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A Multi-Modal Deep Network for RGB-D Segmentation of Clothes

Boris Joukovsky, Pengpeng Hu, Adrian Munteanu
2020 Electronics Letters  
In this Letter, the authors propose a deep learning based method to perform semantic segmentation of clothes from RGB-D images of people. First, they present a synthetic dataset containing more than 50,000 RGB-D samples of characters in different clothing styles, featuring various poses and environments for a total of nine semantic classes. The proposed data generation pipeline allows for fast production of RGB, depth images and ground-truth label maps. Secondly, a novel multi-modal
more » ... er convolutional network is proposed which operates on RGB and depth modalities. Multi-modal features are merged using trained fusion modules which use multi-scale atrous convolutions in the fusion process. The method is numerically evaluated on synthetic data and visually assessed on real-world data. The experiments demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed model over existing methods.
doi:10.1049/el.2019.4150 fatcat:lsnmwsuzpfc3rkfsu43q3jrz64

3D High-quality Garment Reconstruction with Synthesized Texture

Pengpeng Hu, Taku Komura, Duan Li, Ge Wu, Yueqi Zhong
2017 Procedia Computer Science  
More 3D textile models with synthesized textures using our method 5 Discussion and Conclusion Pengpeng Hu et al. / Procedia Computer Science 108C (2017) 355-364  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.procs.2017.05.004 fatcat:mul7khcexzb5zou3cam7gnqucu

Scanning and animating characters dressed in multiple-layer garments

Pengpeng Hu, Taku Komura, Daniel Holden, Yueqi Zhong
2017 The Visual Computer  
(a) (b) (a) (c) (b) (d) (e) (f) (g) 4 Hu · Komura Automatic Rigging In this section, we describe the process to fit a statistical body model into the scanned naked body and rigging it with a skeleton  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00371-017-1388-3 fatcat:374azmxq6fft7jrsjpiktuus5a

Planar Object Tracking in the Wild: A Benchmark [article]

Pengpeng Liang, Yifan Wu, Hu Lu, Liming Wang, Chunyuan Liao, Haibin Ling
2018 arXiv   pre-print
Planar object tracking is an actively studied problem in vision-based robotic applications. While several benchmarks have been constructed for evaluating state-of-the-art algorithms, there is a lack of video sequences captured in the wild rather than in constrained laboratory environment. In this paper, we present a carefully designed planar object tracking benchmark containing 210 videos of 30 planar objects sampled in the natural environment. In particular, for each object, we shoot seven
more » ... os involving various challenging factors, namely scale change, rotation, perspective distortion, motion blur, occlusion, out-of-view, and unconstrained. The ground truth is carefully annotated semi-manually to ensure the quality. Moreover, eleven state-of-the-art algorithms are evaluated on the benchmark using two evaluation metrics, with detailed analysis provided for the evaluation results. We expect the proposed benchmark to benefit future studies on planar object tracking.
arXiv:1703.07938v2 fatcat:sztq4vm255d57d2pbxqgtc43vm

Soil Organic Carbon and Geochemical Characteristics on Different Rocks and Their Significance for Carbon Cycles

Qiao Chen, Pengpeng Zhang, Ziyuan Hu, Sha Li, Yongshuai Zhang, Lei Hu, Liangyu Zhou, Bin Lin, Xuefeng Li
2022 Frontiers in Environmental Science  
Soil organic carbon (SOC) is significant for soil quality and global carbon cycles. SOC was observed to be related to soil geochemistry, and soils originating from different bedrocks have different geochemical properties, but the effect of bedrock on SOC is still undefined. Soils overlying different bedrocks in Zhenxiong County and Weixin County were sampled. Specifically, soils in the mineral horizon, which are less affected by the external environment than surface soils, are focused on to
more » ... al the effect of bedrock on SOC. Al/Ti, Fe/Ti, and Al/Fe indicate a soil–rock successive relationship. SOC contents in the mineral horizon are 0.19–2.74% (1.24% on average), and those in the surface horizon are 1.26–4.01% (2.63% on average). SOC contents in the surface and mineral horizons of the same bedrock are significantly positively correlated, implying that the bedrock is an important factor affecting SOC. SOC in the mineral horizon is related to the first transition metal ions. Significantly, positive correlations of SOC (p < 0.01) with Co, Cu, Ti, V, and Zn, and a positive correlation (p < 0.05) with Ni were observed in the mineral horizon. Organic transition metal complexation seems to play an important role in governing SOC in the mineral horizon. That is, the complexation maintains organic carbon stability, slows down its decomposition rate, and accumulates organic carbon. The Ca–SOC positive correlation in the mineral horizon exits because Ca also can complex with organic carbon. Co, Cu, and V–SOC positive correlations (p < 0.05) were also observed, but there were no significant positive correlations (p < 0.01) in the surface horizon because surface SOC had diversified sources. An SOC evolution model influenced by the bedrock was forwarded. Thus, the different soil geochemistry originating from different bedrocks should be noticed when SOC and global carbon cycles are discussed.
doi:10.3389/fenvs.2021.784868 fatcat:3ik5v2ot3jce7olzi3qaositam

