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Frie Ayalew ., Seada Hussen ., Gopi Krishna Pasam .
2019 International Journal of Engineering Applied Sciences and Technology  
Power systems are very large and complex, it can be influenced by many unexpected events this makes Power system optimization problems difficult to solve, hence methods for solving these problems ought  ...  This review presents an overview of important mathematical optimization methods those are Unconstrained optimization approaches Nonlinear programming (NLP), Linear programming (LP)  ...  Research on Reactive Power Optimization based on Adaptive Genetic Simulated Annealing Algorithm, International Conference on Power System Technology, Chongqing, pp: 1 -6.  ... 
doi:10.33564/ijeast.2019.v03i10.003 fatcat:nc6kjbld2vgzrnhphz4t2jssza

A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm Approach for Optimal Power Flow

Mithun M. Bhaskar M. Bhaskar, Sydulu Maheswarapu
2011 TELKOMNIKA (Telecommunication Computing Electronics and Control)  
Abstract This paper puts forward a reformed hybrid genetic algorithm (GA) based approach to the optimal power flow.  ...  The outcomes are compared with many other methods like simple genetic algorithm (GA), adaptive genetic algorithm (AGA), differential evolution (DE), particle swarm optimization (PSO) and music based harmony  ...  Genetic Algorithm Approach for Optimal Power Flow (Mithun M.  ... 
doi:10.12928/telkomnika.v9i2.689 fatcat:73v52qcvu5f4phnljybueif62u

Bat Search Algorithm Based Hybrid PSO Approaches to Optimize the Location of UPFC in Power System

Pinki Yadav, P R Sharma, S K Gupta
2015 International Journal on Electrical Engineering and Informatics  
FACTS devices plays a significant role to control the power flow of power transmission system. In this paper, a hybrid PSO algorithm is proposed to optimize the location of UPFC in power system.  ...  The presentation of GSA was compared for precision and convergence features with heuristic search methods like Biogeography-Based Optimization (BBO), Stud Genetic Algorithm (Stud GA), Genetic Algorithm  ...  [27] have offered a graphical user interface (GUI) based on a genetic algorithm (GA) which was demonstrated able to find the optimal locations and sizing parameters of multi-type FACTS tools in large  ... 
doi:10.15676/ijeei.2015.7.3.10 fatcat:obr65olp4nagpceyg4vp4y4xwe

Optimal Power Flow Using Hybrid Intelligent Algorithm

T. Hariharan, K. Mohana Sundaram
2015 Indian Journal of Science and Technology  
To find optimal values of these control variables including FACTS devices hybrid intelligent algorithm Real Coded Genetic Algorithm-Differential Evolution (RGA-DE) is used for solving OPF problem.  ...  Optimal Power Flow (OPF) is the important for operation and planning of the power system. The OPF results are used in operation to improve the quality and generation cost of the power system.  ...  The model of OPF based on Hybrid RGA-DE Algorithm is shown in Figure 1 .  ... 
doi:10.17485/ijst/2015/v8i23/70889 fatcat:z3pcg2gyjja4zmq54eyvwwodwa

A review on applications of heuristic optimization algorithms for optimal power flow in modern power systems

Ming NIU, Can WAN, Zhao XU
2014 Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy  
Optimal power flow (OPF) is one of the key tools for optimal operation and planning of modern power systems.  ...  The most frequently applied HOAs for solving the OPF problem in recent years are covered and briefly introduced, including genetic algorithm (GA), differential evolution (DE), particle swarm optimization  ...  In [68] , artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm based on the intelligent foraging behavior of honeybee swarm was proposed for optimal reactive power flow (ORPF) problem.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s40565-014-0089-4 fatcat:xfdyurpzrvgxxiwnp2d4bzgnsy

A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm based on Differential Evolution Approach for Voltage Stability Improvement

