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On the logic of UNITY

Peter Päppinghaus
1995 Theoretical Computer Science  
One version -here called loads-go -explicitly expresses progress of fair execution sequences of a UNITY program.  ...  The UNITY approach to specification, design, and verification of parallel programs expounded by Chandy and Misra (1988) contains a programming notation, and a programming logic to express and prove properties  ...  The treatment of the logic of UNITY in [5] is semi-formal, the emphasis being on case studies to demonstrate the viability of the UNITY approach.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0304-3975(94)00043-i fatcat:fbdgaeuvv5f5zaoelfng3cawk4

On the unity of logic

Jean-Yves Girard
1993 Annals of Pure and Applied Logic  
., On the unity of logic, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 59 (  ...  Logic was about pure reasoning. Brouwer's criticism destroyed this dream of unity: classial logic was not suited for constructive features and therefore it lost its universality.  ...  Now by the end of the century we are faced with an incredible number of logics-some of them only named 'logic' by antiphrasis, some of them introduced on serious grounds.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0168-0072(93)90093-s fatcat:khflvpfg55esth4i2s3nmcmkcu

Notes on the Unity of Logic and Materialism

Jorgen Sandemose
2015 Journal of Social Science Studies  
The concluding section limits itself to giving an overview of the quality of the book in question, adding some words on the political significance of such literature in a broad context.</p>  ...  In the next, I give a sketch of the three different modes of movement of logical thought present in Hegel's Science of Logic, of their interrelation, and make a general criticism of the way that theme  ...  draws neither on Hegel's movement from the clusters of categories in the Objective Logic to those in the Subjective Logic in the Science of Logic, nor on Hegel's movements inside the cluster given in  ... 
doi:10.5296/jsss.v3i1.7857 fatcat:vuzhwvnfpvh3jmxiugltlaj27i

On the Unity of Logic: a Sequential, Unpolarized Approach [article]

Norihiro Yamada
2019 arXiv   pre-print
The present work aims to give a unity of logic via standard sequential, unpolarized games.  ...  Specifically, our vision is that there must be mathematically precise concepts of linear refinement and intuitionistic restriction of logic such that the linear refinement of classical logic (CL) coincides  ...  Also, polarization in games corresponds to polarization in logic [4] , [24] , giving a unity of logic.  ... 
arXiv:1912.07462v1 fatcat:pr52yibw2fhmnefuc3o5cztkra

On Benacerraf's Dilemma, Again [chapter]

Marco Panza
2016 Logic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science  
suggest, one can define the successor relation on cardinal numbers, by appalling to one or another among many well-known equivalent formulas of this system of logic, then look at the cardinal number of  ...  One could argue that no such a counter-example is possible for mathematical knowledge, but if one is possible, it should go as the following (an alleged counter-example for the case of logical knowledge  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-45980-6_4 fatcat:u3nct4l3vjacxioq7fbazqgnju

Quine on Logic, Propositional Attitudes, and the Unity of Knowledge

André Leclerc
2003 Principia: An International Journal of Epistemology  
I shall examine Quine's conception of logic, of propositional attitudes, and of the unity of knowledge in order to show that there are some tensions in Quine's system.  ...  Finally, I consider Quine's thesis of the unity of knowledge, the thesis that there is continuity from ordinary to scientific knowledge.  ...  Quine's conception of logic, of propositional attitudes and of unity of knowledge in the light of his own "maxim of minimal mutilation" (Philosophy of Logic).  ... 
doaj:949282f5d2ec4e29919d592d606bf0ff fatcat:rbj7mjun2ra23gprtc3bofylgu

On the unity of duality

Noam Zeilberger
2008 Annals of Pure and Applied Logic  
In this paper we develop a proof-theoretic framework for analyzing the interaction of types with evaluation order, based on the notion of polarity.  ...  As type systems become more precise, however, detailed properties of the operational semantics may become visible because properties captured by the types may be sound under one strategy but not the other  ...  Finally, I would like to gratefully acknowledge the back-breaking labor of the anonymous referees, in helping me to improve previous versions of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.apal.2008.01.001 fatcat:6eq3ecmas5etdl3mmzrfgtqdt4

On the Computational Meaning of Axioms [chapter]

Alberto Naibo, Mattia Petrolo, Thomas Seiller
2016 Logic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science  
In particular, semantical features are not limited solely to inferential ones, but also computational aspects play an essential role in the process of determination of meaning.  ...  As opposed to other anti-realist accounts, like Dummett-Prawitz verificationism, the standard framework of classical logic is not called into question.  ...  . 37 In absence of a way to fix such a hierarchy of types-formulas, it could be the case that we are not able to assign a bound on the complexity of those formulas to based on proofs, and the only logical  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-26506-3_5 fatcat:44oly6opwrhw5fupblpr7fag54

