lnlf6knvqtgvrq

Twitter message recommendation based on user interest profiles

Raheleh Makki, Axel J. Soto, Stephen Brooks, Evangelos E. Milios
2016 2016 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM)  
The rapid growth of Twitter has made it one of the most popular information sources of current affairs.  ...  Twitter users gather information about their topics of interest through their followees' posts or by searching for relevant posts.  ...  Online chats, tweets, blogs and any other data sources with informal settings contain short texts riddled with spelling errors, incorrect grammar, acronyms and non-standard words.  ... 
doi:10.1109/asonam.2016.7752266 dblp:conf/asunam/MakkiSBM16 fatcat:3jrug3ieu5ab3byukap3phurum

Efficient Deep Learning Approach for Dimensionality Reduction using Micro blogs from Big data

Mr. M. Vengateshwaran
2017 International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology  
An important preprocessing step of micro blog text mining is to convert natural language texts into proper numerical representations.  ...  Due to the short-length characteristics of micro blog texts, using term frequency vectors to represent micro blog texts will cause "sparse data" problem.  ...  People often have only patience to skim through the first 20 -50 messages.  ... 
doi:10.22214/ijraset.2017.3002 fatcat:phaqfjnacvajheketlhh5h5bve

Automatic Categorization of Social Sensor Data

Olivera Kotevska, Sarala Padi, Ahmed Lbath
2016 Procedia Computer Science  
The valuable data that is broadcast through micro blogging can provide useful information to different situations if captured and analyzed properly in timely manner.  ...  As processing of twitter messages is a challenging task, we propose an algorithm to automatically preprocess the twitter messages.  ...  each Twitter text message 14 . 2.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.procs.2016.09.093 fatcat:oe6k62ea45hxnixhnj65vouszu

An algorithm for local geoparsing of microtext

Judith Gelernter, Shilpa Balaji
2013 Geoinformatica  
The same data run through a geo-parsing standard, Yahoo!  ...  It uses Natural Language Processing methods to identify references to streets and addresses, buildings and urban spaces, and toponyms, and place acronyms and abbreviations.  ...  Geo-locating text based on abbreviations and acronyms Geo-locating text given only location abbreviation or acronym entails first identifying abbreviations and acronyms, and then disambiguating them.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10707-012-0173-8 fatcat:e774x6nlafacnhkd7svqg6fu2y

State Of The Art In Digital Steganography Focusing ASCII Text Documents [article]

Khan Farhan Rafat, Muhammad Sher
2010 arXiv   pre-print
The introduction of the subject is followed by the discussion which is narrowed down to the area where digital ASCII Text documents are being used as cover.  ...  This paper presents a survey report on steganographic techniques which have been evolved over the years to hide the existence of secret information inside some cover (Text) object.  ...  The resultant bits are concatenated and passed through a transformation which translates the string of bits into their equivalent ASCII character i.e. secret message text.  ... 
arXiv:1003.1470v1 fatcat:vrtmjju3njgsfpuqwxvzasgguu
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