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An Analysıs of The Effects of Complexıty Level of The Tarıffs on Trade Opennes

Mustafa Torun, Hakan Çetinoğlu
2019 Yönetim bilimleri dergisi  
Test Results for the Pairwise Comparisons of the Complexity Level of the Tariffs Mustafa Torun, Hakan Çetinoğlu An Analysis of Complexity Level of the Tariffs on Trade Opennes  ... 
doi:10.35408/comuybd.569119 fatcat:dbxvwwsauncsncjjq2oilla7wq

Estimating demographic parameters using a combination of known-fate and openN-mixture models

Joshua H. Schmidt, Devin S. Johnson, Mark S. Lindberg, Layne G. Adams
2015 Ecology  
1. Accurate estimates of demographic parameters are required to infer appropriate ecological relationships and inform management actions. Recently developed N-mixture models use count data from unmarked individuals to estimate demographic parameters, but a joint approach combining the strengths of both analytical tools has not been developed. 2. We present an integrated model combining known-fate and open N-mixture models, allowing the estimation of detection probability, recruitment, and the
more » ... int estimation of survival. We first use a simulation study to evaluate the performance of the model relative to known values. We then provide an applied example using 4 years of wolf survival data consisting of relocations of radio-collared wolves within packs and counts of associated pack-mates. The model is implemented in both maximum-likelihood and Bayesian frameworks using a new R package kfdnm and the BUGS language. 3. The simulation results indicated that the integrated model was able to reliably recover parameters with no evidence of bias, and estimates were more precise under the joint model as expected. Results from the applied example indicated that the marked sample of wolves was biased towards individuals with higher apparent survival rates (including losses due to mortality and emigration) than the unmarked pack-mates, suggesting estimates of apparent survival based on joint estimation could be more representative of the overall population. Estimates of recruitment were similar to direct observations of pup production, and overlap of the credible intervals suggested no clear differences in recruitment rates. 4. Our integrated model is a practical approach for increasing the amount of information gained from future and existing radio-telemetry and other similar mark-resight datasets.
doi:10.1890/15-0385.1 pmid:26649379 fatcat:7d57tn3ewneure4ua6oswf77km

Educated Unemployment in Indonesia: The Effects of Monetary Policy and Trade Opennes

Amanus Khalifah Fil'ardy Yunus
2017 IOSR Journal of Economics and Finance  
This research is intended to know how much the influence of bank credit on educated unemployment both directly and indirectly through trade opennes in Indonesia.  ...  The insignificant relationship is derived from a positive relationship between bank credit and trade opennes which is then forwarded to the insignificant relationship between trade opennes and educated  ...  The indirect effect of bank credit on educated unemployment through trade opennes shows an insignificant relationship.  ... 
doi:10.9790/5933-0802016569 fatcat:2vzmzu55mzajzbt7dqtni6tsfu


J. Nakonechna, L. Demydenko
2016 Vìsnik. Kiïvsʹkogo Nacìonalʹnogo Unìversitetu ìmenì Tarasa Ševčenka. Ekonomìka  
ТРАНСПАРЕНТНІСТЬ БЮДЖЕТУ УКРАЇНИ: МЕТОДИКИ ОЦІНКИ ДЕРЖДЕПАРТАМЕНТУ США ТА МІЖНАРОДНОГО БЮДЖЕТНОГО ПАРТНЕРСТВА Анотація. Проаналізовано такий інформаційно-комунікаційний ресурс успішного функціонування фінансової сфери суспільства як транспарентність бюджетів різних країн світу, що одержують відповідну фінансово-економічну допомогу. Досліджено сутність та зміст транспарентності бюджетного процесу та методики оцінки транспарентності бюджетів країн світу міжнародними фінансовими організаціями та
more » ... рждепартаментом США. Сформульовано напрямки підвищення податково-бюджетної прозорості України для вдосконалення системи керування бюджетом країни та забезпечення її інвестиційної привабливості та сприятливого іміджу. Ключові слова: бюджетний процес, відкритість, гласність, Міжнародне бюджетне партнерство, підзвітність, прозорість, публічність, транспарентність, США, Україна. Annotation. Analyzed such information and communication resources the successful functioning of the financial sector of society as a budget transparency of the different countries around the World who receive appropriate financial and economic assistance. The essence and content of the transparency of the budget process and methodology for assessing budget transparency of the  доктор політичних наук, завідувач кафедри міжнародної інформації, Східноєвропейський національний університет імені Лесі Українки countries of the world by international financial organizations and the US State Department. Formulated ways of increasing fiscal transparency in Ukraine to improve budget management system of the country and ensure its investment attractiveness and favorable image.
doi:10.17721/1728-2667.2016/187-10/3 fatcat:7k7w5ofcwvagtjf5bwmooos3c4

