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Efficient ML Decoding for Quantum Convolutional Codes [article]

Peiyu Tan, Jing Li
2010 arXiv   pre-print
The dichotomy between the unobservable state of a qubit and the observations we can make, lies at the heart of quantum computation including QECC.  ... 
arXiv:1004.0174v1 fatcat:rweytpjt3ndovketcdohjapqpe

To Make the Water Safer

Peiyue Li
2020 Exposure and Health  
The important role of water in natural processes and social revolution should not be underestimated, because its quality significantly affects the human health and social stability (Li and Wu 2019a, b  ...  It is the most serious region with severe soil erosion and water issues that have drawn much attention from researchers (He and Wu 2019a, b; He et al. 2019; Li and Qian 2018; Liu et al. 2017; Qiao et  ... 
doi:10.1007/s12403-020-00370-9 pmid:32838055 pmcid:PMC7344344 fatcat:gfythjrafjbstfvxiq3s2ks47a

Environment: Accelerate research on land creation

Peiyue Li, Hui Qian, Jianhua Wu
2014 Nature  
avert geoengineering problems, warn Peiyue Li, Hui Qian and Jianhua Wu.In Lanzhou, China, 700 mountains are being levelled to create more than 250 square kilometres of flat land.  ...  Until we know more about the consequences, we urge governments to seek scientific advice and proceed with caution. ■ Peiyue China's campaign to bulldoze mountains to build cities needs expertise to  ... 
doi:10.1038/510029a pmid:24910868 fatcat:t4psymutqvbz3oodszhljyh2g4

Mixing Precipitation of CaCO3 in Natural Waters

Jie Chen, Hui Qian, Peiyue Li
2013 Water  
Furthermore, Qian and Li conducted theoretical research on mixing corrosion and concluded that mixing corrosion can be made by mixing between two initially unsaturated water samples, between two oversaturated  ... 
doi:10.3390/w5041712 fatcat:aifb4sux4bhnlglxrot7t4s75m

Enhancing the Flexibility of TCP in Heterogeneous Network

Wang Hui, Li Peiyu, Fan Zhihui, Li Zheqing, Wei Xuhui, Wen-Bo Du
2016 PLoS ONE  
Due to a set of constant initial values, the performance of conventional TCP drops significantly encountering heterogeneous network, showing low throughput and unfairness. This paper firstly demonstrates the chaotic character of TCP congestion control in heterogeneous network, especially the sensitivity to initial value. Inspired by merit of nature-inspired algorithm, a novel structure of TCP congestion control (IPPM, Internet Prey-Predator Model) is proposed. Parameters such as available link
more » ... apacity(C), congestion window (W) and queue length (Q) are collected by IPPM, which calculates the max value of C according to the interacting relationship existing in C, W and Q, and IPPM initiates the TCP ssthresh with the calculated value. Plenty of simulation results show that the modified TCP can effectively avoid network congestion and packet loss. Besides, it holds high resource utilization, convergence speeds, fairness and stability. Fig 6. The structure of improved TCP congestion control mechanism. Fig 7. The evolution for cwnd in proposed algorithm. (a) The change of cwnd for W1. (b) The change of cwnd for W2. (c) The change of cwnd for W3. (d) The change of cwnd for W4.
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0161249 pmid:27657890 pmcid:PMC5033568 fatcat:pqaeg7cybjcs3jeer6ftv4zrue

Nanoparticles Enhanced Self-driven Microfludic Biosensor

Chunxiu Liu, Ning Xue, Haoyuan Cai, Jianhai Sun, Zhimei Qi, Peiyue Zhao, Fei Xiong, Zhaoxin Geng, Liying Jiang, Li Li
2020 Micromachines  
C-reactive protein (CRP) plays an important role in inflammation detection and disease monitoring. The optical biosensor is a highly sensitive and easy detection tool. The microfluidic self-driving optical sensors were fabricated with transparent glass material and used for the enhanced surface plasmon resonance (SPR) optical detection of the model protein CRP using Au nanoparticles (AuNPs) and a sandwich immune reaction. The 3D design of the chip was devised to improve the optical coupling
more » ... ciency and enable integration with a microfluidic control and rapid detection. The array of pre-fixed antibody modified by Au nanoparticles was used to achieve rapid antigen capture and improve the optical sensitivity. The Au nanoparticle amplification approach was introduced for the SPR detection of a target protein. CRP was used as a model target protein as part of a sandwich assay. The use of Au NP measurements to detect the target signal is a threefold improvement compared to single SPR detection methods.
doi:10.3390/mi11040350 pmid:32230908 pmcid:PMC7231021 fatcat:xa7yjpts45b7bdoa3whrunussq

