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Deep Imitation Learning for Complex Manipulation Tasks from Virtual Reality Teleoperation [article]

Tianhao Zhang, Zoe McCarthy, Owen Jow, Dennis Lee, Xi Chen, Ken Goldberg, Pieter Abbeel
2018 arXiv   pre-print
Imitation learning is a powerful paradigm for robot skill acquisition. However, obtaining demonstrations suitable for learning a policy that maps from raw pixels to actions can be challenging. In this paper we describe how consumer-grade Virtual Reality headsets and hand tracking hardware can be used to naturally teleoperate robots to perform complex tasks. We also describe how imitation learning can learn deep neural network policies (mapping from pixels to actions) that can acquire the
more » ... rated skills. Our experiments showcase the effectiveness of our approach for learning visuomotor skills.
arXiv:1710.04615v2 fatcat:awprwp674jbjpc7dvrfmlj5n7y

Page 85 of Energy Engineering Vol. 38, Issue 3 [page]

1941 Energy Engineering  
Or write: Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation, Toledo, Ohio. * FIBERGLAS* WUGYOMP arr FILTERS *T.M. Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.  ...  Just wait till he gets a squint at the Jow low cost of Dust-Stop Air Filters in the air-conditioning system! They’re about l¢ per CFM to install complete, and only 1, 10¢ per CFM to replace! — 2.  ... 

Page 55 of Finishing Today Vol. 42, Issue 8 [page]

1966 Finishing Today  
JOW see Fe ee ee 99L-4 | a1e3S @u07 AWD SsSe@uppy OWeN Wild saystuly Ayyens sou AA einy 01G eel] puos osBI[d o1uO ‘Z Uuo\eg ANVdWOD SY3HLOYNS 3MOT 3HL me SS UL | | | | | | | | | | | | ‘uodnod ay} pues  ... 

Page 656 of Guernsey Breeders' Journal Vol. 52, Issue 7 [page]

1937 Guernsey Breeders' Journal  
Grade (Jow Class 1, Shirley, Dennis Brothers; 2, Bess of Orchari Glenn, Ed. Strickfaden; 3, M.iry, R. L. Owet., 4, Entry, Honegger Brothers. (Jet of Sire 1, R. L.  ...  Owen on get of Kenfleur's Foremo< Crescent 191906; 2, O. F. Strawbridge on get« Kenfleur’s Jerry Crescent 198018; 3, Ed.  ... 

Page 38 of JAMA Ophthalmology Vol. 65, Issue 4 [page]

1961 JAMA Ophthalmology  
peidnsc0 eq jim (S)wo0OY : ——“Bulausy eeg Bureey aes ee =" “anoy $ ey © suosied— -_————- 0 woospeq pue soyed 8}ing——————- “woo, 40d oe 2 Cer eee a ———"yo} SUIOOH wo ete " WIS wernt: : P4E ae ee : ST 1SJ@JOW  ...  SNOILVAUNaSAaY W 004 uOo4 ae (QWYN_NMO SIH _NI_Y31SID3Y ISNW NVIOISAHd AN3A3) TODIAIOS JUSLUILIOAO BuiMojjoj 94} Ul JO uONnenossy jed1IPEeW 2}2}S OU} NY} “y"W'Y OU} JO Joquiew e we] 3ivis Ssseuppy CININd 3SV31d) owen  ... 

Page 678 of The Journal of Educational Research Vol. 35, Issue 9 [page]

1942 The Journal of Educational Research  
s | BOO OOOLO Bids escdddFSscins a] Bese 3 8 Soe al OF FRAGKANOCe FOOD x OMDH-CODAROBDAMrOH Bagruwdcda + adder SSSSSSSSoSoHH Eo Ee Ee EE PFA DOSOHrErATOYTM YOY | enmowr-nnde www a) sel salad owen 034007  ...  eiydwey 10 ynNoIg B paelosucodg Pi UD Tas tai punoi3 Avid @ uo pexi0Mm {UESGE SEM JOYOVE, OY) Usym SEB] JO e3ivyo uSeRB SUOSSO] DISNUW UBAIT) oF ~ Ayurey @UeIPeUlW INOA apleiNo VsIpPTIYyS 10) pasey dues JOW  ... 

Efficiency of Using Theatrical Method in Teaching Social Studies at Sixth Grade, Basic Education in the Sultanate of Oman and its Effects on Achievement and Subject Orientation

Saud S. AL-Nabhani
2011 Journal of Educational & Psychological Sciences  
(Owens, 2005 ¿hÒ°T iôj ,á`jƒHÎdG ¬`àØ°ù∏ah »`MöùŸG π«ãªàdG ≈⋲∏Y ºFÉ≤dG º«∏©àdG á©«Ñ£d áé«àfh ᫪aeJ ≈⋲`∏Y π`ª©J á`≤jôW »`g ¢ùjQóàdG »`a »MöùŸG π`«ãªàdG á≤jôW ¿C G (Sherwin, 2006) ¢SQÉe 1 Oó©dG 12 ó∏éŸG  ...  (Plastow, 1996; Shurgot & Owens, 2005 ) :øe πc ∂dP ójD ƒjh ,k É«ª∏Y ¬«ªaeJ ájQÉ¡ŸGh á«aô©ŸG ÚeÉ° †ŸG º∏©àŸG ÜÉ`°ùcE G »`a á«dÉ`©ØHh »`MöùŸG π«ãªàdG á≤jôW ΩΩÉ¡°SE G --5 ƒªaedG ≥«≤-øª° †j πµμ°ûH ,ô`°ù«eh  ... 
doi:10.12785/jeps/120104 fatcat:urveyj4qrnai7fe7r2vt53yioa

Page 792 of The Christian Observer. From the London Ed Vol. 23, Issue 264 [page]

1823 The Christian Observer. From the London Ed  
We may, there- fore, give Owen full credit for accept- ing the honour with reluctance and anxiety.” pp. 168, 169. 1923. “ O1 in an | jowing hibits | od, his nant Cc does W the co “ee } mere } rabble comm  ...  Owen warmly engaged in raising troops to repel the royalist rising in the West of England.  ... 

