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Partition semantics for relations

Stavros S. Cosmadakis, Paris C. Kanellakis, Nicolas Spyratos
1986 Journal of computer and system sciences (Print)  
We use set-theoretic partitions to assign semantics to relation schemes, relations, and dependencies.  ...  Finally, we provide a polynomial time test for consistency of a set of relations with a set of PDs.  ...  Thus attributes play the critical role in determining partition semantics for many relation schemes.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0022-0000(86)90019-x fatcat:ojyqnaxe75hapktquqdf4ndi6q

A lexical metaschema for the UMLS semantic network

Li Zhang, Yehoshua Perl, Michael Halper, James Geller, George Hripcsak
2005 Artificial Intelligence in Medicine  
The comparison between the lexical partition and the semantic partition shows that they have very low similarity.  ...  Objective: A metaschema is a high-level abstraction network of the UMLS's Semantic Network (SN) obtained from a partition of the SN's collection of semantic types.  ...  Acknowledgement We thank the anonymous reviewers for their insightful remarks which helped to enhance this work.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.artmed.2004.06.002 pmid:15617981 fatcat:cfm2s5qi4nd73exhsncrzpqnvu

Automatic Annotation of Content-Rich HTML Documents: Structural and Semantic Analysis [chapter]

Saikat Mukherjee, Guizhen Yang, I. V. Ramakrishnan
2003 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
framework for automatically partitioning such documents into semantic structures.  ...  Although RDF/XML has been widely recognized as the standard vehicle for representing semantic information on the Web, an enormous amount of semantic data is still being encoded in HTML documents that are  ...  The authors would like to thank Wenfang Tan for implementing the algorithms and collecting experimental results.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-39718-2_34 fatcat:jiniq3arojcbnh4ucvohevjmiq

Ontology for Task-Based Clinical Guidelines and the Theory of Granular Partitions [chapter]

Anand Kumar, Barry Smith
2003 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We used as our starting point a DAML+OIL-based ontology for the WHO guideline for hypertension management, comparing this with related guidelines and attempting to show that TGP provides a flexible and  ...  The theory of granular partitions (TGP) is a new approach to the understanding of ontologies and other classificatory systems.  ...  A4: If two cells within a partition overlap, then one is a subcell of the other. These axioms relate to a granular partition as a system of cells.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-39907-0_10 fatcat:r5xvkelwxfdqblzlosmmy3othy

Data Partitioning for Semantic Web

Trupti Padiya, Mohit Ahir, Minal Bhise, Sanjay Chaudhary
2014 International journal of computer and communication technology  
An experiment is devised to show effect of data partitioning technique on query performance. It demonstrates the query performance analysis for partitioning techniques applied.  ...  Semantic web database is an RDF database. Tremendous increase can be seen in semantic web data, as real life applications of semantic web are using this data.  ...  RELATED WORK Partitioning data for semantic web ensures better performance is stated by Daniel Abadi where he shows that a vertical partitioned schema achieves similar performance to the property IV  ... 
doi:10.47893/ijcct.2014.1247 fatcat:2at2f6u6qzbmvojx6sv2pysibm

On the Status of the Partitive Determiner in Italian [chapter]

Gianluca Storto
2003 Current issues in linguistic theory  
and University of Rochester 2 As will become clear later in the paper, this does not mean that I agree with Chierchia's proposal that BPs are partitive NPs.  ...  the semantics of the partitive relation and with the semantics of the definite article.  ...  For present purposes it is only relevant that something in the structure of partitives provides the partitive relation, be it a null relational noun or the partitive preposition.  ... 
doi:10.1075/cilt.245.19sto fatcat:nkr3wobaerazberoutyoouvgra

Indexing and searching structure for multimedia database systems

ShuChing Chen, Srinivas Sista, Mei-Ling Shyu, Rangasami L. Kashyap, Minerva M. Yeung, Boon-Lock Yeo, Charles A. Bouman
1999 Storage and Retrieval for Media Databases 2000  
A WSM is a multimedia database searching structure to model the temporal and spatial relations of semantic objects so that multimedia database queries related to the objects' temporal and spatial relations  ...  A Simultaneous Partition and Class Parameter Estimation (SPCPE) algorithm that considers the problem of video frame segmentation as a joint estimation of the partition and class parameter variables has  ...  Web spatial relation model for semantic objects. Ordered links with number 1 (arrows) and number 2 (dashed arrows) point to the semantic objects and target semantic object node (Ground).  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.373557 dblp:conf/spieSR/ChenSSK00 fatcat:t63a5fihbfhkxp6vze7zjedgpa

2D Arrangement-based Hierarchical Spatial Partitioning

Murat Yirci, Mathieu Brédif, Julien Perret, Nicolas Paparoditis
2013 Proceedings of the Sixth ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on Computational Transportation Science - IWCTS '13  
Semantic objects such as buildings, sidewalks and roads are described by grouping other objects and partition elements with their semantic relationships.  ...  It proposes a hierarchical spatial surface partitioning, encoding the spatial partition with a 2D arrangement and structuring a generic hierarchy of semantic objects with a directed acyclic graph (DAG)  ...  The authors also would like to thank the CGAL project for providing brilliant building blocks for geometric data structures and algorithms which we heavily utilized in our implementations.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2533828.2533843 dblp:conf/gis/YirciBPP13 fatcat:dyoy5wy6svd3zgkeagiysowhyu