Relationship between Environmental Leadership and Personality (Opennes, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreebleness, Neuroticism) with a Corporate Environmental Performance

Emilkamayana Emilkamayana
2017 IJEEM - Indonesian Journal of Environmental Education and Management  
This research aims to determine the relationship between environmental leadership and personality (opennes, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreebleness, neuroticism) with a corporate environmental performance  ...  These result indicate that environmental leadership and personality (opennes, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreebleness, neuroticism) did significantly affect the corporate environmental performance  ... 
doi:10.21009/ijeem.022.03 fatcat:vuocjx5rdjesnajrm5bz3js2uu

Clinical precursors of tics: an EMTICS study

Thaïra J C Openneer, Chaim Huyser, Davide Martino, Anette Schrag, EMTICS Collaborative Group, Pieter J Hoekstra, Andrea Dietrich
2021 Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines  
Openneer et al.  ... 
doi:10.1111/jcpp.13472 pmid:34170010 fatcat:k2ttij76z5gcnnoqbiiwuf3s4m

A graph theory study of resting-state functional connectivity in children with Tourette syndrome

Thaïra J.C. Openneer, Jan-Bernard C. Marsman, Dennis van der Meer, Natalie J. Forde, Sophie E.A. Akkermans, Jilly Naaijen, Jan K. Buitelaar, Andrea Dietrich, Pieter J. Hoekstra
2020 Cortex  
Openneer: Conceptualization, Methodology, Formal analysis, Writing -original draft. Jan-Bernard C. Marsman: Methodology, Software. Dennis van der Meer: Writing -review & editing. Natalie J.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cortex.2020.01.006 pmid:32062470 fatcat:yl3zmbldtzht7jpxr47k22uxci

Fronto-striatal glutamate in children with Tourette's disorder and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

Jilly Naaijen, Natalie J. Forde, David J. Lythgoe, Sophie E.A. Akkermans, Thaira J.C. Openneer, Andrea Dietrich, Marcel P. Zwiers, Pieter J. Hoekstra, Jan K. Buitelaar
2017 NeuroImage: Clinical  
Objective: Both Tourette's disorder (TD) and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have been related to abnormalities in glutamatergic neurochemistry in the fronto-striatal circuitry. TD and ADHD often co-occur and the neural underpinnings of this co-occurrence have been insufficiently investigated in prior studies. Method: We used proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (1H-MRS) in children between 8 and 12 years of age (TD n = 15, ADHD n = 39, TD + ADHD n = 29, and healthy controls n
more » ... = 53) as an in vivo method of evaluating glutamate concentrations in the fronto-striatal circuit. Spectra were collected on a 3 Tesla Siemens scanner from two voxels in each participant: the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) and the left dorsal striatum. LC-model was used to process spectra and generate glutamate concentrations in institutional units. A one-way analysis of variance was performed to determine significant effects of diagnostic group on glutamate concentrations. Results: We did not find any group differences in glutamate concentrations in either the ACC (F (3132) = 0.97, p = 0.41) or striatum (F (3121) = 0.59, p = 0.62). Furthermore, variation in glutamate concentration in these regions was unrelated to age, sex, medication use, IQ, tic, or ADHD severity. Obsessive-compulsive (OC) symptoms were positively correlated with ACC glutamate concentration within the participants with TD (rho = 0.35, p uncorrected = 0.02). Conclusion: We found no evidence for glutamatergic neuropathology in TD or ADHD within the fronto-striatal circuits. However, the correlation of OC-symptoms with ACC glutamate concentrations suggests that altered glutamatergic transmission is involved in OC-symptoms within TD, but this needs further investigation.
doi:10.1016/j.nicl.2016.11.013 pmid:27909683 pmcid:PMC5124361 fatcat:a43ry5zdk5c2tcugwttsv74bgm


Tatyana Rezer, Mikhaylovna
Openness of education organizations can be considered as a component of information openness of society. The article overviews content fullness at official web-sites of vocational education organizations against the requirements of regulatory legal acts through the example of those in Sverdlovsk region. Problems arising during web-sites content provision were considered from legislative point of view.

