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Die Weisse Kordillere

H. E. G. T., Philipp Borchers
1936 Geographical Journal  
DIE WEISSE KORDILLERE. By Purtrpp Borcuers and others. Berlin: Scherl 1935. 9 X6 inches; 396 pages; illustrations and maps. M.12 (unbound M.9.50) The full story of Dr.  ... 
doi:10.2307/1785650 fatcat:fax7xwkpmvhnhiqgzs7nvdao4a

Inhalt [chapter]

Philipp Weiß, Claudia Wiener
2019 Politische Gedichte  
doi:10.1515/9783110610000-toc fatcat:7lr4yxh5pfg3tn66dopn2ow7tq

From the Atlas de l'Europe by Philippe Vandermaelen (1828–1833) to the Weiss Map by Thomas Best Jervis (1854). The Role of the Établissement géographique de Bruxelles in the Map Production of European Turkey

Wouter Bracke
2021 Proceedings of the ICA  
This paper discusses the role of Philippe Vandermaelen (1795–1869) and his Établissement géographique de Bruxelles in the mapping of Turkey in Europe in the 19th century.  ...  After this it focuses on Franz von Weiss's map of the area (1829–1830), Jervis's reproduction of the Weiss map (1854), and Vandermaelen's role in the latter's production.  ...  Imprimerie du service géographique, Paris Bracke W (2021) Thomas Best Jervis and Philippe Vandermaelen's Etablissement géographique de Bruxelles.  ... 
doi:10.5194/ica-proc-3-4-2021 fatcat:ivnogjwisbaorprjnkn4zmdhtm

Travelling Salesman-Based Variable Density Sampling

Nicolas Chauffert, Philippe Ciuciu, Jonas Kahn, Pierre Weiss
2013 Zenodo  
authors would like to thank the mission pour l'interdisciplinarité from CNRS and the ANR SPHIM3D for partial support of Jonas Kahn's visit to Toulouse and the CIMI Excellence Laboratory for inviting Philippe  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.54464 fatcat:ywekwpi2vrdarai73t4awq5doe

Stochasticity of cellular growth: sources, propagation and consequences [article]

Philipp Thomas, Guillaume Terradot, Vincent Danos, Andrea Weisse
2018 bioRxiv   pre-print
Cellular growth impacts a range of phenotypic responses. Identifying the sources of fluctuations in growth and how they propagate across the cellular machinery can unravel mechanisms that underpin cell decisions. We present a stochastic cell model linking gene expression, metabolism and replication to predict growth dynamics in single bacterial cells. In addition to several population-averaged data, the model quantitatively recovers how growth fluctuations in single cells change across nutrient
more » ... conditions. We develop a framework to analyse stochastic chemical reactions coupled with cell divisions and use it to identify sources of growth heterogeneity. By visualising cross-correlations we then determine how such initial fluctuations propagate to growth rate and affect other cell processes. We further study antibiotic responses and find that complex drug-nutrient interactions can both enhance and suppress heterogeneity. Our results provide a predictive framework to integrate single-cell and bulk data and draw testable predictions with implications for antibiotic tolerance, evolutionary biology and synthetic biology.
doi:10.1101/267658 fatcat:qfdmg5w4yvgxlfbpnxhzdcsh44

Entropy production for quasi-adiabatic parameter changes dominated by hydrodynamics [article]

Philipp S. Weiß, Dennis Hardt, Achim Rosch
2020 arXiv   pre-print
A typical strategy of realizing an adiabatic change of a many-particle system is to vary parameters very slowly on a time scale t_r much larger than intrinsic equilibration time scales. In the ideal case of adiabatic state preparation, t_r→∞, the entropy production vanishes. In systems with conservation laws, the approach to the adiabatic limit is hampered by hydrodynamic long-time tails, arising from the algebraically slow relaxation of hydrodynamic fluctuations. We argue that the entropy
more » ... ction Δ S of a diffusive system at finite temperature in one or two dimensions is governed by hydrodynamic modes resulting in Δ S ∼ 1/√(t_r) in d=1 and Δ S ∼ln(t_r)/t_r in d=2. In higher dimensions, entropy production is instead dominated by other high-energy modes with Δ S ∼ 1/t_r. In order to verify the analytic prediction, we simulate the non-equilibrium dynamics of a classical two-component gas with point-like particles in one spatial dimension and examine the total entropy production as a function of t_r.
arXiv:2010.16163v1 fatcat:mnain47u2zg47et27ckip54xx4

