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Lexikos Lexikos
2020 Lexikos  
Acknowledgements The African Wordnet project (AfWN) was made possible with support from Acknowledgement This work is based on the research supported in part by the National Research Foundation of South  ...  The US survey was conducted in late January 2020 with the students of English and International Letters and Cultures at Arizona State University.  ...  -UNIT 8 -Corpus-based analysis of language and corpus-based lexicography: definition of corpus; types of corpora; major English-language corpora.  ... 
doi:10.5788/30-1-1610 fatcat:6eksuj2d6fef7ijdrvj64vb5zq

A framework for the support of cross-media communication during (natural) disasters

Gerhard Backfried
2020 unpublished
The research performed within this thesis approaches the topic of disaster communication from a novel angle: its focus is the development of a framework – a conceptual structure - and model generic enough  ...  It allows to combine the different kinds of elements from relevant platforms and media in a cross-media approach and can be applied for analysis of communication during disasters and to inform planning  ...  Arabic but not spoken in people's everyday lives where typically local dialects are used.  ... 
doi:10.25365/thesis.63112 fatcat:swq5pey4evaqlkes3jjcnvivt4

The Status Quo of Digital Humanities [article]

Thomas Nygren, Anna Foka, Philip Buckland, Daniel Alves, Joris Van Zundert, Karina Van Dalen-Oskam, Helen Gardikas-Katsiadakis, Irina Garskova, Eliane Kurmann, Enrico Natale, Paul Spence, Elena Gonzalez-Blanco (+6 others)
With the process of institutionalization underway or well advanced in numerous European countries, we – the editors of the German information platform for historians H-Soz-Kult – think that a review and  ...  Today, Digital Humanities are viewed from different perspectives: as an academic subject or discipline with a distinct agenda; as a bundle of research methods; as a communication, information and publication  ...  We had to adapt the standard corpus based technique to work with a single text.  ... 
doi:10.18452/18770 fatcat:p2hpshy7uvdohl6vx4oqjwk5tm

Visualisierung sprachlicher Daten: visual Linguistics – Praxis – Tools

electronic corpus of spoken and/or written language data".  ...  Volkova et al. (2010) experiment with the German texts of Brothers Grimm fairy tales.  ...  Along with the original text, the tool also accesses the metadata of the corpus, such as dates and authors' names, allowing for a comparison of the use of n-grams by different authors at different time  ... 
doi:10.5167/uzh-195733 fatcat:pjxbhn67lvg3li273vbk2mzvxm

Das Austrian Cultural Forum New York

Eva Huebner
2012 unpublished
of diverse and not simply opposing or dialectical positions."  ...  A special film series complements this year's spoken word programs, featuring both adaptations of crime novels and new approaches to the genre that play with the conventions of film noir.  ... 
doi:10.25365/thesis.22476 fatcat:vaco6byjlfdpzfodtx5icesxgq

Co to má býti (lépe: co jest to). Mít als Modalauxiliar: Form, Funktion, Distribution

Barbara Sonnenhauser, Lea Gafner, Anastasia Escher
Acknowledgments I thank Stefan Heck, Irenäus Kulik and Martin Kümmel as well as the members of our joint seminar 'Bewegungsverben' at FSU Jena for discussions and valuable comments. 3 Silesia Progress  ...  Similarly, all the standard varieties of English are ultimately based on the dialects spoken in and around London during the Middle English period. This is also the situation in Serbo-Croatian.  ...  dialects spoken in Serbia.  ... 
doi:10.5167/uzh-208163 fatcat:5ouqplgvyjfwhn6htx72og5sgy