Page 900 of JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association Vol. 175, Issue 9 [page]

1961 JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association  
‘LT 1404 MON a "YS PUZP "3 06 Wg _ saenbs Buiysieg oe oe "Duy ‘Neeing Sss0oysi, & Gi is am ae pue uoNUsAUOD y40, MON NOILVISOSSY TV9IG3IW NVOINIWY OL NUNLEY 3Sva td SNOILVAY asiug W 0 04 uod ST :SJ9}JOW  ...  Ni Y31SID3Y ISNW NVIDISAHd AYu3A3) ¥ ave i) a ¥ L@DIAJOS JUSWUIOAOS Buimoyjoj OY} Ul JO uonenossy jesipey 2}e}S OU} NAY} “y'W'Y 04} JO Jequiey e weg 3ivis ssouppy siountt ‘oT o6e2149 Ba ar a asks Re owen  ... 

Page 548 of British Critic, and Quarterly Theological Review Vol. 5, Issue [page]

1795 British Critic, and Quarterly Theological Review  
Owen, 1794. 2 From am 4700039 028 3  ...  So Jow is. malignity fallen! Art. 55. rea/om triumphant over Law and Conftitution! addreffid to both Houfes of Parliament. 8vo. 64 pp. 2s.  ... 

Page 67 of APCJ Faxnews Vol. 79, Issue 8 [page]

1995 APCJ Faxnews  
Aid sselppy owe Auedwog anit OWEN SPpeeN euNIN4 yoeloig JUaeIIND 10} pepeeu UOIPeWIOJU 18YIO UOHONPOd JouNjOejNUeW SJUBJEAS/SBAISBUPY Bujewew 3 sees jounjoeyNUeW HUI QeH/jeouyoe | soumjoeynuew shuiyeoo  ...  66 (86 oe ise lve lee (26 [te |06 lee [ee ize pe (se je es ize ie [08 ZZ |92 Si lez lez iz loz 69 189 (29 [99 [$9 [po je9 |29 [19 09 6s es lus os [ss |vs les [zs |ts os |é6b [er pe (sh lve ler lev |ty jow  ... 

Page 3 of The Monthly Review Vol. 42, Issue [page]

1770 The Monthly Review  
“A Owen 5 LL NGUITY ZH20 THE QEMITUACUI ¢} HON, a oe 3 4 ” ra Law, we may farther conclude, by parity of reafon, that they fil ern ployed the fame care when ¢!  ...  genuine reading, which the Jews were then foltci- =) tous to pre ‘crve,—it will | necefiarils foliow, that the whole ver- on ae D tees ie he feu fion retained its tr: by OFIGING Pate trity, lo iene ay the Jows  ... 

Page 656 of Jewish Quarterly Review Vol. 10, Issue [page]

1898 Jewish Quarterly Review  
PIT yr nt 55 5332 anys Spy aoa Sy amas Sy dy am aan sway xdy pin ayy adiyd oinan Sy owen by yay Sane wabp ain ans ayn add oemax onde ads ‘non anew nos ndiyo nox wma mx ands idea qow qyod ans wimax 70)  ...  AM wy vadp ar awn sad oo ypra pia wo qmado yada awy man oy Jow opr on dp wed ‘A so) AD WD wyer “NY Ar DN yy dhyd qn ‘nm bp ’n abn ’n sy} ane qa aoe mde whe xin ye sin ad rAmwy mamow sidsan Senee armas  ... 

Page 777 of Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience Vol. 20, Issue 5 [page]

2008 Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience  
., & Owen, A. M. (2000).  ...  Trends in Jow Nal Veuros 2271C@S () 51] bY ¢ cle aye 7] logy, 2 Galaburda, A., & Sanides.  ... 

Page 73 of Tech Directions Vol. 18, Issue 1 [page]

1958 Tech Directions  
Aig ssouppy owen : OZS 61S BIS LIS 9IS SIS wIS EIS ZIS IIS — Seer FOS 66S CUS CSCS CUS CSCS CSCS oe oe ‘dOHS TOOHDS jO ONssy Siyy yO Uorjoes | Aujsmpu; woly smen,, OUuy Ul POysi] SWey; Buimosjoy eye OW  ...  Ado> ejbuls sed e21sg “sobed QZ) ueYy ewDN 6Z 82 92 eZ €Z 22 @JOW SUIe{UOD PUB JEAOD pojeulWe] D4sejd e sey pue punog jesids s1 yooqpueYy él 8 91 vl £10 (ZI Cyl ‘“uolpeuuoju; sjeyow jesoueb pue ‘uolpewsoju  ... 
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