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Ce que l'école devrait enseigner. Pour une révolution de la politique scolaire en France, Roger-François Gauthier

Jean-Pierre Véran
2014 Revue internationale d'éducation Sèvres  
Il faut donc trouver un équilibre critique entre famille, État et monde, que l'école a charge de construire. 10 R-F Gauthier conclut en ouvrant sur la décennie à venir.  ...  R-F Gauthier, attentif aux évolutions les plus récentes, appelle de ses voeux un débat public, démocratique, sur ceCe que l'école devrait enseigner. Pour une révolution de la politique scolair...  ... 
doi:10.4000/ries.4099 fatcat:em3dh676arbszlus6mc7sxfhxu

Immunosenescence in HIV Pathogenesis

Jean-Patrick Pommier, Laurent Gauthier, Joêl Livartowski, Pierre Galanaud, François Boué, Anne Dulioust, Dominique Marcé, Caroline Ducray, Laure Sabatier, Jérôme Lebeau, François-Dominique Boussin
1997 Virology  
Gauthier participated equally to this work. only CD4 / T cells but also other immune cells.  ... 
doi:10.1006/viro.1997.8512 pmid:9143314 fatcat:upmdbxjlwzhcbfvolr73vngb5e

A linear stability analysis of compressible hybrid lattice Boltzmann methods [article]

Florian Renard, Gauthier Wissocq, Jean-François Boussuge, Pierre Sagaut
2020 arXiv   pre-print
An original spectral study of the compressible hybrid lattice Boltzmann method (HLBM) on standard lattice is proposed. In this framework, the mass and momentum equations are addressed using the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM), while finite difference (FD) schemes solve an energy equation. Both systems are coupled with each other thanks to an ideal gas equation of state. This work aims at answering some questions regarding the numerical stability of such models, which strongly depends on the
more » ... e of numerical parameters. To this extent, several one- and two-dimensional HLBM classes based on different energy variables, formulation (primitive or conservative), collision terms and numerical schemes are scrutinized. Once appropriate corrective terms introduced, it is shown that all continuous HLBM classes recover the Navier-Stokes Fourier behavior in the linear approximation. However, striking differences arise between HLBM classes when their discrete counterparts are analysed. Multiple instability mechanisms arising at relatively high Mach number are pointed out and two exhaustive stabilization strategies are introduced: (1) decreasing the time step by changing the reference temperature T_ref and (2) introducing a controllable numerical dissipation σ via the collision operator. A complete parametric study reveals that only HLBM classes based on the primitive and conservative entropy equations are found usable for compressible applications. Finally, an innovative study of the macroscopic modal composition of the entropy classes is conducted. Through this study, two original phenomena, referred to as shear-to-entropy and entropy-to-shear transfers, are highlighted and confirmed on standard two-dimensional test cases.
arXiv:2006.08477v1 fatcat:wnrmq25gg5edbbtnmv4mfgqiei

Roger-François Gautier, Les contenus de l'enseignement secondaire dans le monde : états des lieux et choix stratégiques

Pierre-Louis Gauthier
2007 Revue internationale d'éducation Sèvres  
Pierre-Louis Gauthier NOTE DE L'AUTEUR Ouvrage disponible librement en ligne sur : images/0014/001475/147570f.pdf ; version anglaise en ligne et papier disponible en mars 2007  ...  RÉFÉRENCE Roger-François Gauthier, Les contenus de l'enseignement secondaire dans le monde : états des lieux et choix stratégiques,UNESCO Edit., 2006, 139 p.  ... 
doi:10.4000/ries.108 fatcat:4rhiwfpqg5ffvln5lwn5tb4dyu

Unification of Multiple Models for Complex System Development [chapter]

Nesrine Ben Beldi, Lionel Roucoules, François Malburet, Tomasz Krysinski, Pierre Gauthier
2014 IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology  
Unification of multiple models for complex system development Nesrine BEN BELDI (1, 2) , Lionel ROUCOULES (1) , François MALBURET (1) , Tomasz KRYSINSKI (2) , Pierre GAUTHIER (2) 1 Introduction  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-662-45937-9_27 fatcat:yonohm23bncm7m6plubbz4pmqm