D. GodwinImmanuel, G. Selva Kumar, C. Christober Asir
2014 International Journal of Computer Applications  
In this paper an optimal reactive power and voltage control based on hybrid Genetic Algorithm assisted Differential Evolution algorithm for voltage stability improvement is proposed.  ...  This can be achieved by the optimal settings of control variables. The effectiveness of the proposed approach has been examined on the standard IEEE 30 bus test system.  ...  Vlachogiannis, Jacob Ostegaard, Reactive power and voltage control based on general quantum genetic algorithms.  ... 
doi:10.5120/15073-3513 fatcat:lzur4hmcmjgnhiq7bidlnlnake

Genetic Algorithm Scaling for Compensation System Control in Micro Hydro/Solar Hybrid System for Rural Electrification

Biswajit Dhir, Mrs. Madhu Upadhyay
The compensation system derived for the small scale loading conditions at the load line was made using PI scaling Genetic Algorithm based control keeping the general architecture of the UPFC same.  ...  This paper focuses on development of a micro solar/hydro power generating resources feeding local loads.  ...  power optimization control for the compensator The system in this case is modeled with solar energy with power flow compensator having two converters driven PI scaling Genetic algorithm based PWM generation  ... 
doi:10.24113/ijoscience.v6i10.319 fatcat:dt3q2z6spbh2riak6hnyonaoaa

Hybrid Algorithm Based On Genetic Algorithm And Tabu Search For Reconfiguration Problem In Smart Grid Networks Using "R"

Flavio Galvão Calhau, Romildo Martins da Silva Bezerra, Alysson Pezzutti, Joberto S. B. Martins
2015 Zenodo  
The goal of this paper is to propose a hybrid algorithm (Genetic and Tabu) for the reconfiguration problem based on " R " in order to better support the decision making process.  ...  Ensure higher levels of continuity and reliability to the electricity supply service are some of the requirements of consumers and electric power providers in the Smart Grid (SG) context.  ...  The Hybrid Algorithm and Simulation Scenario In this section, we present a hybrid algorithm based on genetic and Tabu Search algorithms, as shown in Figure 3 , for the network reconfiguration focused  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1066525 fatcat:q4bozbvuxbcevpwc73ujems3zm

Feasibility of ANFIS-PSO and ANFIS-GA Models in Predicting Thermophysical Properties of Al2O3-MWCNT/Oil Hybrid Nanofluid

Ibrahim M. Alarifi, Hoang M. Nguyen, Ali Naderi Bakhtiyari, Amin Asadi
2019 Materials  
Thus, in the present study, genetic algorithms (GAs) and particle swarm optimization (PSO) have been utilized to search and determine the antecedent and consequent parameters of the ANFIS model.  ...  Based on the results, both of the models are able to predict the thermophysical properties appropriately. However, the ANFIS-PSO model had a better performance than the ANFIS-GA model.  ...  Metaheuristic optimization algorithms, such as particle swarm optimization (PSO) or the genetic algorithm (GA), can be utilized as an effective solution for the issues relating to the gradient-based methods  ... 
doi:10.3390/ma12213628 pmid:31690020 pmcid:PMC6862245 fatcat:7ye2nz2ayfblzbbiowsnatxlze

Hybridization of Biogeography-Based

Provas Kumar Roy, Dharmadas Mandal
2013 International Journal of Energy Optimization and Engineering  
The aim of this paper is to evaluate a hybrid biogeography-based optimization approach based on the hybridization of biogeography-based optimization with differential evolution to solve the optimal power  ...  based optimization techniques like simple genetic algorithm, mixed integer genetic algorithm, particle swarm optimization and craziness based particle swarm optimization.  ...  INTRODUCTION The optimal power flow (OPF) proposed by "Carpentier (1979)", is an optimization tool through which the electric utilities strive to determine secure operating conditions for a power system  ... 
doi:10.4018/ijeoe.2013070106 fatcat:gyv4qwgcwnfjtkyp5hcsvnmun4

Optimal Design of Fuel-cell, Wind and Micro-hydro Hybrid System using Genetic Algorithm

