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Parallel Image Processing on Heterogeneous SIMD-MIMD Machines

Pieter Jonker, Eddy Olk, Koen Volker
1996 IAPR International Workshop on Machine Vision Applications  
We investigated the feasibility of a uniform parallel programming approach on a heterogeneous machine.  ...  We investigated a way of parallel programming using arrays of buckets. These bucket-arrays can be distributed over MIMD Processing Units, SIMD Processing Elements or both.  ...  We investigated the feasibility of a uniform parallel programming approach on such a heterogeneous machine [4] . This approach should be generic, usable on many heterogeneous architectures.  ... 
dblp:conf/mva/JonkerOV96 fatcat:vbwbxkjm6jc7hlpbtbkdqdxbly

Heterogeneous computing: challenges and opportunities

A.A. Khokhar, V.K. Prasanna, M.E. Shaaban, C.-L. Wang
1993 Computer  
Many of these applications had more than one type of embedded parallelism, such as single instruction, multiple data (SIMD) and multiple instruction, multiple data (MIMD).  ...  Richard Freund has organized the Heterogeneous Processing Workshops held each year at the IEEE International Parallel Processing 18  ...  SIMD or MIMD mode only.  ... 
doi:10.1109/2.214439 fatcat:a5wzxmuxfvhcthbx5jtxl4xj5i

Low-Power, Real-Time Object-Recognition Processors for Mobile Vision Systems

Jinwook Oh, Gyeonghoon Kim, Injoon Hong, Junyoung Park, Seungjin Lee, Joo-Young Kim, Jeong-Ho Woo, Hoi-Jun Yoo
2012 IEEE Micro  
MIMD processing elements in parallel.  ...  We implemented the heterogeneous multicore BONE-V4, consisting of four SIMD cores and 32 MIMD processing elements, with a three-stage task-level pipeline for higher throughput.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mm.2012.90 fatcat:e6st56neobcy3fho2fipizqzkq

Would You Run it Here or There? AHS: Automatic Heterogeneous Supercomputing

H. G. Dietz, W.E. Cohen, B.K. Grant
1993 1993 International Conference on Parallel Processing - ICPP'93 Vol2  
supercomputer networks including various types of UMX systems (including UMX-based M I D machines like the Sun 41600 or the KSR-1) and even massively-,parallel SIMD machines (e.g., the MasPar MP-1).  ...  Parallel programs often exhibit strong preferences for different system structures, and machines with the ideal structures may all be available within a single heterogeneous network.  ...  Simulation Of MIMD On SIMD It is a relatively simple matter to construct an interpreter that will implement a MIMD execution model on a SIMD machine.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icpp.1993.187 dblp:conf/icpp/DietzCG93 fatcat:azbagj6forfgrfkeglz4if23zu

A simultaneous multithreading heterogeneous object recognition processor with machine learning based dynamic resource management

Jinwook Oh, Gyeonghoon Kim, Junyoung Park, Injoon Hong, Seungjin Lee, Joo-Young Kim, Hoi-Jun Yoo
2012 2012 IEEE COOL Chips XV  
to achieve 9.6mJ/frame with 1280x720 pixel image.  ...  In addition, the dynamic resource management contributes to increase of energy efficiency by applying the on-line learning DVFS and dynamic tile allocation based on task variance and hardware utilization  ...  The heterogeneous PE architecture [2] , consisting of 4 SIMD and 32 MIMD PEs, has 3-stage pipeline since each SIMD PE and MIMD PE is separately occupied by FE and feature description (FD) stages, respectively  ... 
doi:10.1109/coolchips.2012.6216579 dblp:conf/coolchips/OhKPHLKY12 fatcat:qqe4j4iz4fcrzbzemiyy2ekdku


Michel Barreteau, Juliette Mattioli, Thierry Grandpierre, Christophe Lavarenne, Yves Sorel, Philippe Bonnot, Philippe Kajfasz
2000 Proceedings of the international conference on Compilers, architectures, and synthesis for embedded systems - CASES '00  
Keywords System-on-a-Chip, heterogeneous multiprocessor embedded system, constraint, mapping environment.  ...  on Systems-On-a-Chip.  ...  and conditional algorithms on heterogeneous MIMD architectures.  ... 
doi:10.1145/354880.354887 dblp:conf/cases/BarreteauMGLSBK00 fatcat:oujnkk2tercbbnxupqclbtkofi

A Configurable Heterogeneous Multicore Architecture With Cellular Neural Network for Real-Time Object Recognition

Kwanho Kim, Seungjin Lee, Joo-Young Kim, Minsu Kim, Hoi-Jun Yoo
2009 IEEE transactions on circuits and systems for video technology (Print)  
Index Terms-Cellular neural network, multicore, object recognition, parallelism, SIMD/MIMD.  ...  The dual-mode parallel processor is configured into single instruction, multiple data (SIMD) or multiple-instructionmultiple-data modes to perform data-intensive image processing operations while exploiting  ...  The proposed configurable heterogeneous multicore architecture combines MP-SIMD/MIMD dual-mode parallel processor and cellular neural network on the NoC platform for real-time object recognition.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tcsvt.2009.2031516 fatcat:oczezwycrrdr5frnus2gfgtb3e

