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A quantitative approach for measuring crowding in the dental arch: fourier descriptors

Pete E Lestrel, Osamu Takahashi, Eisaku Kanazawa
2004 American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics  
Each maxillary and mandibular outline was subsequently standardized for size by scaling the bounded area to a constant 10,000 mm 2 .  ...  The application of elliptical Fourier functions (EFFs) provided an accurate numeric description of the dental arch form.  ...  Table I shows the classification matrix of the size-standardized MX data.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ajodo.2003.05.008 pmid:15179396 fatcat:5bx3lgblcfbr7c3jxkokheryuy

The Benefits and Risks of Consuming Brewed Tea: Beware of Toxic Element Contamination

Gerry Schwalfenberg, Stephen J. Genuis, Ilia Rodushkin
2013 Journal of Toxicology  
Common off-the-shelf varieties of black, green, white, and oolong teas sold in tea bags were used for analysis in this study.  ...  Of trace minerals, only manganese levels were found to be excessive in some black teas.Conclusions. Toxic contamination by heavy metals was found in most of the teas sampled.  ...  The first author paid the fee for the toxicological testing at ALS labs.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2013/370460 pmid:24260033 pmcid:PMC3821942 fatcat:6oie76ljszcq3ftcovcomaneo4

A novel measure of effect size for mediation analysis

Mark J. Lachowicz, Kristopher J. Preacher, Ken Kelley
2018 Psychological methods  
We also derive an expression for the bias of the sample estimator for the proposed effect size measure and propose an adjusted version of the estimator.  ...  Mediation analysis has become one of the most popular statistical methods in the social sciences.  ...  MX MX MX MX MX YM X YM X YM X YM X YM X E B E B B B E B E B B B           (18) Inserting these results into the definition of the squared standardized indirect  ... 
doi:10.1037/met0000165 pmid:29172614 fatcat:niaojytvhzajxjj6q5qzywes6i

Page 573 of American Society of Civil Engineers. Collected Journals Vol. 128, Issue 6 [page]

2002 American Society of Civil Engineers. Collected Journals  
Two protrusions above 5 mm elevation are outlined on the left. The upper is a single particle whereas the lower is a cluster of particles. standard deviation of bed surface elevations.  ...  Such trends also bias the standard deviation of bed surface elevations.  ... 

Efficacy and toxicity of mitoxantrone and oral etoposide in the treatment of hormone-refractory prostate cancer: pilot study

Rafael Kaliks, Camila Guerra, Auro Del Giglio
2010 Einstein (São Paulo)  
Objective: To evaluate the efficacy and toxicity of the association of mitoxantrone and oral etoposide.  ...  Results: Partial response was observed in two patients (response duration of seven and four months) and one patient had stable disease (during four months).  ...  to be the standard therapy.  ... 
doi:10.1590/s1679-45082010ao1622 pmid:26760150 fatcat:v6xldizkxzcr7i6fa2gjf4jike

High-speed detectors enable synchrotron serial crystallography

Andreas Förster
2016 Acta Crystallographica Section A: Foundations and Advances  
A short outline of the differences between EIGER and PILATUS3 will highlight key aspects of the new detector technology.  ...  Developed at the Paul Scherrer Institut, the DA+ data acquisition software is implemented at all three MX beamlines.  ...  A short outline of the differences between EIGER and PILATUS3 will highlight key aspects of the new detector technology.  ... 
doi:10.1107/s2053273316097138 fatcat:du6cxxlm2vdrrpqbdedrio5eju

Practice based protocols: an overview

D Lawrence, M Mitiguy
1975 The P. A. journal  
, as well as the recommended treatment in the practice of Mx.  ...  Charles Cowan, goes beyond an outline of the historical, physical, laboratory, and x-ray procedures indicated for the adult who presents with chronic fatigue, to include an analysis of the major diagnostic  ... 
pmid:10238147 fatcat:ze2j6zbhpneavlx3moew7tmzxy

Collaring and $(n-1)$-manifold in an $n$-manifold

C. L. Seebeck
1970 Transactions of the American Mathematical Society  
Finally move tj¡ to ±i/2k by a homeomorphism F of Mx[-1, 1] leaving h(MxO) fixed. We define H=FH'. This completes the outline of the proof. 3. The main results. Theorem 6.  ...  The proof is standard using Proposition 3 to construct the sets {Aa} of Lemma 2.  ... 
doi:10.1090/s0002-9947-1970-0258045-6 fatcat:vazuvdtaj5extaegrhpmsbnkuy

Mx Scripts Library: Structural Equation Modeling Scripts for Twin and Family Data

