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Dynamic Optimisation of Road Freight Transport Operations in Competitive Market Environments [article]

Hendrik Braun
For road freight transport operators, high discounts are rarely an option, as the profit margins are generally quite low and operators are not working on a fixed network.  ...  Recently, Wang et al. (2016) presented another real-world application that applies network capacity allocation of an intermodal barge transport system.  ...  "+ mo vement + "to vehicle "+KtoGo +" with "+ wLists.get(KtoGo).size()+ " positions "); 0546 Lists2DToWnew ( //System.out.println("SwapPairGEO: move customer= "+ customer + " and "+ mo vement + "to  ... 
doi:10.26182/5b909720bdb69 fatcat:fjiomt3fxbfmrojhb4aoujzhxu

Modelling the interrelationship between vessel and truck traffic at marine container terminals

Nadereh Moini
The dissertation related the gate and the apron activities using the CDT and discerned the patterns for departure and arrival of containers at truck gates an hourly and daily basis.  ...  This dissertation established a relation between truck gate activities and wharf operations at a marine container terminal using analytical and simulation approaches.  ...  Chapter 2 BACKGROUND -INTERMODAL FREIGHT TRANSPORTATION PROCESSES Introduction Intermodal transportation which provides an efficient way of cargo handling throughout Global Supply Chains (GSC) initiates  ... 
doi:10.7282/t3xd11r8 fatcat:oo6lunxywndldg6esq6vonqwiu

INTELLI 2013 The Second International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Applications INTELLI 2013 Committee INTELLI Advisory Committee INTELLI 2013 Technical Program Committee

Michael Negnevitsky, Pascal Lorenz, Pascal Lorenz, Pascal Lorenz, Syed Sibte, Raza Abidi, Witold Abramowicz, Michael Affenzeller, Austraia Heuristiclab, Université Samir Aknine, Lyon, France Jose (+111 others)
2013 Foreword The Second International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Applications (INTELLI 2013), held between April 21 st-26 th   unpublished
an inaugural event on advances towards fundamental, as well as practical and experimental aspects of intelligent and applications.  ...  The diversity of systems and the spectrum of situations make it almost impossible for an end-user to handle the complexity of the challenges.  ...  the second to operational costs, (2) is the flow balance constraint in each node network, (3) is the flow calculation formula, and ( 4 )-( 6 ) are the capacity constraints.  ...