LTD-inducing low frequency stimulation enhances p-Tau181 and p-Tau217 in an age-dependent manner in live rats [article]

Neng-Wei Hu, Yangyang Zhang, Yin Yang, Zhengtao Hu, Manyi Zhu, Shuangying Qin, Pengpeng Yu, Bo Li, Jitian Xu, Michael J Rowan
2022 bioRxiv   pre-print
Having developed stimulation protocols to reliably induce LTD at CA3 to CA1 synapses in live rats (Hu et al., 2014; O'Riordan et al., 2018a, b; Ondrejcak et al., 2019) , we confirmed (Hu et al., 2014  ...  Materials and Methods Animals Electrophysiology Electrodes were made and implanted as described previously (Hu et al., 2014) .  ... 
doi:10.1101/2022.03.28.486022 fatcat:hdnwnb6nivgmnhbwxsg2y3hbta

Monitoring Trends in Light Pollution in China Based on Nighttime Satellite Imagery

Pengpeng Han, Jinliang Huang, Rendong Li, Lihui Wang, Yanxia Hu, Jiuling Wang, Wei Huang
2014 Remote Sensing  
China is the largest developing country worldwide, with rapid economic growth and the highest population. Light pollution is an environmental factor that significantly influences the quality and health of wildlife, as well as the people of any country.
doi:10.3390/rs6065541 fatcat:3m2cy7y3ojhhdlem7l3ow6qeli

3D textile reconstruction based on KinectFusion and synthesized texture

PengPeng Hu, Taku Komura, Duan Li, Ge Wu, Yueqi Zhong
2017 International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology  
More 3D textile models with synthesized textures using our method 5 Discussion and Conclusion Pengpeng Hu et al. / Procedia Computer Science 108C (2017) 355-364  ... 
doi:10.1108/ijcst-01-2017-0007 fatcat:hwgf6jx3jjgjlkojbpdh6jsak4

Preparation of Cd-Loaded In2O3Hollow Nanofibers by Electrospinning and Improvement of Formaldehyde Sensing Performance

Ruijin Hu, Jing Wang, Pengpeng Chen, Yuwen Hao, Chunli Zhang, Xiaogan Li
2014 Journal of Nanomaterials  
Pure In2O3and Cd-loaded In2O3hollow and porous nanofibers with different Cd/In molar ratios (1/20, 1/10, 1/1) were synthesized by electrospinning method. X-ray diffraction (XRD), field emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM), and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) were used to characterize the nanofibers. The porous nanofibers were composed of small grains. The average grain sizes and the diameters of Cd-loaded In2O3nanofibers increased with the increasing of Cd/In molar ratios. The
more » ... ormaldehyde sensing properties of the sensors based on pure In2O3and Cd-loaded In2O3nanofibers were investigated in formaldehyde concentration range of 0.5∼100 ppm. Moreover, the selectivity of those sensors was studied by testing responses to methanol, toluene, ethanol, acetone, and ammonia. The result showed that Cd-loaded In2O3nanofibers with Cd/In molar ratio of 1/10 possessed the highest response value and good selectivity at operating temperature 280°C. In addition, the formaldehyde sensing mechanism of the sensors based on Cd-loaded nanofibers was briefly analyzed.
doi:10.1155/2014/431956 fatcat:kib6qcb3o5elhewovobqcc23me

A Survey on Visible Light Positioning from Software Algorithms to Hardware

Pengpeng Chen, Mingzhi Pang, Di Che, Yuqing Yin, Donghai Hu, Shouwan Gao, Ghufran Ahmed
2021 Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing  
The prevalence of illumination equipment and the inherent advantages of the Visible Light Communication (VLC) technique have resulted in a growing interest in Visible Light Positioning (VLP). There exist many excellent VLP techniques over the past several years. However, one limitation of most VLP survey works is that they mainly focus on the analysis from the perspective of techniques but ignore the equally important hardware aspect, since the hardware part directly affects the performance and
more » ... cost of VLP systems and also determines whether it can be put into practical use. Different from most surveys concentrating on a single perspective, we provide an intensive overview of VLP systems from software algorithms to hardware devices. A novel-innovative classification method is used in the software algorithms, while the hardware aspect is introduced in terms of transmitters, modems, and receivers, making up for the deficiencies of the previous works. Massive papers including pioneering papers and the state-of-the-art ones in related areas are gathered and categorized. These solutions have also been evaluated in terms of accuracy, cost, range, and complexity. Furthermore, current open issues and tendencies regarding VLP are also illustrated in this paper.
doi:10.1155/2021/9739577 fatcat:xq73emfsufdormnphdkeuxglpe

