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Phase-only signal reconstruction by MagnitudeCut [article]

Jiasong Wu, Jieyuan Liu, Youyong Kong, Xu Han, Lotfi Senhadji, Huazhong Shu
2016 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper, we present a new algorithm, called MagnitudeCut, for recovering a signal from the phase of its Fourier transform.  ...  The simulation results reveal that the proposed MagnitudeCut method can reconstruct the original signal with fewer sampling number of the phase information than that of the Greedy algorithm and iterative  ...  Phase-only signal reconstruction In this section, we first derived the MagnitudeCut method for recovering the complex signal  p x by using the block coordinate descent algorithm and log-barrier algorithm  ... 
arXiv:1603.00210v1 fatcat:gnqezzdwkjatldlk5qmtuy5jm4

On Measurement Number of Phase-only Signal Reconstruction [article]

Junren Chen, Michael K. Ng
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Throughout the paper, we employ our theoretical results to understand existing results and algorithms of phase-only signal reconstruction.  ...  This work establishes a theoretical framework for signal reconstruction from phase of linear measurement or affine linear measurement, and obtains some results on measurement number.  ...  A theoretical framework for sparse signal phase-only reconstruction is built in [7] .  ... 
arXiv:2109.04365v1 fatcat:xnvra2lbwjekloqf62yhq6vsii

The galaxy power spectrum on the lightcone: deep, wide-angle redshift surveys and the turnover scale [article]

Daniel Pryer, Robert E. Smith, Robin Booth, Chris Blake, Alexander Eggemeier, Jon Loveday
2022 arXiv   pre-print
We find that including the weighting scheme can boost the signal-to-noise ratio by factors of a few.  ...  However, we also show that by using a carefully chosen 'effective fixed-time', one can find a range of scales where the approximation to the full model is highly accurate, but only on a more restricted  ...  The equipment was funded by BEIS capital funding via STFC capital grants ST/K00042X/1, ST/P002293/1, ST/R002371/1 and ST/S002502/1, Durham University and STFC operations grant ST/R000832/1.  ... 
arXiv:2111.01811v3 fatcat:y4epplpkmzdz7lqmf47jld6ffu

The VIMOS Ultra Deep Survey: Emerging from the Dark, a Massive Proto-Cluster at z 4.57 [article]

B.C. Lemaux, O. Le Fèvre, O. Cucciati, B. Ribeiro, L.A.M. Tasca, G. Zamorani, O. Ilbert, R. Thomas, S. Bardelli, P. Cassata, N.P. Hathi, J. Pforr (+10 others)
2018 arXiv   accepted
The proto-cluster was initially detected as a ∼12σ overdensity of typical star-forming galaxies in the blind spectroscopic survey of the early universe (2<z<6) performed by VUDS.  ...  This work was supported by funding from the European Research Council Advanced Grant ERC-2010-AdG-268107-EARLY and by INAF Grants PRIN 2010, PRIN 2012 and PICS 2013.  ...  This work was additionally supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1411943 and NASA Grant Number NNX15AK92G.  ... 
arXiv:1703.10170v2 fatcat:c2t5zmfu7fat3lbnzefcmtewti