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Pushing Optimal ABox Repair from EL Towards More Expressive Horn-DLs

Franz Baader, Francesco Kriegel
2022 Proceedings of the Nineteenth International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning   unpublished
ABox (where some individuals may be anonymous), and then adding a static EL TBox.  ...  DL systems can then be used to compute consequences (such as answers to certain queries) from an ontology consisting of a TBox and an ABox.  ...  In particular, one of the reviewers provided us with Example 10 and the idea that filtration can be used to show the small repair property.  ... 
doi:10.24963/kr.2022/3 fatcat:o7s27hgj4fcuva4qiorajvbksy

Preferential description logics: reasoning in the presence of inconsistencies

Graham Deane, Krysia Broda, Alessandra Russo, Engineering And Physical Sciences Research Council
The defeasible ABox and TBox are labelled with weights that reflect a relative measure of confidence in each axiom and provide a mechanism to "arbitrate" between inconsistencies.  ...  Due to the principle of explosion, from a contradiction anything follows, inconsistencies prevent meaningful inference from classical reasoners.  ...  AR-Semantics The AR-semantics allows inferences to be drawn from a consistent TBox together with an ABox that is not guaranteed to be consistent w.r.t. the TBox.  ... 
doi:10.25560/40430 fatcat:e75lckhh7jfcddk7vejwl5uleu

Conjunctive Queries: Unique Characterizations and Exact Learnability

Balder ten Cate, Victor Dalmau, Ke Yi, Zhewei Wei
We answer the question of which conjunctive queries are uniquely characterized by polynomially many positive and negative examples, and how to construct such examples efficiently.  ...  Table 1 1 Standard translation from concept expressions to first-order logic. Table 2 2 Example description logic ABox, TBox and concept expression.  ...  An ABox is a finite set of ABox axioms of the form P (a) and/or r(a, b), where P ∈ N C , r ∈ N R , and a, b ∈ N I . A TBox is a finite set of TBox axioms C ⊑ D, where C, D are concept expressions.  ... 
doi:10.4230/lipics.icdt.2021.9 fatcat:w7ptkhuuqzdwrltbexpvworvxq


Iliana Mineva Petrova
Note that at each step i, ⊥-Mod is applied only to the TBox, so the ABox does not prevent axioms from being removed from the current module Mi.  ...  Intuitively, it is like identifying all optimal repairs of the inconsistent prototype and computing the inferences that hold for all repairs.  ...  . , X n /a n ]) do Experimental Settings In this section we present synthetic test cases which have been specifically designed to simulate the employment of SOVGen in a e-health scenario as part of the  ... 
doi:10.6093/unina/fedoa/11873 fatcat:3wl42ekaa5byzoge7vfsdikama

A Theory of Interactive Debugging of Knowledge Bases in Monotonic Logics [article]

Patrick Rodler
2016 arXiv   pre-print
These however often cannot localize all potential faults, suggest too large or incorrect modifications of the faulty KB or suffer from poor scalability due to the inherent complexity of the KB debugging  ...  As a remedy to these issues, based on a well-founded theoretical basis this work proposes complete, sound and optimal methods for the interactive debugging of KBs that suggest the one (minimally invasive  ...  In what follows we will stick to the more explicit characterization of a solution KB given by Definition 3.2.  ... 
arXiv:1609.06375v1 fatcat:jixpijkxlvg7zjpdjmsjadqdiy

Interactive Debugging of Knowledge Bases [article]

Patrick Rodler
2016 arXiv   pre-print
a repaired KB not satisfying the imposed quality requirements (unsoundness) or suffer from poor scalability due to the inherent complexity of the KB debugging problem.  ...  However, any two repaired KBs obtained from these candidates differ in their semantics in terms of entailments and non-entailments.  ...  In what follows we will stick to the more explicit characterization of a solution KB given by Definition 3.2.  ... 
arXiv:1605.05950v1 fatcat:7c4ehjifkncjjae6ffuwd6a56e

Knowledge-Driven Harmonization of Sensor Observations: Exploiting Linked Open Data for IoT Data Streams

Matthias T. Frank
We aim to reduce the effort for such harmonization tasks by employing a knowledge-driven approach.  ...  Harmonization of such observations is a labor-intensive task due to heterogeneity in format, syntax, and semantics.  ...  Both the TBox and ABox are consistent with set-theoretic princi ples.'  ... 
doi:10.5445/ksp/1000128146 fatcat:j3sggullv5eopm2jbpgrbblnnq

Datalog ± Ontology Consolidation

Ariel Cristhian, Deagustini, María Vanina Martínez, Marcelo Falappa, Guillermo Simari
2016 Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research   unpublished
imposed to it by the domain or the users.  ...  Although this proposal is presented for Datalog ± ontologies consolidation, these operators can be applied to other types of ontological languages, such as Description Logics, making them apt to be used  ...  These sets are known as Minimal unsatisfiability-preserving sub-TBoxes (MUPS) and Minimal incoherence-preserving sub-TBoxes (MIPS) (Schlobach & Cornet, 2003) in the DL community.  ... 

Technical Program Committee Nasser Alalwan

Floriano Scioscia, Politecnico Di Bari, Italy Semapro, Fabio Grandi, David Ostrowski, Michael Mohler, Bernd Stadlhofer, Wladyslaw Homenda, Fabio Grandi, David Ostrowski, Michael Mohler, Bernd Stadlhofer (+110 others)
2016 unpublished
As such, it has attracted excellent contributions and active participation from all over the world. We were very pleased to receive a large amount of top quality contributions.  ...  We also kindly thank all the authors that dedicated much of their time and effort to contribute to SEMAPRO 2016.  ...  A DL comprises of ABoxes and TBoxes where a TBox describes the terminologies expressed through concepts and roles and ABox contains the assertions about the instances of the concepts described through  ... 

Semantic decomposition and marker passing in an artificial representation of meaning [article]

Johannes Fähndrich, Technische Universität Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin, Sahin Albayrak
Multi-Agent Systems have been applied successfully in many domains, from an intermodal planning domain to cascading security thread simulations.  ...  Intelligence needs language to form thoughts. Thus, the challenge addressed in this thesis is to provide a computable representation of meaning and evaluate its usefulness.  ...  In such an ontology we can state facts (individuals and their relationships) about entities (TBox) and facts about the abstract classes (ABox) (concepts and their relationships).  ... 
doi:10.14279/depositonce-7164 fatcat:k5mvflaycvdi3leqxvkxlkycxa