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QoS evaluation of JMS: an empirical approach

Shiping Chen, P. Greenfield
2004 37th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2004. Proceedings of the  
We present a number of test scenarios and define metrics for measuring performance and message persistence. We then illustrate this methodology by using it to evaluate two leading JMS products.  ...  JMS is an API specification that defines a standard way for Java applications to access messaging services.  ...  While JMS A passed all the persistence tests with no messages lost, JMS B passed only Test Case I and failed to pass Test Case II and III.  ... 
doi:10.1109/hicss.2004.1265652 dblp:conf/hicss/ChenG04 fatcat:j2gkvwa63ffzfgip5jc2q4mzgm

Graph Filtration Learning [article]

Christoph D. Hofer, Florian Graf, Bastian Rieck, Marc Niethammer, Roland Kwitt
2021 arXiv   pre-print
To this end, we leverage persistent homology computed via a real-valued, learnable, filter function.  ...  We establish the theoretical foundation for differentiating through the persistent homology computation.  ...  A practical choice is to implement f as a GNN, with one level of message passing. We then compute persistence barcodes, B k , using the filtration induced by f .  ... 
arXiv:1905.10996v3 fatcat:4iigx2ihrfdddpseksjuclvhkm

Design and Evaluation of a Hybrid Intelligent Broadcast Algorithm for Alert Message Dissemination in VANETs [chapter]

Ihn-Han Bae
2011 Communications in Computer and Information Science  
In this paper, we propose a hybrid intelligent broadcast algorithm for alert message dissemination in VANETs that is called Hi-CAST.  ...  The performance of the Hi-CAST is evaluated through simulation and compared with that of other alert message dissemination algorithms.  ...  The vehicle C passes the alert token to the vehicle D traveling in opposite direction, and the vehicle D broadcasts the alert message to all vehicles in transmission range and passes an alert token to  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-24267-0_10 fatcat:crc3ufatybbkpelknsam4ne4ha

Page 432 of Criminal Law & Justice Weekly Vol. 147, Issue 27 [page]

1983 Criminal Law & Justice Weekly  
Further, I would be grateful for your interpretation of the meaning of: (a) ‘Persistently” e.g., is it more than one oc- casion? (b) “Message”.  ...  An information under the above subsection states, ‘‘you persistently made use of a public telecommuni- cation service to send a message . . . .”.  ... 

Making Android Run on Time

Yin Yan, Karthik Dantu, Steven Y. Ko, Jan Vitek, Lukasz Ziarek
2017 2017 IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium (RTAS)  
Scope Release Scope handleMessage(…) … Persistent Scope Release Scope obtain Persistent Scope Release Scope Immortal Memory Real-time Message Passing Channel copy poll copy  ...  Fig. 10 : 10 Real-time Message Passing Channel Fig. 11 : 11 Real-time Intent Broadcast Channel aware message delivery required by our message passing channel.  ... 
doi:10.1109/rtas.2017.38 dblp:conf/rtas/YanDKVZ17 fatcat:nk3hq3qp45ao5dpwyuyclwhpva

Correct, Fast Remote Persistence [article]

Sanidhya Kashyap and Dai Qin and Steve Byan and Virendra J. Marathe and Sanketh Nalli
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Persistence of updates to remote byte-addressable persistent memory (PM), using RDMA operations (RDMA updates), is a poorly understood subject.  ...  This leads to significant implications on methods needed to correctly persist those updates.  ...  efficient than remote persistence enforced using RDMA SEND based message passing.  ... 
arXiv:1909.02092v1 fatcat:kqrf5f4r25bsddwiknnecunqmm

A programming model and foundation for lineage-based distributed computation

2018 Journal of functional programming  
A key idea is to build up a persistent functional data structure representing transformations on distributed immutable data by passing well-typed serializable functions over the wire and applying them  ...  Thus, the function passing model can be thought of as a persistent functional data structure that is distributed, where transformations performed on distributed data are stored in its nodes rather than  ...  In contrast, in our model spores are sent between passive, persistent silos. Moreover, the coordination of concurrent activity is based on futures, instead of message passing.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0956796818000035 fatcat:ejp2egjqnzacjiqokvxlb7qr44

