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Reversible ventricular arrythmia induced by dasatinib

Hervé Spechbach, Philippe Morel, Kuntheavy Ing Lorenzini, Marie Besson, Laurent Gétaz, Henri Sunthorn, Yves Chalandon
2013 Clinical Case Reports  
Key Clinical Message Ventricular arrhythmias induced by dasatinib are rare events, but physicians in charge of chronic myeloid leukemia patients should be aware of such potential complications and the need for regular ECG controls during treatment with tyrosine kinase inhibitors.
doi:10.1002/ccr3.5 pmid:25356203 pmcid:PMC4184536 fatcat:bem7kzfchfhk5am3c5zjtqlcnu

Design space exploration for partially reconfigurable architectures in real-time systems

François Duhem, Fabrice Muller, Willy Aubry, Bertrand Le Gal, Daniel Négru, Philippe Lorenzini
2013 Journal of systems architecture  
In this paper, we introduce FoRTReSS (Flow for Reconfigurable archiTectures in Real-time SystemS), a methodology for the generation of partially reconfigurable architectures with real-time constraints, enabling Design Space Exploration (DSE) at the early stages of the development. FoRTReSS can be completely integrated into existing partial reconfiguration flows to generate physical constraints describing the architecture in terms of reconfigurable regions that are used to floorplan the design,
more » ... ith key metrics such as partially reconfigurable area, real-time or external fragmentation. The flow is based upon our SystemC simulator for real-time systems that helps develop and validate scheduling algorithms with respect to application timing constraints and partial reconfiguration physical behaviour. We tested our approach with a video stream encryption/decryption application together with Error Correcting Code and showed that partial reconfiguration may lead to an area ✩ This document is a collaborative effort. improvement up to 38% on some resources without compromising application performance, in a very small amount of time: less than 30 seconds.
doi:10.1016/j.sysarc.2013.06.007 fatcat:dixe4ecqyrce7prltrqkvrxaze

Automatic Classification of Discharge Letters to Detect Adverse Drug Reactions

Vasiliki Foufi, Kuntheavy Ing Lorenzini, Jean-Philippe Goldman, Christophe Gaudet-Blavignac, Christian Lovis, Caroline Samer
2020 Studies in Health Technology and Informatics  
Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) are frequent and associated to significant morbidity, mortality and costs. Therefore, their early detection in the hospital context is vital. Automatic tools could be developed taking into account structured and textual data. In this paper, we present the methodology followed for the manual annotation and automatic classification of discharge letters from a tertiary hospital. The results show that ADRs and causal drugs are explicitly mentioned in the discharge
more » ... rs and that machine learning algorithms are efficient for the automatic detection of documents containing mentions of ADRs.
doi:10.3233/shti200120 pmid:32570344 fatcat:eu7n2g6gfjaa3fgxmpfr3svzwa

Does subclinical inflammation contribute to impairment of function of knee joints in aged individuals? High prevalence of ultrasound inflammatory findings

Maria Antonietta D'Agostino, Annamaria Iagnocco, Philippe Aegerter, Arndt Kleyer, Jochen Zwerina, Carlo Perricone, Rolando Lorenzini, Franz Aschenbrenner, Johann Willeit, Stefan Kiechl, Georg Schett
2015 Rheumatology  
Objectives. To investigate the prevalence of knee US findings of inflammation and structural damage in aged individuals (560 years) of a long-term population-based cohort and to correlate these findings with demographic, clinical and laboratory parameters. Methods. Cross-sectional clinical and US investigation of both knee joints during the 2010 follow-up of the prospective population-based Bruneck Study. Demographic variables, physical activity, comorbidities, medications, pain, and functional
more » ... scales related to the knee joints were recorded. US-assessed parameters were synovial hypertrophy, power Doppler signal, joint effusion, cartilage abnormalities, osteophytes, enthesopathy and bursitis. Statistics included univariate and multivariate regression analysis. Results. A total of 488 subjects (mean age 72.5 years; 53.5% females, 46.5% males) were examined by clinical assessment, and 433 of these underwent US examination of both knees. Both inflammatory and structural abnormalities were found in 296 (68.8%) subjects. Inflammatory abnormalities were significantly associated with age in years, male gender, diabetes and the presence of knee joint symptoms. In the multivariate analysis, age, male gender and knee swelling emerged as independent predictors of inflammation [odds ratio (OR) (95% CI) = 1.06 (1.03, 1.09), 2. 55 (1.55, 4.21) and 5.92 (1.99, 17.58), respectively]. Conclusion. The present study showed a high prevalence of US inflammatory abnormalities in the knee joints of a normal aged population. These data suggest a substantial contribution of inflammation in progressive impairment of joint function with age.
doi:10.1093/rheumatology/kev032 pmid:25870315 fatcat:2ivcedabazcpjgluixzkxtqn64

