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Alex Olwal, Tobias Höllerer
2005 Proceedings of the ACM symposium on Virtual reality software and technology - VRST '05  
We describe POLAR, a portable, optical see-through, low-cost augmented reality system, which allows a user to see annotated views of small to medium-sized physical objects in an unencumbered way.  ...  We describe the system design, including a hybrid IR/vision head-tracking solution, and present examples of simple augmented scenes.  ...  Previous projection-based optical see-through systems [2] do not meet our goals in terms of portability, ready availability of components, and low cost.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1101616.1101662 dblp:conf/vrst/OlwalH05 fatcat:2o7iaz563jex7antym533hw65m

Design of a bright polarized head-mounted projection display

Hong Hua, Chunyu Gao
2007 Applied Optics  
In optical see-through head-mounted displays, it has been a common challenge that the displayed image lacks brightness and contrast compared with the direct view of a real-world scene.  ...  The lack of image brightness is aggravated in the design of a see-through head-mounted projection display (HMPD).  ...  optical see-through displays.  ... 
doi:10.1364/ao.46.002600 pmid:17446907 fatcat:omeowjy55rh3dgkpr6ltyemz34

Markerless tracking using Polar Correlation of camera optical flow

Prince Gupta, Niels da Vitoria Lobo, Joseph J. Laviola
2010 2010 IEEE Virtual Reality Conference (VR)  
We show how optical flow in opposing cameras can be used to recover motion parameters of the multi-camera rig.  ...  Our system uses optical flow over sparse features to overcome the limitation of vision-based systems that require markers or a pre-loaded model of the physical environment.  ...  The prototype of the device is low cost, requires no setup and has a large range span.  ... 
doi:10.1109/vr.2010.5444784 dblp:conf/vr/GuptaLL10 fatcat:ukh4nvtg3fbphmzqmckfrp7cxe

Applications of augmented reality in ophthalmology

Gunes Aydindogan, Koray Kavakli, Afsun Sahin, Pablo Artal, Hakan Urey
2020 Biomedical Optics Express  
Throughout the last decade, augmented reality (AR) head-mounted displays (HMDs) have gradually become a substantial part of modern life, with increasing applications ranging from gaming and driver assistance  ...  This review includes the following topics: (i) underlying optical technologies, displays and trackers, holography, and adaptive optics; (ii) accommodation, 3D vision, and related problems such as presbyopia  ...  [69] Epson Moverio BT-300 Augmented Reality (Optical see-through)  ... 
doi:10.1364/boe.405026 pmid:33659087 pmcid:PMC7899512 fatcat:zlqpmco26zdo3dzf57plqhyg4q

Recent Advances in Planar Optics-Based Glasses-Free 3D Displays

Jianyu Hua, Wen Qiao, Linsen Chen
2022 Frontiers in Nanotechnology  
As a specific application and an appealing feature, augmented reality (AR) 3D displays enabled by planar optics are comprehensively discussed.  ...  As a result, planar optics hold great promise to tackle the critical challenges for glasses-free 3D displays, especially for portable electronics and transparent display applications.  ...  GLASSES-FREE AUGMENTED REALITY 3D DISPLAY BASED ON PLANAR OPTICAL ELEMENTS Most recently, augmented reality (AR), as an interactive display that fuses the virtual world with reality, has become an aggressive  ... 
doi:10.3389/fnano.2022.829011 fatcat:vhegvowfkzaptl3txpfteyeofq

Projection of holographic images in volumetric fluorescent fluids for near-eye displays

Michal Makowski, Paweł Piątek, Mateusz Grynkiewicz
2019 Photonics Letters of Poland  
"A multi-plane optical see-through holographic three-dimensional display for augmented reality applications", Optik 157: 190-196 (2018) CrossRef G. Li, D. Lee, Y. Jeong, J. Cho, B.  ...  Lee, "Holographic display for see-through augmented reality using mirror-lens holographic optical element", Opt. Lett. 41(11), 2486-2489 (2016) CrossRef C. L. Lin, Y. Z. Su, M. W. Hung, K. C.  ...  One of the natural applications for the technology is augmented reality, [10] [11] [12] which allows real and generated objects to be merged into one.  ... 
doi:10.4302/plp.v11i4.936 fatcat:lbysfjtfznfuhko7zdcgptijh4

Recent progress in Pancharatnam–Berry phase optical elements and the applications for virtual/augmented realities

Yun-Han Lee, Guanjun Tan, Tao Zhan, Yishi Weng, Guigeng Liu, Fangwang Gou, Fenglin Peng, Nelson V. Tabiryan, Sebastian Gauza, Shin-Tson Wu
2017 Optical Data Processing and Storage  
Such merits provide great advantages for waveguide-coupling augmented reality headsets.  ...  AbstractIn this review paper,we report recent progress on Pancharatnam-Berry (PB) phase optical elements, such as lens, grating, and deflector.  ...  The realization of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are coming to actual reality. Among the several remaining challenges, the depth perception is gaining more and more attention.  ... 
doi:10.1515/odps-2017-0010 fatcat:zy6n4itkfjhv7l4fxad3rpeq5e

Nanotechnology for Consumer Electronics [chapter]

Hannah M. Gramling, Michail E. Kiziroglou, Eric M. Yeatman
2017 Nanoelectronics  
For instance, the future of display technologies is in flexible, low profile, portable displays, many of which will be specifically designed for virtual reality.  ...  Interesting optoelectronic properties available at the limit of material thickness, including near-transparency and a direct bandgap, could be pivotal in realizing low-cost, high-performance virtual reality  ...  For instance, the future of display technologies is in flexible, low profile, portable displays, many of which will be specifically designed for virtual reality.  ... 
doi:10.1002/9783527800728.ch22 fatcat:mnjq2oxycja3dkhvhtxupixaz4

