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Michael Lienhardt, Alan Schmitt, Jean-Bernard Stefani
2007 Proceedings of the 6th international conference on Generative programming and component engineering - GPCE '07  
We present an operational semantics for the language and several examples to illustrate how OZ/K supports open distributed programming.  ...  Specifically, we introduce in this paper OZ/K, a kernel programming language, that adds to the OZ computation model a notion of locality borrowed from the Kell calculus.  ...  Open programming in OZ/K: examples In this section, we present some simple OZ/K programs illustrating open programming in OZ/K.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1289971.1289980 dblp:conf/gpce/LienhardtSS07 fatcat:4d3z5yq6gjdctgorwxofix5664

Scatter-Gather-Merge: An efficient star-join query processing algorithm for data-parallel frameworks

Hyuck Han, Hyungsoo Jung, Hyeonsang Eom, Heon Y. Yeom
2010 Cluster Computing  
A data-parallel framework is very attractive for large-scale data processing since it enables such an application to easily process a huge amount of data on commodity machines.  ...  MapReduce, a popular data-parallel framework, is used in various fields such as web search, data mining and data warehouses; it is proven to be very practical for such a data-parallel application.  ...  HadoopDB adopts SQL, Hadoop, and open source DBMSs as a query language, a query processing engine, and a storage engine, respectively.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10586-010-0144-5 fatcat:6buu66dxwjaxdopz2qeevb7ony

Companion points on the eigenvariety with non-regular weights [article]

Zhixiang Wu
2021 arXiv   pre-print
of all companion points on the eigenvariety of definite unitary groups associated with generic crystalline Galois representations with possibly non-regular weights under the Taylor-Wiles hypothesis, based  ...  In the first parts of this section, we will only need the Zariski open dense subset U tri (r) ⊂ X tri (r). δ = (δ i ) i=1,··· ,n such that δ i δ −1 j = z −k , ǫz k for i = j and k ∈ Z Σ ≥0 .  ...  As each S i → S i−1 × L T L is smooth (as a geometric vector bundle over a Zariski open subset of the image), we see so is, by base change, S i,(i 0 ,k J ) → S i−1,(i 0 ,k J ) × L T L → T i (i 0 ,k J )  ... 
arXiv:2108.13879v1 fatcat:u7xtpealcvh43kb3w37fstkneq

Compact moduli of plane curves

Paul Hacking
2004 Duke mathematical journal  
We regard a plane curve C as a surface-divisor pair (P^2,C) and define M_d as a moduli space of pairs (X,D) where X is a degeneration of the plane.  ...  We construct a compactification M_d of the moduli space of plane curves of degree d.  ...  Then µ − = 10h 1 (OZ) + K 2 Z + b 2 (Z) − b 1 (Z) whereZ is the minimal resolution of Z [St2] . In our case we calculate µ − = 10 − 18 + 8 − 1 = −1, a contradiction.  ... 
doi:10.1215/s0012-7094-04-12421-2 fatcat:wczk63xncrb5dduh6cfomw3x6y

Efficient and fully abstract routing of futures in object network overlays

Mads Dam, Karl Palmskog
2013 Proceedings of the 2013 workshop on Programming based on actors, agents, and decentralized control - AGERE! '13  
We consider a distributed object language with futures, essentially lazy return values. Futures are challenging in this context due to the strong global consistency requirements they impose.  ...  The key conclusion is that execution in a decentralized, asynchronous network can preserve the standard, network-oblivious behavior of objects with futures, in the sense of contextual equivalence.  ...  The Oz/K language [26] adds to this a notion of locality with separate failure and mobility semantics, but no real distribution or communication semantics is given (long distance communication is reduced  ... 
doi:10.1145/2541329.2541340 dblp:conf/agere/DamP13 fatcat:57owgvzhubejne2zgwdg7vls6i

Stinging the Predators: A collection of papers that should never have been published

Zen Faulkes
2018 Figshare  
Each paper has a brief introduction.  ...  Similarly, note how simulating programming and kernels.  ...  kernels [1, 9, 16, 17].  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.5248264.v5 fatcat:kzn5xgjjfjd7hko652iy5sv72q