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Inflation and Unemployment in Pakistan: An Empirical Analysis

Muhammad Mangrio
2020 Pakistan Social Sciences Review  
The study has used the time series data from 1991 to 2015 and Eviews9 software to examine the existence of Philips Curve in the economy.  ...  This empirical study has mainly examined the association between inflation and unemployment in Pakistan.  ...  Macroeconomic permanence is very essential to development, setting up and growth, so it is desirable to study the pressure group of other economic foundations condition the objective of permanence is to  ... 
doi:10.35484/pssr.2020(4-ii)25 fatcat:vvxizt4fujcjfehawzva5bxhpq


Владимир Михајловић, Гордана Марјановић
2020 Teme  
The applied analysis indicates that the dominant New Keynesian concept of the Phillips curve can serve for the successful conducting of economic policy, if it is supplemented with the variables of fiscal  ...  The main objective of the paper is to reconsider the concept's validity, especially in the conditions of serious economic disorders, such as the Great Recession.  ...  However, the most relevant evaluation of the validity of the Phillips curve's contemporary concept, and the economic policy based on it, is the ability to "fight" with economic disorders, such as the Great  ... 
doi:10.22190/teme180702037m fatcat:oudjxk6i4jbalhellrwt2latfq

Convex Phillips Curve Explaining Openness and Inflation Nexus

S. Ali Shah Syed, Helène Syed Zwick
2015 Theoretical Economics Letters  
We study the theoretical nexus between inflation and trade openness in the presence of a non-linear Phillips curve.  ...  Investigating such a relationship as an extension of this study for different economic groups could reveal further interesting facts.  ...  Such as: ( ) ( ) 2 0. t t N t u u u ϕ π γ ϕ − ∂ = − < ∂ − (3) This traces back the issue to the original Phillips curve conditions; however, as per scope of this study one important observation is that  ... 
doi:10.4236/tel.2015.56086 fatcat:iuqtq22zhnbzjpbboka2edbbaq

From a Recession to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Inflation–Unemployment Comparison between the UK and India

Vijay Victor, Joshy Joseph Karakunnel, Swetha Loganathan, Daniel Francois Meyer
2021 Economies  
The recession in India and the UK peaked in 2017 due to the implications of new policy initiatives.  ...  India and the UK have resorted to monetary and fiscal stimulus packages to face the economic crisis.  ...  by the smooth curve's rising portion.  ... 
doi:10.3390/economies9020073 fatcat:meat27bmejcqvhur3a7ri6x7qq

Phillips Curves in Developing Countries: The Latin American Case

Jeffrey B. Nugent, Constantine Glezakos
1982 Economic development and cultural change  
In this paper we argue that the institutional conditions of LDCs are sufficiently different from those of DCs that the newly emerged consensus rationale for the Phillips curve’s existence, even if perfectly  ...  Equilibrium in the labor market under these conditions implies that cyclical income and output Y° would now be negatively related to P/P*, in turn implying that the Phillips curve is positively sloped  ... 
doi:10.1086/452559 fatcat:ja5cgzuufvayfem7t35zrnvubq

Monetary Policy and the Information Content of the Yield Spread

Michael Feroli
2004 Social Science Research Network  
In particular, expectations of monetary policy actions are crucial for the spread to predict output conditional on the short-rate.  ...  This paper demonstrates that the ability of the yield spread to predict output fluctuations is contingent on the monetary authority's reaction function.  ...  In general, the findings are robust to whichever Phillips curve is used. In particular, the three factual criteria mentioned in the text are met under both specifications.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.632346 fatcat:mtdwut26ond43jnozxdwqme4uq

The Frequency of Price Adjustment Viewed Through the Lens of Aggregate Data

Richard Dennis, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
2006 Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Working Paper Series  
The resulting Phillips curve encompasses the partial-indexation model, the full-indexation model, and the Calvo model, and can speak to micro-data in ways that these models cannot.  ...  Taking the Phillips curve to the data, I ...nd that the share of ...rms that change prices each quarter is about 60 percent and, perhaps re ‡ecting the importance of information gathering/processing costs  ...  ¤ect on the Phillips curve's coe¢ cients.  ... 
doi:10.24148/wp2006-22 fatcat:btpztnfeeratbf5vhatulpssxu

