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Page 154 of Journal of Sedimentary Petrology Vol. 43, Issue 1 [page]

1973 Journal of Sedimentary Petrology  
sub-parallel flow lines.  ...  Effects of Slumps on Substrata The basal contacts of the slump sheets are of two main types, viz. (1) sharp contacts along more or less flat decollement surfaces parallel to bedding (e.g., figs. 6, 9),  ... 

Page 584 of Journal of Sedimentary Petrology Vol. 42, Issue 3 [page]

1972 Journal of Sedimentary Petrology  
However, the strikes in both regions of the slump are quite variable. On the slope, par- ticularly in the central portion of the slump, folds show more parallelism with the slope-dip  ...  The literature dealing with slump folds shows three major associations of sole-slump fold axis orientations, The first association is character- ized by the parallellism of the two orientations (Murphy  ... 

Page 319 of Journal of Sedimentary Petrology Vol. 46, Issue 2 [page]

1976 Journal of Sedimentary Petrology  
In this simple case, the deformation plane also contained o, and a3. eg and go», remained parallel to each other and parallel to the strike of the slumped beds.  ...  stress during slump movement.  ... 

Are slump folds reliable indicators of downslope flow in recent mass transport deposits?

G.I. Alsop, R. Weinberger
2020 Journal of Structural Geology  
Fold hinges define broad arcs at high angles to flow in the downslope toe of the slump 15 and progressively swing to become sub-parallel to flow in the upslope region.  ...  In some instances, folds have nucleated around longer 20 (>10 cm) wooden sticks that were incorporated into the slump, whereas shorter wooden fragments 21 align parallel to the flow direction.  ...  parallel to the flow direction at 2 m from the toe of the slump on the NW side of the gully 884 (see Fig. 5b).  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jsg.2020.104037 fatcat:t4xebo6hyffvbfvanq7huqt36a

Page 213 of Journal of Sedimentary Petrology Vol. 45, Issue 1 [page]

1975 Journal of Sedimentary Petrology  
This parallelism sup- ports but does not prove the contention that fold vergence indicates movement direction of this slump sheet.  ...  In contrast, (b) if the currents moved oblique or transverse to the slope, slump sheet movement would have paralleled paleocurrents only if current over- flow initiated slumping.  ... 

Page 584 of Journal of Sedimentary Petrology Vol. 38, Issue 2 [page]

1968 Journal of Sedimentary Petrology  
Slumping is also present below the Pleasantview channel fill of the Panora area, Guthrie County. As at Redfield, slump planes parallel the channel courses.  ...  The slip planes are concave upward and strike northeast- southwest, parallel to the southwest current flow in the Pleasantview channel.  ... 

Slumping as a record of regional tectonics and palaeoslope changes in the Satpura Basin, central India

Merajuddin Khan, Ranjit G. Khangar, Nilasree Raychowdhury, Anand T. Babhare
2021 Geologos  
Our analysis of their fold axes and axial planes, together with fold vergences and thrust directions within the slumps, suggests a mean slumping direction towards the southwest.  ...  Soft-sediment deformation structures play an important role in interpreting regional tectonics and basin evolution during slumping events.  ...  Note the presence of parallel-laminated sediments immediately overlying and underlying the slumped unit. Fig. 4 . 4 Fig. 4. Detailed mapping of the slumped unit, coupled with stereonet plot.  ... 
doi:10.2478/logos-2021-0010 fatcat:ko7klcmtzvcmtmavuvev35u53i

Page 96 of Journal of Sedimentary Petrology Vol. 53, Issue 1 [page]

1983 Journal of Sedimentary Petrology  
Slump Folds The use of slump folds as indicators of the paleoslope has progressed considerably since their first quantitative use by Jones (1939).  ...  Ir- regularities in the paleoslope result in subse- we Slump-fold vergence directions 50% N25 mean axis mean vergence “Mean axis N O Fic. 10.—Slump-fold orientation data.  ... 

Page 321 of The Journal of Geology Vol. 53, Issue 5 [page]

1945 The Journal of Geology  
These avalanches cause the development on sand surfaces of a series of variable and irregular lines roughly parallel to the di- rection of slope and marking the borders of the sand mass that has slumped  ...  Only the simplest, basic type, as developed experi- mentally, has been described above, whereas in modern dunes compound forms with many nearly parallel lines commonly develop from a series of par- tially  ... 

