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Comparative study on natural convection melting in square cavity using lattice Boltzmann method

Ziliang Rui, Juan Li, Jie Ma, Han Cai, Binjian Nie, Hao Peng
2020 Results in Physics  
the solid-liquid interface.  ...  In this paper, the natural convection melting in a square cavity was investigated and the enthalpy-based lattice Boltzmann model (TLBM) combined with the pseudo-potential LB model was developed to trace  ...  Acknowledgement The authors acknowledge the financial support provided by National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 51776095) and Young Science Leaders Project of Jiangsu Province.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.rinp.2020.103274 fatcat:jso5dmmywnfrbbastxpzocl6wa

Enthalpic lattice Boltzmann formulation for heat conduction during melting of PCMs with embedded solid blocks with different thermophysical properties

Rihab Hamila, Abdelmajid Jemni, Sassi Nasrallah, Patrick Perré
2017 International Journal of Heat and Technology  
The proposed formulation can handle accurately conduction heat transfer problem with phase change including interface evolving over time.  ...  In this paper, we extend the enthalpic formulation introduced in previous work of Hamila et al. [1], to solve transient conduction heat transfer during melting of phase change material.  ...  [27] adapted a total enthalpy-based lattice Boltzmann method with a mesh refinement process to efficiently simulate solid-liquid phase change problem.  ... 
doi:10.18280/ijht.350214 fatcat:pqcrtvb6sfg5xjb2fpgdjj4biu

Enthalpy-based multiple-relaxation-time lattice Boltzmann method for solid-liquid phase-change heat transfer in metal foams

Qing Liu, Ya-Ling He, Qing Li
2017 Physical review. E  
In this paper, an enthalpy-based multiple-relaxation-time (MRT) lattice Boltzmann (LB) method is developed for solid-liquid phase change heat transfer in metal foams under local thermal non-equilibrium  ...  The enthalpy-based MRT-LB method consists of three different MRT-LB models: one for flow field based on the generalized non-Darcy model, and the other two for phase change material (PCM) and metal foam  ...  Acknowledgements This work was financially supported by the Major Program of the National Natural Science  ... 
doi:10.1103/physreve.96.023303 pmid:28950568 fatcat:tbuzopfbpnej3phoyjpvuq472e

Lattice Boltzmann Simulation for the Forming Process of Artificial Frozen Soil Wall

Linfang Shen, Zhiliang Wang, Pengyu Wang, Libin Xin
2018 Energies  
The model is tested by the heat conduction with solidliquid phase change in semi-infinite space, which shows a good consistence between the numerical and analytical solutions, and the mesh resolution  ...  A lattice Boltzmann model is proposed to simulate the forming process of artificial frozen soil wall.  ...  Z.W. proposed this topic and designed the theoretical framework; L.S. wrote the manuscript; P.W. conducted the simulations and analyzed the data; L.X. provided simulation support.  ... 
doi:10.3390/en12010046 fatcat:uzjepl5umfdvreoqpfyq4sy4im

Double multiple-relaxation-time lattice Boltzmann model for solid-liquid phase change with natural convection in porous media [article]

Qing Liu, Ya-Ling He
2015 arXiv   pre-print
The model is based on the generalized non-Darcy formulation, and the solid-liquid phase change interface is traced through the liquid fraction which is determined by the enthalpy method.  ...  In this paper, a double multiple-relaxation-time lattice Boltzmann model is developed for simulating transient solid-liquid phase change problems in porous media at the representative elementary volume  ...  On the other hand, in the enthalpy-based method, the position of the phase change interface is tracked through the liquid fraction which is calculated by the total enthalpy, and finer lattice spacing in  ... 
arXiv:1503.08406v1 fatcat:afywinycf5f3rbhmscsiv6wgiu

Effects of nanoparticles on melting process with phase-change using the lattice Boltzmann method

Ahmed M. Ibrahem, Mohamed F. El-Amin, Shuyu Sun
2017 Results in Physics  
In this work, the problem of nanoparticles dispersion effects on coupled heat transfer and solid-liquid phase change has been studied. The lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) enthalpy-based is employed.  ...  Moreover, the influences of nanoparticles on moving of the phase change front, the thermal conductivity and the latent heat of fusion are also studied.  ...  [17] are employed the LBM simulation for free convection in a tall enclosure. The effect of nanoparticles on solid-liquid phase change materials are studied by Darzi et al. [18] .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.rinp.2017.04.032 fatcat:y3xacnnwx5hgde6o63ujkijzqu

Simulation of natural convection melting in an inclined cavity using lattice Boltzmann method

M. Jourabian, M. Farhadi, A.A. Rabienataj Darzi
2012 Scientia Iranica. International Journal of Science and Technology  
In this study, a numerical analysis of the melting process with natural convection in an inclined cavity has been performed using the enthalpy-based lattice Boltzmann method.  ...  In addition, when the cavity is inclined counterclockwise, the effect of natural convection becomes more dominant, while, if it is inclined clockwise, the conduction regime endures longer.  ...  The total enthalpy is split into sensible and latent heat components in the vicinity of the solid-liquid interface for phase-change problems.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.scient.2012.06.014 fatcat:y7dflfqyojbyzbx5aewzxtnx34

Lattice Boltzmann simulation of convection melting in complex heat storage systems filled with phase change materials