Silicon Alleviates the Disease Severity of Sclerotinia Stem Rot in Rapeseed

Yuxia Feng, Yuxin Hu, Pengpeng Fang, Xiangjun Zuo, Jinxiong Wang, Jiana Li, Wei Qian, Jiaqin Mei
2021 Frontiers in Plant Science  
Sclerotinia stem rot, caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, is a devastating disease in rapeseed. The objective of this study was to investigate the role and the mechanism of silicon (Si) in alleviating the disease severity of S. sclerotiorum in rapeseed. In the absorption assays, the rapeseed that absorbed 10 mM of K2SiO3 exhibited an 86% decrease in lesion size on infected leaves as compared with controls. In the spray assay, the lesion length on rapeseed stems was reduced by 30.5–32.9% with
more » ... use of 100 mM of a foliar Si fertilizer as compared with controls. In the pot assay, the lesion length on rapeseed stems was reduced by 34.9–38.3% when using the Si fertilizer as basal fertilizer. In the field assay, both the disease incidence and disease index of sclerotinia stem rot were significantly reduced with the usage of a solid Si fertilizer, Si foliar fertilizer, and the application of both, without negative affection on the main agronomic traits and seed quality of rapeseed. The transcriptome sequencing, quantitative reverse transcription PCR (qRT-PCR), and biochemical assays between K2SO4- and K2SiO3- treated rapeseed leaves revealed that Si promoted the biosynthesis of defense-related substances and enhanced the antioxidation and detoxification abilities of rapeseed after infection. Thus, this study concluded that Si can alleviate the disease severity of S. sclerotiorum in rapeseeds, partially due to the induced defense responses.
doi:10.3389/fpls.2021.721436 pmid:34589101 pmcid:PMC8475755 fatcat:4hq3dqelvfcztefziv5fjzpz4a

Large Scale Synthesis of NiCo Layered Double Hydroxides for Superior Asymmetric Electrochemical Capacitor

Ruchun Li, Zhaoxia Hu, Xiaofeng Shao, Pengpeng Cheng, Shoushou Li, Wendan Yu, Worong Lin, Dingsheng Yuan
2016 Scientific Reports  
We report a new environmentally-friendly synthetic strategy for large-scale preparation of 16 nmultrathin NiCo based layered double hydroxides (LDH). The Ni 50 Co 50 -LDH electrode exhibited excellent specific capacitance of 1537 F g −1 at 0.5 A g −1 and 1181 F g −1 even at current density as high as 10 A g −1 , which 50% cobalt doped enhances the electrical conductivity and porous and ultrathin structure is helpful with electrolyte diffusion to improve the material utilization. An asymmetric
more » ... tracapacitor was assembled with the N-doped graphitic ordered mesoporous carbon as negative electrode and the NiCo LDH as positive electrode. The device achieves a high energy density of 33.7 Wh kg −1 (at power density of 551 W kg −1 ) with a 1.5 V operating voltage. Ultracapacitors (UCs) are attractive energy storage devices, due to their high power density and excellent cycling stability 1-4 . They have been widely used in electrical vehicles and microelectronic devices. Carbon based materials such as graphene 5-7 , carbon nanotubes 8 and activated carbon 9 are the most commonly used electrodes for electrochemical double layer (EDL) ultracapacitors. However, relatively low specific capacitance (~200 F g −1 ) is the major drawback for EDL capacitors. Alternatively, metal oxide 10-15 , metal hydroxide 16,17 , layered double hydroxides 5, 18, 19 and conducting polymers 12,20-23 are commonly used as pseudocapacitive materials. They store charges via superficial Faradic reactions and exhibit higher specific capacitance than EDL materials. Among these pseudocapacitive materials, NiO and Ni(OH) 2 have attracted a lot of attention due to their high theoretical capacitance, excellent chemical stability, low cost and low toxicity. For example, β-Ni(OH) 2 achieved its theoretical value of specific capacitance up to 2358 F g −1 at a voltage of 0.44 V 17 . However, the relatively poor electrical conductivity (0.01~0.32 S m −1 ) 24 of Ni(OH) 2 or NiO is the major drawback as the electrode material. Thus, cobalt was introduced in Ni(OH) 2 or NiO to improve the conductivity of electrode materials 25 and raise the oxygen overpotential helpful with widening potential window 18 . It has been reported that Co 2+ can be oxidized to conductive CoOOH during discharge process, resulting in the increase of conductivity of electrode materials 26 . Besides, the slow kinetics of Faradic reactions of NiCo based materials is another factor that limits their electrochemical performance 27 . It is desirable to develop NiCo based electrodes with large ion accessible surface area. Previous studies have primarily been focused on development of NiCo based nanomaterials with controlled morphology and enhanced surface area, such as nanorods 3 , nanowires 28 , and nanosheets 29 . However, the large scale synthesis of these nanostructures is rarely reported, while it is critical for practical applications. Here we developed a large-scale and environmentally-friendly strategy to prepare ultrathin 2-dimensional (2D) porous Ni(OH) 2 -Co(OH) 2 layered double hydroxide. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report on the large-scale production of NiCo based LDH in a homogeneous ethylene glycol-water system. In comparison to the traditional oil/water methods, which use toxic or flammable solvents such as 1-butanol, toluene, formamide, dimethyl formamide (DMF) and dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) 30 , our approach involving non-toxic ethylene glycol-water as the solvent system is more environmentally friendly. Moreover, the as prepared porous, ultrathin LDH nature provides extremely large ion-accessible surface area, which improves the kinetics of superficial Faradic reaction. Asymmetric ultracapacitors using Ni 50 Co 50 -LDH electrode with a high mass loading of 8 mg as cathode and N-doped graphitic ordered mesoporous carbon (GOMC) as anode showed excellent performance in charge storage.
doi:10.1038/srep18737 pmid:26754281 pmcid:PMC4709638 fatcat:guoavkc6v5eoxjs73xz6rqlheq

