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Panning requirement nuggets in stream of software maintenance tickets

Senthil Mani, Karthik Sankaranarayanan, Vibha Singhal Sinha, Premkumar Devanbu
2014 Proceedings of the 22nd ACM SIGSOFT International Symposium on Foundations of Software Engineering - FSE 2014  
These repeat areas, in a sense, represent major, evolving areas of need, or requirements, for the customer.  ...  There is an increasing trend to outsource maintenance of large applications and application portfolios of a business to third parties, specialising in application maintenance, who are incented to deliver  ...  CONCLUSION In this research, we addressed the problem of managing highvolume streams of trouble-ticket requests in an outsourced software maintenance ecosystem.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2635868.2635897 dblp:conf/sigsoft/ManiSSD14 fatcat:7wnl5tplfnfl3lgqzx4u73snai

NFDI4Ing - the National Research Data Infrastructure for Engineering Sciences

Robert H. Schmitt, Verena Anthofer, Sören Auer, Sait Başkaya, Christian Bischof, Torsten Bronger, Florian Claus, Florian Cordes, Évariste Demandt, Thomas Eifert, Bernd Flemisch, Matthias Fuchs (+39 others)
2020 Zenodo  
As one important step, NFDI4Ing has taken on the task of structuring the wealth of concrete needs in research data management.  ...  So far, seven archetypes are harmonising the methodological needs: Alex: bespoke experiments with high variability of setups, Betty: engineering research software, Caden: provenance tracking of physical  ...  metadata standards and tools for the semantic description of research workflows are required in most NFDI4Ing archetypes, a central service for the development, evaluation, and maintenance of metadata  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4015201 fatcat:qud4tskyyjfrhcnkt4qjufaeyi

Copyright for a Social Species

Robert E. Suggs
2009 Social Science Research Network  
One of the unresolved issues includes whether buffer and server copies required to stream audio over the Internet are within the compulsory mechanical license or require individually negotiated licenses  ...  constituted Tin Pan Alley, on West 28th Street in Manhattan, to fortyfive companies, capitalized at $1.6 million and with a value of $2.2 million in 1904. . . .  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.1526541 fatcat:z2syk7kghfhkrdtq2ei2toxvmy

Faculty Perceptions of Business Communication Skills and Needs of Management Students

S Agarwal, J Chintranshi, Zhao, J Jensen, Melody Alexander
2006 Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management   unpublished
It is unanimously agreed that a business communication curriculum plays an important role in preparing students for the workforce in the corporate (Pittenger, Khushwant K. S.; Miller, Mary C.  ...  The organization has a number of groups, namely EIT support handles the daily provision and maintenance of hardware and software to all other ten internal groups.  ...  and maintenance.  ... 

Open Identity Summit 2021 - Complete Volume

2021 Open Identity Summit  
processed, the governance of personal information in data lakes has received only cursory attention.  ...  While it has been noted in earlier work that data governance is central for the successful operation of a data lake, and that privacy is a central issue in such a setting as personal information may be  ...  A8 -Tamper with Resource Responses: The capabilities of A7, but this attacker can also tamper with responses from the resource servers (e.g., a compromised reverse proxy in front of the resource server  ... 
dblp:conf/openidentity/X21 fatcat:o54xtce6rneehgbbpsr3vasvvq

Critical Point of View: A Wikipedia Reader

Geert Lovink, Nathaniel Tkacz, Joseph M. Reagle, Dan O'Sullivan, Lawrence Liang, Amila Akdag Salah, Cheng Gao, Krzystztof Suchecki, Andrea Scharnhorst, R. Stuart Geiger, Edgar Enyedy, Peter B. Kaufman (+19 others)
2012 Social Science Research Network  
Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam 2011 ISBN 978-90-78146-13-1  ...  In 2002, online journalist Peter Jacso included Wikipedia in his 'picks and pan' column: he 'panned' Wikipedia by likening it to a prank, joke, or an 'outlet for those who pine to be a member in some community  ...  In 2006, a user called ZeroOne incorporated into everyday yet essential maintenance activities.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2075015 fatcat:ufngx3eoazbtfe5pgtvovak6q4