Tristetraprolin attenuates brain edema in a rat model of cerebral hemorrhage

Peiyu Li, Junwu Zhang, Xin Li, Hongwei Gao
2019 Brain and Behavior  
We evaluated the protective effects of protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A)/tristetraprolin (TTP) against brain edema in a rat model of cerebral hemorrhage, bleeding in the brain that occurs in tissues and ventricles. TTP is a well-known mRNA-binding protein and essential regulatory molecule for gene expression.
doi:10.1002/brb3.1187 pmid:30729695 pmcid:PMC6422712 fatcat:xugc24mh4na7fljbihlksdgfs4

Voltage Fluctuation and Flicker Monitoring System Using LabVIEW and Wavelet Transform

Zhenmei Li, Jin Shen, Peiyu Wei, Tianze Li
2010 Journal of Computers  
Zhenmei Li was born in Henan, China, on February 8, 1965.  ...  Peiyu Wei was born in Shandong, China. She received from Shandong University, She is now a professor of Shandong University of Technology.  ... 
doi:10.4304/jcp.5.3.417-424 fatcat:v7246q7fobfejiais4o6qxltya

Mine Water Problems and Solutions in China

Peiyue Li
2018 Mine Water and the Environment  
et al. 2015 Li et al. , 2017a .  ...  Li et al. (2018c) assessed the effects of using coalbed methane co-produced water for irrigation.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10230-018-0543-z fatcat:bdv3dhgehzbenktqvql2frvxgi

Laser facilitates vaccination

Ji Wang, Peiyu Li, Xinyuan Chen, Mei X. Wu
2016 Journal of Innovative Optical Health Sciences  
Development of novel vaccine deliveries and vaccine adjuvants is of great importance to address the dilemma that the vaccine¯eld faces: to improve vaccine e±cacy without compromising safety. Harnessing the speci¯c e®ects of laser on biological systems, a number of novel concepts have been proposed and proved in recent years to facilitate vaccination in a safer and more e±cient way. The key advantage of using laser technology in vaccine delivery and adjuvantation is that all processes are
more » ... ed by physical e®ects with no foreign chemicals administered into the body. Here, we review the recent advances in using laser technology to facilitate vaccine delivery and augment vaccine e±cacy as well as the underlying mechanisms.
doi:10.1142/s1793545816300032 fatcat:7awh5hnzgrcwbk2brarhrdvofm

Multiple Solution Results for Perturbed Fractional Differential Equations with Impulses

Peiluan Li, Liang Xu, Peiyu Li, Hui Wang, Fanglei Wang
2020 Journal of Function Spaces  
The multiplicity of classical solutions for impulsive fractional differential equations has been studied by many scholars. Using Morse theory, Brezis and Nirenberg's Linking Theorem, and Clark theorem, we aim to solve this kind of problems. By this way, we obtain the existence of at least three classical solutions and k distinct pairs of classical solutions. Finally, an example is presented to illustrate the feasibility of the main results in this paper.
doi:10.1155/2020/8512183 fatcat:mdiod5d6crdrzgeheb53ibkf3e

Lexicon-Enhanced Attention Network Based on Text Representation for Sentiment Classification

Wenkuan Li, Dongyuan Li, Hongxia Yin, Lindong Zhang, Zhenfang Zhu, Peiyu Liu
2019 Applied Sciences  
Text representation learning is an important but challenging issue for various natural language processing tasks. Recently, deep learning-based representation models have achieved great success for sentiment classification. However, these existing models focus on more semantic information rather than sentiment linguistic knowledge, which provides rich sentiment information and plays a key role in sentiment analysis. In this paper, we propose a lexicon-enhanced attention network (LAN) based on
more » ... xt representation to improve the performance of sentiment classification. Specifically, we first propose a lexicon-enhanced attention mechanism by combining the sentiment lexicon with an attention mechanism to incorporate sentiment linguistic knowledge into deep learning methods. Second, we introduce a multi-head attention mechanism in the deep neural network to interactively capture the contextual information from different representation subspaces at different positions. Furthermore, we stack a LAN model to build a hierarchical sentiment classification model for large-scale text. Extensive experiments are conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed models on four popular real-world sentiment classification datasets at both the sentence level and the document level. The experimental results demonstrate that our proposed models can achieve comparable or better performance than the state-of-the-art methods.
doi:10.3390/app9183717 fatcat:p2ta6h3dabd55p5e6fdfs7j33q