Unity in nominal equational reasoning: The algebra of equality on nominal sets

Murdoch J. Gabbay
2012 Journal of Applied Logic  
the implications of those differences are for mathematical reasoning in each of them.  ...  There are currently no fewer than four dedicated logics for equality reasoning over nominal sets: nominal algebra, nominal equational logic, nominal equational logic with equality only, and permissive-nominal  ...  Acknowledgements I am grateful for the detailed input of an editor and of two anonymous referees, and for the support of the Leverhulme trust.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jal.2012.03.001 fatcat:5vlldh6ssja4ne3bsrd63opevm

One Bald Man … Two Bald Men … Three Bald Men—Aahh Aahh Aahh Aahh Aaaahhhh! [chapter]

Nicholas J. J. Smith
2014 Logic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science  
I take it that potential for coherence with an overall package of concepts analogous to the familiar classical package-1 For example, it is reviewed on the first page of a recent handbook article on set  ...  In particular, the idea that we should approach cardinality via certain formulas of a logical language-which has been prominent in the recent literature-is less attractive than other existing proposals  ...  It is a useful fact-but if it did not hold, that would not reflect badly on the concept of cardinality: it would reflect badly on the logic.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-94-007-7978-5_9 fatcat:dbe2k5urfbcizc3ytaef3jeqnm

The Truth of Philosophy and the Idea of Law: The Problem of Unity (Review of the Monograph "The Logos of Law: Parmenides — Hegel — Dostoevsky. On the Question of Speculative and Logical Foundations of the Metaphysics of law" by S. I. Zakhartsev, D. V. Maslennikov, V. P. Salnikov. Moscow: Yurlitinform, 2019. 376 p.)
Истина философии и идея права: проблема единства (рецензия на монографию С. И. Захарцева, Д. В. Масленникова, В. П. Сальникова «Логос права: Парменид — Гегель — Достоевский. К вопросу о спекулятивно-логических основаниях метафизики права». М.: Юрлитинформ, 2019. 376 с.)

Valyeriy Lazaryev, Alik Habibulin
2021 Journal of Foreign Legislation and Comparative Law  
The Truth of Philosophy and the Idea of Law: The Problem of Unity (Review of the Monograph "The Logos of Law: Parmenides -Hegel -Dostoevsky.  ...  On the Question of Speculative and Logical Foundations of the Metaphysics of law" by S. I. Zakhartsev, D. V. Maslennikov, V. P. Salnikov. Moscow: Yurlitinform, 2019. 376 p.) .  ... 
doi:10.12737/jflcl.2021.036 fatcat:y67hpcm5rzdshe4x4qpjzpwcdu

Organic Unities

Graham Floyd
2019 TheoLogica An International Journal for Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology  
Even though this principle has a major impact on moral theory, it has been neglected in the consideration of the problem of God and evil.  ...  Next, I explicate the two major historical versions of the problem of evil: the logical argument from evil and the evidential argument from evil.  ...  I contend that the principle of organic unities shows that the logical problem of evil ultimately fails. My argument against the logical problem of evil focuses on J. L. Mackie's version (1971) .  ... 
doi:10.14428/thl.v3i1.15243 fatcat:rnlhoxzkebdvvmm3wvbp2cjcj4

Unity As An Epistemic Virtue

Kit Patrick
2017 Erkenntnis: An International Journal of Scientific Philosophy  
The reason for this runs deep: these accounts of unification make unity depend on factors that vary between equivalent theories: the probabilistic relations of their components, or their relations to argument  ...  The solution is to abandon such accounts and instead adopt an account of unity based on worldly relations such as causation, rather than inferential relations.  ...  Kitcher's (1981) argument pattern account of unity violates TEU, because it makes unity depend on the non-logical vocabulary used in the theory.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10670-017-9923-1 fatcat:vxhsktljbzb6pa6drkcknz54v4

Page 570 of Psychological Review Vol. 50, Issue 6 [page]

1943 Psychological Review  
Now this is only a special case of those perceived unities in which the classification of the elements together is performed on some purely logical basis, divorced from any intrinsic, functional unity.  ...  CATTELL These traits have no claim to functional unity. Primarily the unity is an evaluative one, existing in the mind of the observer.  ... 

Page 416 of Psychological Bulletin Vol. 1, Issue 12 [page]

1904 Psychological Bulletin  
- ently accepted this verdict of absolutism and said in effect, ‘if the choice is between absolute unity with absolute fixity on the one hand, and absolute plurality with movement, development, on the  ...  Seeing that the champions of unity have almost with one voice in- sisted that the unity of reality involves its unchangeableness, some, who cherish convictions against such cashiering of change, have appar  ... 
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