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Nur Aini Rakhmawati
2006 JUTI: Jurnal Ilmiah Teknologi Informasi  
software open source yang ada.  ...  Beberapa organisasi dan perusahaan mulai menjadikan software open source sebagai pertimbangan. Banyak konsep mengenai software open source ini.  ...  software open source dan menghubungkan dengan keputusan untuk memilih jenis software open source Ada beberapa alasan mengapa kita memilih Software open source :  Model pembangunan open source selama  ... 
doi:10.12962/j24068535.v5i1.a201 fatcat:dqkueeji3nhoxeifk6qsydz6iu

From Open Source Software to Open Source Hardware [chapter]

Robert Viseur
2012 IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology  
The open source software principles progressively give rise to new initiatives for culture (free culture), data (open data) or hardware (open hardware).  ...  We show some strong similarities with open source software and propose new opportunities for future works.  ...  The software editor sells add-ons for its open source software or applies dual licensing model [8, 12, 13] .  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-33442-9_23 fatcat:wox5jwcw4zeanm73ke5ejc55fi

Open Source Software vs Proprietary Software

Amandeep Singh, R.K Bansal, Neetu Jha
2015 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Today's open source vs. Proprietary Software headed discussions frequently fixate note on which model is much better, Instead, present day exchange fixates on what is open source or not.  ...  For a long-term the exact level oriented discussion has been whether open source is a remarkable conclusion than Proprietary Software.  ...  Table 1 - 1 Open Source Software Versus Proprietary Software Factor Open Source Software Proprietary Software Table - - As We have so many Open Source Software Alternatives Available for the Existing  ... 
doi:10.5120/20080-2132 fatcat:7z2b3nku5rd2vayzkevwlrxtwm

Open source software adoption

Yan Li, Chuan-Hoo Tan, Heng Xu, Hock-Hai Teo
2011 ACM SIGMIS Database the DATABASE for Advances in Information Systems  
This study seeks to identify the motivational factors influencing individuals' adoption intentions and the extent of a system adoption within the context of Open Source Software (OSS).  ...  INTRODUCTION Due to the rapid development of Open Source Software (OSS), it has been touted to challenge the dominance of the proprietary software in the $300 billion software market (Khalak 2000) .  ...  For instance, OSS is something new which is developed in a totally unique way, under an unconventional license scheme, and with its source code open for modification.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1989098.1989103 fatcat:ck4xr42tkngevh6noh7y3voyby

Commercializing Open Source Software

Michael J. Karels
2003 Queue  
CIALIZING open source software OPEN SOURCE DEVELOPMENT The development process for open source software is often quite different from that of traditional commercial software.  ...  is added to open source software and services.  ...  Making a business of open source software can be difficult.  ... 
doi:10.1145/945074.945125 fatcat:bekrzrr42rhzxnszkffakel2zm

Open source clustering software

M.J.L. de Hoon, S. Imoto, J. Nolan, S. Miyano
2004 Bioinformatics  
The complete source code is available at http://bonsai. Alternatively, Algorithm::Cluster can be downloaded from CPAN, while  ...  We have implemented k -means clustering, hierarchical clustering and self-organizing maps in a single multipurpose open-source library of C routines, callable from other C and C++ programs.  ...  All the clustering routines and distance measures commonly used in expression data analysis are thus available in a single open-source library.  ... 
doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/bth078 pmid:14871861 fatcat:lk2alnu7azarjjmigao76ma74q

Open-Source Chemoinformatics Software [chapter]

Georgios Leonis, Georgia Melagraki, Antreas Afantitis
2016 Handbook of Computational Chemistry  
The Chemistry Development Kit (CDK) is an open-source and development chemoinformatics software (Steinbeck et al. 2003) .  ...  Through the course of the years, the development of chemoinformatics approaches has been greatly assisted by data mining tools and open-source software.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-94-007-6169-8_57-1 fatcat:6enzog7k4vdd3hhi5oycknbo2q

Open Source Software Evolution

Kuljit Kaur Chahal, Munish Saini
2016 International Journal of Open Source Software & Processes  
This paper presents the results of a systematic literature review conducted to understand the Open Source Software (OSS) development process on the basis of evidence found in the empirical research studies  ...  There is need to formalize the field as a systematic and formal approach can produce better software.  ...  Open source software is an important phenomenon, and needs to be deeply studied and understood.  ... 
doi:10.4018/ijossp.2016010102 fatcat:4ebcj5cwabfqnotwzykhjyfvze

