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Motor Recovery After Stroke: From a Vespa Scooter Ride Over the Roman Sampietrini to Focal Muscle Vibration (fMV) Treatment. A 99mTc-HMPAO SPECT and Neurophysiological Case Study

Massimiliano Toscano, Maria Ricci, Claudia Celletti, Marco Paoloni, Marco Ruggiero, Alessandro Viganò, Tommaso B. Jannini, Alberto Altarocca, Mauro Liberatore, Filippo Camerota, Vittorio Di Piero
2020 Frontiers in Neurology  
In conclusion, the substrate of post-stroke motor recovery induced by fMV involves a concurrently acting multisite plasticity (i.e., cortical and spinal plasticity).  ...  After fMV treatment, we observed a clinically relevant motor and functional improvement, as assessed by comparing the post-treatment changes in the score of the Fugl-Meyer assessment, the Motricity Index  ...  However, the fMV treatment showed a plasticity-dependent increase of perfusion as a marker of reactivation of functionally impaired circuits within the motor network (44) .  ... 
doi:10.3389/fneur.2020.567833 pmid:33281704 pmcid:PMC7705992 fatcat:gzws2swboralfdoeb7xfvodx3u

Applications of Shape Memory Alloys for Neurology and Neuromuscular Rehabilitation

Simone Pittaccio, Lorenzo Garavaglia, Carlo Ceriotti, Francesca Passaretti
2015 Journal of Functional Biomaterials  
Considering patients in the sub-acute phase after a neurological lesion, and possibly bedridden, the paper presents a mobiliser for the ankle joint, which is designed exploiting the SME to provide passive  ...  Our group has applied SMA in the field of neuromuscular rehabilitation, designing some new devices based on the mentioned SMA properties: in particular, a new type of orthosis for spastic limb repositioning  ...  Clinical trials on the pseudoelastic hinges and the portable ankle mobiliser were carried out at Clinical Research Institute "E. Medea", Bosisio Parini, Italy (S. Strazzer, E. Beretta, E. Molteni).  ... 
doi:10.3390/jfb6020328 pmid:26023790 pmcid:PMC4493515 fatcat:psberae33zfhzndjoqvutpjgqi

A Review of Robot-Assisted Lower-Limb Stroke Therapy: Unexplored Paths and Future Directions in Gait Rehabilitation

Bradley Hobbs, Panagiotis Artemiadis
2020 Frontiers in Neurorobotics  
This review intends to observe those perspectives through three different lenses: the goal and type of interaction, the physical implementation, and the sensorimotor pathways targeted by robotic devices  ...  While some of the current methods for robot-assisted rehabilitation have had many positive and promising outcomes, there is moderate evidence of improvement in walking and motor recovery using robotic  ...  Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) depolarizes cortical nerve membranes and discharges groups of neurons by an induced magnetic field near the cortex of the brain (Lamontagne et al., 2007) .  ... 
doi:10.3389/fnbot.2020.00019 pmid:32351377 pmcid:PMC7174593 fatcat:yqy5t3yd25elbcxgtmw5gwiooa

Abstracts European Congress of NeuroRehabilitation 2019

EFNR The European Federation of NeuroRehabilitation Societies, Muresanu, D.
2019 Neurologie und Rehabilitation  
The World Federation for NeuroRehabilitation (WFNR) is a partner organization of the European Federation of NeuroRehabilitation Societies and strongly supports the European-wide approach of the EFNR in  ...  all global matters 5 th EUROPEAN CONGRESS OF NEUROREHABILITATION (ECNR)  ...  Conclusion: Manual therapy combined with CPM device therapy improved the clinical parameters of the paretic ankle-foot and the ankle passive movement increased contralateral and ipsilateral cortical activation  ... 
doi:10.14624/nr1912001 fatcat:gzw5qlbn5rgfvg26ff5lal5l5q

How Wearable Sensors Can Support Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis and Treatment: A Systematic Review