SIMD machines

Behrooz Parhami
1995 SIGARCH Computer Architecture News  
The first massively parallel machines had single-instruction-stream multiple-data-stream or SIMD (Sim-Dee) designs.  ...  PAnitionable Sirh .d/Mired machine, pro totyRe reconfigm'able parallel system. trnage unaerstanding Architecture, design~:! for integrated reid-time v~sion tasks. What is SIMD?  ...  Almost no one argues against the usefulness of massively parallel SIMD machines as special-purpose servers within heterogeneous computing environments.  ... 
doi:10.1145/218864.218868 fatcat:zvaf7cbs55gjrhf6eajthnetiq

Parallel processing for image and video processing: Issues and challenges

Alain Merigot, Alfredo Petrosino
2008 Parallel Computing  
Some meaningful hints about parallelization problems in image processing and analysis are discussed.  ...  The issues of the operation of various architectures used to solve vision problems, from the pipeline of dedicated operators to general purpose MIMD machines, passing through specialized SIMD machines  ...  These are able to adopt MIMD structures, or SIMD processing with massive parallelism, even operators specialized for certain operations.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.parco.2008.09.009 fatcat:4ifycvrvtfhmhp6so3hqmdg7zy

Exploiting mixed-mode parallelism for matrix operations on the HERA architecture through reconfiguration

X. Wang, S.G. Ziavras
2006 IEE Proceedings - Computers and digital Techniques  
Our HERA (HEterogeneous Reconfigurable Architecture) machine can implement the SIMD (Single-Instruction, Multiple-Data), MIMD (Multiple-Instruction, Multiple-Data) and M-SIMD (Multiple-SIMD) execution  ...  Each processing element (PE) is centered on a single-precision IEEE 754 FPU with tightly-coupled local memory, and supports dynamic switching between SIMD and MIMD at runtime.  ...  The processing of the last block is more efficient under SIMD than MIMD.  ... 
doi:10.1049/ip-cdt:20045136 fatcat:vj5iz7y3mvhlld2apirlqna54u

The Rewrite Rule Machine node architecture and its performance [chapter]

Patrick Lincoln, José Meseguer, Livio Ricciulli
1994 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
The Rewrite Rule Machine (RRM) is a massively parallel MIMD/SIMD computer designed with the explicit purpose of supporting veryhigh-level parallel programming with rewrite rules.  ...  In a parallel machine this is implemented by communication on a network, on which messages travel to reach their destination objects.  ...  The RRM can perform globally-SIMD homogeneous computations, but can also effectively exploit heterogeneous MIMD parallelism at the cluster and RRM system levels.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-58430-7_45 fatcat:btpgwvpicngxfbpzks7dxpyhvm

Advanced theory and practice for high performance computing and communications

Geoffrey Fox
2011 Concurrency and Computation  
The hardware varies from tightly-coupled parallel supercomputers to heterogeneous distributed systems.  ...  The software models span HPF and data parallelism, to distributed information systems and object/data ow parallelism on the Web.  ...  Problem Class Machine Synchronous SIMD, MIMD Loosely Synchronous MIMD, maybe SIMD Asynchronous MIMD, but may not perform well without special hardware features Compound Heterogeneous  ... 
doi:10.1002/cpe.1863 fatcat:dxzlqgakunhbpdkabvaktvwbay

Parallel Computers in Signal Processing

Narsingh Deo
1985 Defence Science Journal  
The paper reviews various types of parallel computer architectures from the viewpoint of signal and image processing.  ...  Signal processing often requires a great deal of raw computing power for which it is important to take a look at parallel computers.  ...  It is a 16-processor SIMD computer, built by Goodyear Aerospace to perform realtime image processing for NASA.  ... 
doi:10.14429/dsj.35.6031 fatcat:bbmfjzefgrcellkfnvpmuxl5ve


1993 Parallel Algorithms and Applications  
Each level is constructed to perform tasks most suitable to its mode of processing. The lowest level called CAAPP is an SIMD bit-serial mesh.  ...  The second level is an MIMD organization of numerically powerful digital signal processing chips. At the top level there are fewer number of MIMD general purpose processors.  ...  The PASM system [15] , exploits heterogeneous processing within a single machine using mixed-mode computation, i.e. it can switch between the SIMD and MIMD modes of parallelism at instruction level granularity  ... 
doi:10.1080/10637199308915447 fatcat:ghepttzh2nes5bfsjmuwcoajzq

A Taxonomy of Reconfigurable Single-/Multiprocessor Systems-on-Chip

Diana Göhringer, Thomas Perschke, Michael Hübner, Jürgen Becker
2009 International Journal of Reconfigurable Computing  
on the performance of an application.  ...  The developed scheme is validated by a multiprocessor system implemented on reconfigurable hardware as well as by a classification of existing static and reconfigurable processor systems.  ...  Especially image processing algorithms lend themselves very well to data parallelism as an input image can be divided into independent tiles.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2009/395018 fatcat:y5j3rgn7ejdojmjq7wfv26bymu
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