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PlaNet of the Bayesians: Reconsidering and Improving Deep Planning Network by Incorporating Bayesian Inference [article]

Masashi Okada and Norio Kosaka and Tadahiro Taniguchi
2020 arXiv   pre-print
In the present paper, we propose an extension of the Deep Planning Network (PlaNet), also referred to as PlaNet of the Bayesians (PlaNet-Bayes).  ...  The proposed extension is to make PlaNet uncertainty-aware on the basis of Bayesian inference, in which both model and action uncertainty are incorporated.  ...  Motivated by this, in the present study, we reconsider PlaNet from a Bayesian viewpoint, aiming to propose an extension of PlaNet, referred to as PlaNet of the Bayesians (PlaNet-Bayes).  ... 
arXiv:2003.00370v1 fatcat:v3buk7wbwvdpzkx6ne6q5axbc4

Is nutrition science ready for the twenty-first century? Moving towards transdisciplinary impacts in a changing world

Adèle R. Tufford, Philip C. Calder, Pieter Van't Veer, Edith F. Feskens, Theo Ockhuizen, Aletta D. Kraneveld, Jan Sikkema, Jan de Vries
2020 European Journal of Nutrition  
As we move into the third decade of the twenty-first century, these challenges demand that the nutrition research community reconsider its scope, concepts, methods, and societal role.  ...  As a follow-up to earlier work [1], here we report the highlights of the discussions, and propose the next steps to advance responsible research and innovation in the domain of nutritional science.  ...  Incorporating advanced data science, such as Bayesian association networks and directed acyclic graphical analyses, into causal models will lead to formalised models of inference that can be used as tools  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00394-020-02241-0 pmid:32350655 fatcat:cvhgb254b5e5rf4k3gmt3faxie

A Birds Eye View on Knowledge Graph Embeddings, Software Libraries, Applications and Challenges [article]

Satvik Garg, Dwaipayan Roy
2022 arXiv   pre-print
We discuss existing KGC approaches, including the state-of-the-art Knowledge Graph Embeddings (KGE), not only on static graphs but also for the latest trends such as multimodal, temporal, and uncertain  ...  This study intends to provide an overview of knowledge bases combined with different challenges and their impacts.  ...  For example, if the sun is surrounded by planets and attracts mass by analogical reasoning, then scale sun to the nucleus and planets to the electrons.  ... 
arXiv:2205.09088v1 fatcat:c4gfzg4ldras3axpf5wvbldstm

Structure formation in binary systems hydrolysis lignin – oil product and thermochemical transformations of composites on their basis

Ivan V. Reznikov, Tatyana A. Savitskaya, Dmitry D. Grinshpan
2020 Journal of the Belarusian State University Chemistry  
Experimentally obtained carbons are characterized by total pore volume of (0.95 ± 0.05) cm3/g and BET surface area of (1700 ± 85) m2/g, that corresponds to the predicted parameters.  ...  In accordance with the theory of diffusion-limited aggregation, a computer model of the aggregate of hydrolytic lignin particles in diesel fuel was calculated and its internal structure was established  ...  Discussions of inference methods for Bayesian networks are provided by Russell and Norvig (1995) and by Jensen (1996) .  ... 
doi:10.33581/2520-257x-2020-1-3-18 fatcat:6dyzwwawtjdzdc6lyeatosayhi

Artificial Intelligence [article]

John Paul Mueller Luca Massaron
2018 Zenodo  
A major part of the problem is that movies, television shows, and books have all conspired to give false hopes as to what AI will accomplish.  ...  So, the best way to start this book is to define what AI actually is, what it isn't, and how it connects to computers today  ...  The next chapter, "Improving AI with Deep Learning," introduces neural networks, an exemplary type of algorithm proposed by the connectionists and the real engine of the AI renaissance.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5599660 fatcat:rn6nyx5xinehzpwfy3knurtzgy

Perceptual-cognitive universals as reflections of the world

R N Shepard
2001 Behavioral and Brain Sciences  
fullest and simplest way when represented as points and connecting geodesic paths in the six-dimensional manifold jointly determined by the Euclidean group of three-dimensional space and the symmetry  ...  , in an evolutionarily-shaped space of possible objects, as connected regions with associated weights determined by Bayesian revision of maximum-entropy priors.  ...  The research and the drafting of this article were supported by the National Science Foundation (Grant No. DBS-9021648).  ... 
pmid:12048942 fatcat:q7istgyd4zfo5ewh5u4susudf4

Toward a systematic approach for selection of NASA technology portfolios

Charles R. Weisbin, Guillermo Rodriguez, Alberto Elfes, Jeffrey H. Smith
2004 Systems Engineering  
It should also be applicable to a single project, a program comprised of a group of projects, an enterprise typically including multiple programs, and the overall agency itself.  ...  The purpose of this paper is to describe one such approach, which is in its early stages of implementation within NASA programs, and to discuss several illustrative examples.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT The research described in this paper was performed at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, under a contract with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration  ... 
doi:10.1002/sys.20010 fatcat:miesppbrnzav7kd5zviuq4gd5y

Cognition, Information Fields and Hologenomic Entanglement: Evolution in Light and Shadow

William Miller
2016 Biology  
As the prime unification of Darwinism and genetics, the Modern Synthesis continues to epitomize mainstay evolutionary theory.  ...  Many decades after its formulation, its anchor assumptions remain fixed: conflict between macro organic organisms and selection at that level represent the near totality of any evolutionary narrative.  ...  Acknowledgments: The author is grateful to John S. Torday, (Evolutionary Medicine, University of California, Los Angeles) for critical discussions and the opportunity to contribute this article.  ... 
doi:10.3390/biology5020021 pmid:27213462 pmcid:PMC4929535 fatcat:zr24j3tt6ffkpiavseripuzhf4

Individual differences in reasoning: Implications for the rationality debate?

