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Placing search in context: the concept revisited

Lev Finkelstein, Evgeniy Gabrilovich, Yossi Matias, Ehud Rivlin, Zach Solan, Gadi Wolfman, Eytan Ruppin
2002 ACM Transactions on Information Systems  
We describe a new paradigm for performing search in context.  ...  In the IntelliZap system we developed, search is initiated from a text query marked by the user in a document she views, and is guided by the text surrounding the marked query in that document ("the context  ...  Lawrence [8] contains an elaborate review of using context in Web search. Explicit context information can be supplied to a search engine in the form of a category restriction 3 .  ... 
doi:10.1145/503104.503110 fatcat:dycxcnoshzcqzaz5xwehl6ksc4

Revisiting the concept of 'vulnerability'

François Delor, Michel Hubert
2000 Social Science and Medicine  
In the second part of the paper, we have reviewed how the concept of'vulnerability' has been de®ned and used in other ®elds, notably disaster, famine, and mental health, paying special attention to the  ...  , that is to say, ®rst the social trajectory level, then the level on which two or more trajectories intersect, and ®nally that of the social context.  ...  Our gratitude goes also to Gabrielle Leyden who has ensured the translation from French and to Alliette Leleux for the bibliographic search.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0277-9536(99)00465-7 pmid:10795963 fatcat:nuddowrm55fxpgaaplsafkhzyi

Resonance-Assisted Hydrogen Bond—Revisiting the Original Concept in the Context of Its Criticism in the Literature

Małgorzata Domagała, Sílvia Simon and Marcin Palusiak
2021 International Journal of Molecular Sciences  
In the presented research, we address the original concept of resonance-assisted hydrogen bonding (RAHB) by means of the many-body interaction approach and electron density delocalization analysis.  ...  The direct relation between interaction energy and delocalization supports the original concept, and refutes some of the criticisms of the RAHB idea.  ...  What is important (not only in the context of our current contribution but also in the context of the criticism of the RAHB concept, which will be briefly introduced later), among this collection of 16  ... 
doi:10.3390/ijms23010233 pmid:35008659 pmcid:PMC8745518 fatcat:wiwixlx565bsbbhetqar4bwega

Revisiting The Concept of Human Security

Mohammad Kamrul Ahsan
2018 Philosophy and Progress  
(UNDP, MDGs) Philosophy and Progress Revisiting The Concept of Human Security Pilosophy and Progress Revisiting The Concept of Human Security  ...  the concept in question.  ...  According to Fréderic Jacquemont and Alejandro Caparros, co-operative efforts (which have recently begun) between the UNFCCC and the CBD are in place in order to attain the specified target of GHG reduction  ... 
doi:10.3329/pp.v59i1-2.36679 fatcat:i2ywno2zr5b5pl2p7ifa5ef4ce

The concept of 'translation unit' revisited

Martha Thunes
2017 Bergen Language and Linguistics Studies  
In translation studies, the theoretical concept of 'translation unit' has traditionally been a subject of debate.  ...  From a historical perspective, the concept will be related to the main issues of system design and translation quality.  ...  In this context, it is a relevant question whether translators are aware of the actual units of processing.  ... 
doi:10.15845/bells.v8i1.1331 fatcat:ai5o7xlnkretjmn5mgjqv6fxru

The concept of habitat specificity revisited

Rune Halvorsen, Anette Edvardsen
2009 Landscape Ecology  
Mazzoni for participating in the field work planning and for GIS contributions.  ...  This was also in accordance with the observation that an eutrophication has taken place within the six-year study period.  ...  However, the use of context data is of high importance In general agricultural landscapes hold many red-listed species .  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10980-009-9363-7 fatcat:yx6jpqjkkvbnhiepczmlnwfd3q

Revisiting the Concept of Cooperation in Translation Work

Raphael Sannholm
2018 VAKKI Publications  
In his own attempt to pin down the intensional, i.e. the theoretical, dimension of cooperation in translation contexts, he revisits Grice's (1975) principle of cooperation in conversation, but finds  ...  (Example 2: Fieldnotes May 15) Again, like example 1, the interaction in this example corresponds closely to the idea of cooperation taking place in a context where actors operate together in a continuous  ...  Appendix Examples (1) Original and translation are presented in the example. (2) Wilma öppnar och översätter ett projekt som består av två ord direkt i redigeringsvyn i filhanteringssystemet TMS och  ... 
doaj:7079de67a096407fb1ca904cdcb0dfc5 fatcat:g5pyv5mro5eyzl7i2nmlvwkc2y

Data mining of biometric data: revisiting the concept of private life?

