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M. Akhbari, Mahmood. M. Shokrieh, H. Nosraty
2008 Transactions of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering  
Polyester yams are located either parallel to glass yarns or perpendicular to them. In this way, a new fabric made of Glass and Polyester fibers is manufactured.  ...  Fabrics are manufactured in the form of cross-plies or unidirectional plies in order to make superior hybrid laminated composites.  ...  BUCKLING TESTS The composite plates are manufactured and equipped with tabs suitable for buckling tests.  ... 
doi:10.1139/tcsme-2008-0006 fatcat:eyj3gptrujhmxi4pj7mvlxmrce

A Basic Taxonomy for Role Composition [chapter]

Elke Steegmans, Kurt Schelfthout, Tom Holvoet, Yolande Berbers, Paul Valckenaers, Bart Saint Germain
2004 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
This paper describes a basic taxonomy for role composition based on both issues, and illustrates the different composition approaches using a case study in the domain of manufacturing control.  ...  Roles are the basic building blocks for defining the behavior of agents in multi-agent systems. Agents typically perform several roles.  ...  The results have been obtained in the Concerted Research Action on Agents for Coordination and Control -AgCo2 project.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-24625-1_6 fatcat:easdqcwvqzhzbbjmopch2zciwi

Left-handed metacomposites containing carbon fibers and ferromagnetic microwires

Y. Luo, F. X. Qin, F. Scarpa, J. Carbonell, M. Ipatov, V. Zhukova, A. Zhukov, J. Gonzalez, L. V. Panina, H. X. Peng
2017 AIP Advances  
A notable transmission window is observed from the metacomposite containing 3mm spaced parallel microwire array in 1-7 GHz, verifying a left-handed behavior.  ...  The proposed metacomposites are promising for microwave cloaking and sensing applications for aerospace-graded structural components. © 2017 Author(s).  ...  Three geometries were designed for the manufacture of composites: (i) metacomposite containing 3 mm-spaced parallel Fe-rich microwires; (ii) metacomposite containing short-cut CF-prepreg patches and 3  ... 
doi:10.1063/1.4978404 fatcat:hd4kawxbmbexxirgdtvqbkst3e

Investigation into the changes in bending stiffness of a textile reinforced composite due to in-plane fabric shear: Part 2 – Numerical analysis

Cynthia Mitchell, Lisa Dangora, Christie Bielmeier, James Sherwood
2016 Composites. Part A, Applied science and manufacturing  
For the material system considered in this study, the reorientation of the fibers and the change in plate thickness as a function of the state of shear were concluded to be the dominant factors affecting  ...  Textile-reinforced composites are particularly attractive for their potential to save time during the manufacture of composite structures.  ...  Many researchers have presented finite element models that consider the mechanical behavior of the textile during the manufacture of a composite structure to predict the final orientations of the fiber  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.compositesa.2016.03.018 fatcat:cbedad6ldncqxpugo2krrz2a34

Rapid Prototyping of Efficient Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Polymer Composites via Fused Deposition Modeling

Luiz Ecco, Sithiprumnea Dul, Débora Schmitz, Guilherme Barra, Bluma Soares, Luca Fambri, Alessandro Pegoretti
2018 Applied Sciences  
For comparison purposes, compression molded samples of the same composition were investigated.  ...  .% of multi-walled carbon nanotubes and graphene nanoplatelets was extruded in filaments and additively manufactured via fused deposition modeling (FDM).  ...  (Mantova, Italy) for donating ABS pellets for this work. Authors also wish to thank Sharebot S.r.l. (Nibionno, LC, Italy) for providing the prototype of the HT Ne×t Generation desktop 3D-printer.  ... 
doi:10.3390/app9010037 fatcat:7jnwvqsyj5bfjj6tr65cnibawy

Universal Control on Pyroresistive Behavior of Flexible Self-Regulating Heating Devices

Yi Liu, Han Zhang, Harshit Porwal, Wei Tu, Jamie Evans, Mark Newton, James J. C. Busfield, Ton Peijs, Emiliano Bilotti
2017 Advanced Functional Materials  
Hooke's and Kirchhoff's laws of electrical circuits can simply predict the overall pyro-resistive behavior of devices connected in either series or parallel configurations, hence providing design guidelines  ...  Here, a simple and universal materials design strategy, based on a series connection of different conductive polymer composites (CPCs), is shown to provide unique control over the pyro-resistive properties  ...  The TPU/AgS (45 wt.%) -TPU/CNT (0.4 wt.%) parallel composites on the other hand follow the same pyro-resistive behavior as the TPU/AgS (45 wt.%) composite before switching, showing the same resistivity  ... 
doi:10.1002/adfm.201702253 fatcat:np4seoljzvcuddhss2yvhi5cfi

Production and mechanical performance of scrimber composite manufactured from poplar wood for structural applications

Min-Juan He, Jing Zhang, Zheng Li, Mao-Lin Li
2016 Journal of Wood Science  
A scrimber composite, which is manufactured from thermally modified fast-growing wood, is introduced in this paper.  ...  The use of wood-based composite material for structural purposes is of increasing interest.  ...  The scrimber composite exhibits a bilinear behavior prior to failure, as shown in Fig. 8a .  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10086-016-1568-1 fatcat:dxzx7qkjwjadfdnjfbrtkf4eg4

