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Patches of Peace: Tiny Signs of Agency in Digital Games

Cindy Poremba
2003 Conference of the Digital Games Research Association  
This paper explores player authorship in digital games through the rhetoric of select peace-themed game modifications.  ...  The reworking of original game materials is an integral part of game culture that cannot be ignored in the study of these games.  ...  Two distinctive player artifacts are examined: Tiny Signs of Hope 1 , a collection of peace posters in the Sims; and Velvet-Strike 2 , a In recent years, digital games have become a prominent part of the  ... 
dblp:conf/digra/Poremba03 fatcat:q4lktesnubgotclergax4k7bqu

Peace, Land, and Bread: A Scholarly Journal of Revolutionary Theory and Practice #3

Ben Stahnke, Taylor Genovese, Christian Noakes, Samuel Parry, Amal Samaha, Jackson Albert Mann, Lucas Huang, Mark LaRubio, Sergio Dias Branco, Jarrod Grammel, Ethan Deere, Joe Dwyer (+23 others)
Peace, Land, and Bread is a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal edited and produced by the CCS—an international research center dedicated to public scholarship and grassroots research in the field of applied  ...  The journal is both transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary in scope, and draws from various fields such as ecology, education, sociology, and law as they intersect with radical political theory and contemporary  ...  I've learned to read his scribblesthe tiny writing of 80 names and 40 empty spaces.  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.13577717.v1 fatcat:cwyycd7vmfcytpsfz5o6vsyora

Threads and Stitches of Peace-Understanding What Makes Ghana an Oasis of Peace

Hippolyt Akow Saamwan, Pul
2015 Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences   unpublished
women who take part in these really competitive political game.  ...  Another worrying sign in the educational sector as it relates to its contribution to peace is the intrusion of politics into academia.  ...  This was then used in the following steps for selecting Polling Areas as the sites for the conduct of the study: Step 4: A six digit random number less than or equal to the SI i.e. 280,634 was generated  ... 

Narrative Mechanics: Strategies and Meanings in Games and Real Life [article]

Beat Suter, René Bauer, Mela Kocher, Et Al.
2021 Zenodo  
They occur as texts, recipes, stories, dramas in three acts, movies, videos, tweets, journeys of heroes, but also as rewarding stories in games and as narratives in society – such as a career from rags  ...  Below their surface, however, narrative mechanics are a particular type of motivational design – of game mechanics.  ...  (Götz 2019: 207) Thus began a narrative mode of unwritten laws which still dominate the design of digital games today: in the vast majority of cases, progress in the plot of a digital game is equated  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5821920 fatcat:t3hd6qe2prc4rfstaepnrwssbi

Nationalism-as-Technology and Peace in Europe, 1815-1914

Gustavo De Las Casas
This study offers a theory in which nationalism is not only conducive to war -which is the conventional wisdom-, but also brings peace to entire groupings of states under a specific set of conditions.  ...  When everyone has the same technology (i.e. when all countries are similarly endowed with nationalism), peace is cemented because countries mutually deter each other from launching wars of conquest.  ...  In the case of computer programs, we know that they exist as sets of 1's and 0's, however tiny, inside memory chips of silicon.  ... 
doi:10.7916/d8w095b2 fatcat:ubjvcy4cirf2hcrn7n3ti2sjk4

Fluid ontologies in the search for MH370

Lindsay Bremner
2014 Journal of the Indian Ocean Region  
It was briefly a member of the FTSE 100 before a fall in the share price in 2010 and  ...  Acknowledgements I would like to thank Lorenzo Pezzani and Christian Bueger for the opportunity to present earlier versions of this paper at 'In Dialogue / 3' at The Bartlett, University College London  ...  Pings are like whispered messages in a game of broken telephone.  ... 
doi:10.1080/19480881.2014.985899 fatcat:m3gxijkcb5dxjpyy7ndha2tnzq

Toni Cade Bambara's vulnerable men [chapter]

Tuula Kolehmainen
2021 Mediating Vulnerability  
Her book The Unconcept: The Freudian uncanny in contemporary theory (2011) is a systematic genealogy of the uncanny.  ...  More recently, she has published a volume on the Interview as Creative Practice with Rebecca Roach (Special issue of Biography) and she edited Writing Manuals for the Masses (2020) with Dirk de Geest.  ...  The earlier of these two summer schools, 'Contemporary Genre and Media Interactions', took place in Leuven in June 2016, with generous support from Belspo (Belgian Science Agency) and KU Leuven.  ... 
doi:10.2307/j.ctv1nnwhjt.9 fatcat:zmcuw3h2wrfczih4jow5sh4f6a

Managing American Wildlife: A History of the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