Open Source Research Software

Wilhelm Hasselbring, Leslie Carr, Simon Hettrick, Heather Packer, Thanassis Tiropanis
2020 Computer  
Modular architectures facilitate a collaborative development process for open source research software. 5 OPEN SOURCE EXPANDED Open Source Research Software computational Friedrich Alexander-University  ...  Publishing research software as open source 4 is an established practice in science; a popular open source platform is GitHub.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mc.2020.2998235 fatcat:53xndepwxvghjfa2rdgkpi3cx4

Open Source Software Evolution

Kuljit Kaur Chahal, Munish Saini
2016 International Journal of Open Source Software & Processes  
Due to the dominance of Open Source Software (OSS) in IT and the IT enabled services industry, various stakeholders are keen to understand the OSS evolution process.  ...  INTROdUCTION Open Source Software (OSS) evolution has attracted a lot of attention in the last decade.  ...  Easy and free availability of data on open source projects has resulted in a splurge of studies in this domain.  ... 
doi:10.4018/ijossp.2016010101 fatcat:yuv3ry4j3zh4fpezjzn423yxaq

Rezension "Open Source Software"

Matthias Knoll
2020 HMD Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik  
Gleich zu Beginn, in Abschnitt A II des ersten Kapitels, wird die wichtige Diskussion dargestellt, die vom ursprünglichen Begriff "free software" zum heute gebräuchlichen Begriff "open source software"  ...  Damit leistet es einen umfassenden und überaus wichtigen Beitrag zur Verbreitung von Open Source Software und zur Klarstellung mancher alter Missverständnisse und Irrtümer.  ... 
doi:10.1365/s40702-020-00697-6 fatcat:z7ctb7dkdjelbdtgm3bqb6fy6y

Analysis of Open Source Watermarking Softwares

Rashmeet Kaur Chawla, Sunil Kumar Muttoo
2017 International Journal of Scientific Research and Management  
In this review paper, we study about various available open source watermark softwares and analyse them on the basis of their features and advantages.  ...  Analysis Between Various Open Source Watermarking SoftwaresWe can analyze some of the above described open source watermarking tools on the basis of their features and advantages:- [9] BImageStudio software  ...  It also allows you to add text and image as the watermark on your digital photos. [5] Conclusion We have studied different types of open source watermark softwares that can be used for authenticating  ... 
doi:10.18535/ijsrm/v5i6.31 fatcat:kn4tetu4mjcd7dr7ec4jpmwor4

Open source vs. closed source software

Guido Schryen, Rouven Kadura
2009 Proceedings of the 2009 ACM symposium on Applied Computing - SAC '09  
The increasing availability and deployment of open source software in personal and commercial environments makes open source software highly appealing for hackers, and others who are interested in exploiting  ...  This deployment has resulted in a debate "full of religion" on the security of open source software compared to that of closed source software.  ...  study on OpenOffice (open source software) vs.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1529282.1529731 dblp:conf/sac/SchryenK09 fatcat:buv5gcu2unactgikulayjwhggy

Teaching software engineering using open source software

Guangming Xing
2010 Proceedings of the 48th Annual Southeast Regional Conference on - ACM SE '10  
The exact solution of the system of non-linear equations describing the multiple equilibria is obtained by means of the fsolve tool of the open source software OCTAVE.  ...  The use of computational software can greatly facilitate the teaching of chemical equilibria.  ...  The exact solution of the system of non-linear equations is obtained by means of the fsolve tool of the open source OCTAVE software.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1900008.1900085 dblp:conf/ACMse/Xing10 fatcat:forrrjpyvfecdjbmmyd45zr3cy

Developing Software with Open Source Software Components [chapter]

Claudia Ayala, Xavier Franch, Reidar Conradi, Jingyue Li, Daniela Cruzes
2013 Finding Source Code on the Web for Remix and Reuse  
Nowadays, the reuse of Open Source Software (OSS) components available from the Internet is playing a strategic role in the industry.  ...  The success of Component-Based Software Development is based on the ability of an implementer team to select, assemble and integrate third-party and other components with own application software, in order  ...  with Open Source Software Components Developing Software with Open Source Software Components Developing Software with Open Source Software Components  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4614-6596-6_9 fatcat:2gg6lgnalfegvidldhs3vo2vbu
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