Remaining Life Assessment of Damaged Reinforced Composites Under Inelastic Material Behaviour

Dalbir Singh
2011 Indian Journal Of Applied Research  
In this article, an investigation on bi-directional carbon fiber composite INDCARF manufactured in India -to study remaining life assessment-RLA-of the composites to enable one to design suitably.  ...  in terms of strength and stiffness for the remaining portion of their life.  ...  This is shown in Figure-10 for linear material behavior.  ... 
doi:10.15373/2249555x/aug2013/67 fatcat:ujehdb57krdhzdur7hzawn5n4u

Modeling and testing of temperature behavior and resistive heating in a multifunctional composite

Carlo Santos, Thomas Plaisted, Diego Arbelaez, Siavouche Nemat-Nasser, Dimitris C. Lagoudas
2004 Smart Structures and Materials 2004: Active Materials: Behavior and Mechanics  
For this particular composite, a temperature of 80°C is desired, because at this temperature the polymer can heal within a reasonable amount of time.  ...  The composite to be tested consists of thin-wire copper fibers, chosen for particular electromagnetic properties, and an epoxy matrix, which will later be replaced by a self-healing polymer matrix.  ...  The authors also thank Fred Wudl and Xiangxu Chen of the University of California, Los Angeles, for their indispensable groundwork on the processing of 3M4F material.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.537654 fatcat:nlg6w57ml5gtrc5azi7mdtdyry

Development of an Innovative Modular Foam-Filled Panelized System for Rapidly Assembled Postdisaster Housing

P. Sharafi, S. Nemati, B. Samali, M. Ghodrat
2018 Buildings  
The load-carrying behavior of the system in accordance with some American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards is presented here.  ...  HDPE sheets manufactured with a studded surface considerably enhance stress distribution, buckling performance, and delamination strength of the sandwich panel under various loading conditions.  ...  for foam-filled structural composite panels.  ... 
doi:10.3390/buildings8080097 fatcat:vvszg5kxxbb4jjpsqqhhcqkaae

Assessment of the shear properties of thermoplastic composites using the ±45° tension and the V-notched rail shear methods

Antonios G. Stamopoulos, Luca Glauco Di Genova, Antoniomaria Di Ilio
2020 Manufacturing Review  
Composite materials consisting of thermoplastic matrix are gaining the interest of both the aeronautical and the automotive industry as they comprise a series of advantages regarding their mechanical performance  ...  Consecutively, the results obtained from the two different testing methods are compared revealing a relatively good agreement while, in parallel, the stress uniformity and the local failures observed on  ...  The present work has received funding by the national Italian research project C.R.AB (Composites Research Abruzzo) under the auspicies of the Region of Abruzzo (Italy) and the European Union (POR FESR  ... 
doi:10.1051/mfreview/2020007 fatcat:u3hi6ovl7vcmpdq5dbmrmhmjdq

Electrical, Mechanical, and Thermal Properties of LDPE Graphene Nanoplatelets Composites Produced by Means of Melt Extrusion Process

Karolina Gaska, Xiangdong Xu, Stanislaw Gubanski, Roland Kádár
2017 Polymers  
As compared to pure LDPE, significant reductions of the through-plane conductivity are found for the composites at relatively low electric fields (<20 kV/mm) at low filler concentrations.  ...  This manufacturing process imposes strong anisotropy on the sample's morphology, in which the nanoplatelets become oriented along the extrusion direction.  ...  Author Contributions: Karolina Gaska manufactured samples, conducted measurements, analyzed the results, and prepared the manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.3390/polym9010011 pmid:30970688 pmcid:PMC6432200 fatcat:xcgppk2hlbcoxd2d6mqm5p7oyq

The effect of basalt knitted fabric on the properties of green epoxy resin

Hafsa Jamshaid, Abdul Waqar Rajput, Bilal Zahid, Sanam Memon, Raja Fahad Qureshi, Sarmad Aslam, Muhammad Nadeem
2022 Polimery  
Composites with parallel arrangement of insert yarns had better properties than in the case of their perpendicular arrangement.  ...  The tensile strength and impact resistance of the composites were better than the commercially available side mirror covers due to the superior properties of the basalt fiber.  ...  Inlay structure was used for knitting as shown in Figure 1 . Hand lay method was used for composite manufacturing.  ... 
doi:10.14314/polimery.2022.2.3 fatcat:kdqs7ipczbbm5gyqbroyun33ua

Aligned carbon nanotube sheet piezoresistive strain sensors

Ang Li, Alexander E Bogdanovich, Philip D Bradford
2015 Smart materials and structures (Print)  
composites research community.  ...  of advanced composite material structures.  ...  The ΔR/R 0 behavior is stable and consistent for both types of SSPs at 0.4% ε.  ... 
doi:10.1088/0964-1726/24/9/095004 fatcat:5xqmumu3efallacquaqsi35vxy

Editorial to RAIME 2008

Mahalingam Siva Kumar
2009 The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology  
manufacturing.  ...  The paper "Artificial Neural Network a Tool for Predicting Failure Strength of Composite Tensile Coupons Using Acoustic Emission Technique" demonstrates the capability of backpropagation neural network  ...  manufacturing.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00170-009-2027-6 fatcat:rntstvr35bbtzgphzh2ttjseva
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