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Optimization of multiple storm surge risk mitigation strategies for an Island City On a Wedge [article]

Robert L. Ceres, Chris E. Forest, Klaus Keller
2019 arXiv   pre-print
We apply this framework to an idealized coastal city and assess and optimize two objectives using combinations of risk mitigation strategies against a wide range of future states of the world.  ...  We find that optimization using combinations of strategies allows for identification of Pareto optimal strategy combinations that outperform individual strategy options.  ...  As a result, iCOW is capable of evaluating the efficacy of multiple combinations of storm surge risk mitigation strategies over a wide range of potential futures.  ... 
arXiv:1810.08659v2 fatcat:l2exqctz2bb6hcscsfzx5qkosi

Trade‐offs and synergies in managing coastal flood risk: A case study for New York City

Robert L. Ceres, Chris E. Forest, Klaus Keller
2021 Journal of Flood Risk Management  
We find that allowing for more combinations of risk mitigation strategies can help expand the solution set, help explain synergies and trade-offs, and point to strategies that can improve outcomes.  ...  Here we use an intermediate complexity model framework that enables us to analyze a richer set of strategies, a wider range of objectives, and greater levels of uncertainty than are typically considered  ...  ., 2021 ) uses a simple model to optimize multiple risk mitigation strategies for the objective of maximizing reduction in expected losses.  ... 
doi:10.1111/jfr3.12771 fatcat:tdkswmflsre73ljttkfsq537gu

Trade-offs and synergies in managing coastal flood risk: A case study for New York City [article]

Robert L. Ceres, Chris E. Forest, Klaus Keller
2020 arXiv   pre-print
We find that allowing for more combinations of risk mitigation strategies can expand the solution set, help explain synergies and trade-offs, and point to strategies that can improve outcomes.  ...  Here, we use an intermediate complexity model framework that enables us to analyze a rich set of strategies, objectives, and uncertainties.  ...  Author contributions All authors contributed to the island City on a Wedge (iCOW) framework conceptual design.  ... 
arXiv:2010.12043v1 fatcat:ubioszae6bf4xcqauft56iznfe

Climate research priorities for policy-makers, practitioners, and scientists in Georgia, USA

Murray A. Rudd, Althea F. P. Moore, Daniel Rochberg, Lisa Bianchi-Fossati, Marilyn A. Brown, David D'Onofrio, Carrie A. Furman, Jairo Garcia, Ben Jordan, Jennifer Kline, L. Mark Risse, Patricia L. Yager (+29 others)
2018 Environmental Management  
State of Georgia is a valuable focal area for study because it contains multiple ecological zones that vary greatly in land use and economic activities, and it is vulnerable to diverse climate change impacts  ...  Several cross-cutting themes emerged, including the need for long-term data collection and consideration of at-risk Georgia citizens and communities.  ...  Acknowledgements We thank Emory University for providing funding to MAR to support a postdoctoral researcher for this research.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00267-018-1051-4 pmid:29796704 pmcid:PMC6060861 fatcat:g6pxsklvc5byfhmvv3573dqeoy

An Overview of the Causes and Effects of Sea Level Rise [chapter]

James G. Titus, Michael C. Barth
1984 Greenhouse Effect and Sea Level Rise  
Chapter 8 examines policy options for resort communities adapting to sea level rise and the decisions that property owners on Sullivans Island, South Carolina, would face after a major storm.  ...  Many American beach resorts lie on narrow islands and spits (peninsulas with the ocean on one side and a bay on the other).  ...  "The Rise of Global Mean Sea Level as an Indication of Climate Changes." Science 215:287-298. Fairbanks, Richard G., and R. K. Matthews. 1978.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4684-6569-3_1 fatcat:fga5j46mwjf2hpvtu7et5qv3g4

Adapting to the Impacts of Climate Change [chapter]

2009 Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Development Co-operation: Policy Guidance  
Coastal Areas Are at Increasing Risk from Sea Level Rise and Storm Surges The combination of sea level rise and storm surges poses a threat to coastal cities and ecosystems, especially areas that already  ...  storm surge.  ...  An adaptation option for one sector can put new pressures on another sector.  ... 
doi:10.1787/9789264054950-8-en fatcat:mexsztkiszahbob3527exo5pk4

خطة عملية متكاملة لإدارة خطر الكوارث على مواقع التراث الثقافي: حالة دراسية في الإقليم الساحلي السوري

حسين عزيز صالح
2020 ​​​​Arabian Journal of Scientific Research-المجلة العربية للبحث العلمي  
tsunami and storm surge.  ...  The prioritization of risk reduction measures may depend on several factors: • Although the risk level of a disaster scenario may be quite high, the mitigation measures may need to be optimized if the  ...  In risk management, many hazards such as earthquakes cannot be reduced, but the risk from that hazard can be reduced, or mitigated, for example by constructing earthquake-resistant buildings, or shelves  ... 
doi:10.5339/ajsr.2020.2 fatcat:dcmnrcwzkjfrrhtyhufjrji54q

Beyond choice architecture: a building code for structuring climate risk management decisions

2020 Behavioural Public Policy  
While significant attention from behavioral researchers has focused on choice architecture, we argue that many of the contexts for addressing climate risks require increased attention to the needs of a  ...  This restructuring of decision-making about climate change calls for more than a nudge.  ...  Acknowledgements We thank Doug Bessette, Julian Gonzalez, Paul Slovic and Brian Zikmund-Fisher for their insights while we were writing this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1017/bpp.2020.37 fatcat:xpiqbblu5zewvirbd6274rjoqq

