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Optimizing description logic subsumption

I Horrocks
1999 Journal of Logic and Computation  
As description logic systems perform numerous subsumption checks in the course of their operations, they need to have a highly-optimised subsumption checker.  ...  Two systems that explore the subsumption optimisations required to build an expressive description logic system are FaCT [29], a full description logic system, and DLP [37], an experimental system providing  ...  To do this, FaCT and DLP have to determine subsumption relationships between descriptions in a description logic.  ... 
doi:10.1093/logcom/9.3.267 fatcat:6chpc4ra6faafocxnwxn4hvixy

The Revival of Structural Subsumption in Tableau-based Reasoners

Ralf Möller, Volker Haarslev, Sebastian Wandelt
2008 International Workshop on Description Logics  
The paper summarizes our experiences with optimization techniques for well-known tableau-based description logic reasoning systems, and analyzes the performance of very simple techniques to cope with Tboxes  ...  Structural subsumption as model embedding Model merging is a standard optimization technique for description logic classifiers, and we define the procedure here for the sake of completeness by considering  ...  This technique has been used for many years in description logic systems and is known as structural subsumption.  ... 
dblp:conf/dlog/MollerHW08 fatcat:fixc7ip42jbvrjntntjgg4xzku

Using Prolog Unification to Solve Non-standard Reasoning Problems in Description Logics

Simona Colucci, Francesco M. Donini
2012 Italian Conference on Computational Logic  
We present a Logic Programming prototype implementation working as proof-of-concept for a unified strategy proposed in our past research to solve several non-standard reasoning problems in Description  ...  Logics (DLs), denoted by Constructive Reasoning.  ...  Moreover, recent Description Logics (DLs) literature has shown interest for easily tractable, even though not very expressive, sub-languages, like EL ( [14, 15, 16] ).  ... 
dblp:conf/cilc/ColucciD12 fatcat:hdw2f2gynjd3pkxtjltal5i4lu

Engineering of Logics for the Content-Based Representation of Information [chapter]

Franz Baader
2004 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
r Content-based representation of information r The role of logics and why they must be engineered r Description Logics as a successful instance of this approach r Two applications of DL: Semantic Web  ...  subsumes both r use of an ontology: ½ defines the important notions (classes, relations, objects) of the domain ½ states constraints on the way these notions can be interpreted ½ information about synonyms, subsumption  ...  Phase 1: ½ implementation of incomplete systems (Back, Classic, Loom, ...) ½ based on structural subsumption algorithms Phase 2: ½ Dresden Description logic systems structure TBox defines  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-30227-8_2 fatcat:kuqsfxcsnnbsvcay7ln3uwrs6a

Inverting Subsumption for Constructive Reasoning

Simona Colucci, Francesco M. Donini
2012 International Workshop on Description Logics  
We present a Logic Programming prototype implementation, working as proof-of-concept for a unified strategy proposed in our past research to solve several non-standard reasoning problems in Description  ...  Logics (DLs), denoted by Constructive Reasoning.  ...  Moreover, recent Description Logics (DLs) literature has shown interest for easily tractable, even though not very expressive, sub-languages, like EL [17, 4, 13] .  ... 
dblp:conf/dlog/ColucciD12 fatcat:u6xrx3lxsbfyrhoos4r7h3otsa

Weak Subsumption in the EL-Description Logic with Refreshing Variables (Extended Abstract)

Theo Ducros, Marinette Bouet, Farouk Toumani
2021 International Workshop on Description Logics  
(e.g., a form of universal or strong subsumption), and (iii) considering other description logics such as the logic FL 0 and ALN .  ...  Description Logics with Refreshing Variables.  ... 
dblp:conf/dlog/DucrosBT21 fatcat:wzjnwanvbrbclo5xstgjqpfzwi

Explaining Subsumption and Patching Non-Subsumption with Tableaux Methods

Thorsten Liebig, Stephan Scheele, Julian Lambertz
2007 International Workshop on Description Logics  
Optionally it can utilize RacerPro for optimization purposes.  ...  Furthermore we have developed a technique to optimize an explanation by aggregating a sequence of similar explanation steps into one assertion that a user can drill down if desired.  ... 
dblp:conf/dlog/LiebigSL07 fatcat:g4blg3hmznafnmwbzfnjs3psii

Towards Parallel Classifcation of TBoxes

Mina Aslani, Volker Haarslev
2008 International Workshop on Description Logics  
One of the most frequently used inference services of description logic reasoners is the classification of TBoxes with a subsumption hierarchy of all named concepts as the result.  ...  Some (versions) of these ontologies consist of more than hundreds of thousands of named concepts and have become challenging even for the most advanced and optimized description logic (DL) reasoners.  ...  techniques, we expect the need for parallelizing description logic inference services in the near future in order to achieve a better scalability.  ... 
dblp:conf/dlog/AslaniH08 fatcat:y5wjtojp3bgtbe3m7izsy5q5eu

