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Uuganbaatar D, Guanglai Gao, Byambasuren I, Nergui B
2017 Proceedings of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences  
In addition PC-KIMMO description of traditional Mongolian script is considered as being possible.  ...  This study compiles primarily the word structure of Modern Mongolian language and further more focused on the possibilities of description of Mongolian language in PC KIMMO, a two level processing method  ...  In this study we generated the description of modern Mongolian grammar in PC-KIMMO based on two-level morphology model by creating the main components such as lexicon file and grammatical file.  ... 
doi:10.5564/pmas.v52i4.877 fatcat:xxp2n3jybzdslpij73bfhbhllq

Editors' Addresses (2010)

Mark Kaunisto, Erika Sandman, Heli Tissari, Katja Västi
Base-Identity is applicable in derivational morphology, where the base has priority over the derived forms.  ...  Conclusion It is clear that the role of PC needs more attention from scholars working in the area of the phonology-morphology interface.  ...  (pp. 17-34) is based on the author's conception of the essence of human language. In an intelligent discussion, Määttä emphasizes the emergent nature of linguistic or grammatical description.  ... 

Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Cyberspace

Evgeny Kuzmin, Adama Samassekou, Daniel Prado, Evgenia Mikhailova, Sergey Bakeykin, Anastasia Parshakova, Tatiana Murovana, Nadezhda Zaikova, Liudmila Zaikova
2011 The book includes communications by the participants of the 2 nd International Conference Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Cyberspace   unpublished
The authors are responsible for the choice and presentation of facts and for the opinions expressed, which are not necessarily those of the compilers  ...  became a unique platform for discussing political, cultural, educational, ideological, philosophical, social, ethical, technological and other aspects of the activities aimed at supporting and preserving  ...  Acknowledgement We are thankful to the Center for e-Learning Research and Application (Nagaoka University of Technology) and Hideyuki Kanematsu (Suzuka National College of Technology) for providing many  ...