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Magnetic Field Shaping Technique for HF-RFID and NFC Systems

P. Sittithai, K. Phaebua, T. Lertwiriyaprapa, P. Akkaraekthalin
2019 Radioengineering  
The proposed technique is useful for antenna improvement of off-the-shelf HF-RFID system in many applications such as laundry application, product tacking, etc. where a short range with wide communication  ...  The multiple rectangular loop resonators cooperating with low loss air variable capacitors are employed to construct the proposed magnetic field repeater.  ...  Ltd. for HF-RFID reader.  ... 
doi:10.13164/re.2019.0121 fatcat:qntpftqmnfakhc57p27qplws4a

Smart RFID Based Design for Inventory Management in Health Care

S Moslehpour, K Jenab, N. Namburi
2011 International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Production Research  
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is used to identify the characteristics of an object wirelessly using radio waves.  ...  item costs and to improve the inventory management with easy reporting system .  ...  I In nt tr ro od du uc ct ti io on n * The goal of this project is to design a SMART inventory Management System with Radio Frequency Identification.  ... 
doaj:c4d0771988b64926b34bfbac93a7ddae fatcat:kw4nmek52bfnriquz4w6shjcmq

Antenna-based "smart skin" sensors for sustainable, wireless sensor networks

Hoseon Lee, G. Shaker, V. Lakafosis, R. Vyas, Trang Thai, Sangkil Kim, Xiaohua Yi, Yang Wang, M. Tentzeris
2012 2012 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology  
This paper introduces antenna-based "smart skin" sensors that are integrated with RFIDs for wireless sensor networks.  ...  These antenna based sensors have the unique property of having a dual function of sensing and communication within a single device, which thereby enables RFID functionality to be integrated.  ...  The design consists of a parasitic upper patch antenna coupled in the broadside with an active lower patch antenna through an air gap.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icit.2012.6209936 fatcat:llv22zidgjgnthb7oiediajmp4

Research on University Wisdom Library Based on RFID Technology

2018 DEStech Transactions on Social Science Education and Human Science  
Then, the workflow of RFID technology in library management is introduced. The application goal of RFID library management intelligent system is discussed.  ...  The application of RFID technology in Library and its standardization is one of the effective ways to optimize the library management service mode.  ...  The antenna has a variety of forms and structures, including loop antenna, Yagi antenna, helical antenna, planar antenna, dipole antenna and double-doublet antenna.  ... 
doi:10.12783/dtssehs/adess2017/17907 fatcat:bjd3g3ok5vf4xjqqks7grfm2q4

Application of RFID Technology and Ontology Model in Designing Smart Home System

Hongsheng XU, Ruiling ZHANG
2013 Sensors & Transducers  
The paper proposes application of RFID technology and ontology model in designing smart home system. RFID system is composed of two parts: the read / write unit and electronic transceiver.  ...  This paper uses RFID embedded platforms and other types of home sensor ontology model to design a smart home control system.  ...  Acknowledgements This paper is supported by the National Natural Science Funds of China (61272015), and also is supported by the science and technology research major project of Henan province Education  ... 
doaj:562bcac576d941ae80ac687cd86d131f fatcat:wkyajypzqfc3lieus2hnuypkb4

Near Field UHF RFID Antenna System Enabling the Tracking of Small Laboratory Animals

Luca Catarinucci, Riccardo Colella, Luca Mainetti, Vincenzo Mighali, Luigi Patrono, Ilaria Sergi, Luciano Tarricone
2013 International Journal of Antennas and Propagation  
In this work, a novel RFID-based approach enabling an effective localization and tracking of small-sized laboratory animals is proposed.  ...  Once the requirements of the reader antenna have been individuated, the antenna system has been designed and realized.  ...  Acknowledgments This work has been supported by the University of Salento within "5per1000" project whose title is "An Innovative Small Animals RFId-Based Tracking System (SMART). " The authors thank Dr  ... 
doi:10.1155/2013/713943 fatcat:ynzjb6lx4rhs7cge7clqy36xh4


A. Ropponen, M. Linnavuo, R. Sepponen
2011 International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems  
The demonstrated RFID system can locate people and items inside the building with an accuracy of 1.1 ± 0.5 m (S. D.).  ...  The system tracks RFID tags with a quad antenna matrix that is placed under the floor surface. The tag can be also used to receive alarms and send acknowledgements via a ZigBee network.  ...  The loops were thenmeasured with an ohm-meter to find out which antennas might be broken.Figure 11indicates with a red 'F's the 12 out of 63 antennas that had gone off.  ... 
doi:10.21307/ijssis-2017-427 fatcat:v6kpglyfrvdzrasorytmi34ffe

Close Integration of a UHF-RFID Transponder Into a Limb Prosthesis for Tracking and Sensing

Rossella Lodato, Gaetano Marrocco
2016 IEEE Sensors Journal  
The technology of structural radio systems that is well assessed in the avionic and naval communications is here applied to obtain antenna functionality out of a limb prosthesis with minimal changes to  ...  The augmented smart prosthesis is, hence, suitable to be monitored using an external non-contacting antenna for application to tracking and, in the near future, to monitor the prosthesis health status.  ...  Valentini for valuable discussions and technical support concerning the mechanical sustainability of the PST concept.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jsen.2015.2503887 fatcat:mzdbotcqnjfm5kposdeh6zja2a