Craig W. Allin, Dian Olson Belanger
1990 American Historical Review  
Game and Fish Wardens and Commissioners (predecessor), 11, 18 National Association of Photographic Manufacturers, 231 National Biological Survey (NBS).  ...  September 10-11 September 24-26 September 14-16 September 19-22 September 10-14 September 8-11 September 11-14 September 14-18 * Meetings Postponed, 1942 -1945 Year National Association of  ...  With the resumption of peace, hunting and fishing pressures were suddenly, sharply up.  ... 
doi:10.2307/2163930 fatcat:bneoxlh6crde7grmmn5q22v6r4

14. From Transmedia Storytelling to Transmedia Experience Star Wars Celebration as a Crossover/Hierarchical Space [chapter]

Matt Hills, Dan Hassler-Forest, Sean Guynes
2018 Star Wars and the History of Transmedia Storytelling  
The book series Transmedia: Participatory Culture and Media Convergence provides a platform for cutting-edge research in the field of media studies, with a strong focus on the impact of digitization, globalization  ...  The term 'media convergence' relates to the complex ways in which the production, distribution, and consumption of contemporary media are affected by digitization, while 'participatory culture' refers  ...  games made before the 2000s (2003 saw the launch of the first console patch).  ... 
doi:10.1515/9789048537433-017 fatcat:t2zt62v5rfd5pglz3ap4gna6hu

Kodak Moments, Flashbulb Memories: Reflections on 9/11

Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett
2003 TDR: The Drama Review  
At a banquet given by a nobleman of Thessaly named Scopas, the poet Simonides of Ceos chanted a lyric poem in honour of his host but including a passage in praise of Castor and Pollux.  ...  During his absence the roof of the banqueting hall fell in, crushing Scopas and all the guests to death beneath the ruins; the corpses were so mangled that the relatives who came to take them away for  ...  Lost are the art collections and records of some 500 organizations, firms, and agencies that were located in the World Trade Center.  ... 
doi:10.1162/105420403321249983 fatcat:e26smzxkirajtcggykjp6jeylq

Quis Custodiet ipsos Custodes?

Sean Peisert, Matt Bishop, Laura Corriss, Steven J. Greenwald
2009 Proceedings of the 2009 workshop on New security paradigms workshop - NSPW '09  
At NSPW 2009 we presented a panel simulation using four analysts in order to demonstrate how security paradigms constrain perceptions and points of view, and how the combination of the different paradigms  ...  At NSPW 2009 we presented a panel simulation using four analysts in order to demonstrate how security paradigms constrain perceptions and points of view, and how the combination of the different paradigms  ...  A bug in the cryptography: the memory cards containing the ballots are digitally signed. First, a SHA-1 hash of the contents of the memory is computed.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1719030.1719041 dblp:conf/nspw/PeisertBCG09 fatcat:kwjco7yyz5gcrixvebjwz35gpi

Media & Democracy: Recent Experiences from Canada and Mexico-An Introduction

Manuel Alejandro Guerrero, Paul Nesbitt-Larking
2010 Policy & Society  
In the current era of globalization, the CRTC, the CBC and other public agencies in Canada have all been weakened (Nesbitt-Larking, 2007; Taras, 1999) .  ...  ), far from being divided in terms of a democracy, is ''fragmented'' into different patches and levels among the actors.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.polsoc.2009.11.001 fatcat:4fbaihkt3ba57d4myo44ivmtky

Pacific Journalism Monographs No 2: Coups, conflicts and human rights

David Robie
2012 Pacific Journalism Monographs Te Koakoa Ngā Rangahau  
Truth, censorship, ethics and corporate integrity are increasingly critical media issues in the digital age for a region faced with coups, conflicts and human rights violations, such as in Fiji and West  ...  In this monograph, Professor David Robie reflects on the challenges in the context of the political economy of the media and journalism education in the Asia-Pacific region.  ...  Olympic Games in Montreal, Canada.  ... 
doi:10.24135/pjm.v0i2.3 fatcat:5mwg3tewa5dh3occiihmjik73i

Economic Inequality and the Right to Social Security: Contested Meanings and Potential Roles [chapter]

Beth Goldblatt
2021 Human Rights and Economic Inequalities  
expenditure-grows-18-trillion-2018. 2 See 3 The statement by the Global Campaign on Military Spending (http  ...  , as seven votes out of 193 is a tiny minority.  ...  The high-frequency traders take advantage of tiny differences in prices to book profits at the expense of retail investors with slower execution speeds.  ... 
doi:10.1017/9781009006545.012 fatcat:xpdvzal26bhldjd5v3atwecxoq

Privacy on the line: the politics of wiretapping and encryption

1998 ChoiceReviews  
The patch is in fact a vulnerability.  ...  the US-Vietnam peace talks in Paris.  ...  in nineteenth century, 177 operation of, 131-133 and organized crime, 189-192, 194, 209, 369-370 in police textbooks, 392 political purposes in, 184-185, 195-198 reporting of, 372 roving, 203, 203,  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.35-6456 fatcat:zlca7qql2ffevobnzs5qckmyqq
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