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Fei Chen, Tere Gonzalez, Jun Li, Manish Marwah, Jim Pruyne, Krishnamurthy Viswanathan, Mijung Kim
2014 Proceedings of the 2014 ACM SIGMOD international conference on Management of data - SIGMOD '14  
Thus, replacing a commodity cluster with a large memory, multicore machine can enable in-memory analytics at an affordable cost. However programming on a big-memory, multicore machine is a challenge.  ...  However, use of a commodity cluster for analytics tasks needs to be reconsidered based on two key observations: (1) in recent years, large memory, multicore machines have become more affordable; and (2  ...  CONCLUSION We have presented Palette, a framework for developing scalable analytics operators for big-memory multicore machines.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2588555.2594509 dblp:conf/sigmod/ChenGLMPVK14 fatcat:ezdrp7vi5zauvdyik3qc2kdxmu

Research Challenges for Visualization Software

Hank Childs, Berk Geveci, Will Schroeder, Jeremy Meredith, Kenneth Moreland, Christopher Sewell, Torsten Kuhlen, E. Wes Bethel
2013 Computer  
Using this reduced palette, which developers can design for portability and efficiency, can produce more agile visualization systems.  ...  , and even the use of built-in vector types for memory access.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mc.2013.179 fatcat:ej2iumbowjefxnz3lbtwnb7jji

D5.3 – WP 5 Scientific Report and Prototype Description – Y3

Amaryllis Raouzaiou, Anestis Sidiropoulos, Richard McCreadie, Yannis Poulakis, Christos Doulkeridis, George Kousiouris, Jean-Didier Totow, Nikitas Sgouros, Sophia Karagiorgou, Petros Petrou, Gina Chatzimarkaki, Marta Patiño (+1 others)
2021 Zenodo  
Service Level Objectives or SLOs) and dependencies for these machine learning or Big Data applications.  ...  This may be advantageous in cases such as were a single 'big' machine is more expensive than multiple smaller machines.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4442314 fatcat:xe4gu4chqraqja72yk4ow2hly4

Convergence Platforms: Foundational Science and Technology Tools [chapter]

Mark Lundstrom, H.-S. Philip Wong
2013 Science Policy Reports  
Semiconductor nanoelectronics seems destined to play an even more important role in addressing the challenges of the 21 st century by serving as the foundation that enables continuing advances in the convergence  ...  The machine used provided 144 TB of memory and 0.5 petaFLOPS (Ananthanarayanan et al. 2009 ).  ...  Advances in computing speed and memory capacity enable simulations with improved physical fidelity.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-02204-8_1 fatcat:t55qy6axezfaxnjmfbhurqfuda

Selecting the optimal system

Oscar Almer, Miles Gould, Björn Franke, Nigel Topham
2011 Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Network on Chip Architectures - NoCArc '11  
the method scalable.  ...  Various I/O devices, controllers and memories had to be added to enable actual code execution from main RAM.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2076501.2076510 dblp:conf/micro/AlmerGFT11 fatcat:5u2kbmkkznbxpj6yfgde664m5i

Towards Oxide Electronics: a Roadmap

M. Coll, J. Fontcuberta, M. Althammer, M. Bibes, H. Boschker, A. Calleja, G. Cheng, M. Cuoco, R. Dittmann, B. Dkhil, I. El Baggari, M. Fanciulli (+44 others)
2019 Applied Surface Science  
for magnetoresistive random access memories (MRAMs).  ...  Ferroelectric oxides are already used in polycrystalline form in commercial memories and can soon have a great impact with improved optical devices and new ferroelectric memories.  ...  Uzuhashi for their technical assistance for Fig. 36 . We acknowledge support from the ImPACT Program of Council for Science, Technology and Innovation, Japan.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.apsusc.2019.03.312 fatcat:3rqm2kwuv5gk3dpmb4sv7mg6ui

Extending the Palladio meta-model to support memory hierarchy [article]

Kim Truong, Universität Stuttgart
However, Palladio can not give accurate predictions for multicore systems because it currently neglects the scaling limitations of multicore systems.  ...  One such limitation is the memory hierarchy and its bandwidths, which is a performance bottleneck for parallelized applications.  ...  By executing the STREAM Benchmark, the bandwidth to the DRAM is returned for the four vector kernels. Furthermore, STREAM is also able to measure the adapting memory bandwidth for multicore machines.  ... 
doi:10.18419/opus-11528 fatcat:enelaue7bbhunapvlr7xxu3ksm

P4 [chapter]