A Prospective Look on Optimization Methods For RFID Systems: Requirements, Challenges, and Implementation Aspects

2022 Balkan Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering  
For this case, it is substantially important to design high performance antenna and amplifier where the specifications of these circuits must be optimized in a professional way.  ...  The radio frequency identification (RFID) is a configuration of wireless communication that uses radio frequency (RF) waves for following up and recognizing data.  ...  Components of active RFID system [35] ; voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) and phase-locked loop (PLL). goals must be determined and afterwards suitable optimization methods can be considered for designing  ... 
doi:10.17694/bajece.1061375 fatcat:ddqjwgupyrezfns25kuuok4gri

RFID Double-Loop Tags with Novel Meandering Lines Design for Health Monitoring Application

Ibtissame Bouhassoune, Rachid Saadane, Khalid Minaoui
2019 International Journal of Antennas and Propagation  
The two conceptions of meandered double-loop antennas with T-match configuration, namely, a double-loop antenna with meandered line in the horizontal direction and a double-loop antenna with meandered  ...  We placed afterwards these two optimized tags in an elliptical environment to test their flexibility and examine their performance on different parts of the human body.  ...  In this paper, we address in detail the conception and optimization of the design and communication performances of the RFID double-loop epidermal tag for the UHF band, with a goal to reach smaller size  ... 
doi:10.1155/2019/5076139 fatcat:n4qc6236wzhn5ieyfacv65siom

Smart RFID Tags [chapter]

Nadine Pesonen, Kaarle Jaakkola, Jerome Lamy, Kaj Nummila, Jouko Marjone
2009 Development and Implementation of RFID Technology  
The simple parallel-type tuning also suits best with simple reactive antennas such as near field UHF or HF loop antennas.  ...  The goal impedance, which is the complex conjugate of the chip impedance, is marked with a red spot.  ...  The book generously covers a wide range of aspects and issues related to RFID systems, namely the design of RFID antennas, RFID readers and the variety of tags (e.g.  ... 
doi:10.5772/6523 fatcat:xxhhazql7jcb7auotbhijqk67a

Improvement of HF RFID Tag Detection With a Distributed Diameter Reader Coil

Antoine Diet, Marjorie Grzeskowiak, Yann Le Bihan, Marc Biancheri-Astier, Maati Lahrar, Christophe Conessa, Megdouda Benamara, Gaelle Lissorgues, Franciso De Oliveira Alves
2016 IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters  
This letter focuses on 13.56 MHz high-frequency radio frequency identification (RFID) in the case of small tags detection, with an effective area below 1 cm 2 .  ...  In such an identification system, based on load modulation principle, the magnetic coupling coefficient k and quality factor of the RFID reader coil are the key parameters.  ...  RFID detection cannot exist without an optimization of the coil quality factor Q.  ... 
doi:10.1109/lawp.2016.2544540 fatcat:w3kjvpd2h5dfpl56ul4bnu2l5i

An IoT-aware Architecture to improve Safety in Sports Environments

Luca Catarinucci, Danilo De Donno, Luca Mainetti, Luigi Patrono, Maria Laura Stefanizzi, Luciano Tarricone
2017 Journal of Communications Software and Systems  
By exploiting the potentialities offered by an ultra-low-power Hybrid Sensing Network (HSN), composed of 6LoWPAN nodes integrating UHF RFID functionalities, the system is able to collect, in real time,  ...  The introduction of Internet of Things enabling technologies into the sport and recreational activities domain provide an interesting research challenge.  ...  Indeed, the main function of 6LRR nodes is to identify and monitor players labeled with RFID Gen2 tags.  ... 
doi:10.24138/jcomss.v13i2.372 fatcat:u6zpqdd5hfgy5dknt4fyxyj33m

Range Extension Attacks on Contactless Smart Cards [chapter]

Yossef Oren, Dvir Schirman, Avishai Wool
2013 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Our system allows full communications with a near-field RFID reader from a range of 115cm -two orders of magnitude greater than nominal rangeand uses power that can be supplied by a car battery.  ...  The added flexibility offered to an attacker by this range extension significantly improves the effectiveness and practicality of relay attacks on real-world systems.  ...  The Transmitting Antenna: Nominal RFID communication is based on magnetic coupling between two loop antennas.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-40203-6_36 fatcat:bnn7vsoe3vflhmld6mdpitl3sy

A switched reader complementary-loops structure for detecting LF RFID tagged pebbles

A. Diet, M. Biancheri-Astier, Y. Le Bihan, C. Conessa, K. Gbafa, F. Alves, M. Grzeskowiak, M. Benamara, G. Lissorgues, A. Pozzebon
2017 2017 IEEE International Conference on RFID Technology & Application (RFID-TA)  
The goal of the project LARGE is to provide a RFID reader antenna structure for reducing the time of the glasstags detection.  ...  These so-called "smart pebbles" are tagged with LF RFID glasstags and deployed on beaches, in the context of coastal morpho-dynamics survey.  ...  In Figure 3 , three scenarii are proposed in function of the surface of control of the RFID system.  ... 
doi:10.1109/rfid-ta.2017.8304521 fatcat:kuarniap75cgdgnasiggcftuqa
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