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The bug report duplication problem: an exploratory study

Yguaratã Cerqueira Cavalcanti, Paulo Anselmo da Mota Silveira Neto, Daniel Lucrédio, Tassio Vale, Eduardo Santana de Almeida, Silvio Romero de Lemos Meira
2011 Software quality journal  
In order to understand the possible factors that cause bug report duplication and its impact on software development, this paper presents an exploratory study in which bug tracking data from private and  ...  of submitters, do seem to influence the bug report duplication.  ...  The goal is to understand the possible factors that could cause bug report duplication and its impact on software development.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11219-011-9164-5 fatcat:olnt4hrtpndx5ipx3fxw73mcpi

Improving the Usability Evaluation Technique, Heuristic Evaluation, Through the Use of Collaborative Software

Paul Benjamin Lowry, Tom Roberts
2005 Social Science Research Network  
Step Two: Cognitive Bug Categorization While proximity should not affect step one, it should have dramatic effects on step two because step two involves communication among team members.  ...  Hypothesis 2d: Distributed groups conducting HE with collaborative software will report more legitimate bugs than traditional groups.  ...  This may be partially due to Collaboratus groups have far less duplicate bugs, which caused less need to sort out the duplicate bugs in Step 2.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.666224 fatcat:tbqwvwxl3vce7nlld53rvouqta

Why are Some Bugs Non-Reproducible? : –An Empirical Investigation using Data Fusion–

Mohammad Masudur Rahman, Foutse Khomh, Marco Castelluccio
2020 2020 IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME)  
Third, we offer several actionable insights on how to avoid non-reproducibility (e.g., false-positive bug report detector) and improve reproducibility of the reported bugs (e.g., sandbox for bug reproduction  ...  However, to date, only a little research has been done to better understand what makes the software bugs non-reproducible.  ...  We would also like to thank all the anonymous respondents to the survey.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icsme46990.2020.00063 dblp:conf/icsm/0001KC20 fatcat:3u5sxvrezrgbxfrgsszag77tcu

On the unreliability of bug severity data

Yuan Tian, Nasir Ali, David Lo, Ahmed E. Hassan
2015 Empirical Software Engineering  
Looking at duplicate bug reports (i.e., reports referring to the same problem) from three open-source software systems (OpenOffice, Mozilla, and Eclipse), we find that around 51 % of the duplicate bug  ...  reports have inconsistent human-assigned severity labels even though they refer to the same software problem.  ...  duplicate reports to better understand the challenges of automatically assigning severity levels to bug reports.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10664-015-9409-1 fatcat:judtxpp7sbacxb6iokkem77kwa

How Practitioners Perceive Automated Bug Report Management Techniques

Weiqin Zou, David Lo, Zhenyu Chen, Xin Xia, Yang Feng, Baowen Xu
2018 IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering  
Based on our findings, we summarized some potential research directions in developing techniques to help developers better manage bug reports.  ...  To reduce the burden of bug report managers and facilitate the process of bug fixing, a great amount of software engineering research has been invested toward automated bug report management techniques  ...  We strongly thank the anonymous reviewers for their constructive comments. Zhenyu Chen and Xin Xia are the corresponding authors.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tse.2018.2870414 fatcat:l5ivzcyw2rfabeigyy6unsv4qm

Prioritize Crowdsourced Test Reports via Deep Screenshot Understanding [article]

Shengcheng Yu, Chunrong Fang, Zhenfei Cao, Xu Wang, Tongyu Li, Zhenyu Chen
2021 arXiv   pre-print
This trend motivates us to prioritize crowdsourced test reports based on a deep screenshot understanding.  ...  Many researches have been proposed to deal with test reports based only on texts or additionally simple image features.  ...  We also conducted an experiment to evaluate the proposed approach, and the results show that DEEPPRIOR outperforms the state-of-the-art approach with less than half the overhead.  ... 
arXiv:2102.09747v1 fatcat:af36lb45zfhn7j2lgahf7ptlbq

Toward Building Self-Sustaining Groups in PCR-based Tasks through Implicit Coordination: The Case of Heuristic Evaluation

Paul Lowry, Tom Roberts, Douglas Dean, George Marakas
2009 Journal of the AIS  
One of the key results is that CSW groups had less duplication of effort than traditional nominal groups; these differences were magnified as group size increased from three to six members.  ...  We report on how the inexpensive UE method of heuristic evaluation (HE) can benefit from collaborative software (CSW), implicit coordination, and principles from collaboration engineering.  ...  We also thank those who conducted reviews on earlier drafts:  ... 
doi:10.17705/1jais.00189 fatcat:s46lb42mjnhuzf5cn77bk5nfmu

Towards the next generation of bug tracking systems

Sascha Just, Rahul Premraj, Thomas Zimmermann
2008 Proceedings of IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing, VL/HCC  
We conducted a survey on information needs and commonly faced problems with bug reporting among several hundred developers and users of the APACHE, ECLIPSE and MOZILLA projects.  ...  Developers typically rely on the information submitted by end-users to resolve bugs.  ...  Many thanks to Nicolas Bettenburg, Martin Burger, Maximilian Grothusmann, Christian Holler, and the anonymous VL/HCC reviewers for valuable suggestions on earlier revisions of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1109/vlhcc.2008.4639063 dblp:conf/vl/JustPZ08 fatcat:od6cwyggzzfazmnfv2loebk6se