2013 Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science  
A procedure for arranging the basis matrix of a linear-programming problem into as near a lower triangular form as possible.  ...  Such an arrangement helps in maintaining a sparse inverse, given that the original data set for the associated linear-programming problem is sparse.  ...  This concept is called scalability (Kumar and Gupta 1994) .  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4419-1153-7_200569 fatcat:aqo3msrrzree3aiyv36fsh3afe

Exploring and exploiting data modeling, big data analytics, high-performance computing and artificial intelligence techniques for applications of 2D energy-dispersive detectors in the crystallography community

Amir Tosson, Universitätsbibliothek Siegen
Digitization enabling the real-time data visualization for the further analysis is now a vital prerequisite for a successful and innovative scientific community.  ...  It also sheds light on the main challenge researchers and business analytics across the world have been facing during the recent years, namely big data handling, extraction and employing.  ...  Abboud for helping during the beamtimes and for all the fun we have had. • I am also immensely grateful to V.  ... 
doi:10.25819/ubsi/4416 fatcat:3kwkifis6ncbxlzwq625357jxu

Scalable System-on-Chip Design

Paolo Mantovani
areas can develop competitive algorithms suitable for acceleration for domain-specific applications, such as multimedia systems, self-driving vehicles, robotics, and more.  ...  The availability of cost effective silicon area for specialized hardware creates an opportunity to enter the market of semiconductors for new small players: engineers from several different scientific  ...  This infrastructure is a concrete step towards enabling a scalable design for future SoCs. ESP.  ... 
doi:10.7916/d8ws95mk fatcat:egzvpahukvc43ccz7ge66afyze

Algorithms and Software for the Analysis of Large Complex Networks

Christian Lorenz Staudt
Each computational method discussed relates to one of the main tasks of data analysis: to extract structural features from network data, such as methods for community detection; or to transform network  ...  Distributed computing solutions become necessary for massive graph applications (as they appear, for example, in social media services), but we argue that shared-memory multicore machines go a long way  ...  Another scalability factor is the memory footprint of the graph data structure.  ... 
doi:10.5445/ir/1000056470 fatcat:whtb2n5ds5ab5aajfjbtzg52qe

Visual analytics of social media for situation awareness [article]

Dennis Thom, Universität Stuttgart, Universität Stuttgart
In contrast to most other computer science challenges, social media analytics thus fully covers all characteristics that have been commonly referred to as the "four V's" of big data.  ...  Auf Daten aus sozialen Medien treffen daher alle charakteristischen Eigenschaften zu, welche als die "vier V's" von Big Data bezeichnet werden.  ...  The visualization maps td-value to a color-palette ranging from black for low values, over red for medium values, to yellow for high values.  ... 
doi:10.18419/opus-3540 fatcat:z2nik4qydnbofid4jh5wp4xbgu

Models and techniques for designing mobile system-on-chip devices

Ayub Ahmed Gubran
We use our analysis to propose Dynamic Color Palettes (DCP), a hardware scheme that dynamically constructs color palettes and employs them to efficiently compress framebuffer surfaces.  ...  First, we use Emerald's full-system mode to highlight the importance of system-wide interactions by studying and analyzing memory organization and scheduling in SoCs.  ...  For example NoCs have been studied for multicore CPUs [58, 205] , GPUs [38, 258] and accelerators [48, 99, 166] .  ... 
doi:10.14288/1.0394065 fatcat:uggv4o2iuvgg3ctvpxwifcio54

Learning Capacity in Simulated Virtual Neurological Procedures

Mattia Samuel Mancosu, Silvester Czanner, Martin Punter
2020 Journal of WSCG  
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The authors would like to thank Oana Rotaru-Orhei for her comments and the three anonymous reviewers for their insightful suggestions.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors acknowledge the support of the NSERC/Creaform Industrial Research Chair on 3-D Scanning for conducting the work presented in this paper.  ...  Memory is a big problem with the voxel approach if you want high detail lighting. And light leakage may occur near geometry which does not conform to the voxel grid.  ... 
doi:10.24132/csrn.2020.3001.13 fatcat:uytlm7nytrhmnk553ellfhl54a

Dagstuhl Reports, Volume 7, Issue 11, November 2017, Complete Issue [article]

A General Language for Matching Tile Games Julian Togelius (New York University, US), Cameron Browne (RIKEN -Tokyo, JP), Simon Colton (Falmouth University, GB), Mark J.  ...  I will first discuss recently published work on KiWi -A Key-Value Map for Scalable Real-Time Analytics [1] .  ...  A useful takeaway from our work is the extent that open nesting enables more profitable use of HTM. Modern big data processing platforms employ huge in-memory key-value (KV) maps.  ... 
doi:10.4230/dagrep.7.11 fatcat:pk2gs776vzftffmrue3j2xdgoy
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