Pilose antler polypeptides promote chemosensitization and T-cell infiltration of triple-negative breast cancer

Mohan Li, Kexin Zheng, Shiliang Ma, Pengpeng Hu, Bo Yuan, Xiqing Yue, Qilong Li
2021 Journal of Functional Foods  
Pengpeng Hu: Resources. Bo Yuan: Resources.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jff.2021.104664 fatcat:wk2rzfj75fehno24oicgn6nv74

Characterization of Pythium Transcriptome and Gene Expression Analysis at Different Stages of Fermentation

Yuanmin Zhu, Pengpeng Zhou, Jingrong Hu, Ruijiao Zhang, Liang Ren, Maoteng Li, Fan Ning, Wei Chen, Longjiang Yu, Zhanjiang Liu
2013 PLoS ONE  
The Pythium splendens is a potentially useful organism for the synthesis of large amounts of eicosapentaenoic acid. Peak biomass and lipid accumulation do not occur at the same time and growth temperature has an effect on the fatty acid composition. Little is known about the pathway or the genes involved in growth, lipid synthesis or temperature resistance in P. splendens. Analysis of the transcriptome and expression profile data for P.splendensRBB-5 were used to extend genetic information for
more » ... his strain and to contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in specific biological processes. Methodology/Principal Findings: This study used transcriptome assembly and gene expression analysis with short-read sequencing technology combined with a tag-based digital gene expression (DGE) system. Assembled sequences were annotated with gene descriptions, such as gene ontology (GO), clusters of orthologous group (COG) terms and KEGG orthology (KO) to generate 23,796 unigenes. In addition, we obtained a larger number of genes at different stages of fermentation (48, 100 and 148 h). The genes related to growth characteristics and lipid biosynthesis were analyzed in detail. Some genes associated with lipid and fatty acid biosynthesis were selected to confirm the digital gene expression (DGE) results by quantitative real-time PCR (qRT-PCR). Conclusion/Significance: The transcriptome improves our genetic understanding of P.splendensRBB-5 greatly and makes a large number of gene sequences available for further study. Notably, the transcriptome and DGE profiling data of P.splendensRBB-5 provide a comprehensive insight into gene expression profiles at different stages of fermentation and lay the foundation for the study of optimizing lipid content and growth speed at the molecular level.
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0065552 pmid:23824586 pmcid:PMC3688826 fatcat:kx5nhx2abrezln36fq5k7lrxyi

Evolutionary conservation genomics reveals recent speciation and local adaptation in threatened takins

Lin Yang, Fuwen Wei, Xiangjiang Zhan, Huizhong Fan, Pengpeng Zhao, Guangping Huang, Jiang Chang, Yinghu Lei, Yibo Hu, Aya Takahashi
2022 Molecular biology and evolution  
Hu et al. 2021) .  ...  Interestingly, the Yalu Zangbu River is also the boundary between the Himalayan red panda and Chinese red panda (Hu et al. 2020; Joshi et al. 2021) .  ... 
doi:10.1093/molbev/msac111 pmid:35599233 fatcat:ukqxq5i72zemnim43etfbeazki
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