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Marcelo Caetano, George Kafentzis, Athanasios Mouchtaris
2015 Zenodo  
sinusoids estimated with ESPRIT, and log-linear-amplitude quadratic-phase sinusoids estimated with frequency reassignment.  ...  For example, frequency modulated sinusoids are more appropriate to model vibrato than fast transitions.  ...  sinusoids estimated with ESPRIT, and log-linear amplitude quadratic-phase sinusoids estimated with time-frequency reassignment.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3006541 fatcat:jkmoxikrsnaytogtg3gkylecnu

Estimation of sinusoidally modulated signal parameters based on the inverse Radon transform

Milos Dakovic, Ljubisa Stankovic
2013 2013 8th International Symposium on Image and Signal Processing and Analysis (ISPA)  
A method for accurate and efficient parameters estimation and decomposition of sinusoidally modulated signals is presented. This kind of signals is of special interest in radars and communications.  ...  Theory is illustrated on signals with one and more components, including noise and disturbances, as well as time-frequency patterns that deviate from sinusoidal form, including the cases when some samples  ...  A method for estimation of the sinusoidally modulated signal parameters is the topic of Section III. II.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ispa.2013.6703757 fatcat:lhqf4tdkyferbl7qmclt4epzqi

Frequency-Slope Estimation and Its Application to Parameter Estimation for Non-Stationary Sinusoids

Axel Röbel
2008 Computer Music Journal  
Frequency slope estimation and its application for non-stationary sinusoidal parameter estimation Sinusoidal models are often used for the representation, analysis or transformation of music or speech  ...  Similar to multi-component signals with stationary sinusoids the MLE of sinusoidal parameters for multi-component signals with FM modulated sinusoids is rather costly, because a highly nonlinear and high  ... 
doi:10.1162/comj.2008.32.2.68 fatcat:dxxvama4bffufj6a4v3eo4hima

Characterization and Mitigation of Sinusoidal Carrier Modulation Signals by Short-Term Sinusoidal Analysis [article]

S.W. Ellingson
2020 arXiv   pre-print
These parameters can subsequently be used for detection and characterization, including identification. The parameters can also be used to synthesize a noise-free estimate of the signal.  ...  The associated signal can be represented as a sinusoid with time-varying frequency, magnitude, and phase.  ...  Estimates of magnitude, frequency, and phase of the short-term sinusoid over time can be used to synthesize an estimate of the signal waveform over longer periods.  ... 
arXiv:2004.03649v1 fatcat:kh7lia452jcphblgbeet5xlliu

Periodic signal extraction with frequency-selective amplitude modulation and global time-warping for music signal decomposition

Mahdi Triki, Dirk T.M. Slock, Ahmed Triki
2008 2008 IEEE 10th Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing  
Time-warping allows for some limited global frequency modulation.  ...  Assuming additive white Gaussian noise, a Maximum Likelihood approach is proposed for the estimation of the model parameters and the optimization is performed in an iterative (cyclic) fashion that leads  ...  Also, determining the sinusoid parameters from the STFT peak amplitude and phase only works well for high frequency resolution, high SNR and in the absence of modulation.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mmsp.2008.4665215 dblp:conf/mmsp/TrikiST08 fatcat:dfto2mnzxvaupokjfo2pczn2ae

Additive And Multiplicative Reestimation Schemes For The Sinusoid Modeling Of Audio

Mark Sandler, Xue Wen
2009 Zenodo  
LS also provides accurate frequency estimates for linear chirps, but is unable to estimate amplitude and phase angle accurately under its native stationarity assumption.  ...  Let x be the original signal and x 1 be its estimate with parameter set .  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.41384 fatcat:eb5tdlnu6zbv5myjqe67tgzfyq

Fourier-Based Methods For The Spectral Analysis Of Musical Sounds

Sylvain Marchand
2013 Zenodo  
SINUSOIDAL ESTIMATION The problem is yet to estimate the amplitude modulation and frequency parameters.  ...  ). sinusoidal parameter (the frequency).  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.43597 fatcat:3j276hbz4vhktmxxrfo6bjsjui

Time domain Doppler estimators of the amplitude of vibrating targets

Sung‐Rung Huang, Robert M. Lerner, Kevin J. Parker
1992 Journal of the Acoustical Society of America  
The estimations are based on the Doppler shift generated by the vibrating target, which produces a frequency modulated echo.  ...  All algorithms presented here use only a small fraction of the low-frequency vibration cycle to obtain the estimated parameters; therefore, real-time imaging of vibration can be made in many applications  ...  The biphase estimator in Eq. (17) uses both phase and co-phase signals; thus it has better performance than the successive-phase estimator when the modulation index/3 is small.  ... 
doi:10.1121/1.402502 fatcat:6agvb4cckfdsveds4eoxggevbe