Lattice Boltzmann method for computational aeroacoustics on non-uniform meshes: a direct grid coupling approach [article]

Thomas Astoul, Gauthier Wissocq, Jean-françois Boussuge, Alois Sengissen, Pierre Sagaut
2020 arXiv   pre-print
The present study proposes a highly accurate lattice Boltzmann direct coupling cell-vertex algorithm, well suited for industrial purposes, making it highly valuable for aeroacoustic applications. It is indeed known that the convection of vortical structures across a grid refinement interface, where cell size is abruptly doubled, is likely to generate spurious noise that may corrupt the solution over the whole computational domain. This issue becomes critical in the case of aeroacoustic
more » ... ns, where accurate pressure estimations are of paramount importance. Consequently, any interfering noise that may pollute the acoustic predictions must be reduced. The proposed grid refinement algorithm differs from conventionally used ones, in which an overlapping mesh layer is considered. Instead, it provides a direct connection allowing a tighter link between fine and coarse grids, especially with the use of a coherent equilibrium function shared by both grids. Moreover, the direct coupling makes the algorithm more local and prevents the duplication of points, which might be detrimental for massive parallelization. This work follows our first study (Astoul et al. 2020) on the deleterious effect of non-hydrodynamic modes crossing mesh transitions, which can be addressed using an appropriate collision model. The Hybrid Recursive Regularized model is then used for this study. The grid coupling algorithm is assessed and compared to a widely-used cell-vertex algorithm on an acoustic pulse test case, a convected vortex and a turbulent circular cylinder wake flow at high Reynolds number.
arXiv:2004.14887v1 fatcat:yas6bcnfonc6tndvylhz5ewjze

High Performance Computing Symposium 2011

Suzanne Talon, Normand Mousseau, Gilles Peslherbe, François Bertrand, Pierre Gauthier, Lyes Kadem, Nicolas Moitessier, Guy Rouleau, Rod Wittig
2012 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/341/1/011001 fatcat:7xk76klqtjecjo6zdaiuhtmg5q

Low-loss buried AlGaAs/AlOx waveguides using a quasi-planar process

Stephane Calvez, Pierre-Francois Calmon, Alexandre Arnoult, Olivier Gauthier-Lafaye, Chantal Fontaine, Guilhem Almuneau
2017 Optics Express  
In this letter, we demonstrate that buried oxide-confined waveguides can be formed using a lateral oxidation process carried out through a discrete set of small-diameter via holes instead of the conventional scheme where the oxidation starts from the edges of etched mesas. The via-hole oxidation is shown to lead to straight waveguides with smooth oxide/semiconductor interfaces and whose propagation losses are similar to the one obtained using the standard process but with the advantage of
more » ... ining a quasi-planar wafer surface. It thereby paves the way towards a simplification of the fabrication of III-Vsemiconductor-oxide photonic devices.
doi:10.1364/oe.25.019275 pmid:29041120 fatcat:qwum4b3e7ze6bpikfnfa6lawhy

Origin of mechanical modifications in poly (ether ether ketone)/carbon nanotube composite

Ekaterina Pavlenko, François Boyer, Pascal Puech, Philippe Olivier, Andrei Sapelkin, Stephen King, Richard Heenan, François Pons, Bénédicte Gauthier, Pierre-Henri Cadaux, Wolfgang Bacsa
2014 Journal of Applied Physics  
doi:10.1063/1.4883299 fatcat:feham2fzufbz3mf53j7spon76a

Pele's hairs and tears: Natural probe of volcanic plume

Séverine Moune, François Faure, Pierre-J. Gauthier, Kenneth W.W. Sims
2007 Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research  
We present a detailed petrographic study of Pele's hairs and tears sampled from Masaya volcano (Nicaragua). This study provides new observations of these little-known pyroclastic objects using both secondary electron images (SEI) and back scattering electron images (BSEI). Our work shows that Pele's tears can be associated with Pele's hairs after their formation: tears can be trapped on the walls and/or in the cavities of Pele's hairs. Moreover, chemical investigations of the Pele's hairs and
more » ... ars highlight the presence of a chemical zonation. The edge of these tears and hairs show a siliceous enrichment, allowing us to quantify the interaction time of the silicate glass with acid gases in the volcanic plume. This study confirms the syneruptive and post eruptive volatile exsolution from Pele's hairs and tears.
doi:10.1016/j.jvolgeores.2007.05.007 fatcat:7zthxx55k5fe7gnkts2jetfxl4

