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Harmonic Beamformers for Non-Intrusive Speech Intelligibility Prediction

Charlotte Sørensen, Jesper B. Boldt, Mads G. Christensen
2019 Interspeech 2019  
This paper proposes two non-intrusive intelligibility measures, which allow using the intrusive short-time objective intelligibility (STOI) measure without requiring access to the clean signal.  ...  The experimental results show a high correlation between both proposed non-intrusive speech intelligibility measures and the original intrusively computed STOI scores.  ...  The present paper proposes new solutions to non-intrusive speech intelligibility prediction using, respectively, a fixed and an adaptive harmonic spatial filter based on a combination of the principles  ... 
doi:10.21437/interspeech.2019-2929 dblp:conf/interspeech/SorensenBC19 fatcat:g5pot3vvvre4ximjsgudbeak5q

An improved non-intrusive intelligibility metric for noisy and reverberant speech

Joao F. Santos, Mohammed Senoussaoui, Tiago H. Falk
2014 2014 14th International Workshop on Acoustic Signal Enhancement (IWAENC)  
Non-intrusive speech intelligibility metrics are based solely on the corrupted speech information and a prior model of the speech signal in a given representation.  ...  , as well as outperforms several standard intrusive and non-intrusive benchmark metrics.  ...  As such, objective metrics have been the focus of recent research with so-called intrusive and non-intrusive models being developed based on the need, or not, of a clean reference signal, respectively.  ... 
doi:10.1109/iwaenc.2014.6953337 dblp:conf/iwaenc/SantosSF14 fatcat:cl4p2ftaivb2zpaj7uetel2bn4

Data Driven Method For Non-Intrusive Speech Intelligibility Estimation

Mike Brookes, Nikolay Gaubitch, Gaston Hilkhuysen, Mark Huckvale, Dushyant Sharma
2010 Zenodo  
The performance of the SII is compared with our non-intrusive intelligibility method, LCIA that is based on the LCQA algorithm.  ...  non-intrusive.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.41964 fatcat:ha5yvulnxfgajcp4trx5svlisu

A data-driven non-intrusive measure of speech quality and intelligibility

Dushyant Sharma, Yu Wang, Patrick A. Naylor, Mike Brookes
2016 Speech Communication  
The NISA measure therefore provides non-intrusive (single-ended) PESQ and STOI estimates with high accuracy.  ...  The results indicate that the accuracy of the new non-intrusive method is around 90% of the accuracy of the intrusive measures, depending on the test scenario.  ...  A non-intrusive method for speech quality and intelligibility estimation of reverberant and de-reverberated speech was presented in [41] and a method for predicting the intelligibility of reverberant  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.specom.2016.03.005 fatcat:thnlepkfarb3vp3whw64qndc5y

Objective speech intelligibility measurement for cochlear implant users in complex listening environments

João F. Santos, Stefano Cosentino, Oldooz Hazrati, Philipos C. Loizou, Tiago H. Falk
2013 Speech Communication  
Objective intelligibility measurement allows for reliable, low-cost, and repeatable assessment of innovative speech processing technologies, thus dispensing costly and time-consuming subjective tests.  ...  To date, existing objective measures have focused on normal hearing model, and limited use has been found for restorative hearing instruments such as cochlear implants (CIs).  ...  Objective intelligibility measurement As mentioned previously, objective intelligibility metrics can be classified as intrusive or non-intrusive.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.specom.2013.04.001 pmid:23956478 pmcid:PMC3744246 fatcat:ttzqjv4gyva65f5v3glvkxty6y

Low-Complexity, Nonintrusive Speech Quality Assessment

V. Grancharov, D.Y. Zhao, J. Lindblom, W.B. Kleijn
2006 IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing  
The most efficient way to satisfy such a need is through non-intrusive, objective speech quality assessment.  ...  The results from the performed experiments indicate that the proposed non-intrusive objective quality measure performs better than the ITU-T P.563 standard.  ...  Intrusive and Non-intrusive type of quality assessment.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tasl.2006.883250 fatcat:pyugxad2qrc2hfbb7626ggv56i

Phase-Aware Subspace Decomposition forSingle Channel Speech Separation

belhedi wiem, Mohamed anouar Ben Messaoud, Aicha Bouzid
2020 IET Signal Processing  
Separation results are reported in terms of both intrusive and non-intrusive metrics using realistic recordings corrupted with real-life noises.  ...  Recognition results show that separated signals are of high intelligibility so that they can be exploited by other automatic applications.  ...  The intrusive and non-intrusive objective measurements focus on the quality of the produced signal, which is also crucial for SS tasks.  ... 
doi:10.1049/iet-spr.2019.0373 fatcat:x4nmgbbyjbd6na5seur6nlypkq