D Posthuma, D. I. Boomsma
2005 Behavior Genetics  
The scripts are written to be used with the freely available software package Mx and provide a flexible and uniform approach to the analysis of data from relatives.  ...  sex differences in parameter estimates, and model the effects of measured environment, candidate genes or DNA marker data.  ...  In this paper we outline a web-based library of statistical scripts (Mx Scripts Library, http://, which has been set up in the light of the large international GenomEUtwin collaboration  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10519-005-2791-5 pmid:15971030 fatcat:jhfso7d5wnb2lbpzwbeehwtzpa

Early Mitoxantrone-Induced Cardiotoxicity Detected in Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

M.P. Namaka, D.A. Turcotte, M. Klowak, C.M. Leong, A. Grossberndt, J-A. Le Dorze, M.E. Prout, S. Andresen, L. Vuong, M.J. Melanson, E.E. Frost, M. Doupe
2011 Clinical Medicine Insights: Therapeutics  
The general aim of this study is to evaluate the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of MX in SPMS.  ...  and purpose: Mitoxantrone (MX) (Novantrone ® ) is approved in Canada for certain refractory cancers and acute nonlymphocytic leukemias.  ...  Acknowledgements The authors would like to acknowledge the contribution of Wyeth-Ayerst Canada Inc., Saint-Laurent, QC for supplying drug to conduct this study. Abbreviations  ... 
doi:10.4137/cmt.s7586 fatcat:rzt6tbuvmbe6jc4hswkagczxne

Root and Canal Morphology of Maxillary Primary Molar using CBCT and 3D CT

Joon Hee Kim, Hyuntae Kim, Teo Jeon Shin, Hong-Keun Hyun, Young-Jae Kim, Jung-Wook Kim, Ki-Taeg Jang, Ji-Soo Song
The degree of symmetry of root canal type was about 0.63 (Cohen's kappa coefficient). The most frequent shape of roots and canals was linear in 1st primary molars and curved in 2nd primary molars.  ...  Curvature, angulation, length of root and root canal, as well as cross-sectional shapes of the root canal were analyzed in 218 teeth.  ...  Images of the Maxillary primary molars' outlines of root canals.  ... 
doi:10.5933/jkapd.2021.48.4.437 fatcat:twaiuzo5svbnnp3p7bgnbqcimu

Estimating the parameters of the Baranyi model for bacterial growth

K Grijspeerdt, P Vanrolleghem
1999 Food microbiology  
However, there was a relatively high correlation between the maximum speci¢c growth rate m mx and the suitability indicator h 0 .  ...  the model, provided the bacterial growth data are of su¤ciently good quality.  ...  Acknowledgements The authors wish to thank Jessy Claeys for carrying out the experiments. This work is partly supported by FWO-project G.0286.96 of the Fund for Scienti¢c Research, Belgium.  ... 
doi:10.1006/fmic.1999.0285 fatcat:zh4ahhxhnzh2flm7tz7zylqsj4

Solubility equilibria. From data optimization to process simulation

Erich Königsberger
2002 Pure and Applied Chemistry  
Recent development of software suitable for the simulation of industrial processes involving concentrated electrolyte solutions will be outlined.  ...  Data optimization issues to be discussed include the CALPHAD (CALculation of PHAse Diagrams) method applied to electrolyte systems and the generation of robust models that extrapolate well outside the  ...  The strategies outlined in this work might help to derive thermodynamically consistent models for such systems.  ... 
doi:10.1351/pac200274101831 fatcat:2gm7iciixnhz3i7oveann5ymqu

Solar magnetic elements at 0$\farcs$1 resolution

T. E. Berger, L. H. M. Rouppe van der Voort, M. G. Löfdahl, M. Carlsson, A. Fossum, V. H. Hansteen, E. Marthinussen, A. Title, G. Scharmer
2004 Astronomy and Astrophysics  
The mean absolute magnetic flux density of the remnant plage network is about 130 Mx cm −2 ; in the lowest flux regions of the field-of-view, the mean absolute flux density is approximately 60 Mx cm −2  ...  A cotemporal Fe  630.25 nm magnetogram that resolves structures as small as 120 km (0. 18) FWHM with a flux sensitivity of approximately 130 Mx cm −2 quantifies the magnetic structure of the region.  ...  The SST is operated by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences at the Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos, a Spanish facility of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias on the island of La Palma.  ... 
doi:10.1051/0004-6361:20040436 fatcat:qtnukftvwnge5jolabxa4are6e

Determination of Trace Amounts of Copper Using the Quantitative Isotope Dilution Method

Kiyoshi KUDO
is no need to compare with the standard.  ...  of the element in question Mx.  ... 
doi:10.3769/radioisotopes.15.5_209 fatcat:zb57t3jz4jhvlfxtganr5s5foi
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