Modulation thresholds and critical modulation frequency based on random amplitude and frequency changes

Aleksander Sek
1994 Journal of the Acoustical Society of Japan (E)  
This paper deals with determination of the critical modulation frequency (CMF) for random amplitude and frequency changes in a sinusoidal signal .  ...  It is also shown that thresholds for detecting modulation, when expressed as root-meansquare modulation index, do not depend on the character of the modulating signal , i.e. whether this signal is periodic  ...  For the open symbols, number of the random modulating signal is the parameter of the data. Filled circles and solid lines show thresholds for detecting sinusoidal amplitude and frequency changes.  ... 
doi:10.1250/ast.15.67 fatcat:z5dtvc6b3zaopdjjwojevsucyy

Multitaper estimates of phase-amplitude coupling [article]

Kyle Q. Lepage, Cavan N. Fleming, Mark Witcher, Sujith Vijayan
2021 bioRxiv   pre-print
Specifically, issue (i) is addressed by replacing the analytic signal envelope estimator computed using the Hilbert transform with a multitaper estimator that down-weights non-sinusoidal activity using  ...  Phase-amplitude coupling (PAC) is the association of the amplitude of a high-frequency oscillation with the phase of a low-frequency oscillation.  ...  The estimates are shown in Fig. (7) for modulating frequencies ranging from zero to ten Hertz, and for , modulated frequencies ranging from ten to seventy Hertz.  ... 
doi:10.1101/2021.03.02.433586 fatcat:633ln6vn5jcwpgzr34y5cbt7i4

A unified view of non-stationary sinusoidal parameter estimation methods using signal derivatives

Brian Hamilton, Philippe Depalle
2012 2012 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP)  
Matrix formulations are established for the GDM and GRM with a polynomial log-amplitude, polynomial phase sinusoidal signal model, and a bias in previous frequency slope estimators is explicitly demonstrated  ...  In this paper, we present a unified view of three non-stationary sinusoidal parameter estimation methods which are based on taking linear transforms of a signal and its derivatives.  ...  To model the sinusoidal part of an observed signal we need to estimate the sinusoidal parameters: amplitude, phase, and frequency.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icassp.2012.6287893 dblp:conf/icassp/HamiltonD12 fatcat:rymqcu3eznhcrdmjtdegu3ljeq

Short-Term Sinusoidal Modeling of an Oriental Music Signal by Using CQT Transform

Lhoucine Bahatti, Mimoun Zazoui, Omar Bouattane, Ahmed Rebbani
2013 Journal of Signal and Information Processing  
In each segment, the signal is represented by a set of sinusoids characterized by their intrinsic parameters: amplitudes, frequencies and phases.  ...  For this purpose, evaluation tests were carried out by synthesizing the signal from the estimated parameters.  ...  The second task is used to estimate the signal parameters (amplitude, frequency and phase).  ... 
doi:10.4236/jsip.2013.41006 fatcat:kd2ke433ubc5le6mjg3z4rw2qm

Analysis Of Multicomponent Speech-Like Signals By Continuous Wavelet Transform-Based Technique

Bandra Harshavardhan, Keshava Prasad, P. Sircar
2006 Zenodo  
The carrier amplitude and phases, and modulation indices are estimated next as follows: the modulation indices, are the carrier angular frequencies, and i υ are the modulating angular frequencies [7,  ...  For illustration the proposed method, we consider speech signals which can be represented by the sum of complex amplitude modulated (AM) and frequency modulated (FM) sinusoids corresponding to voiced and  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.53503 fatcat:ggcpnfakijgpjkpj2yelpd3n2y

SignalNet: A Low Resolution Sinusoid Decomposition and Estimation Network [article]

Ryan Dreifuerst, Robert W. Heath Jr
2022 arXiv   pre-print
In this work, we propose SignalNet, a neural network architecture that detects the number of sinusoids and estimates their parameters from quantized in-phase and quadrature samples.  ...  The detection and estimation of sinusoids is a fundamental signal processing task for many applications related to sensing and communications.  ...  TABLE I I Network parameters for one detection module and sinusoid estimator.  ... 
arXiv:2106.05490v2 fatcat:5jwhwxys65amxbrdfb2rqij6yq

Chirp Characterization of External Modulators With Finite Extinction Ratio Using Linear Optical Sampling

Tasshi Dennis, Paul A. Williams
2010 IEEE Photonics Technology Letters  
We present -parameter waveforms of digital data modulation from simultaneously measured amplitude and phase.  ...  We demonstrate a network monitoring technique for the frequency chirping of external modulators based on linear optical sampling.  ...  While the characterization of a modulator with a sinusoidal signal gives excellent results, the use of digital data modulation (Fig. 2) would be much more practical for monitoring of chirp in a live  ... 
doi:10.1109/lpt.2010.2043356 fatcat:jujczliewrep7k72pvujph3ddm
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