INSPEX: Design and integration of a portable/wearable smart spatial exploration system

S. Lesecq, Julie Foucault, F. Birot, H. de Chaumont, C. Jackson, M. Correvon, P. Heck, R. Banach, A. di Matteo, V. Di Palma, J. Barrett, S. Rea (+3 others)
2017 Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition (DATE), 2017  
The INSPEX H2020 project main objective is to integrate automotive-equivalent spatial exploration and obstacle detection functionalities into a portable/wearable multi-sensor, miniaturised, low power device  ...  Augmented reality audio feedback, taking into account the user's head position will inform the user on potential dangers.  ...  Low cost light-weight spatial exploration system Navigation for people with special needs (e.g.  ... 
doi:10.23919/date.2017.7927089 dblp:conf/date/LesecqFBCJCHBMP17 fatcat:3gzwmu6q3famhezaejotgczmbu

PDRIVE: The Projector-based, Desktop, Reach-In Virtual Environment [article]

Gerwin De Haan, Eric J. Griffith, Michal Koutek, Frits H. Post
2007 ICAT-EGVE 2014 - International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence and Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments  
Stereo images are generated by two standard, off-the-shelf DLP projectors, which provides a large display and workspace volume at a relatively low cost.  ...  A PDRIVE user "reaches in" to the virtual environment, which he views through a mirror.  ...  The user mirror can be replaced with a semitransparent mirror for an augmented reality system. Electromagnetic tracking can be replaced by optical tracking.  ... 
doi:10.2312/egve/ipt_egve2007/009-016 fatcat:czbik3h6cvfqtl7xshn2d23xqu

Effect of Conventional Water Pretreatment Devices on Polar Compound Analysis

Joo-Yeon Lee, Trieu-Vuong Dinh, Dong-June Kim, In-Young Choi, Ji-Won Ahn, Shin-Young Park, Yoo-Jin Jung, Jo-Chun Kim
2019 Asian Journal of Atmospheric Environment  
non-polar compounds are of interest.  ...  The chemiluminescence that results from the reaction is monitored by an optically filtered high-sensitivity photomultiplier.  ...  C18 is an octadecylsilane bonded silica substrate which is non-polar, hydrophobic, and relatively inert, whose surface has been passivated with non-polar paraffinic groups.  ... 
doi:10.5572/ajae.2019.13.4.249 fatcat:t4qgeos4bndtvlfmm4mpdu3oey

Wearable functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) and transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS): expanding vistas for neurocognitive augmentation

Ryan McKendrick, Raja Parasuraman, Hasan Ayaz
2015 Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience  
A new generation of functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) systems is described that are miniaturized, portable, and include wearable sensors.  ...  Mobile optical brain imaging is a promising neuroimaging tool that has the potential to complement tDCS for realistic applications in natural settings.  ...  Optical stimulation with near infrared lasers that are low powered but have high energy density could be a solution (Wells et al., 2005a,b; Shapiro et al., 2012) .  ... 
doi:10.3389/fnsys.2015.00027 pmid:25805976 pmcid:PMC4353303 fatcat:uxgrcgkr6vhe7cpnppgpxt4ic4

Photo-Aligned Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Devices with Novel Electro-Optic Characteristics

Vladimir Chigrinov, Qi Guo, Aleksey Kudreyko
2020 Crystals  
Comparison of electro-optical behavior of ferroelectric liquid crystals is described considering the performance of devices.  ...  A variety of display and photonic devices with azo dye aligned ferroelectric liquid crystals is presented: smart glasses, liquid crystal Pancharatnam–Berry phase optical elements, 2D/3D switchable lenses  ...  The market for smart windows includes architectural and automotive windows, and covers information displays for augmented reality (AR).  ... 
doi:10.3390/cryst10070563 fatcat:ow6xvkokqvbqxjybqakcdzcemu

Augmented Reality Dynamic Image Recognition Technology Based on Deep Learning Algorithm

Qiuyun Cheng, Sen Zhang, Shukui Bo, Dengxi Chen, Haijun Zhang
2020 IEEE Access  
Augmented reality is a research hotspot developed on the basis of virtual reality.  ...  Friendly human-computer interaction interface makes the application prospect of augmented reality technology very broad.  ...  It assigns a high value to a certain neuron, and the rest of the neurons are assigned low values, making the result polarized.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3012130 fatcat:7gjrtszcbbhgvf2zt34cwzcvum

Compact Smartphone-Based Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging Endoscope Device for Point-of-Care Blood Flow Monitoring

Youngkyu Kim, Woo June Choi, Jungmin Oh, Jun Ki Kim
2022 Biosensors  
The smartphone-based low-cost portable mobile endoscope for monitoring blood flow and perfusion shows promise for preclinical applications and may be suitable for primary diagnosis at home or as a cost-effective  ...  A smartphone-based portable LSCI endoscope system was validated for POC diagnosis of vascular disorders.  ...  Materials and Methods Implementation of Smartphone-Based Portable LSCI Endoscope Device We developed a low-cost smartphone-based portable LSCI endoscope.  ... 
doi:10.3390/bios12060398 pmid:35735546 fatcat:p3gzpqtcf5djfjrmrhqeavgtsq
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