Two4Two: Evaluating Interpretable Machine Learning - A Synthetic Dataset For Controlled Experiments [article]

Martin Schuessler, Philipp Weiß, Leon Sixt
2021 arXiv   pre-print
A growing number of approaches exist to generate explanations for image classification. However, few of these approaches are subjected to human-subject evaluations, partly because it is challenging to design controlled experiments with natural image datasets, as they leave essential factors out of the researcher's control. With our approach, researchers can describe their desired dataset with only a few parameters. Based on these, our library generates synthetic image data of two 3D abstract
more » ... mals. The resulting data is suitable for algorithmic as well as human-subject evaluations. Our user study results demonstrate that our method can create biases predictive enough for a classifier and subtle enough to be noticeable only to every second participant inspecting the data visually. Our approach significantly lowers the barrier for conducting human subject evaluations, thereby facilitating more rigorous investigations into interpretable machine learning. For our library and datasets see,
arXiv:2105.02825v1 fatcat:wp3heunjxfhz7bepyhr5gwoa34

Regulation of thesoxRSOxidative Stress Regulon

Philippe Gaudu, Namdoo Moon, Bernard Weiss
1997 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
Weiss, unpublished result. . . .  ... 
doi:10.1074/jbc.272.8.5082 pmid:9030573 fatcat:qgupypzpyfbzzikeh6gotfwqwa

Toward a Neutral Evolutionary Model of Gene Expression

Philipp Khaitovich, Svante Pääbo, Gunter Weiss
2005 Genetics  
We introduce a stochastic model that describes neutral changes of gene expression over evolutionary time as a compound Poisson process where evolutionary events cause changes of expression level according to a given probability distribution. The model produces simple estimators for model parameters and allows discrimination between symmetric and asymmetric distributions of evolutionary expression changes along an evolutionary lineage. Furthermore, we introduce two measures, the skewness of
more » ... ssion difference distributions and relative difference of evolutionary branch lengths, which are used to quantify deviation from clock-like behavior of gene expression distances. Model-based analyses of gene expression profiles in primate liver and brain samples yield the following results: (1) The majority of gene expression changes are consistent with a neutral model of evolution; (2) along evolutionary lineages, upward changes in expression are less frequent but of greater average magnitude than downward changes; and (3) the skewness measure and the relative branch length difference confirm that an acceleration of gene expression evolution occurred on the human lineage in brain but not in liver. We discuss the latter result with respect to a neutral model of transcriptome evolution and show that a small number of genes expressed in brain can account for the observed data.
doi:10.1534/genetics.104.037135 pmid:15834146 pmcid:PMC1450413 fatcat:wjflmtdpczenxohtuidyzwaarq

Fast Neural Representations for Direct Volume Rendering [article]

Sebastian Weiss, Philipp Hermüller, Rüdiger Westermann
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Weiss and Westermann [WW22] have shown that the non-convexity of the applied TFs make the reconstruction of densities ill-posed.  ...  To support arbitrarily many steps along the ray during training, we use the approach proposed by Weiss and Westermann [WW22] for differentiable volume rendering.  ... 
arXiv:2112.01579v2 fatcat:lwb7s4r7yja45ncpsgbbtpt4pm

A Projection Method on Measures Sets

Nicolas Chauffert, Philippe Ciuciu, Jonas Kahn, Pierre Weiss
2016 Constructive approximation  
We consider the problem of projecting a probability measure π on a set MN of Radon measures. The projection is defined as a solution of the following variational problem: where h ∈ L 2 (Ω) is a kernel, Ω ⊂ R d and denotes the convolution operator. To motivate and illustrate our study, we show that this problem arises naturally in various practical image rendering problems such as stippling (representing an image with N dots) or continuous line drawing (representing an image with a continuous
more » ... e). We provide a necessary and sufficient condition on the sequence (MN ) N ∈N that ensures weak convergence of the projections (µ * N ) N ∈N to π. We then provide a numerical algorithm to solve a discretized version of the problem and show several illustrations related to computer-assisted synthesis of artistic paintings/drawings. *
doi:10.1007/s00365-016-9346-2 fatcat:wbjevudaordsvo3ffdozqmr2tq

Figures d'imposteurs chez Friedrich Dürrenmatt et Peter Weiss : de la double imposture dans le théâtre contemporain (le théâtre dans le théâtre)

