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Vineyard In The Hipeac Newsletter Info 49 [article]

Christoforos Kachris
2017 Zenodo  
VINEYARD's goal is to develop the technology and the ecosystem that will enable the efficient and seamless integration of the hardware acceleration into data centre applications.  ...  The deployment of energy-efficient hardware accelerators will permit the significant improvement in the performance of cloud computing applications and the reduction of energy consumption in data centres  ...  Their requirements will drive innovations in hardware and software, spanning programming systems, runtimes, and hardware.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.836721 fatcat:brmjihobtze47pv3b4cetbm67u

Addressing Application Bottlenecks: Distributed Memory [chapter]

Alexander Supalov, Andrey Semin, Michael Klemm, Christopher Dahnken
2014 Optimizing HPC Applications with Intel® Cluster Tools  
Well, we will deal with them as we go along, because algorithms will cross our path at every possible level.  ...  Further chapters will step deeper into the increasingly local optimization levels. "And where are the algorithms?" you may ask.  ...  startup(): 2 210517 book {3,4,27} [0] MPI startup(): 3 210518 book {5,28,29} [0] MPI startup(): 4 210519 book {6,7,30} [0] MPI startup(): 5 210520 book {8,31,32} [0] MPI startup(): 6 210521  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4302-6497-2_5 fatcat:aozzgrkxmrasnm54ufvvkwr4g4

Thursday sessions

2011 2011 Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE)  
Modules employ innovative engineering pedagogies that foster student engagement.  ...  The mini-workshop will demonstrate the use of the modules in core engineering courses. Participants will individually design a plan for implementing a module of their choice in one of their courses.  ...  Session F3B: Special Session -Connecting and Expanding the Emerging Engineering Education Research (EER) and Engineering Education Innovation (EEI) Communities SPECIAL SESSION -CONNECTING AND EXPANDING  ... 
doi:10.1109/fie.2011.6143155 fatcat:imkz5klofbe3bl42dkrhm5h6du


2021 2021 IEEE International 3D Systems Integration Conference (3DIC)  
Machine learning, deep learning, autonomous driving, and other artificial intelligence applications are driving the performance requirements of next generation computing hardware.  ...  to develop an open standards based on-package interconnect to drive industry innovation.  ...  He has managed hardware engineering teams in several organizations, including successful startups.  ... 
doi:10.1109/3dic52383.2021.9687605 fatcat:m27oybj3brhilb2m6bkb76k5ia

Mils: Business, Legal And Social Acceptance

Christophe Toulemonde, Jacques Brygier, Holger Blasum, Sergey Tverdyshev, Bertrand Leconte, Kevin Müller, Axel Söding - Freiherr von Blomberg, Igor Furgel, Martina Truskaller
2015 Zenodo  
If technology is today enough reliable in this area, people (at least half of our panel) are still afraid of using such self-driving cars.  ...  drive strong regulations.  ...  I will change my provider (ISP, online banking…) if I don't get maximum availability (24x7) for the proposed service. 5.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.47301 fatcat:2njeypzu4jfgjaygciloaj4zae

Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Applied Innovations in IT [article]

Eduard Siemens, Bernd Krause, Leonid Mylnikov, Et Al., Universitäts- Und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt, Martin-Luther Universität, Eduard Siemens
For these calculations electric drive efficiency, electric drive utilization factor ku.f., and electric drive load power Рu.f. should be calculated. 2.5.  ...  the session management to isolate the recipients with different throughput.  ...  These parameters will be calculated in the future.  ... 
doi:10.25673/5769 fatcat:6hh4nnwuyndbje6ktdlw7wgfsq

Products of Interest

2020 Computer Music Journal  
Users can now add presets to their current session.  ...  This plugin allows the user to insert hardware processors into a session.  ... 
doi:10.1162/comj_r_00529 fatcat:hrnqiqfnrzfizopgtsrerikmza

Chasing the AIDS virus

Thomas Lengauer, André Altmann, Alexander Thielen, Rolf Kaiser
2010 Communications of the ACM  
No drive failure during any session has been reported by NCCU users. In 2006, we were awarded a second grant from IBM for the same amount.  ...  In many cases the startups are innovating much faster than the incumbents, who continue to fight the Gaming 1.0 battle under pressure from a slowing retail-based model.  ...  Later, we will show to use e to obtain fully homomorphic encryption.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1666420.1666440 fatcat:o2qllqh4tzhh5dzgvnjewl52vq

