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Nonparametric methods in actigraphy: An update

Bruno S.B. Gonçalves, Paula R.A. Cavalcanti, Gracilene R. Tavares, Tania F. Campos, John F. Araujo
2014 Sleep Science  
Acknowledgments We thank CNPq -305290/2009-6 and FAPERN -20231195722003 for financial support. r e f e r e n c e s  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.slsci.2014.09.013 pmid:26483921 pmcid:PMC4559593 fatcat:hltrax6lmfhvzkhwtn6pms77ai

Effect of Rice Grain (Oryza sativa L.) Enrichment with Selenium on Foliar Leaf Gas Exchanges and Accumulation of Nutrients

Ana Coelho Marques, Fernando C. Lidon, Ana Rita F. Coelho, Cláudia Campos Pessoa, Inês Carmo Luís, Paula Scotti Campos, Manuela Simões, Ana Sofia Almeida, Maria F. Pessoa, Carlos Galhano, Mauro Guerra, Roberta G. Leitão (+13 others)
2021 Plants  
Acknowledgments: The authors give thanks to Paula Marques, Cátia Silva (COTARROZ) and Orivárzea (Orizicultores do Ribatejo, S.A.) for technical assistance.  ...  These findings were in line with the rise of the photochemical efficiency of photosystem II (F v /F m ), and a reduced F o [30] , thus showing that both leaf gas exchanges and chlorophyll fluorescence  ... 
doi:10.3390/plants10020288 pmid:33546440 fatcat:mu2kviyz4vb6bixaw7cerrqbaa

Utilização de paclobutrazol em vetiver na produção de mudas e seu efeito em plantas no campo

Arie F Blank, José WA de Paula, Maria de Fátima Arrigoni-Blank, Maria A Moreira
2009 Horticultura Brasileira  
No ensaio 2 foram avaliados três genótipos de vetiver e três modos de aplicação de paclobutrazol, sendo duas em mudas e uma em plantas em campo.  ...  O efeito de paclobutrazol foi avaliado na produção de mudas de genótipos de vetiver (ensaio 1) e após transplantio em campo (ensaio 2) visando a redução da altura da planta e o aumento da produção de perfilhos  ...  Utilização de paclobutrazol em vetiver na produção de mudas e seu efeito em plantas no campo Arie F Blank; José WA de Paula; Maria de Fátima Arrigoni-Blank; Maria A Moreira UFS-Dep to .  ... 
doi:10.1590/s0102-05362009000400005 fatcat:hf3udisktrbhfehvl74vbjzdrm

5′-Tailed sequencing primers improve sequencing quality of PCR products

Jonas Binladen, M. Thomas, P. Gilbert, Paula F. Campos, Eske Willerslev
2007 BioTechniques  
Gilbert, Paula F. Campos, and Eske Willerslev University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark BioTechniques 42:174-176 (February 2007) doi 10.2144/000112316 43.1 9.3 7.8 19.9 17.6 7.3 7.  ... 
doi:10.2144/000112316 pmid:17373481 fatcat:ppm3f775w5hzha5a2jxtjj6voq

