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A GRU-Based Lightweight System for CAN Intrusion Detection in Real Time

Haoyu Ma, Jianqiu Cao, Bo Mi, Darong Huang, Yang Liu, Shaoqian Li
2022 Security and Communication Networks  
In this paper, we presented an intrusion detection system that can be rapidly deployed inside the vehicle.  ...  The experiment was physically conducted on in-vehicle embedded devices using publicly available datasets.  ...  In this study, we present a GRU-based lightweight system for CAN intrusion detection. e major contributions of our study are as follows: (i) e architecture and process of the vehicle internal network intrusion  ... 
doi:10.1155/2022/5827056 doaj:28b8777f67ad4a989de08b68883bb914 fatcat:qdbsy26i25hvvecsjdpvwbz2cq

Intrusion detection system for automotive Controller Area Network (CAN) bus system: a review

Siti-Farhana Lokman, Abu Talib Othman, Muhammad-Husaini Abu-Bakar
2019 EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking  
The modern vehicles nowadays are managed by networked controllers.  ...  However, the main goal of this paper is to highlight a holistic approach known as intrusion detection system (IDS) which has been a significant tool in securing networks and information systems over the  ...  In analogy to intrusion detection of desktop IT, attaching an IDS directly to each vehicle ECUs is known as a host-based IDS.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s13638-019-1484-3 fatcat:elmiiod3tzax3ghk4hhewcjfee

Cyberattacks and Countermeasures For In-Vehicle Networks [article]

Emad Aliwa, Omer Rana, Charith Perera, Peter Burnap
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Existing security mechanisms focus on the use of encryption, authentication and vehicle Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), which operate under various constrains such as low bandwidth, small frame size  ...  CAN bus is the most used in-vehicle network protocol to support exchange of vehicle parameters between Electronic Control Units (ECUs).  ...  In-Vehicle Intrusion Detection Systems Using IDS to detect malicious attacks is a key approach implemented inside vehicle networks. IDS can be signature based or anomaly-based systems [86] .  ... 
arXiv:2004.10781v1 fatcat:bbcyqiwskfbjtkp2a2wpvkqbny

Supervised and Unsupervised Intrusion Detection Based on CAN Message Frequencies for In-vehicle Network

Takuya Kuwahara, Yukino Baba, Hisashi Kashima, Takeshi Kishikawa, Junichi Tsurumi, Tomoyuki Haga, Yoshihiro Ujiie, Takamitsu Sasaki, Hideki Matsushima
2018 Journal of Information Processing  
In this paper, we study the applicability of statistical anomaly detection methods for identifying malicious CAN messages in invehicle networks. We focus on intrusion attacks of malicious messages.  ...  Because the occurrence of an intrusion attack certainly influences the message traffic, we focus on the number of messages observed in a fixed time window to detect intrusion attacks.  ...  Intrusion Detection in In-vehicle Networks Controller Area Network (CAN) The CAN protocol was developed by Robert Bosch GmbH.  ... 
doi:10.2197/ipsjjip.26.306 fatcat:u3ox5xy6ufbqzkg22qp72jiguu

CANet: An Unsupervised Intrusion Detection System for High Dimensional CAN Bus Data

Markus Hanselmann, Thilo Strauss, Katharina Dormann, Holger Ulmer
2020 IEEE Access  
We propose a neural network architecture for detecting intrusions on the controller area network (CAN).  ...  Hence, it is desirable to monitor CAN traffic to detect intrusions.  ...  Currently, a strong focus lies on rule based and statistical methods to detect known attack scenarios.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.2982544 fatcat:wynyjfasn5fxdgflyx2v2qlgle

Intrusion Detection Systems for Intra-vehicle Networks: A Review

Omar Y. Al-Jarrah, Carsten Maple, Mehrdad Dianati, David Oxtoby, Alex Mouzakitis
2019 IEEE Access  
This paper also presents outstanding research challenges and gaps in intra-vehicle IDS research. INDEX TERMS CAN bus, intra-vehicle network, intrusion detection, intrusion detection systems (IDSs).  ...  This paper provides a structured and comprehensive review of the state of the art of the intra-vehicle intrusion detection systems (IDSs) for passenger vehicles.  ...  Finally, ML-based IDSs seem to be promising candidates for detecting intrusion in intra-vehicle, due to their generalization capability.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2894183 fatcat:w2vnreq2n5gsthqusue47zubk4

A Benchmark Framework for CAN IDS

Dario Stabili, Francesco Pollicino, Alessio Rota
2021 Italian Conference on Cybersecurity  
This paper presents a benchmark framework for Controller Area Network (CAN) Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS).  ...  The dataset is composed by a set of traces gathered from a licensed, unaltered passenger vehicle used for the training of the detection models and by a set of traces containing simulation of the most common  ...  The current state-of-the-art already includes many research efforts related to intrusion detection for in-vehicle networks based on the CAN bus [5] .  ... 
dblp:conf/itasec/StabiliPR21 fatcat:oooyax23qfdf3pwllj6k57zq4u

Long Short-Term Memory Networks for In-Vehicle Networks Intrusion Detection Using Reverse Engineered Automotive Packets