Vertically Coupled Microdisk Resonators Using AlGaAs/AlOx Technology

Stephane Calvez, Gael Lafleur, Alexandre Larrue, Pierre-Francois Calmon, Alexandre Arnoult, Guilhem Almuneau, Olivier Gauthier-Lafaye
2015 IEEE Photonics Technology Letters  
Gauthier-Lafaye I confinement in the disk whilst the lower is essentially there to set the lateral confinement of the access waveguide.  ...  Gauthier-Lafaye are with CNRS, LAAS, 7 avenue du colonel Roche, F-31400 Toulouse, France and with Univ de Toulouse, UPS, LAAS, F-31400 Toulouse, France (e-mail: A.  ... 
doi:10.1109/lpt.2015.2405031 fatcat:acl4mhhixndxlle5o4wbm7seze

ALT cancer cells are specifically sensitive to lysine acetyl transferase inhibition

Dalal Bakhos-Douaihy, Chantal Desmaze, Maya Jeitany, Laurent R. Gauthier, Denis Biard, Marie-Pierre Junier, Hervé Chneiweiss, François D. Boussin
2019 OncoTarget  
We acknowledge Olivier Etienne and Michelle Ricoul for technical help and Thierry Kortulewski, Lamya Irbah and Francoise Hoffschir for use of the iRCM imaging facility.  ... 
doi:10.18632/oncotarget.26616 fatcat:bhjko4kw6fa6nhr3bfge6uvn6y

Inventaire quinquennal 2010 du faucon pèlerin au Québec méridional : état de la population québécoise

Junior A. Tremblay, Pierre Fradette, François Shaffer, Isabelle Gauthier
2012 Le Naturaliste canadien  
. & Gauthier, I. (2012) . Inventaire quinquennal 2010 du faucon pèlerin au Québec méridional : état de la population québécoise.  ...  (Gauthier et collab., 2007) . L'aire d'étude fut restreinte au Québec méridional, soit la portion située au sud du 49 e parallèle.  ... 
doi:10.7202/1009245ar fatcat:4qeu7mdnhref3i4xerqulujovu

The Sound Settler

Marcel Kaufmann, Adrian Zwiener, Jean-François Robin, Jean-Pierre Gauthier, Giovanni Beltrame, David St-Onge
2020 Companion of the 2020 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction  
The artistic concept and challenges It is the first time that the artist (JP Gauthier) engaged in a high-tech project with robotic arms for which he cooperates with engineers that help him realize this  ... 
doi:10.1145/3371382.3378310 dblp:conf/hri/KaufmannZRGBS20 fatcat:32iiiy23onfubmqgoh7difigsa

Hierarchical Approach for Neonate Cerebellum Segmentation from MRI: An Experimental Study [chapter]

Pierre Cettour-Janet, Gilles Valette, Laurent Lucas, Hélène Meunier, Gauthier Loron, Nathalie Bednarek, François Rousseau, Nicolas Passat
2019 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Morphometric analysis of brain structures is of high interest for premature neonates, in particular for defining predictive neurodevelopment biomarkers. This requires beforehand, the correct segmentation of structures of interest from MR images. Such segmentation is however complex, due to the resolution and properties of data. In this context, we investigate the potential of hierarchical image models, and more precisely the binary partition tree, as a way of developing efficient, interactive
more » ... d user-friendly 3D segmentation methods. In particular, we experiment the relevance of texture features for defining the hierarchy of partitions constituting the final segmentation space. This is one of the first uses of binary partition trees for 3D segmentation of medical images. Experiments are carried out on 19 MR images for cerebellum segmentation purpose.
doi:10.1007/978-3-030-20867-7_37 fatcat:vhrwiqgdpza3fpwngdlhxb5kla
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