Circuit-level evaluation of a new zero-cost transistor in an embedded non-volatile memory CMOS technology

Paul Devoge, Hassen Aziza, Philippe Lorenzini, Franck Julien, Abderrezak Marzaki, Alexandre Malherbe, Marc Mantelli, Thomas Sardin, Sebastien Haendler, Arnaud Regnier, Stephan Niel
2021 2021 16th International Conference on Design & Technology of Integrated Systems in Nanoscale Era (DTIS)  
HAL is a multi-disciplinary open access archive for the deposit and dissemination of scientific research documents, whether they are published or not. The documents may come from teaching and research institutions in France or abroad, or from public or private research centers. L'archive ouverte pluridisciplinaire HAL, est destinée au dépôt et à la diffusion de documents scientifiques de niveau recherche, publiés ou non, émanant des établissements d'enseignement et de recherche français ou étrangers, des laboratoires publics ou privés.
doi:10.1109/dtis53253.2021.9505137 fatcat:sg2darpmwvh7pj5zmv3yceysae

ESC EORP Cardiomyopathy Registry: real‐life practice of genetic counselling and testing in adult cardiomyopathy patients

Tiina Heliö, Perry Elliott, Juha W. Koskenvuo, Juan R. Gimeno, Luigi Tavazzi, Michal Tendera, Juan Pablo Kaski, Nicolas Mansencal, Zofia Bilińska, Gerry Carr‐White, Thibaud Damy, Andrea Frustaci (+11 others)
2020 ESC Heart Failure  
Cardiomyopathies comprise a heterogeneous group of diseases, often of genetic origin. We assessed the current practice of genetic counselling and testing in the prospective European Society of Cardiology EURObservational Research Programme Cardiomyopathy Registry. A total of 3208 adult patients from 69 centres in 18 countries were enrolled. Genetic counselling was performed in 60.8% of all patients [75.4% in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), 39.2% in dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), 70.8% in
more » ... thmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC), and 49.2% in restrictive cardiomyopathy (RCM), P < 0.001]. Comparing European geographical areas, genetic counselling was performed from 42.4% to 83.3% (P < 0.001). It was provided by a cardiologist (85.3%), geneticist (15.1%), genetic counsellor (11.3%), or a nurse (7.5%) (P < 0.001). Genetic testing was performed in 37.3% of all patients (48.8% in HCM, 18.6% in DCM, 55.6% in ARVC, and 43.6% in RCM, P < 0.001). Index patients with genetic testing were younger at diagnosis and had more familial disease, family history of sudden cardiac death, or implanted cardioverter defibrillators but less co-morbidities than those not tested (P < 0.001 for each comparison). At least one disease-causing variant was found in 41.7% of index patients with genetic testing (43.3% in HCM, 33.3% in DCM, 51.4% in ARVC, and 42.9% in RCM, P = 0.13). This is the first detailed report on the real-life practice of genetic counselling and testing in cardiomyopathies in Europe. Genetic counselling and testing were performed in a substantial proportion of patients but less often than recommended by European guidelines and much less in DCM than in HCM and ARVC, despite evidence for genetic background.
doi:10.1002/ehf2.12925 pmid:32767651 fatcat:lreib3zvbvbx7bdxywhygpq2bq

Daniele Lorenzini et Ariane Revel (dir.), Le Travail de la littérature. Usages du littéraire en philosophie

Sathya Rao
1969 @nalyses  
L'introduction de Daniele Lorenzini et d'Ariane Revel a le mérite de poser clairement les termes de la problématique qui guide Le Travail de la littérature.  ...  Rappelant brièvement cette histoire, Daniele Lorenzini et Ariane Revel s'efforcent, à leur tour, de la problématiser en interrogeant l'arbitraire de la distinction des genres, en identifiant des « fonctions  ... 
doi:10.18192/analyses.v8i3.929 fatcat:afnrclyalrarhebg6cef4zpmyu

Orazio Irrera, Daniele Lorenzini (dir.), « Prises de parole : les discours subalternes », Raisons politiques, n° 68, 2017

Cécile Rousselet
2018 Lectures  
Le premier article de Philippe Sabot s’appuie sur les théories de Michel Foucault et s’interroge sur la possibilité pour les subalternes, dans leurs prises de parole, de « faire sujet ».  ...  Orazio Irrera et Daniele Lorenzini décrivent dès lors3 la notion de « prise de parole » en se fondant sur l’ouvrage de Michel de Certeau, La Prise de parole.  ... 
doi:10.4000/lectures.24437 fatcat:bj4o5bqztzh2tintmmdauupn4y