A relação entre indecisão profissional e otimismo disposicional em adolescentes

Roberta Ramazotti F. Campos, Ana Paula P. Noronha
2016 Temas em Psicologia  
Resumo Auxiliar o jovem na compreensão das difi culdades da indecisão profi ssional para que ele realize uma escolha madura e bem ajustada é um importante objetivo da Orientação Profi ssional (OP). O presente trabalho pretendeu relacionar indecisão profi ssional e otimismo em jovens aprendizes e estudantes do Ensino Médio/Técnico. Participaram 250 jovens que frequentam cursos de ensino técnico-profi ssional, concomitantemente (Grupo 1) ou não com (Grupo 2), o Ensino Médio. Os instrumentos
more » ... ados foram Inventário de Levantamento das Difi culdades da Decisão Profi ssional (IDDP) e Revised Life Orientation Test Brasil (LOT-R Brasil). Foram observadas correlações negativas de baixa magnitude entre os fatores referentes à indecisão profi ssional e otimismo. Os grupos de diferenciaram em relação a três fatores do IDDP, sendo que o Grupo 2 obteve médias maiores para esses resultados. Em relação ao sexo, os homens tiveram maior média que as mulheres para dois fatores do IDDP, mostrando tendência a maiores difi culdades no processo de decisão por uma profi ssão. Os resultados demonstraram que os índices de otimismo foram maiores que os de pessimismo, e que a indecisão profi ssional está mais presente em indivíduos pessimistas, sugerindo que indivíduos mais seguros estão mais preparados para realizar a escolha por uma profi ssão. Palavras-chave: Otimismo, indecisão profi ssional, adolescentes, orientação profi ssional, psicologia positiva. Abstract Assist young people in understanding the diffi culties in career decision for him to perform a mature and well-adjusted choice is an important goal of the Vocational Guidance (VG). This paper intended to relate vocational indecision and optimism in young learners and students of high school/Technical. Participated 250 young people attending courses in technical and vocational education, concomitantly (Group 1) or not (Group 2), the High School. The instruments used were the Inventário de Levantamento das Difi culdades da Decisão Profi ssional (IDDP) and Revised Life Orientation Test Brasil (LOT-R Brasil). Negative low correlations between factors related to vocational indecision and optimism were observed. The groups differed in relation to three factors IDDP, and Group 2 had higher averages for 1 Endereço para correspondência: Rua Alexandre Rodrigues Barbosa,
doi:10.9788/tp2016.1-15 fatcat:patqtmkfavakfb2angcizsc5cq

Do the Brazilian sardine commercial landings respond to local ocean circulation?

Mainara B. Gouveia, Douglas F. M. Gherardi, Carlos A. D. Lentini, Daniela F. Dias, Paula C. Campos, Guoqi Han
2017 PLoS ONE  
OPEN ACCESS Citation: Gouveia MB, Gherardi DFM, Lentini CAD, Dias DF, Campos PC (2017) Do the Brazilian sardine commercial landings respond to local ocean circulation? PLoS ONE 12(5): e0176808.  ...  Seasonal SST (˚C) means in the SBB for summer (top maps) and winter (bottom maps) resulting from ROMS (A and D), extracted from AVHRR (B and E) data and the differences ROMS minus AVHRR (C and F).  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0176808 pmid:28489925 pmcid:PMC5425177 fatcat:razhbgjklfgrnmwhv7idz4tuzu

Landscape of heart proteome changes in a diet-induced obesity model

Danielle F. Vileigas, Victoria M. Harman, Paula P. Freire, Cecília L. C. Marciano, Paula G. Sant'Ana, Sérgio L. B. de Souza, Gustavo A. F. Mota, Vitor L. da Silva, Dijon H. S. Campos, Carlos R. Padovani, Katashi Okoshi, Robert J. Beynon (+2 others)
2019 Scientific Reports  
Obesity is a pandemic associated with a high incidence of cardiovascular disease; however, the mechanisms are not fully elucidated. Proteomics may provide a more in-depth understanding of the pathophysiological mechanisms and contribute to the identification of potential therapeutic targets. Thus, our study evaluated myocardial protein expression in healthy and obese rats, employing two proteomic approaches. Male Wistar rats were established in two groups (n = 13/group): control diet and
more » ... diet fed for 41 weeks. Obesity was determined by the adipose index, and cardiac function was evaluated in vivo by echocardiogram and in vitro by isolated papillary muscle analysis. Proteomics was based on two-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2-DE) along with mass spectrometry identification, and shotgun proteomics with label-free quantification. The Western diet was efficient in triggering obesity and impaired contractile function in vitro; however, no cardiac dysfunction was observed in vivo. The combination of two proteomic approaches was able to increase the cardiac proteomic map and to identify 82 differentially expressed proteins involved in different biological processes, mainly metabolism. Furthermore, the data also indicated a cardiac alteration in fatty acids transport, antioxidant defence, cytoskeleton, and proteasome complex, which have not previously been associated with obesity. Thus, we define a robust alteration in the myocardial proteome of diet-induced obese rats, even before functional impairment could be detected in vivo by echocardiogram.
doi:10.1038/s41598-019-54522-2 pmid:31792287 pmcid:PMC6888820 fatcat:3bipmqc3p5dnfcmunt5zssi2hy