Effect of feeding pattern on infant illness in Chinese cities

Li Cai, Pan Yu, Yumei Zhang, Xiaoguang Yang, Wenjun Li, Peiyu Wang
2015 Public Health Nutrition  
AbstractObjectiveTo investigate the effect of different feeding patterns on the occurrence of diseases among infants.DesignData on socio-economic status, feeding patterns before 6 months (exclusive breast-feeding (EBF); mixed feeding with breast milk and formula (MBF); exclusive formula-feeding (EFF)) and illness of infants were collected via face-to-face interviews. The proportions of infants who had ever been ill or hospitalized and their potential influence factors were
more » ... ght large cities in China.SubjectsInfants (n1654) aged 0–11·9 months were recruited from hospitals.ResultsFor infants aged 0–2·9 months, the percentage who had been ill was 19·2 %, 24·1 % and 26·3 % among the EBF, MBF and EFF groups, respectively. For those aged 3–5·9 and 6–11·9 months, the corresponding percentages were 41·6 %, 45·6 % and 51·0 %, and 67·0 %, 73·4 % and 67·7 %. Respiratory disease was the most common reported illness and cause of hospitalization. The risks of having (total) illness, diarrhoea and respiratory disease increased significantly with age, but not allergic disease. Compared with EBF, MBF and EFF infants had significantly higher risks of having illnesses except for allergic disease, and feeding patterns were not related to hospitalization. Low birth weight, middle family income and low level of mother's education also increased the risk of illness.ConclusionsA protective effect of EBF against total illness in urban Chinese infants was found. An increasing trend with age was observed among the percentages of infants who had been ill or had diarrhoea or respiratory disease, but not allergic disease.
doi:10.1017/s1368980015002633 pmid:26329907 fatcat:xngn2nszh5ddtadpilrq3gewge

Research on the Error of Global Positioning System Based on Time Series Analysis

Lijun Song, Lei Zhou, Peiyu Xu, Wanliang Zhao, Shaoliang Li, Zhe Li
2022 Sensors  
Due to the poor dynamic positioning precision of the Global Positioning System (GPS), Time Series Analysis (TSA) and Kalman filter technology are used to construct the positioning error of GPS. According to the statistical characteristics of the autocorrelation function and partial autocorrelation function of sample data, the Autoregressive (AR) model which is based on a Kalman filter is determined, and the error model of GPS is combined with a Kalman filter to eliminate the random error in GPS
more » ... dynamic positioning data. The least square method is used for model parameter estimation and adaptability tests, and the experimental results show that the absolute value of the maximum error of longitude and latitude, the mean square error of longitude and latitude and average absolute error of longitude and latitude are all reduced, and the dynamic positioning precision after correction has been significantly improved.
doi:10.3390/s22103614 fatcat:zgvfaqndrralha744m3lqauusi

Expression and roles of fatty acid synthase in hepatocellular carcinoma

2014 Oncology Reports  
Cell metabolism abnormalities are closely related to tumor occurrence and development. Fatty acid synthase (FASN) is the key molecule for catalyzing fatty acid synthesis. Increasing evidence indicates that FASN is highly expressed in a number of malignant tumors; it can promote the synthesis of endogenous fatty acids in tumor cells and then the synthesized fatty acids provide energy for the proliferation of tumor cells. However, there has been no systematic study focusing on FASN expression and
more » ... function in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). The aim of the present study was to verify the high expression of FASN in HCC cells at the histological and cellular levels, and to construct FASN shRNA eukaryotic expression vector for interfering FASN expression in HCC cell line SK-Hep-1, in an effort to explore the role of FASN in the proliferation, apoptosis, invasion and migration of HCC cells. In the present study, we demonstrated that FASN was highly expressed in HCC tissues compared with tumor-adjacent tissue and normal liver cell line 7702 (P<0.05). FASN expression in the high metastatic MHCC97H and SK-Hep-1 cell lines was increased compared with low metastatic HCC cell lines (P<0.05). Then, we constructed a FASN shRNA eukaryotic expression vector; after HCC SK-Hep-1 cells were transfected, the cell proliferation, migration and invasion were inhibited, but FASN had no impact on the apoptosis of HCC cells. Collectively, these data indicate that FASN is possibly involved in the occurrence and metastasis of HCC. Thus, inhibition of FASN may be a promising approach for the treatment of HCC.
doi:10.3892/or.2014.3484 pmid:25231933 fatcat:rfqhqtbmyje2lj4o262pdbswea
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