The role of oil prices in Philips curve modelling and forecasting of inflation

Ojo J. Adelakun, Harold Ngalawa
2020 Journal of Economic and Financial Sciences  
countries.Motivation for the study: To determine whether augmenting the traditional demand-side Phillips curve with oil price supply-side shocks matters for the accuracy of predicting inflation using the  ...  Study to investigate the role of oil prices in the Phillip curve accuracy to predict inflation from the perspective of oil exporting –oil importing dichotomy.Research approach/design and method: We extend  ...  They are also grateful to AERC reviewers and resource persons for their comments and suggestions that helped shape the ideas presented in this study, consequently improving the overall quality of the article  ... 
doi:10.4102/jef.v13i1.499 fatcat:anpz6lfbargcbhvvmowqm5zfue

A Time-Series Analysis of Selected Economic Indicators Affecting Inflation in the Philippines: 2003-2020

Danielle Marie P. Pama, Herbert L. Peliglorio, Anna Corinna Pizarro-Uy
2022 Journal of Economics, Finance and Accounting Studies  
The aim of this study is to analyze the relationship between Inflation and selected economic indicators, such as Unemployment Rate, Money Supply, Policy Rate, and Exchange Rate, based on time series quarterly  ...  data from the year 2003 to 2020 in the Philippines.  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.32996/jefas.2022.4.2.23 fatcat:nxluqrxqgrd75mzan3fzgsniya

The SDG project: A long-term project under technological uncertainty

Fred Phillips
2020 Engineering  
of Management at the University of New Mexico.  ...  The author thanks Pablo Garcia Tello of CERN for bringing to his attention the analogy to planning next-generation accelerators.  ...  SDGs: The good news and the bad The United Nations has set 17 SDGs, with 169 sub-goals known as "targets."  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.eng.2020.03.013 fatcat:p2m5rtggebcwjjxo5undjacuna

A wavelets-based analysis of the phillips curve hypothesis for the Brazilian economy, 1980-2011

Edgard Almeida Pimentel
2013 Economia Aplicada  
We provide an introductory discussion on Phillips curve's main arguments and an exploratory data analysis for the variables under consideration: prices, unemployment and real wages.  ...  Finally, the correlation structure obtained in the paper captures particular aspects of Brazilian economic policy within the period.Este artigo desenvolve uma análise da hipótese da curva de Phillips —  ...  Acknowledments The author would like to thank an anonymous referee for (truly) valuable comments and insightful ideas that led to a substantial improvement of this paper Bibliography  ... 
doaj:01177299b17545fca247168f258ddae6 fatcat:7vjjkru5bfagpd5qw347si4lke

Linking Excessive Disinflation and Output Movements in an Emerging, Small Open Economy -- A Hybrid New Keynesian Phillips Curve Perspective

Karol Szafranek
2016 Social Science Research Network  
perspective hybrid new-keyenesian Phillips curves for the Polish economy.  ...  However, during the recent disinflation period the estimates of the Phillips curve's slope coefficient has on average decreased across specifications.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2804995 fatcat:2pg4r66k6jaulh3rlea2puesai

Inflation/Output Variance Trade-Offs and Optimal Monetary Policy

Jeffrey C. Fuhrer
1997 Journal of Money, Credit and Banking  
The New Keynesian Phillips Curve which contains the natural rate and the individual behavior, in contrast, holds true for Thailand.  ...  Corresponding to continuous evolution of the theoretical frameworks of the Phillips Curve, three main model specifications are studied.  ...  The New Keynesian Phillips Curve (NKPC) The New Keynesian Phillips Curve (NKPC) is the other special case to study in this paper.  ... 
doi:10.2307/2953676 fatcat:tmtmax6stvd7vkrj7l2qsengqi

Market Power, NAIRU, and the Phillips Curve

Derek Zweig, Lucas Jodar
2020 Abstract and Applied Analysis  
relationship is primarily observed over the medium-term (2-10 years), though the economically significant medium-term region has narrowed in recent decades to roughly 4-7 years.  ...  Generally, we do find short-run behavior consistent with the Phillips curve, though it tends to break down over the longer term.  ...  [26] apply wavelet analysis to the New Keynesian Phillips curve using the quarterly U.S. data from 1978 to 2016.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2020/7083981 fatcat:ma4pnv46lbhrvhmt7qtujsqpfq

In search of the natural rate of unemployment

Thomas B. King, James Morley
2007 Journal of Monetary Economics  
There is also a strong negative relationship between inflation and the corresponding measure of cyclical unemployment, supporting the existence of a short-run Phillips Curve. JEL Codes: E24, E32, J64  ...  For post-War U.S. data, the natural rate implied by this approach is more volatile than most previous estimates, with its movements accounting for the bulk of the variation in the unemployment rate, as  ...  to exogenously changing conditions.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jmoneco.2005.11.002 fatcat:srpuofgaibbmfjlhgp7zzd7lm4
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