Araya Kibrom Desta, Shuji Ohira, Ismail Arai, Kazutoshi Fujikawa
2020 Journal of Information Processing  
CAN bus does not have any mechanism for encrypting or authenticating CAN payloads.  ...  As a countermeasure against these drawbacks, we have experimented on identifying intrusions in the CAN bus using Long Short-Term Memory Networks (LSTM).  ...  Our experimental results show that with the right combination of parameters, LSTM is suited for intrusion detection in in-vehicle networks.  ... 
doi:10.2197/ipsjjip.28.611 fatcat:twnewjad6zdghixyfxhzjykhjm

CAN-LOC: Spoofing Detection and Physical Intrusion Localization on an In-Vehicle CAN Bus Based on Deep Features of Voltage Signals [article]

Efrat Levy and Asaf Shabtai and Bogdan Groza and Pal-Stefan Murvay and Yuval Elovici
2021 arXiv   pre-print
To address this type of threat, we propose a security hardening system for in-vehicle networks.  ...  The Controller Area Network (CAN) is used for communication between in-vehicle devices. The CAN bus has been shown to be vulnerable to remote attacks.  ...  Physical Intrusion Detection The physical intrusion detection module is responsible for detecting changes in the network topology of the CAN bus.  ... 
arXiv:2106.07895v1 fatcat:evbntmlvrzhofd36l6m4ghnt7q

4 Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection [chapter]

2020 Security in Autonomous Driving  
As such, the MLbased anomaly detection represents one of the approaches that may be used within intrusion detection systems (IDSs) and is seen as one of future technologies for security in autonomous driving  ...  When the network and host security is concerned, anomaly detection represents discovering of unexpected breaches or intrusion attempts, while in the systems where reliability is very important (e.g., electrical  ...  IDS can be broadly divided into two categories: -Signature based -Anomaly based Signature-based intrusion detection assumes searching for the sequences of bytes, that is, "signature patterns" in a network  ... 
doi:10.1515/9783110629613-004 fatcat:rksoxiaohrg25obccn4vqvkxtm

Cyberattack detection in vehicles using characteristic functions, artificial neural networks, and visual analysis

Yannick Chevalier, Florian Fenzl, Maxim Kolomeets, Roland Rieke, Andrey Chechulin, Christoph Kraus
2021 Informatics and Automation  
Thus, it is important to ensure thatin-vehicle network monitoring includes the ability to accurately detect intrusive behavior andanalyze cyberattacks from vehicle data and vehicle logs in a privacy-friendly  ...  For thispurpose, we describe and evaluate a method that utilizes characteristic functions and compareit with an approach based on artificial neural networks.  ...  Furthermore, we work on a hybrid method where artificial neural networks are used offline to improve the rules of a rule-based in-vehicle IDS. Acknowledgements.  ... 
doi:10.15622/ia.20.4.4 fatcat:7igdhxvk25e4rornzedbsaqryu

Towards a Lightweight Intrusion Detection Framework for In-Vehicle Networks

Dheeraj Basavaraj, Shahab Tayeb
2022 Journal of Sensor and Actuator Networks  
In this article, an efficient model of an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is developed to detect anomalies in the vehicular system.  ...  The dataset used in this study is an In-Vehicle Network (IVN) communication protocol, i.e., Control Area Network (CAN) dataset generated in a real-time environment.  ...  [7] propose an intrusion detection system for monitoring control data and payload in CAN protocol with the target if detecting an anomaly in the system.  ... 
doi:10.3390/jsan11010006 fatcat:6nmpqevefzh77a2mh57vwmtmli

TTIDS: Transmission-resuming Time-based Intrusion Detection System for Controller Area Network (CAN)

Seyoung Lee, Hyo Jin Jo, Aram Cho, Dong Hoon Lee, Wonsuk Choi
2022 IEEE Access  
In this paper, we propose a Transmission-resuming Time-based IDS (TTIDS), which is designed to detect such attacks.  ...  In light of this, researchers are currently working to demonstrate remote vehicle maneuvering by compromising ECUs, and as a countermeasure to such malicious manipulation, to study automotive intrusion  ...  In the first step, suspension detection, TTIDS monitors the in-vehicle network to detect when an ECU is suspended.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2022.3174356 fatcat:7utxwh5sdvcbxdvy2kxfaawvyu

CAN Bus Intrusion Detection based on Auxiliary Classifier GAN and Out-of-Distribution Detection

Qingling Zhao, Mingqiang Chen, Zonghua Gu, Siyu Luan, Haibo Zeng, Samarjit Chakrabory
2022 ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems  
We address the problem of Intrusion Detection on the CAN bus, and present a series of methods based on two classifiers trained with Auxiliary Classifier Generative Adversarial Network (ACGAN) to detect  ...  The Controller Area Network (CAN) is a ubiquitous bus protocol present in the Electrical/Electronic (E/E) systems of almost all vehicles.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We would like to thank the authors of [42] for helpful discussions of their work, and for providing the public dataset for CAN bus intrusion detection [50] .  ... 
doi:10.1145/3540198 fatcat:wz5jtkrgizcndhb3e2ahjbbk6m

Anomaly detection of CAN bus messages through analysis of ID sequences

Mirco Marchetti, Dario Stabili
2017 2017 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV)  
This paper proposes a novel intrusion detection algorithm that aims to identify malicious CAN messages injected by attackers in the CAN bus of modern vehicles.  ...  Its detection performance are demonstrated through experiments carried out on real CAN traffic gathered from an unmodified licensed vehicle.  ...  of in-vehicle networks.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ivs.2017.7995934 dblp:conf/ivs/MarchettiS17 fatcat:xa3vro76cje4flch3nl5mkbckm
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