Crystalie Bourcha, Maria Louiza Deftou, AnthiKoskina no
As these emerging technological developments create new challenges to the protection of personal data, including primarily the most sensitive category of biometric data, the effectiveness of the concept  ...  This paper seeks to review, especially in the aftermath of the recent Luxembourg Court's case law, whether evolving data mining practices materialize the need of adjusting the legal treatment of biometric  ...  In response to the emerging developments in the field of information technology in the 1960s, the concept of privacy in the context of Art.8 of the ECHR, formulated in 1950, needed to be revisited in order  ... 
doi:10.12795/ietscientia.2017.i02.04 fatcat:pot5zsm445dtjakqvha3vb5xva

Darwin's Species Concept Revisited [chapter]

David N.
2013 The Species Problem - Ongoing Issues  
Mayden himself [12] places the diachronic evolutionary species concept of G.G.  ...  Darwin's Species Concept Revisited Darwin's concept of adaptation included two important additions.  ... 
doi:10.5772/52640 fatcat:qyiteux7crfhpp342gr5mwhjka

Turner In The Tropics: The Frontier Concept Revisited

Daniel Geiger
2009 Zenodo  
of analysis for the contests for property and resources and the struggles for cultural dominance which take place at the internal peripheries of developing nations.  ...  Freeing the frontier notion from an exclusive association with the past age of Caucasian colonialism and the pioneer lore of settler nations, the present thesis advances the frontier concept as a frame  ...  from starting it in the first place.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.30867 fatcat:v3qyxpk6wvhxzjsf7z7fsrmuyu

Revisiting an Old Concept: The Gradient Wind*

Keith F. Brill
2014 Monthly Weather Review  
It is shown that the nonanomalous (normal) solution in the case of nonsteady natural gradient wind serves as an upper bound for the actual wind speed.  ...  Even in cases for which the wind field is available along with the geostrophic streamfunction, it may be useful to obtain the gradient wind for comparison to the existing analyzed or forecast wind or as  ...  The insights of Dr. Daniel Keyser in an informal review of the draft manuscript were very valuable and much appreciated.  ... 
doi:10.1175/mwr-d-13-00088.1 fatcat:aqncopimobf2lnrirhztkb67iq

The ever-changing personality: revisiting the concept of triple-loop learning

Florian Fahrenbach, Florian Kragulj
2019 Learning Organization  
change in the organization's routines.  ...  Based on an integrative analysis of literature from recent work in personality psychology, four dimensions (process, content, time and context) are identified that allow linking personality change and  ...  The content reflects the 'what' of learning and personality change. Context. Both learning theories and personality psychology account for the environment in which change takes place.  ... 
doi:10.1108/tlo-01-2019-0016 fatcat:tvfa6midcfcsxmmtsfuacigmbi

Revisiting the concept of payments for environmental services

Sven Wunder
2015 Ecological Economics  
This article revisits the payments for environmental services (PES) concept and reviews existing PES definitions.  ...  Extensive explanatory guidelines address many valid conceptual concerns raised in the recent PES literature.  ...  Part of this research was funded by the EU FP7 project NEWFOREX (No: 243950), by NORAD, and was carried out under the CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry (FTA).  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ecolecon.2014.08.016 fatcat:ezpe2nt42rgqxl2xqrxs7zveee

Infectivity of Post-Kala-azar Dermal Leishmaniasis Patients to Sand Flies: Revisiting a Proof of Concept in the Context of the Kala-azar Elimination Program in the Indian Subcontinent

Ricardo Molina, Debashis Ghosh, Eugenia Carrillo, Séverine Monnerat, Caryn Bern, Dinesh Mondal, Jorge Alvar
2017 Clinical Infectious Diseases  
Parasite loads in skin varied from 1428 to 63 058 parasites per microgram. PKDL detection and treatment are important missing components of the kala-azar elimination program.  ...  We compared xenodiagnosis with quantitative polymerase chain reaction in skin biopsies from 3 patients with maculopapular or nodular post-kala-azar dermal leishmaniasis (PKDL).  ...  The funding sources had no role in the study design, collection, analysis and interpretation of the data, preparation of the manuscript, or the decision to submit for publication. Financial support.  ... 
doi:10.1093/cid/cix245 pmid:28520851 pmcid:PMC5848257 fatcat:kg7takb4zjhwjaf2jwrbggnzie

Giant Viruses: Conflicts in Revisiting the Virus Concept

Patrick Forterre
2010 Intervirology  
Acknowledgments I am grateful to David Prangishvili, Simonetta Gribaldo and Mart Krupovic for critical reading of the manuscript.  ...  Moreira and López-García generalized this observation to all Mimivirus proteins and coined at this occasion the term 'giant Giant Viruses: Conflicts in Revisiting the Virus Concept Intervirology 2010  ...  In this paper, I will briefly review the history of the debates that have taken place after the discovery of Mimivirus.  ... 
doi:10.1159/000312921 pmid:20551688 fatcat:3omwkszfevha3jilao335fwovm
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