Stream Reasoning on Expressive Logics [article]

Gulay Unel
2018 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper, we survey the related research on reasoning on expressive logics that can be applied to this setting, and point to further research directions in this area.  ...  Hence new techniques for optimizing this continuous process is needed for developing efficient reasoners on streaming data.  ...  The optimization on avoiding tests involve maintaining a subsumption hierarchy and whenever a new axiom is added using this information to reduce the number of subsumption tests needed for the classification  ... 
arXiv:1808.04738v2 fatcat:jnvdry2frfcd7g7vvz3v5dudk4

OWL DL vs. OWL flight

Jos de Bruijn, Rubén Lara, Axel Polleres, Dieter Fensel
2005 Proceedings of the 14th international conference on World Wide Web - WWW '05  
In this paper we present OWL Flight, which is loosely based on OWL, but the semantics is grounded in Logic Programming rather than Description Logics, and it borrows the constraint-based modeling style  ...  Description Logic reasoning and optimization has so far mostly focused on the optimization of the subsumption inference; few optimizations exist for query answering.  ...  Optimizing query answering for Description Logics is currently still very much a research issue [12, 22, 14, 16] .  ... 
doi:10.1145/1060745.1060836 dblp:conf/www/BruijnLPF05 fatcat:nijmne2rfbfgzh2srzanlkv2km

Explaining Subsumption by Optimal Interpolation [chapter]

Stefan Schlobach
2004 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We describe ongoing research to support the construction of terminologies with Description Logics.  ...  More precisely, the set of explanations for a subsumption P N is the set of optimal interpolants for P and N .  ...  Description Logics We shall not give a formal introduction to Description Logics (DL) here, but point to the first two chapters of the DL handbook [1] for an excellent overview.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-30227-8_35 fatcat:l5mhzxyxxvbqfgay4f57tfrg5i


Mojtaba Shokohinia, Abbas Dideban, Farzin Yaghmaee
2022 Malaysian Journal of Computer Science  
This important issue problem is achieved solved by solving the subsumption and satisfiability problems.  ...  Finally, the efficiency of the proposed method, is evaluated against other reasoning engines, and the results show optimized performance vis-a-vis previous studies.  ...  They are tableaux-based reasoners for expressive description logics covering OWL and OWL2. This type of reasoners is based on formal logic and is more descriptive like rule-based reasoners.  ... 
doi:10.22452/mjcs.vol35no1.3 fatcat:lmsottx43vh5xnkph3ra2mzdmu

The Bayesian Ontology Reasoner is BORN!

Ismail Ilkan Ceylan, Julian Mendez, Rafael Peñaloza
2015 International Workshop on OWL Reasoner Evaluation  
The Bayesian ontology language BEL is an extension of the lightweight Description Logic (DL) EL within the above-mentioned framework.  ...  We present the system BORN that implements the probabilistic subsumption problem for BEL.  ...  They extend description logics (DLs) [3] with annotations that express the probabilistic dependencies among the axioms with the help of a Bayesian network (BN).  ... 
dblp:conf/ore/CeylanMP15 fatcat:eiwyf6lprzet3b5n5pag3wx6y4

Finding all justifications in Snomed ct

Boontawee Suntisrivaraporn
2013 ScienceAsia  
Description Logic reasoning can be used to compute subsumption relationships between SNOMED CT concepts and to pinpoint the reasons why a certain subsumption holds by finding justifications (sets of axioms  ...  SNOMED CT is a large-scale medical ontology which is developed using a variant of the inexpressive Description Logic EL, a logic-based knowledge representation formalism and a logical underpinning of OWL  ...  BACKGROUND ON DESCRIPTION LOGICS AND JUSTIFICATIONS In this section, we first introduce the DL EL + , which is an extension of the underlying logical formalism of SNOMED CT and which is a logical underpinning  ... 
doi:10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2013.39.079 fatcat:qsqnx4wkj5cnpmzt2r6danxf3m

Small is Again Beautiful in Description Logics

Franz Baader, Carsten Lutz, Anni-Yasmin Turhan
2010 Künstliche Intelligenz  
The Description Logic (DL) research of the last 20 years was mainly concerned with increasing the expressive power of the employed description language without losing the ability of implementing highly-optimized  ...  In this paper, we give an introduction to these new logics, explaining the rationales behind their design.  ...  The recent research and standardization efforts discussed in this paper suggest that small is indeed again beautiful in Description Logics.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s13218-010-0004-8 fatcat:mqdsof4hcnfibgouuai35ibda4
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