The GemStone object database management system

Paul Butterworth, Allen Otis, Jacob Stein
1991 Communications of the ACM  
This feature will be based on the trigger concept, which should allow t o a c hieve a s y n c hronous message passing. Acknowledgments The authors wish to thank Ing. Luigi Lavazza, Dr.  ...  Future work will include: the developing of a sound technique to allow generic messages including any v alue or object to be passed through mailboxes; mailboxes allowing 1 : n communication; the investigation  ...  Future work will include: the developing of a sound technique to allow generic messages including any v alue or object to be passed through mailboxes; mailboxes allowing 1 : n communication; the investigation  ... 
doi:10.1145/125223.125254 fatcat:zkfsnkekc5bdrmysghzamkt3t4

TMPIFile: A New Parallel I/O Solution in ROOT

Yunsong Wang, Amit Bashyal, Taylor Childers, Peter Van Gemmeren, Vakho Tsulaia, Philippe Canal, Steven Farrell
2019 Zenodo  
In order to perform efficient and robust cross-node communications, we introduce the TMPIFile functionality into ROOT where Message Passing Interface (MPI) is used to pass data across the entire distributed  ...  More precisely in ROOT I/O, the de facto standard for data persistence in HEP applications, no such feature is provided.  ...  MPI: A Message Passing Interface Standard Version 3.0.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3599672 fatcat:zb7zfcjatzfu3cwixpbbjygnji

Hardware Trends

Tim Harris
2015 ACM SIGACT News  
All interactions between these kernels occur via message-passing.  ...  This approach means that only the message passing infrastructure needs to be aware of the details of the memory system.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2789149.2789165 fatcat:77jnr3wpkrcctegvqqg24xnyhy

Robust emulations of shared memory in a crash-recovery model

R. Guerraoui, R.R. Levy
2004 24th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, 2004. Proceedings.  
Index Terms-asynchronous distributed system, message passing, shared memory, crash-recovery, atomicity, logging, complexity, lower bound, optimality, stable storage.  ...  A shared memory abstraction can be robustly emulated over an asynchronous message passing system where any process can fail by crashing and possibly recover (crashrecovery model), by having (a) the processes  ...  emulation algorithm over a crashstop message passing system described in [2] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/icdcs.2004.1281605 dblp:conf/icdcs/GuerraouiL04 fatcat:rlry2xgs4nhu5no57zfdsujhi4

Jumpstart just-in-time signaling protocol: a formal description using extended finite state machines

Abdul Halim Zaim
2003 Optical Engineering: The Journal of SPIE  
We work on on-the-fly and persistent unicast connections. The communication between the EFSMs is handled through messages.  ...  , and passing the message to the next switch.  ...  In case, the hardware passes the error checks successfully, it sends back a Setup -Ack(⌬T) message.  ... 
doi:10.1117/1.1533795 fatcat:wqbhioounveqlai3mafiauzxlm

Online and Offline Analysis of Streaming Data [article]

Sheik Hoque, Andriy Miranskyy
2018 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper, we propose a 7-layered architecture utilising microservices, publish-subscribe pattern, and persistent storage.  ...  Details are provided below. 1) Persistent Storage: If the data records are small, then we can pass the records between layers in publish-subscribe messages, bypassing the persistent storage.  ...  That is, i-th layer will pass messages from i − 1 layer to i + 1 layer. We consider cases n = 0, 3 below.  ... 
arXiv:1805.01021v1 fatcat:ad5vnfmp25anpk3qwfvyiypgze

Page 34 of IEEE Transactions on Computers Vol. 52, Issue 1 [page]

2003 IEEE Transactions on Computers  
Active replica- tion includes pass-first, leader-only, and majority voting schemes.  ...  Persistent members an These objects may transient or join the group when they are created, and remain in the group rransient members join a replication group only when they need to multicast a message  ... 


Yujiro Fukagaya, Tadachika Ozono, Takayuki Ito, Toramatsu Shintani
2005 Special interest tracks and posters of the 14th international conference on World Wide Web - WWW '05  
MiSpider Agent has persistency, and agents condition doesn't change if users change a browsing page. Moreover, agents have a message passing skill to communicate among the agents.  ...  Agents can send the messages to the arbitrary agents. In figure 2 shows the mechanism of message passing. The agentA sends a message to the agentB.  ...  Moreover, agents have a message passing skill to communicate between agents. MiSpider enables to support user's browsing effectively by using these functions.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1062745.1062842 dblp:conf/www/FukagayaOIS05 fatcat:tqjsyuv7bbavbbiwqheae5mbpy
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