Precision Agriculture as Input for the Rice Grain (Oryza sativa L.) Biofortification with Selenium

Ana Coelho Marques, Cláudia Campos Pessoa, Diana Daccak, Inês Carmo Luís, Ana Rita F. Coelho, João Caleiro, Paula Scotti Campos, Ana Sofia Almeida, Manuela Simões, Maria Graça Brito, José Carlos Kullberg, Maria Fernanda Pessoa (+8 others)
2021 Biology and Life Sciences Forum  
Author Contributions: Acknowledgments: The authors give thanks to Paula Marques, Cátia Silva (COTArroz) and Orivárzea (Orizicultores do Ribatejo, S.A.) for technical assistance.  ... 
doi:10.3390/iecag2021-10019 fatcat:mglyaeh27rgwtjgwuxcm5gv7ky

Quantification and Tissue Localization of Selenium in Rice (Oryza sativa L., Poaceae) Grains: A Perspective of Agronomic Biofortification

Ana Coelho Marques, Fernando C. Lidon, Ana Rita F. Coelho, Cláudia Campos Pessoa, Inês Carmo Luís, Paula Scotti-Campos, Manuela Simões, Ana Sofia Almeida, Paulo Legoinha, Maria Fernanda Pessoa, Carlos Galhano, Mauro A. M. Guerra (+15 others)
2020 Plants  
Acknowledgments: Authors thanks to Paula Marques, Cátia Silva (COTARROZ) and Orivárzea (Orizicultores do Ribatejo, S.A.) for technical assistance.  ... 
doi:10.3390/plants9121670 pmid:33260543 fatcat:byvzh3rggbanvgcbq4wzx6teea

Perfil nutricional e cardiovascular de ratos normotensos e hipertensos sob dieta hiperlipídica

Silvio A. Oliveira Júnior, Katashi Okoshi, Ana Paula Lima-Leopoldo, André S. Leopoldo, Dijon H.S. Campos, Paula F. Martinez, Marina P. Okoshi, Carlos R. Padovani, Maeli Dal Pai-Silva, Antonio C. Cicogna
2009 Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia  
Although a high fat diet (HFD) promotes nutritional and heart disorders, few studies have assessed its influence in normotensive Wistar-Kyoto rats (WKY) and spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR). Objective: To evaluate and compare the nutritional and cardiovascular profiles of WKY and SHR on a high fat diet. Methods: 20 WKY and 20 SHR were divided into four groups: Control-WKY (C-WKY), HFD-WKY, Control-SHR (C-SHR) and HFD-SHR. The C and HFD groups received, respectively, a normocaloric diet and
more » ... a HFD for 20 weeks. The following features were evaluated: body weight (BW), adiposity, blood glucose, serum lipids, with measurements of total cholesterol and triacylglycerol levels, insulin and leptin. The cardiovascular study included the systolic blood pressure (SBP), a cardiopulmonary anatomical evaluation, an echocardiography and heart histology. Results: The SHR had BW, adiposity, glucose, cholesterol, triacylglycerol, leptin and insulin levels lower than the WKY. In SHR, the caloric intake increased with HFD. In WKY, the HFD increased energy efficiency, adiposity and blood leptin, and reduced glucose. In the cardiovascular assessment, the SHR had SBP, pulmonary moisture, myocardial hypertrophy and interstitial fibrosis higher than the WKY (p <0.01); the cardiac function was similar in both strains. The HFD reduced the ventricular systolic diameter in the WKY and increased the mitral E/A ratio, the diastolic thickness of the interventricular septum and the posterior wall, as well as the interstitial fibrosis of the left ventricle. (Arq Bras Cardiol 2009; 93(5) : 487-494) Conclusion: Although it had not significantly affected the nutritional profile of the SHR, the treatment increased cardiac remodeling and precipitated the emergence of ventricular diastolic dysfunction. In WKY, the diet increased adiposity and leptinemia, and promoted non-significant cardiovascular changes. Arq Bras Cardiol 2009; 93(5) : 487-494 Oliveira Júnior et al High-fat diet, nutrition and heart profiles Original Article Arq Bras Cardiol 2009; 93(5) : 487-494 Oliveira Júnior et al High-fat diet, nutrition and heart profiles
doi:10.1590/s0066-782x2009001100014 pmid:20084315 fatcat:5megzmalcnhzrnrvb53kr5c6cm