Erika Rovini, Carlo Maremmani, Filippo Cavallo
2017 Frontiers in Neuroscience  
that involves both locomotor networks and cortical areas (Delval et al., 2014) .  ...  parameters, such as joint range of motion, ankle dorsiflexion, finger flexion, etc., and investigated the benefit of using such kind of features in artificial intelligence algorithms.  ...  Copyright © 2017 Rovini, Maremmani and Cavallo. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY).  ... 
doi:10.3389/fnins.2017.00555 pmid:29056899 pmcid:PMC5635326 fatcat:iizmav6sn5dxvbgkat2dm6mt6e

Neural Rehabilitation

Maurizio Corbetta, Susan M. Fitzpatrick
2011 Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair  
NNR is an international, peer-reviewed publication sponsored by the American Society of Neurorehabilitation and the World Federation for NeuroRehabilitation with its component national societies.  ...  3S 65 215 335 Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair (NNR) serves clinicians and researchers with an interest in the clinical science and practice of neurological rehabilitation.  ...  Acknowledgments The editors and the contributors thank Brent Dolezalek of the James S. McDonnell FOLmdation for his dedication and commitment to this project.  ... 
doi:10.1177/1545968311402092 pmid:21613533 pmcid:PMC4082428 fatcat:ymezxpybkrb47gfl6yxhtfgm6m

Abstracts of the 4th World Congress for NeuroRehabilitation

2006 Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair  
This model starts off with early diagnosis of DD through various screening tests conducted by the Family Health Service and the Student Health Service.  ...  Multidisciplinary intervention of DD involves training by physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and clinical psychologists.  ...  In my talk, first, I demonstrate neuroimaging evidence that the motor network of cortical motor areas and cerebellum participates in the kinesthetic processing.  ... 
doi:10.1177/1545968305284198 fatcat:v4iywckx4bdbhiyoxugkmpkbky

Sex Differences in Motor Unit Discharge Rates at Maximal and Submaximal Levels of Force Output

J Greig Inglis, David A. Gabriel
2020 Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism  
Forty-eight, 24 females and 24 males, performed isometric dorsiflexion contractions at 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100% of a maximum voluntary contraction (MVC).  ...  Analysis of the sub-set of strength matched males and females suggest that sex differences in MU behaviour may be a result of females needing to generate greater neural drive to achieve fused tetanus.  ...  by!NIH!R01!NS053813!and!T32!EB009! INTRODUCTION:!Cortical!inhibitory!systems!play!an!important!role!in!motor!function.!The!motor!cortex!can!be! inhibited!by!peripheral!sensory!inputs!and!by!  ... 
doi:10.1139/apnm-2019-0958 pmid:32338038 fatcat:guar3mepqbe3vdn7gpsbhelrfa


2015 Journal of athletic training  
Influence of Hip Strength on Lower Extremity Kinematics Differs Among Functional Tasks Nguyen A, Crisafulli GA, Keith JL, Baellow AL, Boling MC: High Point University, High Point, NC, and University of  ...  ankle arthrometer; 2) weight bearing ankle dorsiflexion range of motion (WB-DF) using the weight bearing lunge test; and 3) open kinetic chain goniometric measurements of active ankle dorsiflexion (OKC-DF  ...  Disease oriented outcomes were assessed by measuring ankle dorsiflexion range of motion (ROM) using the weight-bearing lunge test (WBLT).  ... 
doi:10.4085/1062-6050-50.6.s1 pmid:26087075 pmcid:PMC4538722 fatcat:bbycuhe65vhuxleebfchcm52ay

Abstracts of the 16th Annual Meeting of The Israel Society for Neuroscience: Eilat, Israel, November 25–27, 2007