SemTree: An index for supporting semantic retrieval of documents

Flora Amato, Aniello De Santo, Francesco Gargiulo, Vincenzo Moscato, Fabio Persia, Antonio Picariello, Silvestro Roberto Poccia
2015 2015 31st IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering Workshops  
In this paper, we propose SemTree, a novel semantic index for supporting retrieval of information from huge amount of document collections, assuming that semantics of a document can be effectively expressed  ...  We investigate the feasibility of our approach in a real case study, considering the problem of finding inconsistencies in documents related to software requirements and report some preliminary experimental  ...  The result is a partition tree in which some partitions are used just for routing and others for storing data.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icdew.2015.7129546 dblp:conf/icde/AmatoSGMPPP15 fatcat:pt6gxceglfhuxnbjmrfaup4osu

On the Structure of Indefinite Possessives

Gianluca Storto
2015 Semantics and Linguistic Theory  
embedded DP7 and from their partitive semantics.  ...  Under either approach, the availability of the contextual interpretation for possessive partitives like some of John's dogs in (7b) follows from their partitive semantics: partitive DPs are restricted  ...  If the partitive hypothesis is abandoned, some other structural property of indefinite possessives must be resorted to in order to account for their semantic peculiarity.  ... 
doi:10.3765/salt.v10i0.2726 fatcat:zjoojcw3frbqfa2c3x3vad6pqu

Graph-based partitioning of ontology with semantic similarity

Soudabeh Ghafourian, Amin Rezaeian, Mahmoud Naghibzadeh
2013 ICCKE 2013  
In this paper, we partition a given ontology according to its semantic and structure to accomplish reusability.  ...  In our work, more relationships are taken into account than other approaches that only consider hierarchical relations. We propose an agglomerative and a heuristic algorithm to partition ontologies.  ...  Furthermore, the subclass relations give some important information about classes, so these relationships have high semantic contribution for ontology partitioning but not as much as the equivalent relations  ... 
doi:10.1109/iccke.2013.6682869 fatcat:yr7bmgxt5ncn7gn2e362s4smcu

On the Structure of Indefinite Possessives

Gianluca Storto
2000 Semantics and Linguistic Theory  
(1998); Zamparelli (1998)).The unavailability of contextual interpretations for indefinite possessives is accounted for in Storto ([to appear]) in terms of the discourse semantics of these DPs: indefinite  ...  In particular, indefinite possessives do not license contextual interpretations, which are instead available for the corresponding definite possessives and possessive partitives.  ...  embedded DP7 and from their partitive semantics.  ... 
doi:10.3765/salt.v10i0.3111 fatcat:cnqcilrqsvhwbjkqvki2qtnbqu

SemTagP: Semantic Community Detection in Folksonomies

Guillaume Ereteo, Fabien Gandon, Michel Buffa
2011 2011 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conferences on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology  
relations inferred between tags.  ...  Doing so, we are able to refine the partitioning of the social graph with semantic processing and to label the activity of detected communities.  ...  For instance, during the partitioning of a social network with tags related to web topics, the user can reject skos:narrower relations of web such as web skos:narrower semantic web, in order to reveal  ... 
doi:10.1109/wi-iat.2011.98 dblp:conf/webi/EreteoGB11 fatcat:2mapdq6znncvrjgdoppox5yu2a

Rethinking case marking and case alternation in Estonian

Merilin Miljan, Ronnie Cann
2013 Nordic Journal of Linguistics  
We are also grateful for comments of the anonymous reviewers of this paper. NOTES  ...  through the semantically underspecified LINK relation.  ...  increase the complexity of partitive-related data, since now we have inherent partitive in addition to 'quantificational partitive' for numeral constructions, partitive assigned by the verb, and partitive  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0332586513000309 fatcat:jsjkl4l6bzczzhu3eqettwpmsa

A Latent Semantic Pattern Recognition Strategy for an Untrivial Targeted Advertising

Roberto Saia, Ludovico Boratto, Salvatore Carta
2015 2015 IEEE International Congress on Big Data  
Target definition is a process aimed at partitioning the potential audience of an advertiser into several classes, according to specific criteria.  ...  One of the most important is that easily understandable segments are not effective for marketing purposes due to their triviality, whereas more complex segmentations are hard to understand.  ...  With respect to a partition p, denoting as U p (N ) the set of users related to the native partitioning, as U p to the k-means partitioning, and as U p (S) the set of users related to the SBS partitioning  ... 
doi:10.1109/bigdatacongress.2015.78 dblp:conf/bigdata/SaiaBC15 fatcat:nda6ezpnlbaqti57ct5jfcxvgm
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