Impaired response inhibition during a stop-signal task in children with Tourette syndrome is related to ADHD symptoms: A functional magnetic resonance imaging study

Thaïra J.C. Openneer, Dennis van der Meer, Jan-Bernard C. Marsman, Natalie J. Forde, Sophie E.A. Akkermans, Jilly Naaijen, Jan K. Buitelaar, Pieter J. Hoekstra, Andrea Dietrich
2020 World Journal of Biological Psychiatry  
Objectives: Tourette syndrome (TS) is characterized by the presence of sudden, rapid movements and vocalizations (tics). The nature of tics suggests impairments in inhibitory control. However, findings of impaired inhibitory control have so far been inconsistent, possibly due to small sample sizes, wide age ranges, or not taking medication use or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) comorbidity into account.Methods: We investigated group differences in response inhibition using an
more » ... I-based stop-signal task in 103 8-12-year-old children (n = 51 with TS, of whom n = 28 without comorbid ADHD [TS-ADHD] and n = 23 with comorbid ADHD [TS + ADHD]; and n = 52 healthy controls), and related these measures to tic and ADHD severity.Results: We observed an impaired response inhibition performance in children with TS + ADHD, but not in those with TS-ADHD, relative to healthy controls, as evidenced by a slower stop-signal reaction time, slower mean reaction times, and larger variability of reaction times. Dimensional analyses implicated ADHD severity as the driving force in these findings. Neural activation during failed inhibition was stronger in the inferior frontal gyrus and temporal and parietal areas in TS + ADHD compared to healthy controls.Conclusions: Impaired inhibitory performance and increased neural activity in TS appear to manifest predominantly in relation to ADHD symptomatology.
doi:10.1080/15622975.2020.1813329 pmid:32821008 fatcat:groku3aun5hb7jedlk7ecqr3ke

The Nexuses Between Public Investment, Private Investment, Trade Opennes And Economic Growth in Ethiopia: Co-Integrated VAR Approach

Alemnesh Tadesse
This paper poses and tries to answer one major question: is there a nexus between public investment, private investment, trade openness and economic growth in Ethiopia? The study uses the Co-integrated VAR approach and compared to previous researchers on the topic, this study estimated investment, trade openness and growth nexus together for the period 1970-2009. There are four major findings. First, there is a strong evidence that trade openness, public investment and private investment have
more » ... mplementing effect on long run economic growth of the country. Second, trade openness and economic growth also complements private investment, but trade openness reduces public investment, while economic growth and private investment encourages expansion of public investment. Third, there is evidence of bi directional causality between real GDP, private investment and public investment. Fourth, the impulse response analysis showed that economic growth in Ethiopia exhibits quicker transitory pattern to the long run time path, while public investment and private investment exhibits relatively slower transitory pattern to the long run time path. Overall, the major policy implication of this study is that, given the long run positive impact of trade openness on private investment and economic growth, and as well as the long run positive impact of private investment on public investment and economic growth, it will be natural to think of supplementary reforms
doi:10.20372/nadre/19468 fatcat:gdjtb7vydjajvlk7ew6bmajvhe

The Premonitory Urge for Tics Scale in a large sample of children and adolescents: psychometric properties in a developmental context. An EMTICS study

Thaïra J. C. Openneer, and the EMTICS collaborative group, Zsanett Tárnok, Emese Bognar, Noa Benaroya-Milshtein, Blanca Garcia-Delgar, Astrid Morer, Tamar Steinberg, Pieter J. Hoekstra, Andrea Dietrich
2019 European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry  
Premonitory urges are uncomfortable physical sensations preceding tics that occur in most individuals with a chronic tic disorder. The Premonitory Urge for Tics Scale (PUTS) is the most frequently used self-report measure to assess the severity of premonitory urges. We aimed to evaluate the psychometric properties of the PUTS in the largest sample size to date (n = 656), in children aged 3-16 years, from the baseline measurement of the longitudinal European Multicenter Tics in Children Study
more » ... TICS). Our psychometric evaluation was done in three age-groups: children aged 3-7 years (n = 103), children between 8 and 10 years (n = 253), and children aged 11-16 years (n = 300). The PUTS exhibited good internal reliability in children and adolescents, also under the age of 10, which is younger than previously thought. We observed significant but small correlations between the severity of urges and severity of tics and obsessive-compulsive symptoms, and between severity of urges and ratings of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and internalizing and externalizing behaviors, however, only in children of 8-10 years. Consistent with previous results, the 10th item of the PUTS correlated less with the rest of the scale compared to the other items and, therefore, should not be used as part of the questionnaire. We found a two-factor structure of the PUTS in children of 11 years and older, distinguishing between sensory phenomena related to tics, and mental phenomena as often found in obsessive-compulsive disorder. The age-related differences observed in this study may indicate the need for the development of an age-specific questionnaire to assess premonitory urges.
doi:10.1007/s00787-019-01450-1 pmid:31802271 fatcat:vxb7rkleirc7pic5dftvzyli34

Effects of methylphenidate on executive functioning in children and adolescents with ADHD after long‐term use: a randomized, placebo‐controlled discontinuation study