A survey on bug-report analysis

Jie Zhang, XiaoYin Wang, Dan Hao, Bing Xie, Lu Zhang, Hong Mei
2015 Science China Information Sciences  
Lately, due to the availability of a large number of bug reports, a considerable amount of research has been carried out on bug-report analysis, such as automatically checking duplication of bug reports  ...  To review the work on bug-report analysis, this paper presents an exhaustive survey on the existing work on bug-report analysis.  ...  The first two categories focuses on presenting new techniques on detecting duplicate bug reports, whereas the last category focuses on understanding bug-report duplication.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11432-014-5241-2 fatcat:nkopbdht6nbjrbmniorrnovc2m

Coping with duplicate bug reports in free/open source software projects

J. L. Davidson, N. Mohan, C. Jensen
2011 2011 IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing (VL/HCC)  
This practice can lead to more duplicate reports, as users can be less rigorous about researching existing bug reports. This paper examines how FOSS projects deal with duplicate bug reports.  ...  First, we found that contrary to what has been reported from studies of individual large projects like Mozilla and Eclipse, duplicate bug reports are a problem for FOSS projects, especially medium-sized  ...  We also thank the HCI group at Oregon State University for help in drafting and revising this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1109/vlhcc.2011.6070386 dblp:conf/vl/DavidsonMJ11 fatcat:q2y6jtzzk5hwjowkl2cfo5s62e

Quality of bug reports in Eclipse

Nicolas Bettenburg, Sascha Just, Adrian Schröter, Cathrin Weiß, Rahul Premraj, Thomas Zimmermann
2007 Proceedings of the 2007 OOPSLA workshop on eclipse technology eXchange - eclipse '07  
Surprisingly, developers are indifferent to bug duplicates. Such insight is useful to design new bug tracking tools that guide reporters at providing more helpful information.  ...  We conducted a survey among ECLIPSE developers to determine the information in reports that they widely used and the problems frequently encountered.  ...  Many thanks to Harald Gall, Christian Lindig, Stephan Neuhaus, Andreas Zeller, and the anonymous ETX reviewers for their valuable discussions and helpful suggestions on earlier revisions of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1328279.1328284 dblp:conf/eclipse/BettenburgJSWPZ07 fatcat:4rsl5a5w3ngkply2kqqmx7ziqy

A Weighted PageRank-Based Bug Report Summarization Method Using Bug Report Relationships

Beomjun Kim, Sungwon Kang, Seonah Lee
2019 Applied Sciences  
In this paper, we propose a bug report summarization method that uses the weighted-PageRank algorithm and exploits the 'duplicates', 'blocks', and 'depends-on' relationships between bug reports.  ...  reading or understanding bug reports.  ...  understand the bug reports.  ... 
doi:10.3390/app9245427 fatcat:hwsuws3prjgafimvisjgzkdpte

A Deep Learning Technique Based Duplicate Bug Report Detection and Classification System

Ashima Kukkar, Rajni Mohana, Yugal Kumar, Anand Nayyar, Muhammad Bilal, Kyung S. Kwak
2020 IEEE Access  
Firstly, triager translates the wording of bug report into more technical language for a better understanding of the developer.  ...  The detection of duplicate bug report can be considered as problem of classification. The dataset of duplicate bug report is created utilizing the bug report content.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3033045 fatcat:i6wqsk4nszfutjkbahsmxrcwlm

A qualitative study on performance bugs

S. Zaman, B. Adams, A. E. Hassan
2012 2012 9th IEEE Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories (MSR)  
In order to be able to improve the resolution of performance bugs, a better understanding is needed of the current practice and shortcomings of reporting, reproducing, tracking and fixing performance bugs  ...  We found that developers and users face problems in reproducing performance bugs and have to spend more time discussing performance bugs than other kinds of bugs.  ...  Has reproducible info and problem in reproducing: It is common practice in bug reporting to provide a step by step process to reproduce a bug.  ... 
doi:10.1109/msr.2012.6224281 dblp:conf/msr/ZamanAH12 fatcat:z3lpd2x2arehxao2ld63yw6lq4

The Impact of Automatic Crash Reports on Bug Triaging and Development in Mozilla

Iftekhar Ahmed, Nitin Mohan, Carlos Jensen
2014 Proceedings of The International Symposium on Open Collaboration - OpenSym '14  
Free/Open Source Software projects often rely on users submitting bug reports.  ...  To gather more and better data, projects deploy automatic crash reporting tools, which capture stack traces and memory dumps when a crash occurs.  ...  Bug triaging refers to the steps taken to manage a bug from the time it is reported to the time the bug is resolved.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2641580.2641585 dblp:conf/wikis/AhmedMJ14 fatcat:ly2rwnur7bhmhbea2sldn4odlq
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