Page 478 of Journal of Sedimentary Petrology Vol. 40, Issue 1 [page]

1970 Journal of Sedimentary Petrology  
If the Squantum diamictites are mudflow deposits, the presence of the weak modes paralleling the strike of the paleoslope, as indicated by slump- fold orientations, is of particular interest.  ...  The single mode of the clast fabric from locality A parallels the strike of the paleoslope measured at locality D, 13 km. north.  ... 

Submarine slump sediments and related dewatering structures: Observations of 3D seismic data obtained for the continental slope off Shimokita Peninsula, NE Japan

Sumito Morita, Takeshi Nakajima, Yasuaki Hanamura
2011 Chishitsugaku zasshi  
Dewatering structures, which are strongly dependent on the development of imbricate structures within slump sediments, acted to drain excess fluid that accumulated upon the slip planes related to slumping  ...  Damped and dimmed refl ections in the dewatering structures and in the slumps indicate that the distribution of natural gas is strongly related to fluid circulation in and around the slump sediments.  ...  Parallel dikes (apparent in the images as linear features) strike perp e n d i c u l a r t o t h e direction of slumping (arrows). Fig . . .  ... 
doi:10.5575/geosoc.117.95 fatcat:zprdnvghsbbr3ivado44c5iwza

Evidence of mass failure in the Hess Deep Rift from multi-resolutional bathymetry data

Vicki Lynn Ferrini, Donna J. Shillington, Kathryn Gillis, Christopher J. MacLeod, Damon A.H. Teagle, Antony Morris, Pierre W. Cazenave, Stephen Hurst, Masako Tominaga
2013 Marine Geology  
Likewise, the small NE-SW features evident within the lobe that appear to parallel regional trends were either formed after slumping or indicate that the style of slumping was such that some rift-related  ...  As described above, we interpret the presence of smaller structures paralleling these regional trends as evidence that the style of slumping allowed some preservation of these features.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.margeo.2013.03.006 fatcat:ef6kktvvobg4rdimjq6uxesaxm

Effects of rotational submarine slump dynamics on tsunami-genesis – new insight from idealized models and the 1929 Grand Banks event

T. Zengaffinen, F. Løvholt, G. Pedersen, C. B. Harbitz
2020 Geological Society Special Publication  
Tsunami modellers commonly use solid blocks with short run-out distances to simulate these slumps.  ...  The yield strength of the slump is shown to be the primary material property that determines the tsunami genesis.  ...  Fig. 10 . 10 Scaled maximum and absolute minimum landward sea-surface elevation η max and η min against (a) scaled maximum bed-parallel slump momentum m v || max , (b) scaled maximum bed-parallel slump  ... 
doi:10.1144/sp500-2019-201 fatcat:kjinnvh4afetbfkefry4lxcsua

Page 552 of Economic Geology and the Bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists Vol. 47, Issue 5 [page]

1952 Economic Geology and the Bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists  
In his definition, Sharpe specified that movement of slumps was “usually with backward rotation on a more or less horizontal axis parallel to the cliff or slope . . .” from which the slump block was derived  ...  ., SLUMPS. Slump is the downslope movement, or rotation with little downward slid- ing, of a mass as a unit or as several subsidiary units.  ... 

Relationships between Rheological Constant of Cement Paste and Fluidity of High-Fluidity Concrete

Eiji Maruya, Masashi Osaki, Hideaki Igarashi
2006 Journal of advanced concrete technology  
The yield values of cement pastes measured with a parallel-plate type rotating viscometer were found to show good correlation with the slump flows of concretes.  ...  In order to develop a method for evaluating the fluidity of high-fluidity concrete using cement paste, the relationships between the rheological properties of cement paste and the slump flow of the concrete  ...  Fig. 8 Relationship between yield value of paste and slump flow of concrete. Fig. 10 Flow 10 curve of paste (parallel-plate type rotating viscometer).  ... 
doi:10.3151/jact.4.251 fatcat:6ylxj7cd4nclfjx4ttmemvtvky
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