Declining genetic diversity of European honeybees along the twentieth century

Gonçalo Espregueira Themudo, Alba Rey-Iglesia, Lucía Robles Tascón, Annette Bruun Jensen, Rute R. da Fonseca, Paula F. Campos
2020 Scientific Reports  
Total genomic DNA was extracted using the non-destructive method described in Gilbert et al. 20 and detailed in Campos and Gilbert 21 .  ...  We used F-statistics to investigate the genetic distance between the populations observed in NGSadmix. Reynold weighted F ST 41 was calculated using ANGSD, for each of the subgroups defined above.  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41598-020-67370-2 pmid:32601293 fatcat:xzoa3cybofearpmrfeduuktgwa

Enrichment of Grapes with Zinc-Efficiency of Foliar Fertilization with ZnSO4 and ZnO and Implications on Winemaking

Diana Daccak, Fernando C. Lidon, Cláudia Campos Pessoa, Inês Carmo Luís, Ana Rita F. Coelho, Ana Coelho Marques, José C. Ramalho, Maria José Silva, Ana Paula Rodrigues, Mauro Guerra, Roberta G. Leitão, Paula Scotti Campos (+10 others)
2022 Plants  
Moscatel (D-F).  ...  In the vineyard of Lau Novo (Figure 1C ,F; Table 1 ) only 1/3 of the field has suitable conditions for surface water infiltration.  ... 
doi:10.3390/plants11111399 pmid:35684172 fatcat:kgbeh327zbavbeyx2ox3zh7db4

Sympathetic overactivity occurs before hypertension in the two-kidney, one-clip model

Elizabeth B. Oliveira-Sales, Eduardo Colombari, Ana Paula Abdala, Ruy R. Campos, Julian F. R. Paton
2015 Experimental Physiology  
clipping in rats, the 2K1C group showed a significant increase in renal SNA (and arterial pressure) when compared with the control group in urethane anaesthetized rats (Oliveira-Sales et al. 2008 , Campos  ...  sympathetic nerve activity (tSNA), [B] peak of amplitude of tSNA burst, [C] area of tSNA burst during inspiration and expiration, [D] phrenic nerve activity (PN), [E] peak of amplitude of PN burst and [F]  ... 
doi:10.1113/ep085390 pmid:26537847 pmcid:PMC4718893 fatcat:ukdxujezcfcwrn77rcte3e3z74

Augmented plasma microparticles during acute Plasmodium vivax infection

Fernanda MF Campos, Bernardo S Franklin, Andréa Teixeira-Carvalho, Agnaldo LS Filho, Sálua CO de Paula, Cor J Fontes, Cristiana F Brito, Luzia H Carvalho
2010 Malaria Journal  
levels g/dL, median (range) 13.26 (9.7-16.6) Platelet counts ×1000/mm 3 , median (range) 115 (53-208) Leukocyte counts ×100/mm 3 , median (range) 52 (23-117) Haematocrit %, median (range) 41 (32.2-50.6) Campos  ... 
doi:10.1186/1475-2875-9-327 pmid:21080932 pmcid:PMC2998527 fatcat:6xlvn6cfpzce3froymdlyvad4m

X-DLVO Interactions between nanocolloidal magnetic particles: the quantitative interpretation of the pH-dependent phase diagram of EDL-MF

A. F. C. Campos, E. P. Marinho, M. de A. Ferreira, F. A. Tourinho, F. L. de O. Paula, J. Depeyrot
2009 Brazilian journal of physics  
According to the Two-pK model, the surface charge density (σ 0 ) can be calculated as [12] : σ 0 (pH) = F A V 10 −2pH − 10 −(pK 1 +pK 2 ) 10 −2pH + 10 −(pH+pK 1 ) + 10 −(pK 1 +pK 2 ) C T , (5) where F  ... 
doi:10.1590/s0103-97332009000200018 fatcat:3ygum7ocyfh7jdlozz375ividy
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