Continents under Climate Change

Denis Mercier
2012 Norois  
Coastal areas are at increasing risk from sea-level rise and storm surge: Sea-level rise and storm surge place many U.S. coastal areas at increasing risk of erosion and flooding, especially along the Atlantic  ...  and Gulf Coasts, Pacific Islands, and parts of Alaska.  ...  cost-benefit evaluations: A research project on future storm surge levels and wave attack in the Ems-Dollard estuary due to expected climate change scenarios and alternative strategies for the mainland  ... 
doi:10.4000/norois.4241 fatcat:tu6xxdoy4nexxly6zaojevid2y

Energy Partisanship

Hari M. Osofsky, Jacqueline Peel
2014 Social Science Research Network  
For example, officials favoring robust action on climate change are charged with engaging in a "War on Coal." Those opposed are labeled "members of the Flat Earth Society."  ...  An emerging body of psychological research indicates that strategies attempting to persuade those with opposing views with additional scientific evidence have limited effectiveness.  ...  As one environmental litigator that we interviewed put it, [A] lot of this stuff is born of, less of the sense that litigation is the optimal strategy and more of the sense that at least courtroom doors  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2523911 fatcat:kpjhhlb6d5dcnb4oodtpxzpeuq

St. Lucia: Climate Change Policy Assessment

2018 IMF Staff Country Reports  
It also applies the IMF's spreadsheet tool for assessing the implications of mitigation policies on emissions, its estimates of optimal disaster funds, and its first effort to reflect feedback effects  ...  Not for Redistribution Also, the Ministry of Agriculture is developing an Agriculture Risk Management Strategy. 50 St.  ...  From an economic perspective, the carbon tax creates a wedge between optimal prices, which should be defined broadly to include social costs.  ... 
doi:10.5089/9781484362747.002 fatcat:rljujzf73zbmhayt2g4ed3b764

The status and future of tidal marshes in New Jersey faced with sea level rise

Judith S. Weis, Elizabeth Burke Watson, Beth Ravit, Charles Harman, Metthea Yepsen
2021 Anthropocene Coasts  
They provide ecosystem services such as protection from storm surges and waves, attenuation of flooding, sequestration of pollutants (e.g., blue carbon), and nutrient removal.  ...  Salt marshes are key coastal ecosystems that provide habitats for wildlife, including invertebrates, fishes, and birds.  ...  We also thank Clinton Andrews of Rutgers for his input early in the process, and Ildiko Pechmann of MERI, Lee Ann Haaf of Partnership for the Delaware Estuary, and Richard Lathrop and Johnny Quispe of  ... 
doi:10.1139/anc-2020-0020 fatcat:tgx5rjyxwnavdjkllruydi56em

Review report on UF-NBS for European and Chinese resilient cities

Yole DeBellis, Sebastian Scheuer, Rik De Vreese, Wendy Y Chen, Clive Davies, Jiali Jin, Dagmar Haase, Manuel Wolff, Jakub Kronenberg, Dennis Roitsch, Agata Konczal, Jakob Derks (+19 others)
2021 Zenodo  
UF-NBS structures to enhance urban resilience; specifically, Task 1.2 - Reviewing the knowledge on the importance of UF-NBS for resilient cities - and M1.3 - the Repository on UF-NBS for resilient cities  ...  Deliverable 1.2 is intended to be a guide, a structured interpretation and evaluation of the current knowledge used to collate evidence on intended outcomes and unintended impacts of UF-NBS for urban ecosystem  ...  This Programme proposed green strategies with nine green wedges, multiple greenbelts and green corridors throughout the historic city centre.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5191018 fatcat:fnunqtfr6vbbrpw5twlpgt3yvy

Science, society, and the coastal groundwater squeeze

Holly A. Michael, Vincent E. A. Post, Alicia M. Wilson, Adrian D. Werner
2017 Water Resources Research  
All but a few coastal cities are set for growth over the next few decades [GRID-Arendal and UNEP, 2016].  ...  Concentrated pumping in population centers enhances the risk of seawater intrusion, and wastewater and industrial activities contribute contaminants.  ...  Acknowledgments The authors thank Carlos Duque, Martyn Clark, Jean Bahr, Brooks Hanson, and an anonymous reviewer for helpful comments and edits that improved the manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.1002/2017wr020851 fatcat:vbh7e3cyhbdi7bmx655b7w4nmy

Assessing potential loss and damage for flood hazard using an econometric modelling technique

Senaka Basnayake, Mehmet Ulubasoglu, Muhammad Habibur Rahman, Sarath Premalal, Lalith Chandrapala, Madan Lall Shrestha, Susantha Jayasinghe, Niladri Gupta
2021 APN Science Bulletin  
A more frequent and severe occurrence of natural hazards such as storms and floods has put food security at increased risk in recent decades.  ...  The present study focusses on using a zrandomized field experimental approach at both district and micro agricultural-plot levels to investigate the impact of floods on agricultural yields in Sri Lanka  ...  Acknowledgments xv 9 NCAR and CSIRO AR4 data, downscaled by Kenneth Strzepek and colleagues at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) Center for Global Change Science.  ... 
doi:10.30852/sb.2021.1499 fatcat:mrxub2d2gjdh3fl2rjkeipgvvu
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