2007 Neural Plasticity  
The primary goal of the society was to promote and disseminate the knowledge and understanding acquired by its members, and to strengthen interactions between them.  ...  The Israel Society for Neuroscience—ISFN—was founded in 1993 by a group of Israeli leading scientists conducting research in the area of neurobiology.  ...  The effects of music background on sleep efficiency, anxiety and depression in Schizophrenia patients  ... 
doi:10.1155/2007/30585 pmid:25148070 pmcid:PMC2366074 fatcat:u4tjfw6shnaxpnzwezieeiqnpm

Uremic neuropathy: Clinical features and new pathophysiological insights

Arun V. Krishnan, Matthew C. Kiernan
2007 Muscle and Nerve  
The degree of depolarization correlates with serum K ϩ , suggesting that chronic hyperkalemic depolarization plays an important role in the development of nerve dysfunction in ESKD.  ...  The condition is of insidious onset, progressing over months. and has been estimated to be present in 60%-100% of patients on dialysis.  ...  The authors thank the patient and his family for their cooperation, Prof. H.H. Goebel for helpful discussions, and A. Zwirner, C. Eckert, and R. Herrmann for technical assistance. The article was  ... 
doi:10.1002/mus.20713 pmid:17195171 fatcat:koiq4d7u7bb7fgeroufw267lka

Abstracts: 6th World Congress of the international society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in June 12-16, 2011, San Juan, Puerto Rico

2011 Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine  
ACTION OBSERVATION IN STROKE PATIENTS: INVESTIGATING THE NEUROPHySIOLOGICAL EFFECTS USING EEG  ...  of the ankle, and the passive range of motion (PROM) of ankle dorsiflexion.  ...  Blood pressure and heart rate were measured by the automated sphygmomanometer.  ... 
doi:10.2340/16501977-0842 fatcat:kagqucdnuncvljk535slbn3wve

Oral Sessions / Thursday, 31 May 2007

2007 Cerebrovascular Diseases  
Importantly, the disruption of early steps of platelet activation was not accompanied by an increase in ICH as revealed by MRI.  ...  Fibrinolysis, probably by reperfusion, plays an important role in the increase in the number of EPCs in acute ischemic stroke.  ...  controls underwent FMRI at 3.0T (EPI TR=3000ms, TE=30ms, FOV=256x256, matrix=64x64) during active and passive ankle dorsiflexion movement.  ... 
doi:10.1159/000103852 fatcat:unpwf6oaxnf65lse3zdwncsxgm

Extended Oral Antibiotic Prophylaxis in High-Risk Patients Substantially Reduces Primary Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty 90-Day Infection Rate

Avinash Inabathula, Julian E. Dilley, Mary Ziemba-Davis, Lucian C. Warth, Khalid A. Azzam, Philip H. Ireland, R. Michael Meneghini
2018 Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. American volume  
Procedures were performed at two facilities, an inpatient hospital where a spirit level was utilized to aid in cup positioning and an ambulatory facility where the spirit level could not be sterilized.  ...  Less than half of patients with isolated, full-thickness tears are reconstructed, and repair of the PCL is rarely attempted.  ...  ° of improvement in the dorsiflexion angle of the ankle.  ... 
doi:10.2106/jbjs.17.01485 fatcat:2sfka3hjgfadjbcybn6rbmmn2a

2013 Canadian Stroke Congress Abstracts

2013 Stroke  
Clot length was measured on CTA at 3mm and 24mm-slices in the axial and coronal plane by:1) measuring the non-visualized segment of M1-MCA and 2) calculating ratio of residual lumen length within M1-MCA  ...  Results: Across a number of AIS imaging sequences and in volunteers, the combination of CS and the SENSE PI method performed the best of the evaluated acceleration techniques.  ...  Reasons for the relatively low response rate have yet to be explored. Transition to the BCOS was supported by the psychometric properties of the scale and feedback from clinicians.  ... 
doi:10.1161/01.str.0000438095.11293.72 fatcat:wuapkkr73zcvbga266lrkjwdwy
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