Philippe Wellnitz
2004 Germanica  
Weiss : von der Verdoppelung der Hochstaplerfigur im gegenwartigen Theater Philippe Wellnitz 1 Parler de l'imposteur au théâtre semble relever d'une double évidence.  ...  AUTEUR PHILIPPE WELLNITZ Germanica, 35 | 2004 Mais cette critique de l'imposteur ne sera pas le seul fait des personnages de la pièce : Lorsque l'empereur byzantin Zénon se réfugie chez Romulus  ... 
doi:10.4000/germanica.1782 fatcat:bqfhlf42cvhrddlt4evq3n5o44

Electrically tunable porous silicon active mirrors

Sharon M. Weiss, Philippe M. Fauchet
2003 phys stat sol (a)  
We demonstrate tunable mirrors that consist of a porous silicon microcavity infiltrated with liquid crystal molecules. We show theoretically that by utilizing the electro-optic properties of liquid crystals and the sensitivity of the microcavity resonance position to small changes in optical thickness, the porous silicon active mirror can be switched on (high reflectance) and off (low reflectance) by simply applying a voltage. We discuss the issues of obtaining uniform infiltration of liquid
more » ... stal molecules in the constricted geometry of the porous silicon microcavity and determining the necessary change in the liquid crystal orientation to achieve a high reflectance contrast. We also present preliminary experimental results showing a greater than 40% change in the reflectance of our active mirror with the application of voltage.
doi:10.1002/pssa.200306562 fatcat:j4v22v37ifeaxlyclkxqjtjkay

Setting the Clock for Fail-Safe Early Embryogenesis

Rolf Fickentscher, Philipp Struntz, Matthias Weiss
2016 Physical Review Letters  
Embryogenesis of the small nematode Caenorhabditis elegans is a remarkably robust selforganization phenomenon. Cell migration trajectories in the early embryo, for example, are well explained by mechanical cues that push cells into positions where they experience least repulsive forces. Yet, how this mechanically guided progress in development is properly timed has remained elusive so far. Here we show that cell volumes and division times are strongly anti-correlated during early embryogenesis
more » ... f C. elegans with significant differences between somatic cells and precursors of the germline. Our experimental findings are explained by a simple model which in conjunction with mechanical guidance can account for fail-safe early embryogenesis of C. elegans.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.117.188101 pmid:27835015 fatcat:izlzt3bdbbgapbocohxim6ojgu

Levoglucosan in urine as marker of PAH exposure

Hans-Peter Hutter, Philipp Hohenblum, Sigrid Scharf, Stefan Weiss, Peter Wallner
2015 Biomonitoring  
selected towns random sampling was performed based on the telephone book. The first 10 families in each town that were reached, fulfilled the inclusion criteria, and agreed to participate were included in the analysis. Inclusion criteria mainly were having a child aged 6-11 years and being a couple (mother and partner) aged 20-50 years living in a common household. Severe chronic diseases were considered exclusion criteria because they could lead to a different lifestyle or affect metabolic
more » ... ways and thus influence biomarkers of chemical exposure. Because levoglucosan is quickly excreted [5] individual measurements would rather reflect chance exposures instead of representing the true regional background. Therefore pooled urine samples from all mothers and children separately of each town producing 10 samples in total were analysed. The chemical methods are described in detail elsewhere [1, 11] . In addition also cotinine in urine and population density were analysed as possible predictors of PAH exposure where cotinine in the pooled samples served as indicator of smoking and passive smoking as a possible source of PAH and population density as a proxy for industrial activity and motorised traffic as the other important PAH source. Hydroxypyrene in the pooled samples was used as a proxy for PAH exposure. The biomonitoring study was approved by the ethics committee of the Medical University of Vienna. Results Levoglucosan was detectable and quantifiable in all 10 samples (limit of detection: 0.15 µg/mg creatinine, limit of quantification: 0.3 µg/mg creatinine). Smoking was considered a possible cause of PAH exposure. Since smoking prevalence differs between urban and rural settings it was considered a possible confounder and therefore was controlled for. Cotinine, nicotine, and nicotine metabolites were detected in nearly all samples. Cotinine was detected always and only once below the limit of quantification (1.1 µg/l) but above the limit of detection (0.54 µg/l). In this case for calculation purposes the arithmetic mean of the two limits (0.8 µg/l) was used. Trans-3'-hydroxycotinine was also detected in
doi:10.1515/bimo-2015-0002 fatcat:fb6hdyzlo5bbxhg2rjvv2l6ci4
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