NFDI4Ing : the National Research Data Infrastructure for Engineering Sciences

Robert H. Schmitt, Verena Anthofer, Sören Auer, Sait Baskaya, Christian Bischof, Torsten Bronger, Florian Claus, Florian Cordes, Evariste Immanuel Demandt, Thomas Eifert, Bernd Flemisch, Matthias Fuchs (+38 others)
metadata standards and tools for the semantic description of research workflows are required in most NFDI4Ing archetypes, a central service for the development, evaluation, and maintenance of metadata  ...  Analogous validation requirements hold for other types of software such as software for systems control. ▪ Software itself generates data in form of computational results.  ... 
doi:10.18154/rwth-2020-09589 fatcat:wyxfipz4rnc4bgeectrfnotaaa

A productive response to legacy system petrification

Anthony Philip James Lauder
The capabilities of a legacy system progressively fall further and further behind their evolving requirements, in a degrading process termed petrification.  ...  The requirements of a legacy information system change, often in unanticipated ways, and at a more rapid pace than the rate at which the information system itself can be evolved to support them.  ...  In fact, we found at EDP that there is often so much rubble among the gold nuggets that it was tempting to call this pattern Gold Panning rather than Gold Mining.  ... 
doi:10.22024/unikent/01.02.86253 fatcat:ppgfd3f3ezhtjdkkxwgeyo3zcy

Cheechakos, Sourdoughs and Soiled Doves: Men, Women, and Community in a Klondike Gold Rush Boomtown 1896-1904

Megan J. Highet
As an example of research situated within historical anthropology-a relatively novel area of expertise within the discipline-this thesis examines the nature of community in the boomtown PREFACE This thesis  ...  residing in and around Dawson City during the Klondike Gold Rush.  ...  This required the sinking of shafts into the permafrost earth in order to determine whether one's claim would pan out when a miner hit the pay streak or be found to be practically worthless.  ... 
doi:10.7939/r3467t fatcat:2efvhak7yze7tpqvidedmxnmyy

Service Undone: A Grounded Theory of Strategically Constructed Silos and Their Impact on Customer-Company Interactions from the Perspective of Retail Employees

Kelley A. O'Reilly
As shown in the data, interaction types vary both in regard to the degree of knowledge needed by retail employees to fully serve customers, and the routine or nonroutine nature of the interaction.  ...  in suboptimal conditions.  ...  IN-STORE FACE-TO-FACE IN-HOME FACE-TO-FACE PHONE INTERNET Figure 4 . Data collection schematic by retail type and channel.  ... 
doi:10.26076/8542-e9bc fatcat:qhmnzk5f2jbpxa7fdfr26fvcq4

The ideology of stadium construction : a historical sociology model of power and control [article]

Donald L. Coombs
In the future I will benefit from these experiences as I take on the challenge of teaching in my own career.  ...  All of my co-workers contributed ideas to this project through our various discussions.  ...  During my time as an undergraduate, Peter instilled confidence in me that would drive me through this pursuit. For this, I cannot thank him enough.  ... 
doi:10.7912/c2fs3j fatcat:khsagzvcbzg2lcnaimot7y7uje

Cyber-Enabled Financial Abuse of Older Americans: A Public Policy Problem [article]

Christine Lyons, Maryland Shared Open Access Repository, Maryland Shared Open Access Repository, Heather Wyatt-Nichol
With the spread of cyber-enabled crime, a troubling trend has evolved in which the victim is unknowingly complicit in the offence.  ...  In the context of cyber-enabled crime, this study first explains the mechanisms whereby individuals fall prey to abuse and second; conducts an older American cyber-safety needs assessment, which collects  ...  (Wachs, Wolf, and Pan 2012) .  ... 
doi:10.13016/m23fjd-6aar fatcat:5mq5iogs4bddhgxwf4tfcwh3da

UKnowledge Theses and Dissertations-Music Music 2018 FRANK ZAPPA AND HIS CONCEPTION OF CIVILIZATION PHAZE III

Jeffrey Jones
plane, spraying the audience with a toxic substance" seems intolerable to a ticket-paying audience.  ...  Alan di Perna, "Megabytes at Barking Pumpkin," Keyboards, Computers & Software 1, no.2, 1986. wrong rhythm or out of tune.  ...