Keith E. Stanovich, Richard F. West
2000 Behavioral and Brain Sciences  
These posit that the gap is due to (1) performance errors, (2) computational limitations, (3) the wrong norm being applied by the experimenter, and (4) a different construal of the task by the subject.  ...  In a series of experiments involving most of the classic tasks in the heuristics and biases literature, we have examined the implications of individual differences in performance for each of the four explanations  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT Preparation of this paper supported by NIMH Grant MH57127 to the University of California, San Diego.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0140525x00003435 fatcat:yadsuargufctfeiqlyflp5mkm4

VLBI20-30: a scientific roadmap for the next decade – The future of the European VLBI Network [article]

Tiziana Venturi, Zsolt Paragi, Michael Lindqvist, Anna Bartkiewicz, Rob Beswick, Tamara Bogdanović, Walter Brisken, Patrick Charlot, Francisco Colomer, John Conway, Sándor Frey, José Carlos Guirado (+68 others)
2020 arXiv   pre-print
This white paper describes the science case for Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) and provides suggestions towards upgrade paths for the European VLBI Network (EVN).  ...  The document concludes with identifying the synergies with other radio, as well as multi-band/multi-messenger instruments, and provide the recommendations for future improvements.  ...  More telescopes (e.g., under-construction 110 m telescope in Xinjiang, China, and the planned Thailand VLBI network) in the near future will further broaden the science capability of EAVN (An, Sohn &  ... 
arXiv:2007.02347v1 fatcat:lg6hkimlobf7rlw73dgufj27bm

Multiagent systems: algorithmic, game-theoretic, and logical foundations

2009 ChoiceReviews  
This will allow us to gauge the level of interest in the book and to update the PDF to keep it consistent with reprintings of the book. i To my wife Noa and my daughters Maia, Talia and Ella -YS To Jude  ...  of n-player, general-sum games 105 4.4 Computing maxmin and minmax strategies for two-player, general-sum games 108 4.5 Identifying dominated strategies 108 4.5.1 Domination by a pure strategy 109 4.5.2  ...  It will force us, however, to reconsider some of the assumptions we have made about knowledge and belief thus far, and to enter into philosophical discussion more deeply than we have heretofore.  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.46-5662 fatcat:pr2pmv7k2bad3pp5bxgogecgnq

Conference presentations

2000 Biomolecular Engineering  
One of the largest gap in the protoplanetary disk around PDS 70 was observed for the first time among solar-type stars.  ...  Cover Caption Near-infrared (wavelength of 1.6 µm) image of young solar-type star PDS 70 (age of 10 million years) observed in the Subaru telescope.  ...  Its improved function enabled direct imaging of Jupiter-like gaseous planets and revealed the existence of a giant gaseous planet in a place far from the central star, equivalent to the distance between  ... 
doi:10.1016/s1389-0344(00)00055-1 fatcat:yq62uuh4bneg7cxybhtunorypu

On the postglacial isostatic adjustment of the British Isles and the shallow viscoelastic structure of the Earth

W. R. Peltier, I. Shennan, R. Drummond, B. Horton
2002 Geophysical Journal International  
We also demonstrate explicitly that inferences of the shallow viscoelastic structure beneath the British Isles are strongly influenced by the details of the history of deglaciation at remote locations,  ...  The existing database of RSL time-series for the British Isles forms a continuous network of sites that sample the coasts of Scotland, England and Wales fairly uniformly, and which may be especially important  ...  The plan of the paper is therefore as follows.  ... 
doi:10.1046/j.1365-246x.2002.01586.x fatcat:xvkwq7a2jfhsxjactmab4xhrpq

Goal Recognition over Imperfect Domain Models [article]

Ramon Fraga Pereira
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Goal recognition is the problem of recognizing the intended goal of autonomous agents or humans by observing their behavior in an environment.  ...  Over the past years, most existing approaches to goal and plan recognition have been ignoring the need to deal with imperfections regarding the domain model that formalizes the environment where autonomous  ...  CPISA extends the techniques from PISA incorporating Bayesian learning to enhance the planning process. PISA and CPISA outperform DeFault for planning in most incomplete domain models.  ... 
arXiv:2005.05712v1 fatcat:totc3sll7be6fdas7ud562lkoe

Purpose, processes, partnerships, and products: four Ps to advance participatory socio-environmental modeling

Steven Gray, Alexey Voinov, Michael Paolisso, Rebecca Jordan, Todd BenDor, Pierre Bommel, Pierre Glynn, Beatrice Hedelin, Klaus Hubacek, Josh Introne, Nagesh Kolagani, Bethany Laursen (+5 others)
2017 Ecological Applications  
Building on the concept of social-ecological network motifs developed by Bodin and Tengö (2012) and Bodin et al. (2016), we present results from a series of socialecological network experiments.  ...  By measuring the outcomes across the various network motifs, we assess the performance of different network structures for governing socialecological systems, which is a critical gap that needs to be addressed  ...  benefits, and network performance across the different stages of CBFM-preparatory, planning, and implementation-using social network analysis.  ... 
doi:10.1002/eap.1627 pmid:28922513 fatcat:lh6mglx47bbqbh7lsnwiw2jelq
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