Developing Objective Measures of Foreign-Accent Conversion

Daniel Felps, Ricardo Gutierrez-Osuna
2010 IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing  
This article presents three objective measures that may be used to assess the acoustic quality, degree of foreign accent, and speaker identity of accent-converted utterances.  ...  Non-intrusive measures of speech quality must be used when reference signals are too costly or impossible to obtain, in which case one must predict quality based on the test speech itself.  ...  Acoustic Correlates of Acoustic Quality, Foreign Accent, and Speaker Identity 1) Acoustic Quality: Objective measures of quality can be broadly described as either intrusive or non-intrusive.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tasl.2009.2038818 fatcat:gf4utkywgfgnnj2wpnkhza5kzm

Intrusive and Non-Intrusive Perceptual Speech Quality Assessment Using a Convolutional Neural Network

Hannes Gamper, Chandan K A Reddy, Ross Cutler, Ivan J. Tashev, Johannes Gehrke
2019 2019 IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics (WASPAA)  
Here we propose using a convolutional neural network to predict the perceived quality of speech with noise, reverberation, and distortions, both intrusively and non-intrusively, i.e., with and without  ...  Prior art includes using a neural network to predict the effect of compression and transmission artifacts on conversational quality [9] , using tree-based regression for non-intrusive estimation of speech  ...  intrusively and non-intrusively.  ... 
doi:10.1109/waspaa.2019.8937202 dblp:conf/waspaa/GamperRCTG19 fatcat:7dkhonkgtzap3mudewhm5kw6me

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2021 2021 4th International Seminar on Research of Information Technology and Intelligent Systems (ISRITI)  
Body Mass Index (BMI) Prediction 629 Design of an IoT-based Body Mass Index (BMI) Prediction Model 155 Detection of Covid-19 Based on Lung Ultrasound Image Using Convolutional Neural Network Architectures  ...  Wide Range Voltage Control Of DC Step-Up Zeta Converter For Energy Management System 446 An XGBoost Model for Age Prediction from COVID-19 Blood Test 384 Non-Hermitian Symmetry(NHS)-OFDM Application in  ... 
doi:10.1109/isriti54043.2021.9702846 fatcat:ferqbimf5rfztc246rtvmppqxq

Efficient Intrusion Detection Scheme based on SVM

Guangping ZHOU, Anup Shrestha
2013 Journal of Networks  
Experimental results show that SVMs based on IHS have a high prediction accuracy which can perform prediction and classification of network intrusion detection and assist in guarding against network intrusion  ...  The network intrusion detection problem is the focus of current academic research.  ...  PROPOSED APPROACH FOR INTRUSION DETECTION In this section, we present the proposed intrusion detection approach based on SVM model with IHS algorithm [14] .  ... 
doi:10.4304/jnw.8.9.2128-2134 fatcat:kmjse5nsr5c47k2m7f2hj4ufki

ViSQOL: an objective speech quality model

Andrew Hines, Jan Skoglund, Anil C Kokaram, Naomi Harte
2015 EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music Processing  
It is a signal-based, full-reference, intrusive metric that models human speech quality perception using a spectro-temporal measure of similarity between a reference and a test speech signal.  ...  This paper presents an objective speech quality model, ViSQOL, the Virtual Speech Quality Objective Listener.  ...  In contrast to intrusive methods, the idea of the singleended (non-intrusive) signal-based method is to predict the quality without access to a reference signal.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s13636-015-0054-9 fatcat:azi6kkrrmfak3bdtay2z7gbj7a

From Speech Quality Measures to Speaker Recognition Performance [chapter]

Claudia Bello, Dayana Ribas, José R. Calvo, Carlos A. Ferrer
2014 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
To accomplish this, four objective non-intrusive QM were selected (KLPC, KCEP, HD, P563), based on the relationship between their features and the speaker recognition process.  ...  The objective measures are classified as intrusive or non-intrusive depending on whether a sample of the original speech signal is needed or not.  ...  Hence, in this work we are going to focus on non-intrusive quality measures.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-12568-8_25 fatcat:b7dzt6hn65ephpx5homqmqgari

Effectiveness Of Ideal Ratio Mask For Non-Intrusive Quality Assessment Of Noise Suppressed Speech

Hemant Patil, Meet Soni
2018 Zenodo  
In this Section, predicted IRM is used for non-intrusive quality assessment. The 8-fold CV experiment was repeated using predicted IRM features.  ...  Currently, ITU-T P.563 is the standard metric for non-intrusive quality assessment [12] .  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1159196 fatcat:upsdfuwzdjfg3eaw733kfdouey

Non-Intrusive Counter-Actions: Maintaining Progressively Engaging Interactions For Music Performance

Koray Tahiroğlu, Juan Carlos Vasquez, Johan Kildal
2016 Zenodo  
Through these new features, the response module produces meaningful and non-intrusive counter actions, attempting to deepen and maintain the performer's engagement in musical interaction.  ...  NOISA is an interactive music system that predicts performer's engagement levels, learns from the performer, decides what to do and does it at the right moment.  ...  Non-intrusive Counter-actions Each one of the NOISA instrument features a sonic agent inside it.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1176131 fatcat:gl3mab24prghjkhdop4f7xjojq
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