LI SA '11 : 25 TH LA RG E INS TA LLA TIO N SY STE M AD MIN IST RAT ION CO NFE REN CE The Past, Present, and Future of System Administration

M Boston
TRACK 1 SESSION: Panel What Will Be Hot Next Year?  ...  Training materials will be provided to you on a 4GB USB drive. If you'd like to access them during your class, please remember to bring a laptop.  ...  Golden Passport Registration Includes: • Admission to all sessions, Sunday-Fri- Discounts Available!  ... 

An Experimental Implementation of a Resilient Graphic Rendering Cluster

Tibor Skala, Mirsad Todorovac, Miklós Kozlovszky, Marko Maričević
2021 Applied Sciences  
In this paper, we describe the challenge of developing a web front that will give an interactive and relatively immediate result without the overhead of complex grid scheduling, in the sense of the grid's  ...  GRP protocol diagram (trace of one typical session). S: 220 GRC server VERSION ready.  ...  The abovementioned paper presented an innovative way of creating a distributed This article is an open access article reliable rendering method using a huge range  ... 
doi:10.3390/app112412046 fatcat:nxgsrueb4neqjerdtqfwxo7y6u

Algorithms and data structures for massively parallel generic adaptive finite element codes

Wolfgang Bangerth, Carsten Burstedde, Timo Heister, Martin Kronbichler
2011 ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software  
Designing this synthesis in a practical and scalable way is one of the innovations of this article; we will demonstrate its efficiency in Section 7.  ...  The right panel demonstrates strong scalability.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2049673.2049678 fatcat:pxrjsrtmczbzxffim4du37fps4

DarkSide-20k: A 20 Tonne Two-Phase LAr TPC for Direct Dark Matter Detection at LNGS [article]

C. E. Aalseth, F. Acerbi, P. Agnes, I. F. M. Albuquerque, T. Alexander, A. Alici, A. K. Alton, P. Antonioli, S. Arcelli, R. Ardito, I. J. Arnquist, D. M. Asner (+263 others)
2017 arXiv   pre-print
DarkSide-20k will have ultra-low backgrounds than can be measured in situ.  ...  The DarkSide-20k LArTPC will be deployed within a shield/veto with a spherical Liquid Scintillator Veto (LSV) inside a cylindrical Water Cherenkov Veto (WCV).  ...  During the calibration session, dry nitrogen gas will be used to push the water out of the tube through a small pig-tail tube at the bottom of the vertical tube.  ... 
arXiv:1707.08145v1 fatcat:vhvzo5ornvdv3cyyhbbjcgb4cy

Dagstuhl Reports, Volume 8, Issue 2, February 2018, Complete Issue [article]

How does the use of the LET paradigm for multicore systems fit into the more general context of achieving predictability of multicore systems?  ...  For example, this way of teaching might lead to a more academic orientation of students by encouraging them to search for innovative solutions by themselves.  ...  In the sequel we will use SYNC when referring to the synchronous approach.  ... 
doi:10.4230/dagrep.8.2 fatcat:6kf77nt6j5g2jatriorn72fafm

2013 Jahresbericht Annual Report

Panel discussions, challenge problem advertisements as well as working group sessions took place in the afternoons and evenings.  ...  Safety applications: show stopper or driving force?  ... 

A Roadmap for HEP Software and Computing R&D for the 2020s

Johannes Albrecht, Antonio Augusto Alves, Guilherme Amadio, Giuseppe Andronico, Nguyen Anh-Ky, Laurent Aphecetche, John Apostolakis, Makoto Asai, Luca Atzori, Marian Babik, Giuseppe Bagliesi, Marilena Bandieramonte (+298 others)
2019 Computing and Software for Big Science  
HEP is seen as an interesting, innovative, and challenging field.  ...  P5 The Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel is a scientific advisory panel tasked with recommending plans for U.S. investment in particle physics research over the next ten years.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s41781-018-0018-8 fatcat:xuvdsxgmjfe7zah4vbvpazao2i
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