Kang Luo, Feng-Ju Yao, Hong-Liang Yi, He-Ping Tan
2015 Applied Thermal Engineering  
A systematic comparison of different lattice Boltzmann models for thermal and flow field in the phase-change process is numerically conducted in a square cavity; the numerical results are validated by  ...  A double-population lattice Boltzmann method is applied to simulate the convectiondiffusion phenomena associated with solid-liquid phase transition processes.  ...  [29, 30] introduced an enthalpy based LBM for phase change problems.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.applthermaleng.2015.04.059 fatcat:ylq3ketwvfg4ley5tn37itan2e

Lattice-Boltzmann-based two-phase thermal model for simulating phase change

M. R. Kamali, J. J. J. Gillissen, H. E. A. van den Akker, Sankaran Sundaresan
2013 Physical Review E  
A lattice Boltzmann (LB) method is presented for solving the energy conservation equation in two phases when the phase change effects are included in the model.  ...  Heats of reaction, the enthalpy change associated with the phase change, and the diffusive transport of enthalpy are all taken into account; but the dependence of enthalpy on pressure, which is usually  ...  M.R.K. would like to also thank the Islamic Development Bank for support via a scholarship through the Merit Scholarship Program for High Technology.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physreve.88.033302 pmid:24125380 fatcat:3spn5hrzy5fkvlxul2rirnjubi

Lattice Boltzmann Modeling for Melting/Solidification Processes [chapter]

Dipankar Chatterjee
2011 Hydrodynamics - Optimizing Methods and Tools  
Regarding interface conditions, it is apparent that the solid/liquid interface in phase change problems acts as a wall, and the same needs to be treated appropriately.  ...  An extended LB methodology, in conjunction with an enthalpy formulation for treatment of solid-liquid phase change aspects in case of diffusion dominated problems, was first introduced by Jiaung et al  ... 
doi:10.5772/28236 fatcat:gmobsjs6rre65buuuyhrhujhay


Ayurzana B, Tokuzo Hosoyamada, Tungalagtamir E, Batzorig G
2018 Proceedings of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences  
Motivated by the current lack of knowledge regarding phase transition in a free surface water flow, a novel and efficient numerical model for liquid-solid phase transition in a free surface flow has been  ...  developed for the Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM).  ...  And also the model uses exact thermal properties for phases, which are often neglected in existing numerical methods, i.e., the thermal properties of the liquid are used for both the solid and liquid phases  ... 
doi:10.5564/pmas.v58i3.1030 fatcat:qfdgdemquzaqpecdwa6jowanru

Lattice Boltzmann simulation of melting phenomenon with natural convection from an eccentric annulus

Mahmoud Jourabian, Mousa Farhadi, Darzi Rabienataj, Abbas Abouei
2013 Thermal Science  
In the present study, a double-population thermal lattice Boltzmann method was applied to solve phase change problem with natural convection in an eccentric annulus.  ...  It is also observed that the maximum of liquid fractions occurs where the inner cylinder is mounted at the bottom of outer cylinder.  ...  The total enthalpy is split into sensible and latent heat components in the vicinity of solid-liquid interface for phase-change problems.  ... 
doi:10.2298/tsci110510012j fatcat:wtnl7bz2bfer3mlt3ewz2vqjt4

Numerical simulation of paraffin melting in circular tube using LBM

Xiao-Yan Liu, Nan-Di Zhang, Xiao-Qing Li, Cong Li, Peng Yu, Gao-Jie Liang, Chuan Ma
2021 Thermal Science  
A double distribution lattice Boltzmann model based on enthalpy method is established to simulate the temperature field and the flow field of paraffin melting in a circular tube in this paper.  ...  Analysis of the phase change mechanism and influencing factors of paraffin melting in the circular tube deeply has important guiding significance for improving the heat storage capacity by changing the  ...  Therefore, it is very suitable for the simulation of complex solid-liquid phase transition problems. The first enthalpy-based LB model for solid-liquid phase change was introduced by Jiaung et al.  ... 
doi:10.2298/tsci210215279l fatcat:mxxu2rago5fk5gin7guy5a3ztu

Lattice Boltzmann methods for single-phase and solid-liquid phase-change heat transfer in porous media: A review [article]

Ya-Ling He, Qing Liu, Qing Li
2018 arXiv   pre-print
Some applications of the LB methods for single-phase and solid-liquid phase-change heat transfer in porous media are provided.  ...  Then the REV-scale LB method for fluid flow and single-phase heat transfer in porous media, and the LB method for solid-liquid phase-change heat transfer, are described.  ...  The enthalpy-based LB models for solid-liquid phase change in porous media 4.2.1.  ... 
arXiv:1801.00504v2 fatcat:ffkhw5ler5gavdkfybqsgguayy


Sagnik Banik, Jean Yves Trepaier
2019 International Journal of Engineering Applied Sciences and Technology  
incompressible fluid with different Rayleigh number. 3.The phase change problem governed by the heat-conduction equation is studied using the enthalpy based Lattice Boltzmann Model to provide a better  ...  of three different test cases in a confined domain using the method of the Lattice Boltzmann model. 1.  ...  (𝜆Δ𝑇) (25) where total enthalpy, 𝐻 is divided into sensible enthalpy and latent heat for the phase change.  ... 
doi:10.33564/ijeast.2019.v04i08.003 fatcat:fczrw6krlrcljpfh3a6uqtyymq
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