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Weak bases of Boolean co-clones

Victor Lagerkvist
2014 Information Processing Letters  
We then proceed to study the computational complexity of two optimisation variants of the SAT(S) problem: the maximum ones problem over a Boolean constraint language S (MAX-ONES(S)) and the valued constraint  ...  For MAX-ONES(S) we use partial clone theory and prove that MAX-ONES({R = = = 1/3 }) is the easiest NPcomplete MAX-ONES(S) problem.  ...  The unweighted MAX-ONES(S) problem (U-MAX-ONES(S)) is the W-MAX-ONES(S) problem where all weights have the value 1.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ipl.2014.03.011 fatcat:4rhokivpgnaxrptedshzn2emji

Page 196 of London Reader of Literature, Science, Art and General Information Vol. 66, Issue 1702 [page]

1895 London Reader of Literature, Science, Art and General Information  
And Max Mowbray heard of the gay parties, and wondered if Leah had a heart, or if that dreadful legacy bequeathed by the father had really fallen on her !  ...  Got lote of money!” “Ob! are they eugaged, did you say }” ‘Will be shortly. She is awfully sweet on Max ; and he likes her, I know.” “Max likes her!’  ... 

Some topics in analysis of boolean functions

Ryan O'Donnell
2008 Proceedings of the fourtieth annual ACM symposium on Theory of computing - STOC 08  
In it, we give a brief introduction to Fourier analysis of boolean functions and then discuss some applications: Arrow's Theorem and other ideas from the theory of Social Choice; the Bonami-Beckner Inequality  ...  This article accompanies a tutorial talk given at the 40th ACM STOC conference.  ...  As examples, assuming UGC, the NAE Test gives 1 − δ vs. .912 + δ hardness for Max-NAE, essentially matching the approximation algorithm of Zwick [41] .  ... 
doi:10.1145/1374376.1374458 dblp:conf/stoc/ODonnell08 fatcat:xhmjfdb5czbs5kew5obgpkxpnm

Page 874 of Reedy's Mirror Vol. 26, Issue 51 [page]

1917 Reedy's Mirror  
Charles—2:15-S:15 Comely Trio of Wirists Ry Request PRANKLYN “IN (THE DARK" EDDIE LEONARD A&A COMPANY ARDELL. Mystery In “The Minstrel’'s Return In Comedy Playlet Melodramat OLGA AND MISHRA co.  ...  New tion of industries Is some degrees already in taxation schemes must also be draw: into consideration. Et De Nae tion Copper is a stock of forthstanding Jacksonville, bla,—Inspira- merits.  ... 

Page 2 of National Union Catalog Vol. 1, Issue [page]

1963 National Union Catalog  
—Revolution. 1 Files Strip-of- -the-Month Clubs, New York. ” Series : Elementary The Toltec mystery.  ...  Gordon (Max) Sor ration, Tt. The potter's wheel.  ... 

Page 661 of Musical World Vol. 48, Issue 40 [page]

1870 Musical World  
There will be for the New York concerts, at least—what is termed here a “ grand orchestra,” under the experienced and able direction of Max Maretzek, one of the best conductors and genial artists in America  ...  THE MUSICAL WORLD. 661 HANDEL. Kerl, 70. — { = Ww tao. Irs ‘ rH $e 7 - HANDEL, is 46. “aan, Uae 70 Kerb. MS * End of the == x nae h# F Canzona, a ie a ‘Sie ee AMERICA.  ... 

Page 103 of New Outlook Vol. 36, Issue 5 [page]

1887 New Outlook  
And the two women enj>yed the good things, and talked over again the probabilities of Roland's career and the life of Agnes. When the entertainment was over, Terres sat still.  ...  For he is a Graeme, though on the sinister side of the escutcheon; and I was rather fond of the lad. He had no need to run away with Agnes Harribee.  ... 

Page 537 of London Reader of Literature, Science, Art and General Information Vol. 50, Issue 1300 [page]

1888 London Reader of Literature, Science, Art and General Information  
She sat down in alow chair by the foot of the bed, first carefully closing both the windows. Pauline dared not protest.  ...  But if Love not bind the bargain, You reckoned without your host, And are finding out that in such mistakes The woman suffers the most. 3% THE MYSTERIES OF FERNLEA. —0:— CHAPTER X.  ... 

Page 571 of London Reader of Literature, Science, Art and General Information Vol. 34, Issue 884 [page]

1880 London Reader of Literature, Science, Art and General Information  
A young girl. con- ing... by cirevustanors, Gustead. of. quietly er se Nae ni Se, sod , erself to spinsterhood Is eitiply settling down to a level with them. ..The wavtio- g.  ...  Schuyler remembered an engagement to |” r Tre. has changed Pearl from a careless, free-hearted | take a game of whist with old Mr. Thirstane. Pearl, what isthis mystery ?  ... 

Advances in packing directed joins

Aaron Michael Williams, Bertrand Guenin
2005 Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics  
We dispel some of this mystery by providing a framework for understanding the known counterexamples.  ...  One difficulty in claiming these prizes is that the broad conjecture posed by Edmonds and Giles, whether the maximum number of disjoint directed joins equals the smallest weight of a directed cut in every  ...  The proof reduces the NP-complete problem NAE-SAT to deciding if two disjoint Y -covers exist.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.endm.2005.05.034 fatcat:fn3uohhc45cytpqvaoewplzmze

Page 79 of London Reader of Literature, Science, Art and General Information Vol. 27, Issue 682 [page]

1876 London Reader of Literature, Science, Art and General Information  
Max 27, 1876.  ...  Aud the snow liad covered her over aud buried ber out of sight.” The viscount shuddered, Migs Norrevs still sat motionless, her eyes still wild with unutt rable horror. * Dead!”  ... 

Page 464 of The Athenaeum Vol. , Issue 4277 [page]

1909 The Athenaeum  
Sat 5/ net.  ...  .), A Woman of Mystery, 6/ Starts with the disappearance of a bride within twenty-four hours of her marriage.  ... 

Page 148 of New Yorker Vol. 9, Issue 11 [page]

1840 New Yorker  
“There is some foul mystery here!” said the officer whom I did not know, drawing his sword. “In King Charles's name, assist me to secure this max.”  ...  I had never seen one of that kind in all my life, but I knew what they were, and for what a nae they had come. I grasped the elbows of my chair, and neither spoke nor moved.  ... 

Page 542 of New Outlook Vol. 22, Issue 24 [page]

1880 New Outlook  
“How the gorgeous colors of Autumn have been transferred on paper isa mystery. But there they are Py a. . ..The boo is evidently the labor of ful love.  ...  the lit literature, ae ry, Max: ews tics and science of the day ”.  ... 

Page 75 of The Yankee and Boston Literary Gazette Vol. 2, Issue 10 [page]

1829 The Yankee and Boston Literary Gazette  
One proud, high-minded, aspiring woman, hat legal science, the nature of evidence, and the max- || ing this provision, you will be cautious that no in- || who knows the materials of which man is composed—one  ...  P mg y |, quette toward them, the incivility of a gallant, or the blind rd P ‘on s o ° » ° || beautiful woman—with not one word to say, nor one |, impulse of fancy, has rendered them th : f r- “ Such a  ... 
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