Paul T. Rosenau, Thaïra J. C. Openneer, Anne‐Flore M. Matthijssen, Gigi H. H. Loo‐Neus, Jan K. Buitelaar, Barbara J. den Hoofdakker, Pieter J. Hoekstra, Andrea Dietrich
2021 Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines  
Methylphenidate may improve executive functioning in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). However, it is unclear if there are still acute effects of methylphenidate on executive functioning after long-term use. In a randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled discontinuation study, 94 children and adolescents (ages 8-18 years) who used methylphenidate beyond two years were either assigned to seven weeks of continued treatment with 36 or 54 mg of extended-release
more » ... henidate or to gradual withdrawal over three weeks to placebo for four weeks. Performance on neuropsychological tasks, measuring working memory, response inhibition, attentional flexibility and psychomotor speed was compared between both groups using mixed models for repeated measures. Additionally, we investigated within the discontinuation group if a deterioration on the investigator-rated Clinical Global Impressions Improvement scale after withdrawing to placebo was related to a worse performance on the neuropsychological tasks. This study was registered in the Netherlands Trial Register (www. with identifier 5252. After withdrawal of methylphenidate, the discontinuation group made more errors on working memory (β = -1.62, SD = 0.56, t = -2.88, p = .01, Cohen's f2 = .14), independent from reaction time compared to baseline, in contrast to the continuation group. We did not find differences in changes in response inhibition, attentional flexibility and psychomotor speed between the two groups. Also, there were no significant differences in task measures between the participants who deteriorated clinically and those who did not. Our study shows that methylphenidate has a beneficial effect on working memory after two years of use. Future studies should explore whether cognitive outcomes may aid clinical decision-making on the continued use of methylphenidate, given dissociation between cognitive and behavioural effects of stimulant medication.
doi:10.1111/jcpp.13419 pmid:33778945 fatcat:nifr5cmdsjfkhhmzd23b3slxkq


Panji Program, Studi Pgsd, Universitas Ahmad, Dahlan Yogyakarta
ABSTRAK Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui peningkatan kerjasama antarkelompok dan membangun keterbukaan berpikir ilmiah pada mata kuliah sains lanjut saat melakukan kegiatan praktikum. Penelitian dilaksanakan di Laboratorium FMIPA kampus 3 Universitas Ahmad Dahlan. Jenis Penelitian ini adalah Penelitian Tindakan Kelas (PTK) dengan sampel penelitian mahasiswa PGSD semester 3 kelas D, E, F, dan G yang berjumlah 171 Mahasiswa. Siklus penelitian ini terdiri dari 2 siklus dan setiap siklus
more » ... laksanakan dengan dua kali praktikum. Analisis data yang digunakan dengan menghitung rerata angket kerjasama antarkelompok dan angket keterbukaan berpikir ilmiah yang kemudian dicari selisih rata-rata dari kedua siklus. Hasil penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa ada peningkatan kerjasama antarkelompok dan keterbukaan berpikir ilmiah. Peningkatan kerjasama antarkelompok ditunjukkan dengan kenaikan skor rata-rata 74,31 siklus I menjadi 78,46 pada siklus II. Sedangkan peningkatan keterbukaan berpikir ilmiah ditunjukkan dengan kenaikan skor rata-rata 82,98 siklus I menjadi 87,12 siklus II. Kata Kunci: kerja sama antar kelompok, keterbukaan berpikir ilmiah ABSTRACT This research aims to determine the improvement of cooperation between groups and build openness scientific thinking in advanced science courses while doing lab activities. Research conducted at the Laboratory of Natural Sciences 3 Ahmad Dahlan University campus. This type of research is classroom action research (PTK) with samples of student research PGSD 3rd semester classes D, E, F, and G are numbered 171 students. This study cycle consists of two cycles and each cycle carried out with twice the practicum. Analysis of the data used to calculate the average questionnaire intergroup cooperation and openness questionnaire scientific thinking then searched the average difference of the two cycles. Results of this study indicate that there is an increase in inter-group cooperation and openness of scientific thinking. Improved inter-group cooperation shown by the increase in the average score of 74.31 the first cycle to 78.46 in the second cycle. While the increased openness of scientific thinking indicated by the increase in the average score 87.12 82.98 first cycle to the second cycle.


IRFAN MAHDI B2041171011
2019 Equator Journal of Management and Entrepreneurship (EJME)  
Job Autonomy tidak dapat memoderasi pengaruh Opennes to Experiences, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, dan Neuroticsm terhadap kinerja Kata Kunci : Big Five Personality Theory, Opennes to Experiences, Conscientiousness  ...  Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui pengaruh Big Fiv Personality yang terdiri dari Opennes to Experiences, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreebleness, dan Neuroticsm terhadap kinerja yang dimoderasi  ...  Diharapkan PPKL dapat mempertahankan serta meningkatkan dan menumbuhkan sifat Opennes to Experiences, karena variabel Opennes to Experiences mempunyai pengaruh dalam meningkatkan Kinerja.  ... 
doi:10.26418/ejme.v8i1.35856 fatcat:mqoomgx46rewzpukloub722vau
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