Soedibyo Soedibyo, Heri Suryoatmojo, Imam Robandi, Mochamad Ashari
2012 TELKOMNIKA (Telecommunication Computing Electronics and Control)  
An intelligent optimization technique using Genetic Algorithm is required to design the system.This study utilized Genetic Algorithm method to determine the optimal capacities of hydrogen, wind turbines  ...  The proposed method will be used to optimize the hybrid power generation system located in Leuwijawa village in Central Java of Indonesia.  ...  In [3] [4] and [6] Genetic Algorithm (GA) finds optimal sizes of the hybrid system components and power flow.  ... 
doi:10.12928/telkomnika.v10i4.858 fatcat:pwbvnek5drff3d6y3addislvnm

Optimal Placement of Distribution Generation in Radial Distribution System Using Hybrid Genetic Dragonfly Algorithm

G. V. Naga Lakshmi, A. Jayalaxmi, Venkataramana Veeramsetty
2021 Technology and Economics of Smart Grids and Sustainable Energy  
In this paper, hybrid genetic dragonfly algorithm is used as an optimization technique to find the optimal location and size of distributed generation units.  ...  Based on the simulation results it has been observed that with proper placement and size of DG units, distribution network can be operated with less active power losses.  ...  In this paper hybrid genetic dragonfly based metaheuristic algorithm is developed and used for the first time to solve optimal DG placement problem.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s40866-021-00107-w fatcat:zklb3a5e3rdlbmjvbgzsplfmba

Optimal Parameter Allocation in Renewable Energy Sources Integrated Fast Charging EV Station considering hGPS Algorithm

Priyanka Ray, Department of Electrical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Silchar, Assam, India., Naladi Ram Babu, Pawan Kumar Khushwaha, Chayan Bhattacharjee, D. Koteswara Raju, Department of Electrical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Silchar, Assam, India., Department of Electrical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Silchar, Assam, India., Department of Electrical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Silchar, Assam, India., Department of Electrical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Silchar, Assam, India.
2022 Maǧallaẗ al-abḥāṯ al-handasiyyaẗ  
The obtained economic considerations using hybrid genetic with pattern search (hGPS) algorithm are compared with Genetic Algorithm (GA), Pattern Search (PS) algorithm and are observed that hybrid genetic  ...  Simulations are performed with a novel meta-heuristic algorithm named by hybrid genetic with pattern search (hGPS) algorithm for the first time.  ...  An optimal power flow-based energy management strategy is proposed in [Khan et al. 2019] to improve the effectiveness of a fast-charging station on the grid.  ... 
doi:10.36909/jer.12737 fatcat:isrxajpdcvf5nncndogntwgra4

Fuzzy Logic Controlled Based Ant-Lion Optimization Hybridization for Economic Power Dispatch

Mercy Rosalina Kotapuri, Rajesh Kumar Samala
2020 Journal Europeen des Systemes Automatises  
This research involves the fuzzy logic controller (FLC) has been hybridized with Ant-Lion Optimization (ALO) algorithm for EPD.  ...  This proposed FLC based ALO technique executed with MATLAB software and applied on IEEE-30 system.  ...  An effective optimization approach was presented to solve ELD problem based on genetic algorithm with continuous and non-smooth cost function by considering various constraints.  ... 
doi:10.18280/jesa.530515 fatcat:s2n4aooycfhklo5vbdyzqgo2fy


S.S. Gokhale, V.S. Kale
2021 Journal of research in engineering and applied sciences  
Optimization methods have been applied in power systems for the last hundred years.  ...  This work presents an overview of the metaheuristic optimization techniques and their applications to power systems.  ...  A constrained Genetic algorithm based load flow has been developed for Load flow of systems containing Unified Power flow controllers(UPFC) [10] .The performance of the program on the standard IEEE 30  ... 
doi:10.46565/jreas.2021.v06i02.007 fatcat:pwwfknzaufcy3ml7yhgc5qubna
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