2019 Forschungsjournal Soziale Bewegungen  
Zum Verhältnis von sozialen Bewegungen und Institutionen jenseits des politischen outcome 178 Felix Anderl/Philipp Wallmeier "Institution" als Scharnierkonzept zwischen Herrschaft und Widerstand.  ...  Moritz Sommer/Simon Teune Sichtweisen auf Protest -Die Demonstrationen gegen den G20-Gipfel in Hamburg 2017 im Spiegel der Medienöffentlichkeit 149 Themenschwerpunkt Swen Hutter/Hanspeter Kriesi/Jasmine Lorenzini  ... 
doi:10.1515/fjsb-2019-frontmatter2 fatcat:5mnxmxjhmnclzda76mhglrlbum


François Ewald
2021 Sexuality  
Harcourt, Orazio Irrera, Daniele Lorenzini, Philippe Sabot, and Arianna Sforzini.  ... 
doi:10.7312/fouc19506-002 fatcat:al324lxr2bfepmzitlqmvmmr4i

Jean-François Braunstein, Daniele Lorenzini, Ariane Revel, Judith Revel et Arianna Sforzini (dir.), Foucault(s)

Jacques Guilhaumou
2018 Lectures  
Qu’il s’agisse de l’hermaphrodisme (Philippe Sabot) avec l’analyse du personnage d’Herculine Barbin, ou du corps chrétien dans le cas du pastorat (Michel Senellart), la pratique de la conversion, attestée  ...  Jean-François Braunstein, Daniele Lorenzini, Ariane Revel, Judith Revel et Arianna Sforzini (dir.), Foucault(s) Jacques Guilhaumou , Paris, Editions de la Sorbonne, coll. « La philosophie à l'oeuvre  ... 
doi:10.4000/lectures.24216 fatcat:pd73xfefujcxvmviuw723ueywu

Page 6403 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 96j [page]

1996 Mathematical Reviews  
.; Hardcover; ISBN 0-8218-0453-7; st $34; All AMS members $27; Order code GSM/10MR An Invitation to Arithmetic Geometry Dino Lorenzini Volume 9; 1996; 397 pp.; Hardcover; ISBN 0-8218-0267-4; List $59;  ...  Adams and Philippe Loustaunau Volume 3; 1994: 289 pp.; Hardcover; ISBN 0-8218-3804-0; List $36; All AMS members $29: Order code GSM/3MR Combinatcrial Rigidity Jack Graver, Brigitte Servatius, and Herman  ... 

Page 376 of The Journal of Modern History Vol. 7, Issue 3 [page]

1935 The Journal of Modern History  
Rome: Zamperini & Lorenzini, 1934. Pp. 142. L. 10. Carnets. By Lupovic Hatévy. Vol. I, 1862-69; Vol. II, 1869-70. Paris: Calmann Lévy, 1935. Fr. 15.  ...  Scénes et tableaux du régne de Louis Philippe et de la II*® République. By Gonzacur Truc. Paris: Gautier-Languereau, 1935. Pp. 256. Fr. 12. Napoléon III, un précurseur. By Rosert Sencourt.  ... 

Page 23 of International Pharmaceutical Abstracts Vol. 21, Issue 3 [page]

1984 International Pharmaceutical Abstracts  
Biochimico Italiano S.p.A., Giovanni Lorenzini, Via G. Lorenzini, 2-4, I-20139 Milan, Italy), et al. ARZNEIM.  ...  (Inst. fur Arbeitsphysiologie und Rehabilitationsfor- schung der Philipps Univ., Ketzerbach 21 1/2, 3550 Marburg/Lahn, FRG), Gutmark, J., Freund, D., Kahlau, F. and Glanzmann, P. ARZNEIM.  ... 

Page 295 of National Union Catalog Vol. 29, Issue [page]

1958 National Union Catalog  
Philipp. New York, Hafner, 1959. xii, 161, 161 p. illus. Translation of Atlas des Augenhintergrundes. 1, Eye fundus. 2.Ophthalmology—Atlases. 1. Sautter, Hans, 1912- Il. Title.  ...  Lorenzini, Carlo, 1826-1890. CtY RPB LNHT DLC MH NhD NcD OU Marchetti, Italiano. Spigolature collodiane. Firenze, Sansoni antiquariato, 1958, 27 p. facsims, 25 cm.  ... 
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